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Date Posted:06/15/2003 07:08:35Copy HTML

What's your opinion on Miami's south beach, and how was your last visit?

When were you there, what part of the beach were you on, and at what time of day?

Were there many other thongers and topless women on the beach?

Some people really enjoyed South Beach, and yet some were disappointed. Were you pleased because no one cares if you are in a thong? Did the topless women added to the relaxed atmosphere?

For those who were the disappointed: Was it because you expected everyone to be in a thong, and were surprised that a lot of the young local boys still go in board shorts?

Do some people go with the false expectation that if they turn up and thong on Miami's south beach people will want to date them? 

For the locals, how much difference do you notice because of the time of day or day of the week, or time of year?

Where is the best part of the beach and why? ... (And where the heck do you park!)
mfuehr #1

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/15/2003 09:21:43Copy HTML

I've been to South Beach a couple of times, and while I must admit, I LOVE to watch the bodies there (Can you say "topless women"?), it is just too much of a hassle to find a parking spot most days for me to fool with.  That, and usually when I go to the beach, I want to just sit back and relax, and the high-intensity South Beach area is not well-suited for that.

Since I fly into FLL, I almost always hang out on Ft. Lauderdale or Hollywood's North Beach.  The folks in Ft. Lauderdale (as you well know) are just as tolerant, if not more so, of thongs on guys.  I usually go to Hollywood when I want to spend some quiet time just reading and working on the tan.  No one there's ever bothered anyone to my knowledge, and there's always a handful of folks (mostly women, but an average of one or two guys per day) wearing thongs.  Even on busy holiday weekends, there's plenty of "space" on the northernmost parts of the beach.

I have a client in the FLL area and get to come down about once per month (was down last week as a matter of fact), and always schedule some time to chill on the beach.  My wife and I used to go to Daytona all of the time, but FLL is a much nicer area, and has a much more relaxed atmosphere.

South Beach is just as tolerant, just a little too busy for me.

thongfreak #2

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/15/2003 12:54:45Copy HTML

I've been to SB once, back at Thanksgiving and saw a few thongs and topless ladies, but  not too many. it was only about 72 and sunny and also the off season. I got out there about noon, and left about 5 or 6 and started the party night.

I also stopped down at Haulover beach for a few hours. Kinda slow there too so I dropped the thong and went for a walk. I wanna go back really bad.

Overall, I wasnt dissapointed other than being down there on the off season, but I still had a good time. I stayed in thr Art deko section where they filmed a ton of Miami Vice scenes.

yerasimos #3

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/17/2003 08:13:40Copy HTML

I've been to South Beach a couple times as I described on the old board.  JM_Runs pointed out some interesting things, and here's a few ideas of my own:

I enjoyed thonging on South Beach this past April when it wasn't overwhelmingly crowded (before 2:00pm on weekend days, or weekdays).  Weather-wise, March and April--perhaps May, too--are the best months to go.  Plenty of daylight, not too much precipitation, and it's always warm, day and night.  On weekend afternoons I would classify the vibe as thong-hostile, at least toward men wearing thongs minding their own business.  Otherwise things are okay, except for the "hipper-than-thou" vibe that is endemic to South Beach in toto, 24/7.  (Of course, being in decent shape definitely helps thong acceptance, in my experience.)  It's nice being able to blend in with the other people wearing minimal swimwear and everybody enjoying the nice weather and minding their own business.

As far as the younger boys/men in board shorts, they can wear whatever they want.  I'm more concerned about a certain subset of them being criminally-minded, ie, the thug and gangsta wanna-bes.  I mean, I suspect possibly part of the whole baggy board-short thing may be that they might want people to think they have some certain heavy metal objects concealed down there--at least that's one thing that comes to my mind.  I suspect they aren't really interested in a guy wearing a thong unless they want a cheap way to boost their self-esteem.  As they may be focused on trawling for girls in bikinis, if they start heading towards a person wearing a small swimsuit and only realize up close that "It's a guy!" they might react unpredictably, especially if they've been drinking or otherwise chemically influenced.  Avoiding such confusion is part of the reason I'm looking to pack on some more muscle and emphasize the masculinity of my physique, before I ever go back to SB and wear a thong or G-string. 

As far as meeting women to date at the beach--yeah, as a single guy, the idea of meeting good-looking women at South Beach is definitely appealing, but you have to look at it realistically.  If I meet somebody down there, great.  If not, it's no big deal. 

One thing that was definitely impressed upon me this past April is that  the beach is no different from elsewhere when it comes to boy-meets-girl, in that men must still initiate with the women, 95-99% of the time.  It doesn't matter how much you work out or how you look in a swimsuit, though there are a few rare situational exceptions.  Besides that, the beach requires a different approach than the bar scene.  At a bar, everybody is standing or sitting around, and social circulation and interaction is encouraged and expected.  Plus, people are wearing clothes (more or less!).  The beach is not quite so encouraging, so you have to be a little more creative, exercise a little more finesse, and expend more effort to set things up--particularly in an environment such as South Beach, where many people have a lot of jaded, "hipper-than-thou" high-minded attitude.  On top of that, any and all of your physical imperfections are on display, particularly if you're wearing a thong/g-string, and that's another strike against you.  Simply laying out in a thong, flipping over every 30 minutes and slathering on sunblock will not work here, so adjust your game accordingly.  Taking all of this into consideration, I think trying to pick up women at South Beach is be pretty difficult, and the conversion rate correspondingly low.  But speaking for myself, I enjoy a challenge.             

ctmonline #4

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/03/2003 07:53:36Copy HTML

My wife and I vacationed in South Beach between June 18th and the 22nd of this year. We stayed at the South Seas Hotel which I think is on 17th Street oceanfront. Aside from sightseeing all over South Florida and the Keys we spent all of Friday the 20th on the beach either in front of our hotel beach on 17th Street and down to probably 14th Street wandering that day. We left our hotel and walked past it's pool toward the beach gate around 9 a.m. to get an early start on the tanning. My wife wore a "Wicked Weasel Sheer Black #446 G-String Bikini" and I wore a "Koala SINFUL Striped-Sheer Black G-String" all day long without a problem or any negative comments. We decided that our "sheer-black" suits as small as they were would probably be pushing the envelope a little but all I got was a few strange looks and smiles while walking near Collins Avenue...I got really brave after seeing how little the girls wear in South Beach. Almost every girl near our towel on the beach stripped down to G-Strings and TOPLESS that day including my wife. No one was shy either staying on their towel, every girl went swimming and walking up and down the beach around us wearing nothing but their G-String bottoms while topless. I even think they set up near us because we both were wearing very little as well. All in all it was a very nice day running around and swimming practically naked on South Beach. We definitely will be back next year. **P.S.: I'm a 26 year-old male and my wife is 28 years-old.
jgsm #5

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/16/2003 04:47:01Copy HTML

South Beach is still fun and open to thongs & topless.  But it has become less avant-garde and more commercial.  The big difference for me is when the Loewe's opened up.  During the week is better, avoid holiday weekends at all costs, and I think mornings and late afternoons are the best times during the day.



sailor250 #6

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/14/2003 11:51:00Copy HTML

As you have probably read South Beach is the thong mecca of the USA and maybe the world as far as I've found.  The only legal and widely used topless beach.  Then factor in the only urban legal nude beach in the USA at the north end of Miami Beach, about 10 miles away, and it is the place for our sport!

The South Beach beachfront is all thong friendly and topless as well.  The most common thong locations are probably around 1st to 15th street north.  Around 12 th st. is the gay section, but north of there where the hotels are on the beachfront thongs are common.   There are thongs all the way down to the south end too.

Thongs seem to be accepted at most hotel pools too.  Topless is common at some.  It seems that European and Latin American tourists are the most common in thongs or topless, though many natives are also.  It's not unusual to see groups of high school girls topless in thongs and g strings sometimes with the boys along.  Their boyfriends however seem to favor long board shorts.

There are a lot of nice shops and restaurants along Lincoln Road which is a street made into a mall, an open air place that bustles at night.  The night clubs are there and south of there, some along Ocean Drive.

If you have a car you should try out the nude, clothing optional beach at Haulover.  Just stay on A1A, collins avenue and head north, until you pass through Bal Harbour, and over a big bridge, and soon you're there.  Parking lots are on the west side of the road and tunnels take you to the beach.  The nude area is at the north end of the park.  [Use the last parking lot, the one to the North, 3rd? when arriving from the south.]   The only fee is for parking.  You can go nude or wear any kind of thong. Just remember to wear lots of sunscreen, you'll want to spend the whole time out on the beach.

sarasotajt #7

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/15/2003 10:01:34Copy HTML

Just a reminder: A car really isn't necessary to get from the SOBE hotel zone north to Haulover Beach. Just take the city bus system! That's what I did several years ago. After two days thonging on South Beach, I wanted to check out Haulover so I just walked from my hotel north to a bus stop on Collins Avenue and rode the bus north. Less that a buck for the ride is a lot cheaper than a rental car!

One thing I learned; make sure you have exact change for both the ride there and the ride back as the bus driver can't make change from larger bills.


gc11800 #8

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/16/2003 07:23:51Copy HTML

I'm overwhelmed!!!  But I'm looking forward to this trip.  When the lines come in nice and clear, I'll see about pictures.

And to be sure I don't whimp out, I'm not bringing any other type of suits except my thongs.  I'll have shorts on for when I'm driving and walking and stuff, but when I'm on the beach, I won't have a choice.  A "just do it" attitude.

JM_Runs #9

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/17/2003 01:03:04Copy HTML

Dont get your hopes up too high if you are expecting a lot of other men in thongs.  Some people go to south beach and are disapointed.  The number of other men in thongs varies wildly. 

Locals dont go to the beach if it is too hot, too cold, too windy or too cloudy.  We have the beach all year and are spoilt.  Locals also know where to find little places off the beaten track where there is less traffic and more privicly. 

If you come in tourist seasion then exptect to see mainly tourists on the beach.  Locals don't go much in the winter. 

Walking around on the beach, walking a lot, seeing the people, it is good for your body and spirit.  Plan to do a good bit of walking and have a hat to shade your head and eyes.  Hat and sun glasses make it less ovious when you are checking out the landscape.


gc11800 #10

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/17/2003 11:30:42Copy HTML

Reply to : JM_Runs

I'm not concerned if there are other men in thongs.  I can hold my own :-)  I'm totally stoked about going.  I need to get outta town!

By the way, you all have a lot of good advice and tips on this topic + the other ones I've read.  If you're ever in the DC area, I can try to reciprocate.

taninind #11

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/25/2003 02:42:41Copy HTML

sailor250 #12

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/30/2003 08:41:16Copy HTML

Reply to : taninind

I also was recently in Miami Beach on business and had many chances to wear a thong.  I wore a g string most of the time on the beach and at the hotel pool and in the unisex sauna.  No one seemed to care.

One day out by the hotel pool there were maybe only 10 people but there were two women topless, one in a thong and the other a g string, there were two guys, I think a gay couple both wearing thongs, and me in a gstring.  That  essentially made thongs the majority!

The hotel were I stayed has recently done away with their nude sun deck as a part of remodelling, but with the number of thongs I saw everyone has taken to them.   While in the hot tub many people saw what I was wearing and while conversing with many people no one seemed offended by the g string at all.

Out on the beach, even wearing a very low cut thong, V string, this time I didn't see anyone really do a double take or take a picture.  I am beginning to wonder if thongs are becoming so common as to be a non- issue there.  I saw several men and several women in thongs each time I went to the beach, and about 20% of them were in g strings.

I thought it was funny that some of the beach clothing stores along Collins Ave. had beach towels in their windows , with pictures of women or men in thongs.  Some right on Collins had life size pictures on towels of topless women from the front, obviously without breast tan lines.  In some other parts of the USA that would be obscene, but there it's no different from life just several hundred feet away.

gc11800 #13

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/31/2003 11:15:27Copy HTML

Hi all.  I have returned from my trip to Miami.  The beaches, people and everything was beautiful.  I was timid with the 'thonging' when I first got there, but I said "to hell with it" and dropped my shorts and POOF, instant attention...all good too.  I recommend it to anyone with enough confidence to sport one.  I wasn't the only guy on the beach in a thong and that sort of helps.  The shopping was fun.  The clubs were so much better than DC and I'm definitely going back.  Thanks for all your help.

dcgrk #14

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:11/05/2003 12:24:47Copy HTML

Reply to : gc11800

Thanks for the report...I have been to South Beach in October as well and the weather is ideal...A fellow thonger living in DC...Last time I thonged was last year on Culebra an island off the coast of Puerto Rico...Looking forward to hitting South Beach in February for an extended weekend...Best, Chris
notherbigr #15

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/10/2004 02:30:35Copy HTML

I just spent two days this past weekend sitting on South Beach also.  Both times right around 15th Street.  The first day (Saturday) I just laid on my towel for a few hours not far from the lifeguard stand.  The second day (Monday) I rented a chair and towel ($17 for the day) and was there a full 6 hours.  Spring break is really starting to get rolling in full force and there were college students everywhere.  It was mayhem.  I can confirm what dcgrk has to say about thong wearers.  I didn't see any guys in thongs at all (myself included) and only saw one gal in a full on thong.  Though lots of gals in modified "brazilian" back type bikinis which are pretty close to thongs. 

I didn't wear my thong because I wasn't comfortable with the throngs of college kids around.  They were legion.  I did wear a pretty skimpy men's speedo type suit though both days.  There were a few guys in speedos around.  If I had to give a general opinion about the current state of guys' beach wear I would say it is moving back from the extreme knee length ghetto shorts and boxer look of the past few years.  Guys with visible underwear beneath their suits were in the minority.  It seems most of the kids have chucked the saggy, baggy underwear look.  Most guys were in board shorts with length from long to the knee to fairly short.  I believe they are getting a bit shorter in general. 

The college chicks were looking awesome for the most part.  All in bikinis, and like I said, some brazilian backs.  I didn't see many of the younger gals experimenting with the full topless look, but there were quite a few mid 20's gals who were fully topless and "out there".  

Although there were lots of college kids swarming around they all seemed really well behaved. 

sailor250 #16

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/11/2004 08:52:07Copy HTML

You've noticed that the American Spring Break crowd, female and male aren't the ones wearing the bare suits.  The winter crowd from Europe and Latin America brings the barest suits and common topless girls.

I have noticed that not as many local high school age girls and college locals seem to wear thongs, or go topless as often.  There are still a lot of almost thongs and tiny bikinis on this crowd.

jgsm #17

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/05/2004 01:33:43Copy HTML

I just returned from a few days in Miami Beach.  Spring Breakers were everywhere and the local schools were on spring break.  It seemed like most of the people who would normally be at the beach were avoiding going, except early in the AM.  So I saw few thongs, very little topless. 

Although the kids were well behaved, I can't say I can blame anyone for not going.  I will never go again during March.


gc11800 #18

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2004 12:52:13Copy HTML

Hi, everyone~

I have made travel plans to hit Ft. Lauderdale/South Beach the weekend of May 14.  What do I need to know for this time of year?  I've been to So. Beach before so I know what to expect...just thought I'd check w/ you all for this particular weekend. 

Let me know.  Thanks.  GC

sailor250 #19

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/03/2004 07:50:00Copy HTML

Anything to report- to compare and contrast Ft Lauderdale to South Beach for thongs.
Gstringing #20

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/15/2004 09:38:26Copy HTML

Returned home today from south beach, since getting there july 8th.  Let  me say, dorkshorts rule for guys.  The whole time I was there, maybe saw 9-10 guys in thongs.  Ive also noticed fewer thongs on women than in years past.  Less women topless too.  What is up with that???!!!

Did wear many differant g-strings and received some cool comments.  One wome said to me, "I see youre sporting a thong" , which was cool.  she was topless and in a thong too.  I laid in a g string in numerous spots from 21st street to about 5th street.  I think any place was good for thonging.  Sun was very intense (use high SPF) and got a very cool g string line around me. 

So, has anyone else noticed the decline in thongs/g-string/toplessness in south miami beach?

miaswim #21

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/15/2004 01:07:24Copy HTML

Absolutely more dorkshorts in South Beach than years past.  And the topless girls have moved north.  With the influx of the Urban/HipHop scene on South Beach many of the topless gals, minimal swimwear has moved elsewhere.  You'll definitely see more at Haulover Beach.  Even though that is our official nude beach, thongs and minimal wear are perfectly acceptable there.

Too bad the rowdy crowd has changed the entire beach scene on South Beach.

JM_Runs #22

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/16/2004 12:35:50Copy HTML

I think Miami's South Beach varies according to the time of year.   In the winter the kids and teens are in school and the beach has lots of torists from Europe. 

In the summer the Europeans get sun at home. They don't need to sit on a plain for 9 hours just to get some sun.  Not to mention its bloody hot in Miami in the summer.  After 10am the sand is so hot it will burn you.

But in the summer months (and Easter vacation) the teens are out of school and all over the beach.  Hence all the guys in dork shorts.   The strong cathlic and cuban macho images probably don't do much to help the local boys feel more liberated.

beachlover33870 #23

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/25/2004 05:56:06Copy HTML

I went to South Beach last weekend..lots of dork shorts, but I saw a few thongers..about 6 women and 3 men, so not a bad day.  I live in Sebring, and South Beach and Fort DeSoto are my favorite thong beaches.  I will be traveling to Maryland in August, visiting family....should be interesting looking for thong-friendly beaches!  It's no problem here in Florida.

Michthong1972 #24

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:11/27/2004 11:19:31Copy HTML

Hello all, returned to the snow Nov 24 after a great week laying out at South Beach.  We stayed on Ocean Dr. cool area, anyway our first day to the Beach we found a good spot near the water, me wearing a black med thong from prevail sport, her in a pink thong from lovers lane (nice suit).  We were the only ones wearing thongs for the first couple of hours and all of a sudden there were about 3-5 other girls around us wearing thongs and some of them took off there tops which motivated my g/f to do the same. I was the only guy on the beach (that I saw) wearing a thong, did see a couple of speedos though. Had a great day and no negative comments, other than a girl in her mid twenties who was pointing at me and telling her mom to look at THAT GUY lol!  Most of the days to follow were about the same.  We did go to Haulover for a day and that was an experience.  We found the south end of the beach to be the best with more couples laying out either in thongs or nude, North end appears to mostly gay older men that need to work out lol. Anyway to walk up and down the beach in just a thong is very liberating and this was a first for my g/f other than thonging on the boat, I think she is hooked.  We were planning on going to St.Martin after Christmas but the prices have gone up a LOT.  Anyone have any advice on a  warm sandy Thong friendly vaction for us to take that won't empty the wallet.  I would like to go somewhere where our swimwear choice will be the same as others and also a place where there will be some good night life. Thanks in advance for any info.
Ryan Booth #25

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/01/2004 12:55:26Copy HTML

If a girl in her twenties was pointing at you and telling everyone in her company to look then I would take that as I compliment. I know I would. A bit of attention is a great confidence booster and it can also get the heart beating lol. Like you've said being on a public beach with nothing but a thong on is a great feeling. Once you've tried it your totally addicted. Hope you have as much fun, if not more on your next vacation.
richard12181970 #26

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/20/2005 05:08:34Copy HTML

I stayed at the Avalon last April (2004) and will be going back March 29 this year for a short 3 days.  I found South Beach to be quite refreashing and very open, especailly during the week.  Friday afternoon was more crowded and many more men wearing board shorts, which gave a less open feeling.  I looking forward to getting away from "spring" in Wisconsin for a few days!  Anyone interested in joining me on the beach?


JM_Runs #27

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/25/2005 03:05:27Copy HTML

   Just returned from 5 days in Miami, and the trip was awesome! First, we (wife and I) did 2 days on South Beach  in the 13th Street area. I was the only male thonger I saw, but did see several ladies in thongs/topless. They would always cover up to swim or walk around, but it seemed generally acceptable. I observed many glances my way from nearby girls (and some guys) that I would describe as positive. The only negative was out loud laughter from a group of 20-something guys that were obviously tourist from the northeast who were combing the beach. Otherwise I would describe the attitude of the others on the beach as indifferent; nobody cared. I was just some guy who happened to be in a thong. It was SO refreshing.

   Next, We did 2 days on the non-nude side of Haulover. There I saw 2 other male thongers, and 3 lady thongers. That place was also fantastic, mainly because there was hardly anybody there. Everybody there was spaced at least 50 yards apart, which made for quieter days.

   Bottom line, This trip was the best experience I ever had thonging while in the US. The only thing I'd maybe do different is go after spring break. Being from New England, that's a crowd I'm usually trying to get AWAY from while on vacation.......

JM_Runs #28

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/25/2005 03:20:19Copy HTML

   Just returned from 5 Days mid-week trip to Miami, and my experience was great. The wife and I both thonged on South Beach in the 13th street area, and I must admit I was the only male thonger I saw there. I really didn't care much, because nobody else there seemed to care. Many girls (and some guys) were often glancing in my direction, but I think in a good way, not bad. Otherwise, I got the feeling that people just didn't care, I was just some guy who happened to be in a thong. For me that is very unusual, and I thought it was great. We are already planning another trip there sometime soon. How's the weather in early Sept?
Robert1111 #29

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:05/14/2005 01:10:55Copy HTML

Going to be in South Beach next weekend and was wondering where is the best place to lay out.  Of course, I will be wearing a thong.  I am straight...  but do like to not be the only person...  Any suggestions???  I have been there before, but I cannot remember where the best place would be.

Thanks for your input!


JM_Runs #30

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:05/16/2005 02:56:43Copy HTML

    The Wife and I were there about a month agao, and we chilled in the area around 12th St. I was the only male thonger I saw, but there were several speedos, and a couple of ladies thonging/toplfree. I recieved several passing glances of approval from some girls (and some guys) but for the most part people just didn't seem to care one way or the other. I thought this was awesome, and SoBe is my new favorite place to thong...

NoTanLinesToo #31

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:05/16/2005 09:38:07Copy HTML

I've thonged just about everywhere from 5th Street all the way up to the Delano (around 23rd I think).  The best places have been around the Delano and National Hotels and around the 8th/9th street area, although I've never had a bad experience anywhere (Spring Break is a different story though).  You'll see topless women in thongs all over the place, but very few men in thongs.  But no one seems to care, so just put it on and wear it proudly!


Gstringing #32

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:05/18/2005 07:10:11Copy HTML

I had on a g string anywear between about 22nd street (Holiday Inn) on down.  Saw the smallest g string on a woman behind the Delano.  Will be in south beach july 21-28 anyone else?
ThonginMN #33

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/06/2005 01:21:55Copy HTML

Was on a recent vacation to South Beach over the long weekend and saw a good number of thongs. Saw a lady playing vollyball in a thong right by Ocean Drive all day in fact and saw them walking down the street and of course on the beach. Glad to see thongs are still alive and well in Miami
ThonginMN #34

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/24/2005 11:26:16Copy HTML

Dam straight. In the south beach area the women walk around in thongs...as in down the city street! Also have seen women lounging topless by hotel pools next to the street Heck, one night I was there I saw a woman riding on a back of a motorcycle topless....by Coral Gables!
eimeo #35

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/26/2005 01:41:29Copy HTML

I was there early in July, wore my Wicked Weasel 457 everywhere, we parked 2 streets down (only parking available) then we walked to Starbucks, enjoyed the day at the beach, then a good lunch (I Love Sushis) and back at the beach then back to the car all that in my thong I loved it, oh and I took my top off as soon as I was right by the volleyball "courts" it felt good to be free again
thongpwr #36

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:08/01/2005 11:18:26Copy HTML

Went to South Beach in late June for three days with my wife and my 20-month old son. We stayed at the National Hotel on Collins Ave, around 17th/18th streets. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone. Very modern rooms with great views, (pool/beachside), fabulous service, great location close to everything. They have two pools and direct access to the beach.


I started by wearing a Ergowear Rio swimsuit


to the pool, then switched to a blue Joe Snyder thong


later. No comments or stares. After spending a lot of time with the family at the pool and beach, I decided to go alone to the beach to work on my tanlines. I put on my blue Dore Low Cut thong


and the hotel bathrobe and walked to the beach. I immediately noticed a guy who I first thought was naked but was wearing a black G-string. Several guys were in speedos but no other thongs. It didn't bother me and it didn't seem to bother anyone that I was wearing one. What a great feeling.

Nobody said anything to me, however there were a few guys walking along the beach in street clothes laughing out and saying something like "you can do anything you want on this beach it seems" when they walked by, not sure if they laughed at me or the other guy but I wasn't offended at all.

The next morning I woke up at around 730 AM and went to the beach for a long walk, again wearing the blue Dore low cut thong. I left the bathrobe and my towel and just started to walk towards south. I walked for probably half an hour, swam a few times then turned back. What a great feeling to be so far away from your clothes. Saw quite a few people walking on the beach or swimming, and passed quite a few. Everybody just smiled and said good morning or just went along with their business.

On the last morning I went for another long walk. After for almost an hour I returned and from far away I noticed that my bathrobe, towel and slippers were no longer where I had left them earlier. Then I saw a guy walking towards me carrying what seemed to be my stuff. As he got close I informed him that he seems to have something that belongs to me (I noticed my hotel logo on the robe), he didn't speak a word of english. He was wearing a speedo BTW. He mumbled something and gave me my stuff back. My room key was still in the pocket.

It would have been quite exciting if I had had to walk back to the hotel without the bathrobe and the towel. So I decided to do so anyway. I just grabbed the towel and the bathrobe and walked back to the hotel pool in my thong, took a shower and went for a swim in the pool. There were some hotel employees working around the pool area and the pool bar. One lady was already in the pool. Again, everybody just smiled and said hello.

It was a great vacation. I was able to really relax and feel the freedom. My family enjoyed our stay very much too. Can't wait to go back.

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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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What a great report!  Sounds like  you had an awesome time.  By the way, is the first picture, the bikini, you?  I hope to get to Miami sometime later this summer or fall, hopefully, I'll be able to enjoy it as much as you did, in a g string or thong.
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Reply to : thongpwr

Nice report.  I too have had my clothes and towel stolen while walking on South Beach in the morning, so I started carrying a bag or backpack with me.  It's kind of a drag to have to carry your stuff around with you, but beats getting it stolen.  It doesn't seem to be a problem later in the day when the beach starts to fill up, but in the morning I think the homeless types help themselves to whatever may be laying around!


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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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South Beach is without a doubt the thong capital of the US.

One time I was at the Shelborne on South Beach in I think October, and the hotel wasn't too busy.  I looked down at the pool from my room and saw a couple of ladies who looked to be in thongs and a couple of guys laying out there in what I thought were bikinis.  So I went down to the pool in a Dore Very Low g string.

Well it turned out after they turned over that both the 20 something guys were wearing thongs.  They were pretty pumped up looking.  Not associated with the guys one woman was about 30 , well tanned, from South America, topless in a tiny black g string with an infant in a carriage back out of the sun, in the cabana.  Then her friend was about 35 in a micro thong also topless.  Later in the stay I saw their husbands, wearing small bikinis, but not thongs.

Being the only ones at the pool, all of us in thongs, with two topless women and two g strings is not an everyday occurance there or anywhere else in the US.

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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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I feel so lucky to live in the area. There is no place else like it and I have been EVERYWHERE (in the US that is).

thongpwr #41

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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The South Beach atmosphere is so very, very different from all the other places in the US I have been. Being there is like being in another country, literally. I envy people who live in Miami and South FL in general.

sailhoopsbare: No, that's not me in the picture. If you look at the link domainname, it's actually Ergowear website. I'm not one of their models (yet). ;-)

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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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South beach is still my favorite beach. Love to go and soak up the sun and people-watch, I have yet to see and ladies in wicked weasel micros. Funny thing is that south beach is so tolerant about thongs yet you rarily see any guys in thongs and just a few women, go figure.
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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Thats nothing. Try going to Haulover nude beach by Bal Harbor. The beach is right by the busy street and if you walk past the dune breaks you can easily be seen by cars totally nude.

Heck, I saw a lady walk down the steet by Luminous Park in a micro mini skirt and thong and her big booty was sticky out of the skirt...all in front of people eating lunch

Gstringing #44

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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I returned home from south beach last thursday after being there a week.  I was on the beach a lot during my stay and I have to say, south beach doesnt seem to be the same as it was a few years ago.  From what I saw, maybe 8-9% of women I saw were in thongs/g strings and less topless.  I maybe saw 8 men in thongs the whole time.  However, It is still an amazing beach with terrific sights.  Most of the time I was in a Roma lime green g string, and I even found myself on the south beach web cam (the building is a dump the camera is on, and is being torn down).
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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When you say South Beach Miami is it just one beach or multiple beaches that make up the term "south beach"? My girlfriend loves wicked weasels and we've been trying to find a place to wear them. We're scheduling a south beach vacation for this coming summer and aren't sure where we should go. Also, what would be a nice hotel to stay at that's close to the beach? I'm 20 and she's 19, so let us know wherever the college kids are

eimeo #46

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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Look for Lummus park that is where South beach is, I am moving to the Fort Lauderdale area this coming week so I will only be 30 min away from SoBe ! I love Wicked Weasels too and that is all I wear so maybe we can meet and go together ! I am 22 (23 in a few months). Are you coming this summer (2005) or next summer (2006) ?

BTW I was in SoBe on July 2nd and 3rd and I have to say that there were only 5 girls in thong that I saw, and maybe 15 topless (only 2 thong and topless not counting myself)

I was in my thong from the parking lot on the second street from the beach and my top came off as soon as I got to the volleyball courts by Ocean Drive ! Free again at last I loved how people turned around when they noticed I was only wearing a thong (Wicked Weasel 457)

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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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Repply to mpike,  South Beach is anywhere on the beach of the "City of Miami Beach"  south from 17th to 1st street or the entrance to the port.   If you follow the map to 5th Street and then turn left when you cant go east any more you will see parking on the right, with sand and dunes beond that.  Stop, park, walk to water. 
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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I've got a long weekend coming up (Labor Day) and I was thinking about taking a couple days for a trip down to SB. Does anyone know how much damage was done to the beach by Katrina, and if it's going to be okay this weekend? I live in Central Florida, so I'm not talking about a big (3 hour drive or so) and I can just go some other weekend if it's still recovering. Thanks!
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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I heard that there was no significant damage, I will be there tomorrow and probably Sunday too
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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I would love to be down there this weekend also, but the current Gas prices/shortages in Central Florida have kind of put a hold on my small vacation plans. It's not that I can't afford it, but the good ol' government has asked us to cut back our driving, and I'm willing to help out. I guess I'll just have to wait a couple weeks for the situation to stabilize.
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