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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sailor250 #1001

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/16/2019 06:22:54Copy HTML

I've seen pictures and heard about the angel wings guy but haven't seen him in person. He's been photo'd with a white baggie sling no waistband, just missile fit pouch and his wings and hat even walking around the sidewalk cafes on Ocean Drive! I've seen maybe 10 photos around but never in another color suit.
beachguy2010 #1002

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/29/2019 11:58:08Copy HTML

I did stay at the Richmond Hotel a couple of weeks ago. It was a little windy and cool on the beach so my wife and I ended up spending most of our time around the pool. We spent two days there and I wore a Joe Snyder bulge thong the whole time while my wife was topless. We had no problems at all, went to the bar, went swimming, and used the hot tub. I did take a couple of walks on the beach wearing only the thong and one time with a g string. Again no problems, one group even wanted to take some pictures with me. There were only a couple of topless women on the beach and no guys in minimal swimwear. Lots of thongs on the women though. All in all it was a very godd experience, I highly recommend it!
erik3000 #1003

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2019 02:50:24Copy HTML

About two weeks ago Arrived to MIA airport about 8:30 AM and took the 150 Express bus to South Beach I requested my stop at Lincoln Road and headed to the beach. I was on Jeans and Tee shirt and an Armani Microfiber underwear thong, was a Little bit cloudy but really nice and windy I asked for an Umbrella and a Lounge bed on the Sagamore area. The attendant told me that was a little bit windy so he can't offer me an umbrella but the bed was about $17 and he has one available just in front of the beach, he gave me a towel and set up the place for me. I stripped my tee shirt, mi snickers and my pant and putted on my back pack I could feel the attention that I was getting sunning in my thong but loved, even went to the beach to cool down a little bit, I was the only male in thongs but saw some gals wearing thongs and/or topless. After a couple hours then packed my things and dressed up to walk a little and saw so many gal walking literally in the street in thongs and going to the pool parties at the hotels that was really hot!!! but not surprised, after all its south beach. Returning to the airport then took the downtown bus to go to Bayside park and I was several miles away from the beach and downtown Miami and saw some girls walking in thongs in the street with their boyfriends and that experience marked me, I have never seen sorting like that (beside Fantasy Fest in Key west) just normal gals exposing..... uf that blown me.
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