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sailor250 #151

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/16/2008 02:52:45Copy HTML

Congratulations Eimeo for your little one and your new contribution now on the www.wickedweasel site.  You are the picture of South Beach thonging
eimeo #152

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/16/2008 03:23:52Copy HTML

Thank you :)
msugrad #153

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/18/2008 06:10:08Copy HTML

I wanted to post a quick comment regarding the week long trip my wife and I took in South Beach a week ago (March 9-15). A more detailed post will be forthcoming but I'm still a little bummed out that we are home already and the weather is only in the mid to upper 40's. I am happy with our entire experience while in South Beach and the memories of our vacation. The majority of our trip (and reason for the trip...relaxing) was the beach and it turned out to be nothing less than wonderful.

Everyday my wife and I were at the beach I wore nothing more than a Skinz M41 thong (no tie sides). It was so relaxing spending equal time laying down both on my back and stomach while in only a thong. Without putting on shorts, there were times I would stand up to adust our towels to the direction of the sun similar to what the resorts do with the beach loungers throughout the day.

I only wore shorts during the walk from the hotel to the beach and back and going in and out of the water from our location on the beach. (Andrew Christian Life Guard shorts - square cut type, a small fit and a bit form fitting so I also got many looks). 
I will post a more detailed comment with the day to day experiences in the next few days. I can not say how pleased I am with the experience of wearing a thong while on the beach in South Beach Miami!!
bmicro #154

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/19/2008 12:42:25Copy HTML

Thanks for your post and sorry that I missed you. I am glad that you enjoyed your experience at South Beach. I am looking forward to your more detailed post and, in particular, your reactions to the de Soliel.
sailor250 #155

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/08/2008 02:07:26Copy HTML

MSU grad- still await your detailed report

I'll share my recent experiences on south beach soon too.
stanpuppy #156

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/12/2008 01:57:54Copy HTML

Wife and I are heading to SoBe in two weeks.  What is the best area for her and I to thong togeather?  Looking for an area where there are lots of female thongers and topless, yet I wont feel out of place in my thong as well.
Pagan-Egyptian #157

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 06:46:05Copy HTML

I am booking my trip to FLL for May 27-June3. I am planning on trekking down to SoBe during the stay. There are some really good tips on these post. Thanks everyone.  I hope I get to meet at least a couple of you guys while I am down there this time.
Pagan-Egyptian #158

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 06:57:16Copy HTML

 Eimeo, I sent you a comment via WW site. One thing I have to ask.. was that white truck stuck in the sand.. because it look half buried! LOL I cant wait to visit in the end of May...Looks like great thonging areas. Great Pictures and I hope you will be able to post again soon. 
bmicro #159

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 07:45:36Copy HTML


The simple answer is anywhere! I haven't felt uncomfortable in a thong, g-string, etc. from Government Cut (south end) to 35th street or even the beaches further north.

That said, I have found that the beaches from about 14th St. north to 21st tend to be more cosmopolitan and mature. These are behind the high-end hotels and also attract the local crowd (around Lincoln Rd).
The beach @ 12th St. is primarily gay.

So come on down and enjoy yourself. Hopefully, we will meet up on the beach!
stanpuppy #160

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 08:47:55Copy HTML

Thanks Bmicro.  How what is it like around 8-10th street. My wife says she used to come down there years ago (with her mother) and she remembers it being pretty prevalent with thong and topless.  Is that a good area for us?
sailor250 #161

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 11:35:07Copy HTML

TNT Guarantee

On a recent visit to South Beach on three days straight, and on every day for a total of 8 other days there is always at least one Topless n' Thong (or G) woman to the south of the lifeguard station beside the Delano beach loungers at 17th st.  I'd say it's probably the only place in the US where on any given day you can pretty much be assured that TNT is being practiced.  At this location there are often a few girls on the sand and the Delano loungers always have several TNT women- usually the man in the couple is wearing something other than board shorts too.
eimeo #162

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/13/2008 11:50:50Copy HTML

just came back from SoBe, it was a gorgeous day and I was there with my husband, my son and my best girl friend. I only stayed in the sun about 2-3 hours (maybe even less) and I am DARK !!!! wow it felt good to have a good beach day again. Of course I walked to and from my car in my thong (top came off as soon as I could see sand) and that's including my Starbucks stop. It was a good day on SoBe, my husband took over 1300 pictures !!! Most of them were of the boat race though I think
stanpuppy #163

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/15/2008 10:42:43Copy HTML

eimeo,  tell your husband to bring his camera to sobe on the 23, 24, 25 and 26 of this month.  Wife and i are headed down at staying at the strand.  Just got her the new ww Wave bikini in the 453 microminimus bottom (with the G-string back).  She is taking 3G's and 2 triangle backs for the trip.  One triangle back is for the hotel pool, the other is just as a backup.  She will wear the white wave G, one day.  A satin sheer yellow 456 micro G the next and a pink zebra micro G the third.  I will be in my Joe Snyder rio thongs, so we should be easy to spot.  Will probably be hanging out between 8-12 streets.
bmicro #164

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/16/2008 10:08:58Copy HTML

Stanpuppy,I hope to see you and your wife while you are here. I will try to get out some of those days (25 and 26 are the best bets). Between 8-12 is fine, as is anywhere. You might want to broaden out and check further north as well. The area around 14 -15th is always good and the areas behind the Delano, National, etc. always has a lot of Europeans. There, the tendency toward dork shorts is not so great.  
stanpuppy #165

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/21/2008 12:42:51Copy HTML


Sorry to keep bothering you, but you seem to have tons of knowledge about south beach. My wife is all set with her weasel G's. NO worries on the female side, she has gone topless and worn the wicked weasel satin sheer g-string bottoms before on sobe with no problem. The question is with my attire. I was planning to wear my joe snyder rio thongs which i typically wear down there. I also am packing a muscleskins mpx opaque thong, which will also not be a problem. What i am wondering about is something my wife has requested i wear. I have two joe snyder thongs, one in black and one in white. They are just like the regular joe snyder rio's except they are made out of a fine lattice mesh material. When you have them on, it is fairly easy to make out what is underneath. They are not transparent, but they are fairly sheer. Your opinion.....ok for sobe, or should i save them for the nude beaches. I dont want to cause any trouble or have the life guards ask me to change. My plan was to tan in the joe snyder thongs, and they throw a bigger suit over them to go in the water....your thoughts?
JM_Runs #166

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/21/2008 03:29:41Copy HTML

In reply to stanpuppy:
I would suggest you do not wear the sheer thongs on South Beach, keep them for your excursion to the nude beach at Haulover. While you can get away with more on South Beach than on most other beaches you have to remember it is a regular city beach with lifeguards and police patrols, and I have herd of men getting into trouble if their thongs are too sheer.   This does not seem to be a probelm for women.

The beach is patrolled by both the life guards and by the police. If a complaint is made to a life guard they are likely to deal with it and will probably just tell you to cover up. If a complaint is phoned in, or made directly to the police then they feel the need to followup with paperwork and formal action.

The Joe Snyder Rio's and the opaque MPX thongs will be just about right. I would stick with them. South Beach is fun enough, and you can get up to some serious mischief, without going to suits that will get you arrested.

I think that by staying away from a sheer suit you will also feel less self conscious and more confident in public places: Not needing to cover up when walking around, waking the beach or going to the consession stands.
bmicro #167

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/21/2008 03:51:55Copy HTML

Stanpuppy,No bother. I have grey, coral, and fish print lycra mesh Dore very low cut thongs that I have worn many times on South Beach. No problem. These sound somewhat like yours. You can see the coral one on Dore's web site www.beach-n-danc.com at the bottom of p.3 and top of p 13. The fish print is near the top of p 12. As a contrast, I would not walk around in either her open fishnet (black one middle p 7) or blue foil mesh (on p.4).

However, your plan sounds fine if your suit is very sheer and you still want to please your wife (who wouldn't). Tan in the sheer suit and then put on a more opaque one to go into the water or walk around. I doubt that anyone would complain about you lying there with you and your wife dressed in the same manner.

The lifeguards tell me that their operational procedure is not be a swimwear patrol. If they get a complaint they will first tell the complainer "This is South Beach, after all". If the person continues to pursue the complaint, they will courtesly ask the person wearing the suit to change or move so that all can be happy. There is no tendency to make anything formal (unless, of course, a policeman tells you to cover up and you respond with an insult). The only place that there is the "write it up" mentality is in the State Parks (certainly not South Beach). I have had a lifeguard approach me on South Beach with a complaint only once in the last 15 or so years (about five years back), and that was in a home-made chain and leather strap suit that was probably too small and see-through (didn't have enough skill). He was very courteous and simply told me that he had a complaint and asked that, for the good of all, if I would move so that another beachgoer could be comfortable with his family. I did so and that was that.
On the other hand, I have been laying out in very brief suits and had had families set up right next to me.

Have a great time!
stanpuppy #168

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/21/2008 08:11:29Copy HTML

Thanks for all that bmicro.  That sounds absolutely great.  Your the man!!!
bmicro #169

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/23/2008 08:11:28Copy HTML

A beautiful day on South Beach!  Had a few problems booting my computer so I decided to do a full backup. While that happened, I threw on a loepard print (semi-sheer) Pablo San "Itsy Bitsy", grabbed a report that I needed to edit, and hit the beach. Walked down to fifth street from 15th to try to find Stanpuppy and welcome him. Settled around eighth. There were an amazing number of women in only g-strings (easily two to three dozen) but none of them were with a guy in a thong. Guess I missed him.
There were a group of four women from New York wearing only g-strings close to me. When I was walking back from a swim they asked me about the suit (where did I get it, etc.) and we had a great conversation!  The hardest thing was leaving the beach and getting back to work.
stanpuppy #170

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/29/2008 12:49:02Copy HTML

You must have missed us.  On the 23, which was the day we arrived we set up camp on 10th st right across the street from the Strand hotel, where we were staying.  Wife had a yellow wicked weasel sheer 456 on, and i was wearing a joe snyder red rio thong.  I saw a good amount of girl in thongs, but no G's.   In fact, the whole visit i only saw three other women in G's (other than my wife) and no male thongers.  After the 23rd, we spent the rest of the trip up near the delano beach. Topless was alot more common than thongs up there, and no other women wore G's.  Alot of people looked at me (i wore 2 joe snyder rio thongs, one black, one white, both mesh) but nobody said anything.  The highlight of the trip was saturday when my wife walked from 20th street all the way down to the pier south of 1st street wearing only the brand new wicked weasel 462 micro, string back, wave bikini (I had is rushed in from WW just for this trip.  She turned every head on the beach.  One older woman said to her husband "my my, look at that.  That must be the skimpyist thing on this whole beach."   My wife is such a little  hottie.  I took some pics of her and posted them on my flickr account.


I covered up my white sheer joe snyder rio thong with a red tulio squarecut for fear of being arrested.
bmicro #171

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/29/2008 06:49:02Copy HTML

Sorry that I did. You must have seen the polo games! Went up by Delano only once. There were so many people on the beach it would have been hard to find anyone! You did, however, re-awaken me to the area around 8th street on weekdays (weekends are too packed for peace). Saw more women in g-strings that I have in a long time. Looked more like the 90's! Walked from 15th to 5th in a semi-sheer Pablosan one day and an Exposure sliding-g with a white insert the next. No problems. Thanks for posting the pictures of your wife. She is, indeed, a hottie. I am sure that she turned some heads! If you are ever here again, let me know.
lovethongs #172

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/26/2008 12:27:08Copy HTML

Since it's been almost 2 months since anyone reported on SOBE, I figured that I would try to get the ball rolling again.  Of those who have visited SOBE in the past 2 months, what has the scene been like?  Are thongs and/or toplessness more common than in previous years?  less common than in previous years?

Also, over the course of the year, what months are thongs and toplessness most common, and in which months are they least common (excluding spring break for both)?
JM_Runs #173

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/26/2008 04:14:25Copy HTML

Thongs and topless women are more common when locals and Europens go to the beach. 

Because locals live here year round they are spoilt by much good weather.  So locals tend to go to the beach when the wether is good, and skip when the weather is poor, or it's too chilly, or too hot. 

Not many locals on the beach in January or cold days in Febuary, or when winter weather systems come through but as the weather warms up in the Spring, when a weather system is not passing through then it's often perfect, so there will be lots of locals.  Before the rainy sesion kicks in a good day can last for a week, and if it's not too hot people stay on the beach for hours.

During the summer months the locals know that it often clouds over and rains in the afternoon, so they go early in the mornings, before the sand or the day gets too hot.  During the summer, hit the beach early and plan something else for the afternoon.

When the dry season kicks in, (after the wet and/or Huricane seasion), we get some more prefect weeks when it's cool enough to stay at the beach all day.

We get some boost in topless women when europiens come.  This tends to be in the winter and spring, and then again during the traditional summer vacations. I think the winter boost seems to be offset by locals who are not on the beach, and diluted by the large number of US tourists who flood the beaches from Christmas to Easter. 

What seems to matter more is what part of the beach you are on, and who is out that day.  While one part may have lots of thong and topless women when locals are out, (partly because of access and parking), if the weather is not right they may not be there, and instead the beach outside a hotel catering to europiens will be better. 

bmicro #174

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/26/2008 11:54:01Copy HTML

lovethongs,The bottom line on South Beach is that there is always a termendous variation on a day to day basis depending on who's staying where, what groups are in town, etc., so any comments are generalizations observed over a great period of time and not necessarily applicable to any particular day. That said, here goes.
This is not the late 80's and 90's. South Beach has been discovered by everyone, not just the models and young europeans. The proportion of the beach population that is topless or in thongs has gone down significantly. The number of topless and thonged women (and men) is still rather high. I have not noticed any change in the acceptance of minimal swimwear (it all is accepted).
While many locals do take advantage of the mornings, I find that these tend to be the older residents. The young ones who work in the clubs and stores tend to stay out late and show up on the beach in mid to late afternoon, if it is not raining. This is the local crowd that tends to be more thong and topless oriented.
Visitors also tend to be out later as they have probably partied well the night before.
I have noticed that, lately, the rise of the euro and the high price of gas has increased the number of European and South American visitors and lowered the number of Americans. This has helped to increase the topless/thong ratio.
Weekdays tend to be better than weekends since the  weekends are when we get huge family circuses from the mainland descending with all kinds of items in tow.
The area from 14th street north tends to draw a more cosmopolitan crowd and locals so it tends to be more topless/thong.
The area around 12th street tends to be gay and the area around 8th street draws a young crowd (sometimes excellent for topless/thongs). The area down by South Pointe has drawn a Brazilian corwd as of late (yes, excellent).
The summer months are good for both locals and tourists and the late fall, winter, and early spring is excellent for tourists.
Some tourists will go out on days that I wouldn't walk the beach without long pants and a jacket!
Gstringing #175

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/29/2008 03:27:52Copy HTML

I was in south beach from last sunday until yesterday (June 22-28).  Maybe this wasnt a good thonging week, but mo more than 4 or 5 men were seen in thongs, and a lot less women wearing thongs than from years past.  Topless women also seemed to be on the decline.  I myself gave up and wore a non thong swimsuit.  I noticed some tourists making fun of a man in a g-string in their native language also. I saw no single strings, no teardrop styles, and nothing even close.  I had a fun time. 
cmdwxoutku #176

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:08/16/2008 09:33:55Copy HTML

I am hopefully going to Miami this year at the end of September, beginning of October. From what I can tell of the weather it is high to mid 20s. Is this the case?

Is there any particular part of South Beach I would feel most comfortable as a male wearing thongs and wear female thongers sun themselves?

Many thanks
bmicro #177

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:08/16/2008 08:42:38Copy HTML

 Yes (I assume that you mean Celcius). You should feel comfortable anywhere from the southern end (South Pointe) up to past 40th St. The area around 12th St. tends to be gay and the area around 8th St. tends to be young. There tends to be a more cosmopolitan crowd from 15th st to 20th st behind the upscale hotels.
Fitcaz #178

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/12/2008 11:48:24Copy HTML

 I will be visiting Miami in December from UK and looking forward to wearing as little as possible if it is sunny.
As many of you (US) people know Europe is a bit more tolerant. Thongs, although now less popular than they were, are acceptable worn by topless women, I would say on all beaches, and would not cause offence. By thongs I mean all backless costumes, g-strings etc.
For men, thongs are less popular on normal family beaches, very popular on gay beaches, and would likely cause cringing rather than offence when worn by an overweight middle aged man!
Certainly wearing a thong would not cause police or lifeguards to be involved.
Topless woman are common and generally would not cause any comment or offence.
Nudism/Naturism is more popular in Europe with some exclusively nude beaches and more of them than US. It is unlikely that you would be arrested or cautioned by being nude on a public clothed beach unless it was a town beach but you may get some looks/comments from others there.
Nudism/naturism/topless/thongs are also less likely to cause upset to sensitive parents.

A question for you - apart from SoBe and Haulover where else would be acceptable to wear a g-string in S.Florida within a reasonable distance (50miles) of Miami?

JM_Runs #179

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/12/2008 04:16:15Copy HTML

Any beach in Dade (Mimi) or Broward (Fort Lauderdale) counties is thong friendly, EXCEPT state parks, because the Governer is republican and does not like thongs.   Nude only at Haulover.  Thonging gets less common as you go North through Palm Beach Couny.

On some beaches there may be zones where rednecks or drunk teens prevail, and thonging may be less comfortable for men. These zones are often marked by permanent barbecue grills or the presence of Spring Break style bars across the street that sell cheep beer.  So thonging is fine most everywhere except state parks, and less common where rednecks and drunk teens congregate.

Topless is common on Miami Beach and get's a lot less common as you go North.  While it's normal to see women both lying down and walking around topless on Miami Beach you see a lot less women topless in Broward county and less as you go North. In Broward a few women may lay out topless but will cover up when walking around.
sarasotajt #180

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/15/2008 12:33:06Copy HTML

I spent Saturday at SOBE from about 11:00 to 4:00. It was a beautiful day and once I found my place in the sand just south of Lummus Park the shorts came off and stayed off the rest of the day. I wore a Skinz Y-back G-string with an unlined but opaque red front so everything was covered. During the course of the day I did move to other locations for a change of scenery so I walked much of the length of the beach - including down to Government Cut and back. I did hear a few wise cracks from some guys throwing the football and some young girls yelled to me about my all-over tan. There were few other comments directed to me as most folks are accustomed to seeing minimal swimwear.
I saw many ladies wearing thongs or rios and a few topless, though not as prevalent as past visits. I saw one other male thonger who changed from a black suit to a red suit for some reason. I also saw a shark swiming close to shore and the lifeguards were actively calling people out of the water and trying to scare it away with a jetski.

I enjoyed watching the ladies beach volleyball tournaments for a while when I first arrived. Those girls are phenomenal...

I love SOBE!

modelnude4u #181

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/06/2008 12:40:12Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a week in Miami Beach recently (our 4th trip there). We stayed at the same hotel (Howard Johnson Dezerland) as we have on each of our previous trips.   The hotel is an older property, but reasonably well maintained, and the staff is fairly helpful and friendly.  English is not a first language for much of anyone there, from the staff to the guests, but everyone seems to know enough to get by.

The hotel is right on the beach, and there was a decent crowd on the beach most every day, but never so many that it felt crowded.  There is a large park right next door, and that keeps things down a bit for sheer volume of people, because you don’t have hotels stacked on top of each other, at least on one side!  The whole property is thong friendly, and I was in the pool, hot tub and beach in a thong every day. 

We took lots of walks up and down the beach in nothing but a thong, from early morning to late evening, and although I got quite a few looks, and had a few pictures snuck, no negative comments or troubles of any kind.

We didn’t pick the best time of year to come to Miami, but the weather was really pretty good most all the time we were there, and we managed to each get a little pinker than we might have liked at times.  We spent one fairly cloudy day in South Beach checking out the shops and such, which was a needed break after getting too much sun the day before.   Women’s thongs for sale at most shops, and men’s at several.

Definitely will be back, and recommend the area to others!
eimeo #182

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/06/2008 01:17:26Copy HTML

I was there this past Thursday, it was a really nice day out, wore my current favorite WW bottom (white satin sheer 456), I had my red 312 triangle top on until I got on the beach, then I took it off and decided to keep it off till I got back to my car (parked at the 16th street garage) that was kinda fun :)
stanpuppy #183

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/06/2008 03:16:39Copy HTML

eimeo, my wife has the 456 and she loves it.  She wears the string back.  I presume you do to.  Have you tried the 453?  It is sort a cross between the 457 (which is practically invisable) and the 456.  Last time we were in south beach, my wife wore a white 453 all the way from the Delano, where we were staying, down to 1st street and back.  Although she wore her top, she got tons of looks.  It is a really sexy suit.  Curious, did you walk back to your car on the beach, or did you walk back up ocean drive on the sidewalk.  Reason i ask is that while i have seen women walking significant lengths of the beach topless, i have never seen anyone on the sidewalk do it.
eimeo #184

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/06/2008 11:49:14Copy HTML

I stayed at 8th street as usual, I walked on the beach from 8th to 6th, then I got on the inner path at 6th until 8th and then from 8th to 15th (I almost stopped at Starbucks since I had already been there in my sheer 457 with top, but I really wasn't in the mood for one so I didn't), walked along 15th to Collins to 16th, took the elevator and walked to my car, it was fun, I'll definitely do it again. When I was around 9th street, a cop was driving Southbound and just looked at me for a few seconds with a little grin and kept driving, so I assumed it was fine to keep going :)
sailor250 #185

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/08/2008 12:26:40Copy HTML

You're so lucky eimeo as we guys might have been ridiculed even on south beach.  I've walked a way down the "boardwalk" sidewalk in a g string to my hotel's back pool entrance but never out on collins or across collins...and topless too!  If there were two girls or a guy and girl it would be more accepted...but one guy might not be.

That said the beach boardwalk, pools etc are all thong/G friendly like no where else
bmicro #186

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/08/2008 02:03:04Copy HTML


If you walk by a construction site in a g-string as a guy, you will be ridiculed. A woman will get a lot of cat calls. Otherwise, there is very little problem. There is a picture on the internet of a guy walking down Ocean Drive on the west side. I have walked off the beach, down Lincoln Rd and shopped at Wings and another swimwear shop in only a Dore g-string and was not ridiculed. I did have a few complimentary remarks given to me by a cashier and a lady from England. I regularly walk along Ocean Drive in a g-string.
thearno #187

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/09/2008 11:17:59Copy HTML

eimeo...wow - we must have missed you or saw you...we were there as well.  Stayed at 16th and washington, parked in the same garage and were on that section of beach.  would have been nice to see ya in a WW.  we walked the beach and didnt see any.  oh well....maybe next time.arno and julie
eimeo #188

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/09/2008 11:38:52Copy HTML

hmm, weird ! what were you guys wearing, my husband usually takes pictures but he was a little lazy that day lol, he only took some of me
stanpuppy #189

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:10/11/2008 12:21:01Copy HTML

In miami, as well as in general, it is much easier for a woman to thong than it is for a man. Even on south beach, I have gotten some looks, or even comments, from groups of men and woman about my thong.  My wife on the other hand, wears g-strings and goes topless and never gets anything other than appreciative looks.  It probably helps that she is 5ft tall, 100 lbs and totally gorgeous, but thats not the point.  The only time i have ever seen woman get grief for thonging is from other women, usually when the girl in the thong is the only one wearing one and all the other women are in non-thong suits.  Then i have seen women get a little catty.
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 Another beautiful day in paradise.  Went out today and laid out a little north of 15th St. Wore a small crochet g-string from Slinky Swimwear on e-bay (the gold-silver one). Decided to walk up to Carrabas at 39 st. This is probably the only outdoor tiki bar that you can walk to from the boardwalk. Walked in, sat at a table in the sun, and had lunch and a few brews. I was treated by the staff and the other patrons the same as if I had on shorts and a shirt (I only wore the g-string and a cap). Afterwards I walked back to 15th in only the g-string. No comments at all that I could hear, but a few obvious pictures taken.
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I was there again today, so quite a few girls in thongs/gstrings and about 75% of them were also topless. I even saw a girl walking in her wicked weasel ! I only saw 2 guys walking in thongs (I was by 9th street today) one was in a green thong, and the other guy was on the side of the road in an american flag thong riding his bicycle, I saw him again as we were driving past 25th street area !
today was an awesome day ! I got to walk topless from the beach back to my car again ! I wish it could be like that everywhere. We are going to be at wet n wild again next month, I wonder if they will complain if my top comes off .....
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How come you took your pics down from your flickr account?   They were the best!!!
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Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

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my husband took them down, someone sent us a few links of my pictures posted elsewhere, one guy had even put comments saying I hated my husband and that he was "small" and stuff like that (all false statements) so I told him not to ever post pics of me online again, and to remove the ones he had on there.
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that sucks that something like that happened.  I, for one, will miss your pics.  I always looked forward to the shots your husband took, both of you and of the other women on south beach.
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 My wife and I spent a week in Miami Beach recently (our 4th trip there). I posted above about the hotel and stay in general, but thought I’d add this too. 
My wife and I spent one fairly cloudy day in South Beach checking out the shops and such.  A couple days later, I told her that I still wanted to spend some time down there on a sunny day, and she said that she didn’t feel like doing anything that day, so maybe I should just go by myself (love that woman!) 
That being said, I packed up a small backpack and caught the bus down to South Beach.  I wore my oldest cutoff denim shorts, which are very well worn, with lots of holes, and which slide down on my hips because I’ve lost a few pounds.  I decided to show off my thong tan lines, which had grown even clearer on the beach, so no underwear. 
I went back to the shops we had found earlier that sold thong swimsuits for men and had good looking salesgirls.  The first one I went into had Joe Snyder thongs, don’t remember the model, but very small cut, about 3/8” on the sides.  As soon as I got the rack and started looking at them, a very cute salesgirl came up, and said, “You really need to try one on” That was my plan anyway, but she made it all the more certain.  I looked at the different colors and sizes and she again told me that I really should try one on.  I picked a bright yellow suit and told her I was ready. 
The dressing rooms were right around the corner, and she motioned me back, while leaning up against the corner.  There was an open area with mirrors, and then 4 or 5 booths.  I picked the first room, and set down my backpack and the suit, and looked up as she was just watching me intently.  As much as I wanted to just leave the door open and strip down, I decided not to push it.  I went to close the door, and told her, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you see it on”.  I changed into the suit, and it fit great, although it was cut a lot smaller on the sides and back than my usual, so I had a white strip all along the front, sides and back. 
I opened the door and stepped into the big room with mirrors.  Right away she told me it looked good.  Of course, she’s paid to sell suits, but it really did look good.  I checked myself in the mirror, from all possible sides several times, just enjoying modeling for her.  She commented that I had a great tan, but this suit looked a bit smaller than what I usually wear.  
I told her that I had been working on the tan at home in Tennessee before I got there, but that VERY few people wore thongs in TN.  I also commented that not that many wore them here either.  She said, “All kinds of people wear them here, men & women.”  Certainly more here than most other places, but still not THAT many to me.   
I really didn’t want it to end, so I talked and spun and checked out for quite a while.  She just smiled and kept talking.  I finally decided to change back to street clothes, and returned to my room.   I came back out with the suit, and went to the rack to check out the other colors.  She said she’d make me a good deal if I got 2 suits, but I told her I was going to continue shopping and might stop back later to take her up on the offer.
I love to show off in such “acceptable” situations such as this.  It was perfectly normal to be showing off my body in a tiny thong for a lovely young lady.  It doesn’t get much better than that!    Upon leaving I wandered over to the beach for the afternoon.  A wonderful time as always!
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Sounds like a great shopping trip. Which shop was it?
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Do you remember the name of the store or its location?
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 I should have paid attention to the name, but they all seem to be related.  It was on Washington, within the first block south of Lincoln, on the East side of the street.  The guys suits are against the back wall, straight back from the front door. 
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I have just returned form Miami Beach from a weeks holiday and have noticed the last few threads. The store was at 1331 Washington Avenue. It was the only store that I found in my time there that sold mens thongs. Unfortunately no cute girl was there when I went in, so there was no incentive to try on the thong.

This is my first time to Miami from the UK. I really loved the beach. I managed to get four days thonging on the beaches there. I stayed at the Bentely hotel on the front. Every single night I went up to their pool on the roof  and swm there in my thong. I had the pool to myself every single night.

My firs day on the beach was on a sunday.  I went down to Southe Pointe around 10.30 in the morning. I got lucky straiht away. There was a girl down there, a very pretty blond with a cracking body and lovely tan, sunbathing topless in a very small tie side black g-string. I set out close to her in a muclse skin thong. She was totally unfazed by me and I sunbathed and swam, with no hinderances.

She left and I headed up the beach. As described on these pages from 2nd to 5th is latineos with plemty of thongs and a few G-strings and a few topless. From 5th to 12th in a mixed Ltino, young crowd, again with topless and thongs. 12th Gay. 14th up to 21st was mainly holiday makers and there were a few thongs. For the most part from 3rd up to 21st on the Sunday was way too crowded for me to feel comfortable stripping off. This was true of the week days for me as well. On a Thursday I did dtrip down to a tie side G-string around 18. The beach was busy, but there were quite a few females and I normally feel more comfortable. I didn't though. For me to wear a thong properly, I have to be able to swim. I don't like to compromise by having to swim in dork shorts. I moved pretty quickly, but it was worth being there just to see a guy mouth 'oh my god' who hadn't seen me arrive and got up for a swim.

Mainly, I thonged and wore a G around Southe Pointe in the morning, I walk up the beach to admire the female thongers and then settle down around 21st up, where the beach gets narrower and less busy. I got a few stares in my time there, but for the most part, the areas I choose to thong, no one was concerned. I swam and had a lovely quiet time. I got cahtting to a lovely topless Cuban girl while there and wearing a very brief G. She was in baord shorts and topless, and was totally unconcerned by what I was wearing, darting little glances down to my pouch. Unfortunately I could move the conversation along no further to go out with her that evening.

In my 4 days there, other than me, I only saw 3 other men wearing thongs'Gs. All were the other side of 45 I would guess. Woman wise, it was great. The brazilions wore very brief, G's/ thongs. The ther latinos wore the same but some were topleess. In all I saw 9 G-strings in my time on the beach, the most I have ever seen. 3 of those were v-backs and one of those v-backs was tie side on a very cute topless latino playing bat and ball with her boyfriend on the shore line. A few whte grils wore thongs as well. mainly 35+ I would say with their husbands.
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I was at south beach near 2nd and 5th street.  I walked  in my thong.  i saw alot of girl in thongs an topless.
It was a very nice day to sun the rear even though it wasn't very sunny, the UV index was only about a 6  but good overall.  I heard no complaints and got a few nice looks from the ladies, which is always nice.
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