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islandguy #201

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/08/2008 07:16:22Copy HTML

Based on my experience, it's not necessary for guys to worry about wearing sheer bathing suits on Miami Beach.  On my visits, I've worn sheer and wide-mesh g-strings for the past few years all the way from Lummus Park in South Beach up to the beaches in Sunny Isles north of Haulover Park.  I've worn them walking along the beach as well as on the boardwalk.

Last December I wore a low slide g-string from Dore in royal blue Lycra mesh and the same style in orange fishnet.  One time when I was wearing the fishnet suit on a walk, the driver of a beach patrol vehicle gave me a cheery "hello" when he went by.  Another time when I was wearing the Lycra mesh suit on my way to the restroom at Lummus Park, I walked right past a police officer who was talking to someone on the walkway near the stone wall cut-through that I took.  He saw me again on my way back and didn't say a word to me.  Both suits are see-through from medium close range, but I've never received any negative feedback on Miami area beaches.

Furthermore, I've recently begun to sunbathe and swim nude on South Beach after having seen others (women) doing the same.  For example, last December I spent a week nude mostly in the 14th Street area.  Nobody around me batted an eyelash.  I had encounters with lifeguards twice.  The first time, I was standing near my towel air-drying for several minutes after a swim.  A lifeguard came over and politely asked me to put on a swimsuit.  When I said that I would, he turned and went back to his post without waiting for me to do so.  A couple of days later, I was standing up posing for pictures when a different lifeguard came over and told me to put something on.  Except for those instances, both of which occurred late in the afternoon, I spent many hours nude - only putting on my g-string for taking extended walks.

I have noticed, however, that the number of nudes, topless women, g-stringers, and thongers varies greatly depending on the time of year and even from day to day.  Perhaps I've been fortunate in the minimal number of encounters I've had with authorities.  However, my trips have lasted 3-7 days once or twice a year during various months, so I like to think that my experiences and observations represent a pretty good sampling of what occurs and is acceptable.
bmicro #202

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/09/2008 02:42:57Copy HTML

 Island guy,  your experience with sheer suits (that still look like something from a distance) reflects reality. The only time that the beach patrol will say anything is if they get complaints. Their first reply to a complaint is "this is South Beach, after all". If the complainer wants to push it, the beach patrol will probably ask you (very nicely) to put something with more coverage on or move to another portion of the beach. This has happened to me once over the last fifteen years.
The only case where a beach patrol or police officer will approach a beach goer on their own is in the case of nudity. This raises the one problem. Although Florida courts have found that mere nudity is not illegal, continuing behavior after having been asked to stop (i.e. being told to put something on) could lead to being charged under the public nuisance laws. As I learned in the 60's and 70's, you might beat the charge, but you can't beat the ride. Be careful with nudity after having been warned. The authorities here are very circumspect and polite but, like anyone, don't enjoy being ignored. You can get away with most anything once, but not repeatedly.
rickl454 #203

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/09/2008 03:34:41Copy HTML

My experience on East Beach in Rhode Island has been similar.  This past year I often wore a Dore Triple Dip which from a distance looks like a very brief bikini but viewed closer up it covers virtually nothing.  The illusion of coverage is there and the reality is that is what matters. 

If it looks right, it is right even if there is nothing to it. 
JM_Runs #204

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/09/2008 06:06:08Copy HTML

 I would echo the advice on not being nude on the beaches of Maimi, except for Haulover which is a nude beach.
The problem is not so much as what happens to you as an individual but what happens behind the scenes, when concerned citizens think things have gone to far and start to lay the ground work for more legislation.

Haulover has survived when many other nude beaches have been shut down becuase they formed a user association that actively sort to keep people within bounds and to cut down on behavior that would bring ill repute.

For the rest of Miami beaches we don't have a user association so we must each be a bit careful.  The problem is you or I could go nude or in a partly transparent and treat everyone with respect.  We would of course work hard not to deliberately embarrass or confront anyone who would feel uncomfortable with our attire.  BUT if we do it then the next person thinks they can do it too and they may be some idiot who is into flashing and confronting people, making them uncomfortable.

I know you personally would not be drunk, or lewd, or high, or out to embarrass the orthodox residents.  But others may come from out of town and either because they do not understand the local sensitivities, or just did not care, when dressed just like you they may case problems that  cause the laws to be changed.

Miami Beach is famous for the liberal attitude towards topless women and thongs for all.  But now that it has been reborn. It has gone from a seedy retirement slum that was fast being overrun with Haitian immigrants and crime, to a sheak and expensive place where rich money has moved in.  When the rich money comes in they normaly want the city to start 'cleaning up the place' to increase the value of their investments. This can lead to the traditional activities being moved on because they are 'no longer in keeping' with the new and magnificent.  Case in point, Fort Lauderdale, after minting spring break for years decided to close it down and go 'upscale family market' which is another way of saying 'lets build fancy condos and hotels'.

When people take the issues before the town council they never talk about conviction rates, that data is difficult to get, they talk about police reports because that data is easy and free to get.  It matters not that you get he case thrown out and don't get convited, all that matters is the number of reports in the lifeguard logs and the police incidents.

So my advice is to wear a suit, and wear one that is not made of net, that is not transparent, that does not have a sleeve so you can wave your willy around in the breeze. 
You can sure wear something that is small, or very small, or micro small.  Just make sure it covers all the bits and people can't see through hit.

We enjoy being able to thong and go topless on Miami but don't push the limits to hard because people will start pushing back - - But not by wearing more cloths to counter act your nudity.  They do it by telling their daughters not to go there, or go topless, because there are pervs on the beach. 
They do it by complaining at the city meetings about how they came to Maimi, spent millions on a beach front condo and then having to 'look out at this stuff going on just outside my door."
So if you like our beach and enjoy the fact that you are free to thong anywhere on the beach, and enjoy the sight of the bodacious topless women,  please don't rock the boat by gong nude or wear transparent suits.  We want to keep the freedoms we have. 

If you come to town and want to push the limits while you are here, then wear a micro thong and push the limits by where you wear them.  Walk the beach and be seen at the beach front vendors. Be bold, play volleyball or Frisbee in a thong.  Push the limits by being a visibility good ambassador for responsible thonging. 

islandguy #205

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/09/2008 05:26:45Copy HTML

bmicro and JM_Runs, thanks for your extensive comments and suggestions.  I certainly don't want to spoil a good thing for myself or anyone else, so I appreciate your experiences and perspectives.  I will take your advice to heart next time I am on Miami Beach.
sailor250 #206

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/10/2008 03:53:54Copy HTML

I don't think I'd have the nerve to go completely nude on South Beach as he describes and it's a bit of a shock to me having spent a lot of time there that you could get away with it.  I've seen one or two nude women on loungers but never walking or posing for pictures.

But I'll have to say that the nude women I did see didn't stand out and I think only those looking closely or sitting near by even noticed.  With that said they weren't doing any harm, and with their legs together weren't showing much more than girls near by TNG.

About the transparent suits- there may be a double standard again with guys- I've seen more than a few women in transparent suits there- with or without tops.  But we've got to remember that the public's acceptance of women this way is different- including that we guys have our equipment external. 

Our society still seens a nude girl as a carefree sunlover, and a nude guy as a sex offender.Two girls nude together are a couple of carefree sunlovers, two guys together nude is an instant gay nude beach!  A guy and a girl together nude might be thought of as a couple of European sunlovers but some midwestern moms walking the beach in their sweatpants may just see the sex offender!
stanpuppy #207

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/10/2008 06:30:45Copy HTML

My wife has worn dozens of transparent suits over the years at SoBe.  The wicked weasel satin sheer fabric is transparent when dry and practically becomes invisible when wet.  It is kind of funny actually.  She lays out topless.  When we walk around she normally puts the top on.  Truthfully, it is really sexier and a little more erotic with the top on then if she were to stay topless.  The bottoms (always a g-string) are sheer as well, but because she is lazered bare, you really dont see anything down bottom.

I agree with guys it is a bit different.  Last trip down i got up my nerve and donned my Joe Snyer Rio thong in the back mesh and white mesh material.  Actually, the white was not to bad but the black (because of the extreme contrast between the material and my skin color) made it pretty apparent that my suit was sheer.  I never ever got up and walked around in either of them and , as such, recieved no hassle whatsoever.  As long as i was laying down an tanning, the only real way you could see anything was if you were standing over me looking down.  If that is the case, you have bigger issues.

I think it all boils down to responsibility.  If you are respectful and considerate of those around you, you really should not have problems in almost any circumstances.  Yeah, my suit was probably more sheer than it should have been, but because we kept to ourselves and didnt shove it in anyones face, it was absolutely no hassle at all.  I think if I would have went in the water and then paraded around the beach, peoples reaction would have been different.
sol_y_mar #208

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/11/2008 03:27:54Copy HTML

I agree with JM, If its not a nude beach, then don't do the wrong thing and push your luck. We have the one of the worlds best beaches here in Miami, I would hate for something to happen with the freedoms we enjoy here on our beaches.
sailor250 #209

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/12/2008 01:57:24Copy HTML

It will be interesting to see if the world financial slowdown will cause any places to try novel ways of getting tourists to visit.  On southbeach roping off a section and allowing clothing optional would probably be good for tourism.  The Latin American and European tourists staying on Sobe sometimes make it to Haulover if the want to go nude, but if it was on 14th St the place would be packed.  I don't think it would take people away from haulover which seems to get a lot of local people.

Some resorts in the islands or even hotels in South Florida might try to allow clothing optional as a novelty.  On Key West of course Atlantic Shores Resort closed and is being rebuilt as another hotel...but interestingly the other day I Googled Keywest and Clothing Optional and guess what Southernmost popped up on the list- nowhere on any of their sites is mention of CO but maybe they will later allow it at the By the Sea or even the new place. I'd imagine that their webmaster purposely did that.
JM_Runs #210

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/12/2008 02:33:22Copy HTML

There ARE hotels and complete resorts in Florida that offer nude vacations, they are in the naturalist business.  You can rent a condo and spend all week nude. There are a number of hotels in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale market that allow clothing optional around the pool.  Such venues tend to be smaller and often cater to the gay tourist.  We do of course have Haulover park.   

During the season Miami is a fully optimized market:  Visitors being unable to find much availability in low cost hotels or any place to park.  Therefore I suspect it will be a city that has extra capacity in a smaller market, possibly where a local industry has put many out of work and the local economy badly needs a boost, that will be the next US city on the US South or East coast to officially add a topless or clothing optional section beach. 

I could see a new president saying to Americans "As a nation we are in national and personal debit up to our eyeballs, So please pay off your credit cards before thinking of taking a vacation.  If you are going to take a vacation please spend your dollars in the USA and not by flying over seas. There are lots of interesting and exciting destinations here in the US." 

"Oh, and on a related subject, I will be streamlining and simplifying the visa application requirements and costs, for nationals of friendly countries, so that they can vacation in the USA without jumping through unnecessary hoops.  Welcome oversees tourists. Please spend freely."

Maybe the president would go on to say: "We have some wonderful American destinations and unparalleled National Parks. Should the attendance at national parks rise, I will promptly spend funds and organize AmeriCore workers to undertake the repairs and improvements that parks have needed for so long."
JM_Runs #211

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:12/17/2008 04:00:20Copy HTML

Just catching up on this repartee after returning from our Caribbean vacation.  I'm looking forward to getting back to South Beach sometime, haven't been there since January '71, between my Army stint and starting my corporate career.  Having just spent a week on St. Bart's enjoying its clothing optional beaches, followed by four days on Nevis where a g-string or sock jock is the absolute minimum you can wear, I realize now I don't even want to go nude unless it's a clothing optional venue.  It's such a pleasure to be nude, normal and free in an environment where it's well accepted.  By contrast, it feels creepy and perverted to try doing so where it's inappropriate.  Where nudity is not allowed, it's much more fun being bold and daring in just a g-string, anyway.  I'm not into shock and offend, but don't mind startling folks with my near-naked, decent attire, showing them some normal folks prefer racier swimwear, but are otherwise just like them, enjoying their days at the beach doing all the normal stuff.    
Gstringing #212

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/05/2009 10:06:19Copy HTML

Anyone have the latest report from south beach?
 I plan to go in a few months.
bmicro #213

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/06/2009 12:51:02Copy HTML

As great as ever!  What do you want to know?
bryn515000 #214

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/09/2009 11:10:15Copy HTML


My wife and I plan to go to Miami this summer and need to know everything. Nice hotels, where to go and not go, that sort of thing. We both like to wear thongs so that would be helpful info, as well as friendly hotels close to the beach.

Cost ( within reason ) is not an issue. We usually go to Cancun every summer, but what used to cost $1500 for the trip is now almost double. We thought it would be fun to spend a week in Florida.

Any advice I could get would be appreciated.
bmicro #215

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/09/2009 11:45:06Copy HTML

Everything is a tall order! 

Thonging is legal and accepted anywhere in South Florida except the State Parks (none in Miami Beach). This does not include the county or city parks. You can tell by the discussions above, most everything that covers the vitals (even if just barely) is not a problem. The area north of 15th is a slightly more cosmopolitan crowd. The area between twelfth and thirteenth is primarily gay and the area around eighth is mostly young folks.

South Beach itself is generally considered to extend from South Pointe (the south end of the island) up to 25th or 30th st. It's influence is moving North and there is no "official" northern limit. Lummus Park extends from 5th to 15th St. on the Ocean and Ocean Drive extends along it. All of the hotels on Ocean Drive in this area are across the street from the park. The hotels north of 15th St. are directly on the water and include the Sagamore, Ritz Carlton, Shore Club, and the Setai. These are outstanding hotels and are thong friendly (actually all South Beach hotels are thong friendly, even the Loews, which is more family oriented than the Sagamore.  Along Ocean Drive are a number of very nice boutique hotels. If you like the smaller hotels and price is not an issue, try the Victors on about 12th St. It is beautiful! There are also nice hotels in the area with lower costs than these, I have just listed some of the top of the line.

There are more good restaurants in South Beach than you can count. I would recommend that you check out Espanola Way, which runs betweeh 14th and 15th st going west of Washington Ave. There are a great collection of eateries on this street that resembles a small street in Paris or Lyon. 

Let me know if there is anything more specific you would like to know or if you need to find less expensive hotels than the ones that I mentioned.
funtom22 #216

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/17/2009 02:30:24Copy HTML

 I went to south beach on Monday. It was a very nice day with a lot of people there, hot girls in thongs a topless.

I was the only guy in a thong.  I wore my red Joe Snyder bulge thong.  Got a lot of looks and some took pics. One girl who was close by keeped looking and I'm sure she like what she saw becuase she was smiling.

I was around 4th street.  I walked up and down the beach a few times.  It was very nice an exciting to do it wearing that type of thong, an get looks from girls that liked it.
Next time I go I hope to see more guys then just me in a thong.  I was there from about 10:30 am to 2 pm.

Then I went to haulover beach which is nude, but I don't think I will go there again because it is about 90% guys.
I would like to see more girls when I hit the beach.
Morena123 #217

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/21/2009 05:38:11Copy HTML

Cool! Well I will be going to South Beach next week! I will give my report on it when I get back. I'm not that excited about the weather though, because it not going to be that hot and its supposed to be cloudy I check the weather down there everyday, so hope that changes. We are going during the week, but the weekend is supposed to be nice, with sun and no clouds!!  How was the water temperature down there??? Does it get crowded during the week there??
funtom22 #218

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/22/2009 02:29:19Copy HTML

   I was there on a monday it is spring break now so everyday that is nice should be busy it was crowded the day i was at south beach an haulover too. im hope to go again this week maybe wed if nice weather

   As for the water it was still little cold i did get in a few times but got right out.
Morena123 #219

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/23/2009 01:41:58Copy HTML

yeah, beach is still cold where i live too. I checked weather again this morning and its supposed to rain both days that we're there in Miami!!! Ohh nooo. (Tuesday and Wednesday). Well i hope that changes.. i want to wear my new thongs LOL
bob2121 #220

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/24/2009 11:11:32Copy HTML

I grew up here and still live in the area and both men and women can feel free to wear thong g-strings anywhere on south beach they wish.  Getting back to islandguy....i have seen a handful of people over time that are fully nude..mostly women. Nobody said anything either time but mostly they were sitting on the chairs or just laying in the back. 

You definately have some guts islandguy for doing that..hats off.   I wonder if the few times i've seen guys probably one of them was you.hahaha. 

On one occurence a woman was totally naked with her partner and another girl saw that and pretty much immediately took her bottoms off too..i guess thinking it was totally normal. 
bob2121 #221

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/24/2009 11:17:06Copy HTML

However not often at all and discrete....and i've never seen anyone swim like islandguy. 
Pagan-Egyptian #222

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/26/2009 08:52:38Copy HTML

I will be down that way Tuesday flying in to FLL. I need to explore Miami a lot more.
Morena123 #223

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/28/2009 12:56:50Copy HTML

Okay, well I was in South Beach on Wednesday!!! I set up around 7th/8th street. There were lots of Spring Breakers and people who u can tell were on vacation. I wore a new brazilian bikini thong, and i looked around, no one else wore thongs. I saw several men in speedos, young and old and they had great bodies. I saw another man about 40-50's had on the low cut speedo (the ones that aren't shorts.. that look more like underwear) on and it looked good on him too. I saw a few girls in rio-back bikinis but i didnt see any thongs. I didn't see anyone topless either. I'm sure they were there, just not where I was sitting.

I also went last year for 4th of july weekend in 2008. I wore a brazilian cut bikini, small enough in the back to cover the crack. it was very very close to a thong. Now that day aloooot of girls wore thongs, and I saw a few topless. There were even girls who seemed to be first-time thong wearers (u can tell cuz they seemed shy at first) and they wore thongs too. I even saw a women she had a black t-back thong on and no top, and yes she was huge. And thats all she had on and she was walking down the beach and it made many of the guys go crazy, some even tried to stop her and talk to her, or follow her. ok.. thats it!
ownpool #224

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/28/2009 03:16:08Copy HTML

The most reliable place to find people in thongs is south of Fifth Street.
JM_Runs #225

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:03/28/2009 05:09:44Copy HTML

 I think it's is diffrent on week days when most locals have to work and weekends when locals get to play.  It is also diffrent during Spring Break.  Lots of locals avoid the crowds and skip the beach when the beach and beach parking are swamped by the Spring Break crowds..

There is also a difference between morning thonging and the lunch/afternoon crowds.  A lot of the girls who work afternoons and earnings at the local restaurants and bars only come out in the mornings, then they have to leave and get ready for work.

Also remember that locals are spoiled silly. We have the beach all year round so if the weather is not perfect, or the weather forecast was not perfect the night before, we plan to do something else. 

So the mix varies a LOT, from week to week, from day to day, and even between mornings and the rest of the day.  Locals are not paid to be of a Disney cast so we often skip the beach on week days or when it's swamped with tourists. What you see one day may be quite diffrent to the same time next month.
bmicro #226

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/01/2009 08:43:14Copy HTML

 Beautiful day today and I couldn't take a break from report writing and hitting the beach. Went out about 2:30 in my Dore Black Cire/Fishnet micro string and laid out around 17th st. The winter music conference is gone and it looks like the spring breakers have mostly left as well. The beach is back to being comfortable. Lots of thonged and topless ladies and I spotted not less than half a dozen other guys in a thong or g-string.
The time of day phenomenon is a bit backwards here. The mornings are mostly us older folks and the afternoons are when the tourists and the young locals who work in the restaurants and clubs come out.
The paper says that the tourist business is being saved by international tourists on a discount holiday and they must be correct. More topless and thongs on nice bodies and less excess avoirdupois.
Morena123 #227

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/02/2009 03:45:17Copy HTML

Yes, JM that is exatcly what I noticed. Clearly there weren't many locals on the beach that day.. during the week. And it was supposed rain but didn't but it was cloudy. It was still nice. I would think that since the econnomy is so bad and many people are out of work that locals would still hit the beach to relax and relieve some stress. Same here in Jacksonville if the weather is not good for the beach then we're out at the mall or shopping or doing something else.
eimeo #228

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/02/2009 03:50:10Copy HTML

I think I might take some time to go to South Beach this week end ! I've been cheating and going to other beaches north of ft lauderdale, but my husband mentioned it's been a while since we've been to SoBe :)
stanpuppy #229

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/02/2009 06:47:15Copy HTML

eimeo, can you go topless on the beaches up there?  I know you can thong anywhere in south fla...but dont know what the status is on toplessness
eimeo #230

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/02/2009 06:52:42Copy HTML

I don't really care, I just go topless, haven't had any complaints yet (of course I don't go walking all around topless like I would in SoBe)
bmicro #231

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/02/2009 06:56:36Copy HTML


With the exception of the state parks, both thongs and topless are OK in the South Florida area.
JM_Runs #232

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/03/2009 02:03:56Copy HTML

Topless is fine in Miami, in fact it is fine in all of Dade County. 
Topless is generally tolerated Broward County (Fort Lauderdale and thereabouts) so long as no one complains, in which case you will not get a ticked but might be asked to cover up.  It is not iligal to to topless.  The controling law in the City of Fort Lauderdale, (Between the port and Oakland Park Blvd is the Florida State Statutes 800.03 for nudity, which does not ban topless sunbathing at all, and FS 877.03 wihich deals with "acts as are of a nature to corrupt the public moral, or outrage the sense of public decency". 

The 800.03 does not ban topless sunbathing and for 977.03 to be charged under that section they have to have a person (other than a plolice officer) testify that you were disturbing the peace and the offence "and requires more than :the creation of a mere annoyance."

So in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale the state law applies for nudity 800.03,  and that means topless is OK but you should be calm and cool, not drunk and rowdy, otherwise you may find yourself charged under 977.03 for creating a public disturbance.  Think of it this way, you are fine so long as you don't make  a lewd spectacle of yourself, or do other things that create a serious disturbance of the peace.  That someone is merely annoyed that you are topless does not provide reason to arrest you, for under 977.03 the courts have fond that it "requires more than :the creation of a mere annoyance" to another person.

The ironic thing is that although topless sunbathing and thongs are OK under state law,  because we had Jeb Bush as governor a few years back the 'State Parks' past rules that banned both.  So in Dade and Broward counties state law prevails, which allows thongs and topless, but as
bmicro says above, in the few parks that are state parks both thonging and topless is banned. 

One word of warning, although one thinks of Dade County being mostly Miami and Broward being mostly Fort Lauderdale, there are a whole host of little towns that control bits of the beach and they may have diffrent laws.  One small town I know of has but 900 yards of beach.  I have not checked the laws in all the little towns, but as a general rule the further north you go, the more respectful of others you need to be.  Just remember to never go topless or thong in the state parks.  County and city parks are generally OK.

Maxtlatl #233

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/03/2009 12:41:58Copy HTML

I need to correct a couple things that you said here.

In Florida, for many jurisdictions, topless is illegal based on the disorderly conduct law. Yes, I know this seems stupid and antiquated, but that's the way things are. It is based on the court case Moffett v. State, 340 So.2d 1155 (Florida Supreme Court, 1977). It is based on the part of the statute that says, "Whoever commits such acts as are of a nature to corrupt the public morals, or outrage the sense of public decency . . . shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree . . .." Now, in Miami Beach, etc., they bent on this, figuring that it no longer outrages the sense of public decency, but in other parts of Florida, I guess they are easily outraged.

Also, you cannot blame the State Parks situation on Jeb Bush, since that administrative rule long predates him. See McGuire v. State, 489 So.2d 729 (Florida Supreme Court, 1986).
JM_Runs #234

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/03/2009 04:46:30Copy HTML

 I agree 100% with Maxtlatl on this.  The enforcement of no topless sunbathing is not done directly through the state law that explicitly addresses nudity, because that onlyh covers sex organs and does not in any way address going topless. 

SO they went at it sideways, by the route of charging you under 977.03, which address 'conduct' not clothing, and here the courts have construed being nude to be 'conduct' that may be offensive to others or "outrage the sense of public decency".  The courts have read into the vague statute that a women going topless in public is covered by this vague statute.

I also concur with Maxtlatl on part of his assessment that thongs and topless is banned in state parks.  But I don't agree on his claim that Jeb Bush lacks of involvement in the current status.  I understand that the rule was re-written to be more restrictive under his watch, and he gave orders for it to be more strictly enforced.   The rule now reads: "In every area of a park including bathing areas no individual shall expose the human, male or female genitals, pubic area, the entire buttocks or female breast below the top of the nipple, with less than a fully opaque covering." Fla. Admin. Code Ann. §62D-2.014(7)(b) (2005). 

The real answer that enforcement of thong and topless laws very much depends on andding up all the jurisdictions for that bit of beach, the state law, the county and the city law, and then any park rules if it is a park.  It is additive, so only one of the levels has to address it for it to be in force. It all depends on the total controling layers of jurisdiction for that strip of beach.

State parks, not only ban thongs, and toplessnes, but the bottoms and tops must be larger than needed to cover just the sex organs and nipples.  They have to cover all the pubic area and every part of the brest below the nipple.  So although you can thong and go topless on the beach in the city of Miami Beach, just down the coast at Bill Baggs State park you can't wear a thong or go topless.

In Hollwood and Fort Lauderdale you can wear thongs, that is legal,  but topless is technicly illegal, and is a lot less common.  Women do go toples but they keep it descreet and don't parade around.  If you go topless on the beach there be prepared to cover up if asked by one of the Lifeguards, although I have ocasionaly seen lifeguards just tell the complaining party to go sit somewhere else.

The court rulings are the controlling law for toplessness.  According to the current case law all topless women are in violation of 977.03,  as Maxtlatl pointed out.  (Except when it is involved in protected free speach or a preformance). 

Miami does not enforce any topless ordance on the beach, but I am sure they would use 977.03 if a women was topless elsewhere.  I don't know if there is any legal protection for going topless on Miami Beach, it is just the way things are.

Fort Lauderdale turns a blind eye solong as you are descreet and no one rases a serious stink.  I have even seen topless women right square infront of the life guard stands.

There have been several test cases with women claiming equal rights or that nipples are not an afront or lewed, but each has lost, because the courts realy on the prior convoluted case law that now sets the precident.  Most of the relevent case law comes out from courts in North Florida.  It seems the tropical winds of change don't blow that far north.  

South Florida Free Beaches took a crack at getting Miami fully nude but lost, and now have set a bad precident against the nudeist movement. 

I think they would have much been beter off if they just went for a judgement that the defacto public standard for 977.03 ""outrage the sense of public decency" no longer applied in Dade County.  There is very good frounds for that finding.  They may have even got support from the city and the tourist board.  That would have made topless legal, more inportantly redefined the vage 977.03.  This could then be used as a precident for other beaches in that florida district court of appeal.  So long as it did not get chased to the Supreem court ,it would have quieltly decrminlized going topless in sothern part of Florida.  At least that part of South Florida  under the jurisdiction of that Disctrict Court of Appeal.

If they should have started with toplessness and gone for declaritary judgment in Dade County, then make sure that becomes the precident for that District Court of Appeal.  Tehn  moved out after the other cities and beaches in that district, on the the ink blot method of changing public opinion.   Once topless becomes ok it's a little silly to ban thongs, and once topelss and thongs is ok then, and only then, many years from now, being nude on the beach may not be a crime. 

The SFFB wrong move was to go stright to trying to get nude swiming and sunbathing on public beaches. That just was not going to happen, not in one big step.

sailor250 #235

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:04/20/2009 11:25:27Copy HTML

Recently had the opportunity to spend three days on Southbeach.  It's still the thong capital of the US but I noticed things have changed.

First the bad news is that the number and percentage of topless sunbathers is at an all time low.  I was up and down the beach from 2nd to 22nd st. three days and that was obvious to me.  I know that the time of year can have an affect but I'm comparing April with April year to year. It seems more of the topless women are now older than 35.  Far fewer 17-25.

Then more bad news- fewer thongs and very few G strings sited.  The number of thongs per se were maybe half of what I saw last year.  I only saw a handful of G strings on women, none on men other than me.

But the good news is that more "butt" skin exposure in square feet than in recent memory!- How's that ?  Well there is a big increase in girls and women wearing suits that expose some ass-- more "rios" and more (I call them) bare bottom bikinis- somewhere between bikini and rio and more bare bottom (thong?) shorts where the bottom half of the ass is completely bare with a thin thong in the crotch but wide shorts like waist with intermediate to low rider short front.  I'd say that 70-90% of 17-25 year old females were wearing some bottom baring style.

This is good news and like some signs of the economy bottoming out and turning may mean fashions will turn to more exposure on the beaches.  Like I've said before wearing thong underwear for years will probably lead to thong swimwear in the future for at least females.  I think one thing that might make a difference is what they're called- the word thong may not be applied to the next wave of "thong" swimwear!

While walking along the beach I noticed a lot of people taking my picture in a G string- more than before, maybe just because everyone now has their digital camera at the beach.

By the way the TNT Guarantee held true three days in a row again- there's always at least one topless n' thong sunbather next to the 17th street lifeguard station- next to the Delano field.  Anyone else going by there let us know if you see this too.
bmicro #236

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:05/09/2009 09:03:02Copy HTML

 Just walked back from the beach. What a georgeous day!  80's, seabreeze, and not a cloud in the sky!  My wife and I set up slightly south of 15th St. All around me I noticed women in thongs/g-strings and/or topless. Many also walked by while we were there. Lost count after a dozen each. I saw two other men in thongs walking by. We were only there for two hours or so and I didn't get a chance to walk around. Even so, this was a spectacular day, even for South Beach!  Hope that this is an indication of how the summer will go. 
bmicro #237

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/05/2009 09:49:36Copy HTML

 Finally got out this morning. Had on a Dore very low slingshot (pictured in my image group). Set up around 17th St and then walked to the concessions around 20th and got a smoothie. Then walked to about 30th and back. Saw many women in thongs, topless and both. Saw three other men in thongs, one walked by me in what had to be a Dore center strap pushup or a torpedo and one other was in a brief g-string.
I set a record for picture requests. Four groups (two couples and two groups of females) asked for a picture with them. I happily obliged.
Shortly thereafter the thunderstorms began to roll in. Good reason to get back to work.
rikzer #238

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/07/2009 08:27:01Copy HTML

Where is the  best place to rent a jet ski and wear a thong without getting a lot of hassle?  Rick
sailor250 #239

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/08/2009 12:33:52Copy HTML

Though I haven't rented them- sailors naturally hate them- there are several places along southbeach that rent them from the beach- just walk along I think there are at least two between 7th and 15th streets.  Look for the buoys  off the beach marking the no swimming lanes where the jetskis and launches for the parasailing customers approach the beach.  They require you wear a life vest  (so topless ladies must wear something) but a thong would look good with them.  Experience with the inflatable dinghy taught me to splash water on the hot rubber/seat before you sit your bare ass down.
rikzer #240

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/08/2009 12:38:20Copy HTML

Thanks, i just did not want to have a problem when I go to rent.  Think it would be cool to ride in a thong.  I had planned to go to the ones on the beach, but did not know if there were other areas in Miami / FtL areas that are more accepting than SOBE.
sailor250 #241

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/08/2009 12:59:13Copy HTML

I don't think there's a more accepting place to wear thong while renting/signing up but there are some places up and down Biscayne Bay to rent where you could strip off to a thong before you saddle up.  And some out of the way islands to explore possibly nude. Check marine charts.

For that matter you could rent off the beach in tie side suits and untie for the ride then tie up before approaching the beach.  You could slip them out from under you so you don't lose them= tie them on your ankles?. Riding nude would be fun too...no one should care on the water. If my wife was on the back I know she'd be having fun.
bmicro #242

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/08/2009 10:52:14Copy HTML

 There is a rental site at 17th St and I have seen many women wear thongs while riding. Not an issue at all.
There is no place that I know of that is more accepting of thongs, g-strings, etc. that SOBE.
Dennis at Thong Beach #243

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/15/2009 08:08:02Copy HTML

I remember seeing a couple both wearing thongs who rented jet skis on South Beach.  I think it was around 8th Street.  I can't imagine it would be a problem, except as sailor 250 says, to splash water on the seat before you sit down.
ondefense #244

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:06/16/2009 01:34:13Copy HTML

Even if not wearing a thong, it is a good idea to splash water on the seat first.  I learned that the hard way one day while wearing a speedo.
flyerguy #245

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:07/23/2009 02:57:42Copy HTML

Magnificent day at SoBe yesterday, camped out between 20th and 21st streets.  Wore a mesh t-back at first then after lunch switched to a mesh g-string.  Got a few giggles from the dork squad but all in all the other beach goers were okay with it.  The local police drove by on a four-wheeler and never looked twice.  There were a few other male thongers in the area and I did walk a little and noticed a few others.  Female thongers were in abundance; it was nice to see so many enjoying the day and proud to wear their thongs.  I did not see as many women topless as usual but there was a presence.  I did notice one couple that walked passed me going north at the waters edge; she was topless in a tiny string tie Rio bottom.  They passed back by me again on the shoreline about an hour later.  I admired her self-confidence, you often see topless women, not usually out for walks like that.  This board is a great forum; thanks to all of the other posts I feel much better enjoying the freedom of wearing a thong.  I feel much more confidant to walk the beach and swim.  Enjoy.  
josht #246

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:08/09/2009 12:40:06Copy HTML

What about as far north as the Fontainbleau? No one seems to mention that area. I will be staying at the Sheraton Four Points in September. Is that a thong friendly hotel? What about the nearby beach?
I guess that i can head further souh if needed, but would prefer to stay by the hotel pool in my Skinz g-string (I got new ones, which have a much skimpier pouch than he old ones I still have, although the ring ornament in th eback is a big improvement to prevent rollover).
Thank for any information.
Bikini_Noob #247

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/04/2009 04:48:22Copy HTML

I've only been to South Beach once back in 2006. It was both great and tolerant, granted I only had a rio. Knowing now I can get away with a thong, I have to wear one there.
bmicro #248

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/04/2009 07:06:41Copy HTML


I don't know about the pool area of the Sheraton, but I have worn brief g-strings in that area frequently. No problem all the way up the beach.  Enjoy
modelnude4u #249

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/08/2009 12:37:42Copy HTML

 I'll be going back to SoBe in mid-October.  Still haven't booked everything, so I'm not sure where we'll be staying yet, but I'll hit all the areas regardless.  I've been working on the thong tan lines, and will firm them up there for sure.
modelnude4u #250

Re:South Beach, Beach Miami, Florida FL. ( SoBe )

Date Posted:09/09/2009 12:37:08Copy HTML

 Any advice on clubs that a couple in their 40's could actually get into, that would still be fun?
I know I don't have enough money, or a hot enough wife to get into the ultra-chic spots, but I'd like to see a little of the scene this time!
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