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Date Posted:06/29/2003 06:18:42Copy HTML

I will be working near the south coast in July and would like to spend a day or two on a nice beach. Any suggestions?
Anonymous #1

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:05/29/2003 04:54:26Copy HTML

I have worn my thong at Dawlish in Devon with no problems. Surely you don`t have to go to a nudist beach to be accepted as normal, after all its only a different style of swimwear. Bob
JM_Runs #2

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/29/2003 07:28:47Copy HTML

From the Euro Thong list:

United Kingdom: Dawlish Warren, Devon - gets less busy the further down you travel. Many women thongers and a few men.
United Kingdom: Studland beach and Sandbanks, Dorset  (I lived at Studland when I was 5&6 and played there in the summers until 13 )


kernow34 #3

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:09/19/2003 08:47:47Copy HTML

Never had any problem, Jim. I've worn increasingly minimal costumes since being a youngster in the War! Perhaps I'm just not bothered, but I have never had any comments anyway.

The only time of note was when with a few friends touring Cornwall and Devon in the 50's - we were all in early 20's, and a rough wave took my fairly brief costume right off, and the group thought tha highly amusing, so, it being off, I kept it off for the rest of the session in the waves, and on the beach afterwards.

On my homeymoon, in Cornwall, my wife wore a tiny bikini bottom, and I wore one of several thongs, including a small black chamois leather one that she had bought me. This was on the Treen beach, which is next to Porthcurno, which latter IS a haturist beach. On the Treen beach, all the women were topless, many men wore thongs. This was 27 years ago.


kernow34 #4

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:09/19/2003 08:57:25Copy HTML

Last week, I wore my California Muscle "Gripper" thong when I visited our local open-air (heated!) council swimming pool. No-one took any notice.....

So why are some people sounding so worried about what we (they) can wear in this country? Iis quite un-necessary. Britain has no "life"guards who take the law into their own hands, unlike the USA, on subjects which have nothing to do with saving life, and there are no laws about (not) wearing brief swimwear, again, unlike the USA.

These USA-orientated concerns, are none of our concern here, but unfortunately, because of the Internet, the worries are crossing the pond, along with many other Americanisms that we really could do without! Other features of America are happily welcomed, but some, like the current litiginous atmosphere, are not!

So, come to Britain and wear what you like! You might get frostbite, but that is just one of the drawbacks 


stringlover #5

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:09/14/2004 10:18:20Copy HTML

Hi, in the past week I went on holiday to Torquay, Devon. We were at several different beaches, mostly at Oddicombe and Babbacombe Beach. At all the beaches I wore a g-String with just a thin cord in the back. I wore it for going cliff diving, and moved completely freely amongst the boys wearing shorts. Nobody said anything. The boys were all wearing large shorts. I only saw three Girls in strings. The Englishmen are very tolerant. In Cornwall I only wore a tiny G-String on the beaches.


thong1 #6

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:05/10/2006 06:20:55Copy HTML

I can certainly assert Eastney's suitability - I've worn a range of suits there from a regular swim thong to g-strings over the last couple of years, (and will doubtless do so again this year, as and when I'm around). I usually tend to stick near the nudist end (it's more sandy there), and there are a good few thongers, old and young, male and female. Don't get many comments, even when wearing a g-string.

Might well try the Witterings this summer, if it's not too crowded.

Thong on!
matchingthongs #7

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/20/2006 01:18:16Copy HTML

Wore my alphamoda thong on Sidmouth Beach - just lying down on my stomach, not walking around. I think one mother saw me and seemed to have trouble keeping her eyes off me!!

Seen a few females wearing thongs there in the past, including one older woman (good figure) who was walking around in a very crowded area near the beach huts. Also saw my one and only one piece thong at Sidmouth a few years ago. If you go around "Folk Festival" week there are more visitors and some of the European performers are sometimes bathing in thongs on the main beach.
publicgirluk #8

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/20/2006 03:37:31Copy HTML

I've had no problems at Wembury or Mothecombe nr Plymouth
lauren1 #9

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/25/2006 11:21:54Copy HTML

Is Mothercombe the beach across the river from Wonwell?

I've been to Wonwell a few times and that's been very nice - and thong tolerant - especially higher up the river or in the little cover nearer the sea. At low tide I was able to walk over to the other side (Mothercombe?) in my thong but soon returned as I was worried about being cut off. That side seemed busier but I didnt get anything other than a few looks.  


publicgirluk #10

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/26/2006 05:50:41Copy HTML

Yes Lauren that's it. I know what you mean about the tides can be a bit dodgy. As for thonging usual looks but not problems.

JM_Runs #11

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:08/26/2006 02:20:27Copy HTML

No probs at any of the naturist beaches such as Brighton, Studland etc. In addition seen both male and female thongers at the normal beaches in Brighton and Bournemouth. Although guys seem to draw looks of merryment from everyone and females seem to go almost un-noticed.
nicthong #12

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:04/16/2007 08:14:01Copy HTML

I managed to get to the coast today - which is something of a rarity for me. I found myself at a beach near Hengistbury Head; it was quieter than I had expected so I stripped down to my small speedo style suit but didn't quite feel comfortable stripping further to my Dore low cut thong. However, as the afternoon went on I did pull up the back of the speedo to create a thong. There were no comments and little reaction really as I just kept myself to myself and let the few passers by that there were just pass by - I kept to my business (tanning) and they kept to theirs.

As far as I understand, this is a fairly popular beach - definitely not known for thongers - and yet I felt I could probably get away with a thong without any problem. I just wished I had a thong that wasn't quite so revealing so I could 'test the waters' as it were; someone pulling up their suit 'to even out the tan lines' may well be seen differently to someone just wearing a thong... or maybe I'm just thinking about it all too much. If I had been wearing a Joe Snyder thong (or had htaken one with me), I think I would have had my first proper UK public thong experience!

So, next shopping item: black Joe Snyder thong! I will definitely be back to the south coast if we continue to get some sunny weather!

nicthong #13

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:04/18/2007 08:02:11Copy HTML

Depending on how busy it is and the time you go, you can park for free on the road outside the car park at Hengistbury Head - no restriction on height then. I have to confess I can't remember whether there actually is a height bar on the car park or not - my attention wasn't really on that I'm afraid, although I have a suspicion there may be.

JoeSnyder #14

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:07/10/2010 08:21:05Copy HTML

I've had a very nice family day on the beach of Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, today.

The wife and kids had a very good time. We did some picnicking, sunbathing, rock-pooling, and wading.

There is some sand on parts of the beach in Goring-by-Sea, it is not over-crowded, there are toilet facilities (which you need when you bring your children out), and parking is free!

Beach side, I thonged. Part of our time was spent with a friendly old lady with good local knowledge and I politely asked if she minded my thong before I stripped and she was entirely comfortable with it.

In a lot of cases, people don't bat an eye lid. There was some smiles from a crowd of people, a group of women were blatantly smiling and ooogling me (which was very funny) as some of them were in danger of bumping into lamp posts, and one woman with a big smile on her face said "that has made my day". I am pleased I could be of service.
hotbunz1969 #15

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/19/2014 03:54:33Copy HTML

 If the weather is good tomorrow I'm thinking I might take a trip down to Eastney, any updates on the area would be great. 
Cheers Paul 
skerbeach64 #16

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:06/21/2014 07:45:28Copy HTML

Was at Eastney Nudist Beach last August Very mixed crowd, most nude but a few textiles mixed in at the western end of the naturist section, all seemed to integrate well. Saw a few other male thongers but we were definitely in the minority! Couple of females in quite tiny bikinis but only a couple in either rio or thong bottoms. I spent a few hours in the naturist section (nude) and noticed that there were a couple of single females also nude, generally they "hunt" in pairs or certainly with a partner! Several single males, no problems though. Quite enjoyed the day and plenty of eye candy about! Can't comment on the thong acceptability level as I just tend to get on with doing my thing, did wear a Jovana  "moderate" thong from the access to the beach behind the caravan/holiday park until I found a clear spot alongside one of the WW2 tank trap blocks where I laid out nude. The disused Fraser Range ex MOD site is none too inspiring as a backdrop - very dilapidated. Beware though the beach is shingle and tough on bare feet, also shelves into the sea quite steeply with a bit of undertow if swimming.
Large car park (free) adjacent the caravan/holiday park with a short walk to the access point. Hope your visit is better than your recent Studland experience!!!
sailor250 #17

Re:South Coast UK beaches

Date Posted:05/14/2018 01:44:36Copy HTML

 Listings of clothing optional beaches around the UK
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