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Date Posted:08/29/2017 02:12:46Copy HTML

Do you have any recommendations on beaches and hotels pools in south Europe that is Thong friendly?
I am thinking about Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece. We have not yet decided where we will go for holiday this fall / winter.
Thanks all
tiggerix #1

Re:South Europe holiday

Date Posted:08/30/2017 09:12:15Copy HTML

ThingThong - most of Southern Europe is thong tolerant / friendly - there is usually a laid back atmosphere in most places.

I would select a few places at random and perhaps based on what flight deals you can get, then do a combination of Tripadvisor and Google maps to see what places you like.

As a sweeping generalisation:

Portugal - locals generally quiet, polite and friendly - few official nude beaches but many more unofficial ones

Spain - in many areas there will be a lot of northern Europeans German / English etc and that can change the vibe - nudity allowed on almost all beaches

Italy - people are likely to giggle or laugh at a man in a thong, but not in an unpleasant way - few official nude beaches

Greece - generally relaxed, although some suggest giving respect to churches and monasteries etc.  We went to a monastery in Crete that was very clear about no bathing and no swimwear in the cove and to respect the place.  Turns out people respect the no swimwear, but not the no bathing...

In most places, you only have to walk a few hundred yards or drive a few miles to find either a busier or quieter beach - whichever you prefer.

I mention nude beaches only because it gives an indication of what is acceptable.  Personally I wouldn't thong on a nude beach in Europe, and, my tendency is to go nude on regular beaches (only because my OH doesn't like thongs and prefers me in a speedo or nude).

AVBW21 #2

Re:South Europe holiday

Date Posted:08/30/2017 01:35:49Copy HTML

 I bet Greece is the best. All the famous islands like Mykonos and Santorini are thong friendly and you may just lay down and walk around in a thong. Thonged there 10 years ago and I'm sure that there should be much more liberal and relaxed now. 
beachlion #3

Re:South Europe holiday

Date Posted:09/01/2017 04:43:24Copy HTML

 Don't forget France, my favorite "foreign" country. Also very thong friendly but in season quite crowded. November to February could be too cold in places except for the south of Spain.
When you decide for France, the part west of Marseille or east of Nice is less crowded and reasonably priced.
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