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Date Posted:01/29/2008 05:41:09Copy HTML

Does anyone have any experience of the various spas/baths in Budapest or Hungary for that matter? Is there a problem with wearing thongs or g-strings or even skimpy bikinis? thanks
Tyr1957 #1

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:01/29/2008 09:15:17Copy HTML

I visited one open air bath in Budapest in 2003 and had no problems with my thong. As I entered the pool a life guard was shouting at me. At first I thought it was due to my swim wear, but I soon realized, that he just wanted me to wear a swim cap, which obviously was de rigueur there. He didn't care the slightest about my thong. I didn't see other male thongers there, but several female.Tyr
roninho #2

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:01/30/2008 04:30:04Copy HTML

OK- thanks. I've always wanted to visit BUdapest, especially the Spas there. I'll certainly take my thong.  
stringster #3

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:02/03/2008 02:10:03Copy HTML

I've thonged recently in the spas of Budapest and had no major problems (some British guys took a picture of me whilst showering but didn't give them a chance to get one of my back). But believe you'll get stared at and maybe the odd gay guy or two trying to hit on you (had one follow me from bath to bath and eventually try and say 'hi'). I wasn't interested and ignored him.You will definitely be alone from the guys but I saw a few ladies with them too. Usually with boyfriends though!
ownpool #4

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:03/21/2009 04:32:49Copy HTML

This happened in 1976, so it's more of a story than information.  I was in Budapest and everyone told me to go to a spa.  In those days there were no coed spas.  In the changing room of the men's spa, everyone had to change into a half-apron that hung down from the waist in the front and left the back bare.  I found that they looked too much like diapers and really turned me off.  In addition the place didn't look too clean, so I left. 
stringcutie #5

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:06/09/2009 04:25:25Copy HTML

I went to Budapest several years in the past years. I didn't wear thongs in the busy Secheny but I used in in Rudas and Kiraly without a problem.
thongersx2 #6

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:06/17/2009 06:09:17Copy HTML

I went to buda a few years ago.   My partner and I wore our thongs with no trouble at all.  Didn't seem to get any looks or anything strange...we saw a few girls wearing thongs one was single...We had brilliant time relaxing in our thongs..so go for it...we go to the beach in our thongs (uk)  we would like to go swimming locally Oxfordshire ...Does anyone know a place for thong lovers??
BarelyCovered #7

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:07/01/2016 01:20:58Copy HTML

Staying in Budapest between 11-16 of July. Does anyone know if its ok to wear thongs at the open air baths in the city? Or is there other recommendation?
tremendimouse #8

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:07/02/2016 11:24:56Copy HTML

This thread has not been active for a while (7 years since the last post i see)  so I will try and give an answer.  I went to Budapest about 3 years ago in the summer and stayed at a hotel with a spa and outdoor swimming pool.  I had no problems in wearing a very minimal Skinz M1R2g-string thong at the hotel outdoor pool but I did chicken out and wear a minimal coverage rio suit in the indoor spa (naked in the steamroom as that is what was required).  I reckon i could have worn the thong there too as it happens.  

You will definitely be in the minority of guys wearing thongs as i did not see another guy wearing a thong though i did see several women wearing them.  I did go to the big open air pool/spa on Margaret Island the one day (def worth a visit) and wore a rio suit pulled up into a thong at back with no problem.  At some spas and outdoor public pools they also have a segregated tanning deck where you can tan naked or in a thong if you don't want to be too visible.  There are separated rooftop naked tanning areas for men and women at the big public pool/spa on Margaret Island. 

Do some research as to what each spa or baths has and maybe send an anonymous email asking what the swimwear code is so you can find places that are thong friendly. 
jj1724 #9

Re:Spas in Budapest

Date Posted:05/12/2017 05:34:10Copy HTML

I recently visited Budapest and another place I had success wearing a moderate thong was at the Aquaworld resort.  There were many speedos worn by men and maybe 10 percent of the women were wearing wide-back thong or very cheeky swimsuits.  It's a few kilometers away from the city so there are fewer American tourists and instead more people who are used to seeing a variety of swimwear.  
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