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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/23/2015 12:51:48Copy HTML

I like wearing split side running shorts with a G String under them out and about in the hot weather on holiday.Most of them are nylon. I will wear a red pair with a black G String or blue with a yellow G String etc.Not in your face but your G String can be seen if you look close.Even if I wear a black pair of shorts when I sit down the side split will show the G String.Nice and light almost like wearing just a G String.
NudeNArizona #1

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:05/29/2015 07:18:23Copy HTML

 I prefer to wear mymesh split side shorts with nothing on underneath.  The only issue is walking I will more than likely start falling out of the bottom of the shorts so they do require frequent adjustments or you just leave it alone and catch a little sun on your privates...
pikeman #2

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/11/2015 05:47:12Copy HTML

I've got a couple of pairs of nice split-side shorts with 2" inseam, but they have liners. I don't want to cut them up.I have not had luck locating ones that are without liners.Where are yours from? (North American source)Thanks!
goodyrthonger #3

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2015 11:21:04Copy HTML

 I have two pair from NU Parr of Arizona, also 1 pair for Skinz,  check out ebay or Skinz website, sometimes can find these shorts on sale
lovemythong #4

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2015 03:04:15Copy HTML

I've got about a dozen different coloured pairs of Cover Male Side Split Shorts from Mensuas, they have no inner liner and are made of very lightweight material, so they're great for a cover up over a thong or G-string, or you can even wear them on their own.  In my estimation they are about the most perfect pair of shorts I've ever come across, excellent for the beach, plus I also wear them down the gym over my leotard and they're ideal for that environment too. 
SolarOne #5

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2015 05:21:03Copy HTML

The Cover Male side split shorts for me are not by any means even good. The problem is the smallest sizing they have is s/m, and it's too big for me.  It's not a good look at all. I want to flatter my bum, not make it baggy. And on a hot day wearing it alone, a ball or two might come out, or if your sporting a longer member it can make it's way out. It would make far more sense to run in a bikini bottom if I was worried about showing too much behind.
Reading the first post, I need to put forth one other pair of shorts. They are totally perfect without underwear. The visible shape of the genitals is not too defined, and they are nice and short. On top of that it's a dream to wear out in public, even shopping, as it's almost like being naked. No pockets though, and they are labeled as Andrew Christian. I got a couple for $4.40 with a sale and a coupon, but not as low right now. Several sellers have it, a cheaper one currently with epacket shipping:  http://www.aliexpress.com/item/N-267-Men-s-Sport-Shorts-Boxer-Shorts-Free-Shipping/598206730.html
tanlines2thin #6

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/12/2015 11:03:14Copy HTML

do a search on ebay using -- Men’s GYM Dream Split Shorts.........I've bought a few pair of these......they are 6 bucks cheap - I mean, inexpensive - apiece, and they are thin material and NOT LINED.........I wear them over a no-nothing G to my neighborhood pool, where everyone else wears way, way, way too much to get any sun or actually swim........but, back to topic.........these split shorts do not cover all that much......consequently, I recommend them for situations that call for throwing a bone to jack-ass conformity.......they let ya show some tush, and they show a nice full bulge.........in other words, when ya wear these to the pool everyone knows that you're giving them the figurative 'finger,' but they can't say squat......sign language is always a thing of beauty....
Seam_Stress #7

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/13/2015 03:23:00Copy HTML

 Split shorts are okay for running if you have thin thighs, about 20 inches.  For anyone with a lot of meat in the legs, tights or other leg covering is the only choice.

They are really great for covering a thong or g-string on the way to the pool (wearing in hotel hallways, from change rooms to the beach).  There's a little flash of leg as you walk, but gravity keeps the flaps down like a woman's miniskirt.

I've worn them in public pools, covering up a g-string as I swim.  Once in a while water movement leaves a cheek bare and sticks to itself (accidentally-on-purpose style).  It's enough to be cheeky (pun definitely intended) but not enough to get you in trouble with the staff.  Skinzwear make their shorts with the same material as the swimsuits, so they hold up well in chlorinated water and maybe salt water.
Thongmad #8

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:06/15/2015 10:10:39Copy HTML

 I have a pair of Nike running shorts, split to the waistband with no liner. These are a re great thong cover-up when required. These and a singlet top are very good summer wear to and from the beach when you need to cover a bit.
pikeman #9

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:07/07/2015 01:22:55Copy HTML

 I have been waiting for these shorts and they arrived today.
They are thin, light and unlined. Cut  to the waist, they _barely_ cover the goods. I think you need a c-ring or thong to "cinch-up" and keep your balls covered. The cheeks are not covered too well if the wind is blowing, and the fabric will cling as soon as you begin to sweat. They have enough room in the front that you can move comfortably as you run.I was concerned enough at one point that I pulled them down a bit in front to cover myself a little more adequately. I'm pretty average, but if you've got larger equipment, it may be seen. ;) That could work in your benefit under the right circumstances.I enjoy light, short shorts and these are as brief as I've been looking for. I chose  black with a mind toward some modicum of modesty, but they are available in white.And as I already mentioned, they are unlined. And they were under $4.00!!
Ex_Member #10

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:07/07/2015 07:16:46Copy HTML

 I like these shorts. Been wanting to buy them for some time.
Poimbeach #11

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:07/07/2015 11:13:41Copy HTML

 I have some on order. I am sure I will like. I bought a similar pair that have built in thong and are open front and rear. When you wear them and the wind blows , all is exposed. I wore them to ride my bike and enjoyed. I was working in the yard trimming the trees when the lady next door came out and ask that I trim hers. I had to say yes but every time I would bend down to pick up a branch, my bum would be exposed.i really like them
matt476 #12

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:10/05/2015 10:56:20Copy HTML

 I had two pairs of Skinzwear mesh cover up split side shorts which I just loved until I washed them  ... don't put them in the normal wash as the nylon tends to go all daggy ... great for putting on over a g-string for the ferry ride home ...
LakeLife #13

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:12/28/2017 09:41:51Copy HTML

 Pikeman: I also wear these shorts an find that they are acceptable in most summer situations. You are right: you need to wear something underneath. 
pikeman #14

Re:Split side shorts

Date Posted:10/22/2018 01:55:11Copy HTML

I love these shorts!  

The only issue I have is that sometimes the sellers get the sizing mixed up. I run in them, have gone grocery shopping, just knocked around. In the black or brown ones though! And without anything underneath other than a c-ring. No notice, no drama, no nothing! 

I always add a tank top for anything other than running. It's worth mentioning that the running activity is usually in just a thong, weather permitting, in the early hours. If it's daylight, there are these wonderful shorts!

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