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Date Posted:05/17/2005 12:40:14Copy HTML

Headed to St Lucia this summer. Any idea about how thong friendly the beaches are? What about topless?thanks!!
beachbumd #1

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:04/25/2006 01:01:10Copy HTML

I'm considering heading to St Lucia for a vacation this year. I didn't see any replies on this post - how is the thonging and topless there?
erik3000 #2

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:04/28/2006 08:10:04Copy HTML

I have been there twice and I dont recomend it for thong may be for a rio but this island is very conservative, if you want to thong go to st. maartin.


erik3000 #3

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:12/14/2006 12:57:05Copy HTML

Well I use to wear an skimpy rio on a public beach near Sandals Resort, no issues and some complements of local people, If you want to wear your thong you can try to buy a Day Pass at sandals, you are not going to have any problem wearing it, as  is a hotel just for couples, men/women,  no kids (however is not like hedo) and you are going to be probably the only one wearing it, or may be a very few girls. A lot of spedos.  



tomcat3 #4

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:12/24/2006 12:37:19Copy HTML

I have visted St. Lucia three times, while cruising with Princess.

The first visit, two years ago, I took the rainforest biking excursion, where you end up at Errard Falls, which is a very impressive sight in the "jungle". Our group numbered approx. 24, and I stripped down to a thong and ventured into the pool and worked my way all the way to stand under the falls. Very invigorating. One unexpected issue: water that falls that far gains a great deal of momentum, and even the smaller drops have quite an impact.

In the afternoon, I took the kayak excursion which starts at a beach in Rodney Bay (up north, primary tourist area) to Pigeon Island for snorkeling and a very, very tiny beach.

On both, I was the only thonger, and it was evident that the tour guides see VERY few thongers, but they are not likely to hassle a paying and tipping customer, no matter their own personal feelings.

Last year, and again earlier this month, I took the excursion to Jungle Reef Estate on Anse Manin, part of the Anse Chastenet resort, which encompasses an old sugar cane plantation. As usual, upon arrival, I stripped down to a thong, and enjoyed the beach and the guided snorkel tour. The first time, I also thonged while enjoying the lunch buffet, but this year, at the request of my fiance, I put on a pair of shorts for lunch.

I would classify St. Lucia not as "thong friendly" but "not thong antagonistic", and do so because they are not bothered enough to raise a stink and complain to their main source of income, the cruise company.

I presume any of the all-inclusives would yield a similar experience, okay to thong, just don't go out of your way to antagonize the indigenous population.

JM_Runs #5

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:06/23/2007 06:25:01Copy HTML

Similar comments to above. I've been to St lucia a couple of times, the last time I wore a thong in both the appartment pool and a local fairly secluded beach. I used to swim in the morning at the beach, and would strip to just my thong and trainers to walk to the beach once outside the main village, met a number of locals both on the road and at the beach but nothing was commented on when we exchanged the normal pleasantries.  I would say that people are thong tolerant, because tourism is a SIGNIFICANT economic necessity there, but it is still rare judging by the looks. I loved St Lucia and I hope they manage to keep the place devoid of the 'lager lout' or similar tourists.

pkthong #6

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:01/25/2010 06:52:31Copy HTML

 Will be going to a resort in Soufriere at end of Feb. Just the wife and I. Any recent stories or recommendations re: swimwear and other activities.Thanks
JM_Runs #7

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:01/26/2010 06:20:52Copy HTML

I definitely agree on the above comments.  I've worn a thong in St. Lucia, and it was definitely a rare thing for nearly everybody to see...including other vacationers.  On the other hand...I didn't feel like it offended anybody either.  The locals just smiled...the other vacationers stared, but didn't say anything.  At the resort, we had a silly pull-up contest, which somehow turned into all the contestants having to strip down to underwear...and of course I was wearing a thong.  Everybody cheered, and my wife had a bit of a time keeping some of the local women away from me after that. (blatant propositions in front of my wife)  The women of St. Lucia are absolutely BEAUTIFUL...far beyond the women in the other Carribbean countries. (that I've visited)  However, I wouldn't consider that experience typical...it was just proper timing with the right crowd.
SlidingG #8

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:01/30/2010 03:05:02Copy HTML

 Thonged on the beach at St. Lucia's Rodney Bay without incident a couple of weeks ago among my fellow clipper ship cruising passengers and other tourists and locals.  Its all I wore all week on the beaches everywhere we stopped -- Barbados, Granada, the Grenadines and St. Vincent -- and on deck sunning, so they all got used to it.  Never a hassle and all seemed okay with it.  The only toplessness was on Martinique (including some of our own passengers) as all the other stops were English-oriented islands.  Act confidently and naturally, it does the trick, I find.  People soon realize you're just like them, except for your novel swimwear choice. 
pkthong #9

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:03/20/2010 07:51:53Copy HTML

Hi All,         
Sorry it took so long to report about my vacation. Ostensibly we have been busy since retuning. The week was great. Stonefield is a quaint and semi-rustic place with beautiful scenery and vistas. I wore my usual rios at Jalousie Beach, and Anse Castenet(Jade Mountain) Beach.

I actually bought a muscle skinz pro with rio coverage in royal for this trip. The closest other suit that I own is probably a JS capri although the mu sk seemed smaller. I am really impressed with their quality of workmanship and choice of materials. The suit even stays put for the most part not tending to bunch up into a thong.

Since we didn't take the kids along on this trip I decided to be a little more daring than usual, normally I will wear a sunup/sundown brazil ( still minimal and sexy by most standards). My wife felt that the suit did look good on me but said that I might as well be wearing a thong, in a snickering sort of way.

We had a great time and she did not take issue with it to the extent to ruin our vacation.  I wore my suits at the common pool in front of the restaurant. The ladies who worked there seemed to like the "view". As we lounged my wife mentioned how the waitresses would giggle like schoolgirls when I was around (like I didn't notice).

Overall I was "that guy". I did see the occasional regular speedo but no male thongs and very few female thongs and for that matter few female rios. 
I found that it is A thong tolerant place with friendly people as others have mentioned.
GStingGirl #10

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:11/21/2011 01:41:04Copy HTML

What is the acceptability of thonging on beaches and or hotels pools in St. Lucia Hubby and I are going in January and will both be thonging.

StLuciaThong #11

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:04/29/2013 09:44:11Copy HTML

Anyone else have plans for thonging in St Lucia anytime soon? Any past experiences to share regarding thonging in St Lucia or Sandals resorts?
Manthongs #12

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:03/20/2016 12:11:54Copy HTML

We are headed to St Lucia in a few weeks. I'll make sure to update this thread with my experiences.
Manthongs #13

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:04/15/2016 12:05:49Copy HTML

We are at the Sandals Le Toc in St Lucia, and not a thong to be seen. The good thing though is we have private pool and patio overlooking the bay/beach and i try to wear my thongs and g-strings as much as possible there. Its board shorts for the public beach though. I am a little disappointed but our stay here has been awesome so it made up for it. We definitely would come back! i did however catch some people checking me out wile on the balcony. i didn't realize i could be seen!
clubthongs #14

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:04/17/2016 07:46:55Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any experience with thongs at St. James Club Morgan Bay?
clubthongs #15

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:06/25/2016 02:41:21Copy HTML

 Any updates on the thong situation in St. Lucia?
clubthongs #16

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:10/31/2016 01:07:00Copy HTML

 I wrote the St. James Club Morgan Bay to inquire if thongs were acceptable swimwear. The response was that thongs were not acceptable since this is a "family resort". I do note however that the property does have an "adults only" pool and I assume that thongs would be allowed at that pool. Thoughts?
Blackphantom5 #17

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:01/15/2018 03:49:39Copy HTML

My wife and I just got back from coconut bay on st Lucia. We weren’t impressed in the least. My suggestion is to pick a different island. We even spoke with locals about the beaches and they agreed that they weren’t anything special. Its a step above Florida beaches. Thongs aren’t illegal. Nudity is. I wore a thong a few times but mostly a speedo since we were there for my wife’s cousins wedding. Muscle skinz classic half back and poser thong both in black 3/4” sides. 
From all my experiences it’s never the island people that raise a stink bc they’ve seen it all before. It’s the westernized tourists that gawk, giggle, and carry on about it.  The mothers on family vacations complain the most. Times 2 if
String_guy #18

Re:St Lucia

Date Posted:03/27/2019 08:43:08Copy HTML

I was at St James Club Morgan Bay in December '18. Went for my daughters wedding which 65 people made the trip for. I only saw one thong the entire time there. It was worn by my daughter's friend. No one seemed to mind but she was not flaunting it either. I took mine but, dint have a chance to display it. I did flash it a few times but, my wife was pissed so that was all I got.
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