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Date Posted:09/15/2004 11:45:40Copy HTML

Planning a vacation trip to St. Martin. Anyone have info about the hotels on Orient beach ? Thanks elendy
Ex_Member #1

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/30/2004 02:55:24Copy HTML

   I've been to Orient beach, and overall it is nice EXCEPT for one thing: The locals who are there trying to sell you stuff are RELENTLESS. My girl and I are trying to just chill in the sand, and these girls trying to sell jewlery, or braid hair would not take no for an answer. "Oh, but let just show you this one, Wow its beautiful on you......." The only way to get rid of them was to offer a ridiculously low price, "You want $10? I'll give you $1" Then they finally lost intrest....
rickl454 #2

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/30/2004 07:55:14Copy HTML

Reply to : luv2bfitt

We've been to Orient Beach seven times in the past 15 years (last trip was May 2003) and have never found this to be the case.  The only ones travelling up and down the beach were the braid ladies who did pass us by once my wife said no thanks for a brading-job.  While vistiing Orient be sure to visit Luis at the Bikini Hut just behind Baywatch.  If you don't see anything you like he will make whatever you want overnight and have it ready for you the next morning.

txnudist #3

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/08/2004 10:14:38Copy HTML

Reply to : luv2bfitt

We have been to Club Orient and Orient Beach twice in the last 10 months. We have never encountered any of the locals trying to sell anything on the beach other than in the shops.

BeachBum413 #4

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/15/2004 09:23:38Copy HTML

Mt Vernon is on one end of the beach and Club Orient is on the other. The last time I was there they were discouraging nudity on their end of the beach. I don't know about thongs, you do see plenty there though. Do walk down toward Club Orient and visit the shops. There is nothing like it that I know of. There are lots of gawkers toward the Club Orient end of the beach and you can wear anything there. Great place - whish I was going.
rickl454 #5

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/16/2004 06:12:07Copy HTML

Thongs and g-strings are fine the lengh of Orient Beach.  Topless are no problem as well.  The closer you get to Club Orient (at the opposite end of Orient Beach) nudity is more common.  Also don't worry about gawkers or Boat People - they only wish they had the nerve to do what you are doing when  you are wearing a thong or going nude.  Must of the beachside restaurants prefer that  you wear a thong except for Baywatch, Pedro's and Papagyos - nude  is fine with them.

Have a great trip!!

txnudist #6

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/16/2004 10:46:06Copy HTML

I will be making my 3rd trip to St Martin in Ictober. Nudity is accepted from Club Orient to Coco Loco. Although you have to be daring to go nude north of say the Baywatch resturant. Thongs or g-strings on guys or ladies ... anywhere.
lauren1 #7

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/20/2004 04:10:44Copy HTML


I've just changed my holiday plans away from Ibiza to two weeks in St Maarten (must be getting old ! ). We've a week in the Dutch half (Pelican Bay) and a week in the French (Nr Oyster beach).

I've heard the French side is really cool with thongs and topless on the beach and just about anywhere (pool, beach bar etc). But is the Dutch side actually anti-thongs or just a tiny bit more conservative than the French? I don't want to have larger tan lines in the first week and be playing catch-up in the next - I'd rather just be in a micro for the fortnight.

I even read that there were 'sight seeing boats' taking American tourists to gawp at the nudists. I know nudity / flesh is rare in public in the US, but surely things haven't got that bad!!

Any ideas or advice would be welcome






rickl454 #8

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/20/2004 08:03:15Copy HTML


You will love St. Martin.  The Dutch side does tend to be a bit more conservative than the French side where topless and thongs are routine.  However that being said, the island is very small and it is easy to get around.  The most important thing is if you are staying there for two weeks (lucky you!!!) is to rent a car for the duration.  The beach you want is Orient Beach on the French side - it is over a mile long with the southern half being nude.  Follow the signs to Club Orient - it is a nude resort but it does allow public parking in it's main lot.  Just follow the crowd - in more ways than one and you'll be fine.  You'll find that a thong bottom is actually a bit over dressed on that beach.

All the best!!!

rastus #9

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/20/2004 09:47:01Copy HTML

Hi all:  My wife and I are planning a two week trip to St. Martin in late Jan-Feb.  We only wear thongs.  Her: WW 403's and Skinz B4's, me, SuitsYou extreme T's.  Often, we are at either Cupecoy, or at Baie Rouge, and are often nude.  Anyone else planning a trip to St. Martin at that time?
rastus #10

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/20/2004 09:50:10Copy HTML

To Lauren:  Yes, there are gawkers at O beach.  We prefer some of the mare secluded nude beaches, e.g. the beach past the rocks at cupecoy, or the other side if Pinel Island.  Send a private message and I will tell you other places to go without the problem of gawkers.
txnudist #11

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/21/2004 10:30:44Copy HTML

Wife and I will be at Club Orient from 10/19 - 26. We are thongers, but prefer nude whenever and wherever possible. We can usually be found at Pedros or Coco on the beach.
ilets #12

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/21/2004 11:47:14Copy HTML

Reply to : txnudist

Consider skipping St. Martin altogether.  Jump on a boat or small plane for the short trip over to St. Barts.  It is beautiful, food is great, no gawkers.  St. Jean beach is very nice.  You are in France and, off season, most of the toutists are European.  At least 50% topless women, thongs are common.

dcgrk #13

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/23/2004 11:17:08Copy HTML

Reply to : rastus

I'm hoping to make it down there around mid to late January...A friend of mine moved from Aruba to St. Maarten last month--she is Dutch...So funny when I told her about thonging, she was like--bring them all..Yes, the Dutch are conservative, but it sounds easy to get around the island...I am definitely looking forward to it!

Michthong1972 #14

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/28/2004 05:17:55Copy HTML

Hello all, I am thinking of taking a last minute trip to St. Martin and would like some advice on some (very reasonable) accomodations that are on a beach where there will be mainly other thongers as I plan to stay in a thong the whole trip.  Also something where there isn't many gawkers, I am thinking of going mid october for about 6-7 days,  I don't want to spend a ton on flights or hotel if possible.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, One more thing, I also would like to stay where some night life and restaurants won't be to far away. Never been there but from this board it sounds like a good place to visit.



JM_Runs #15

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/28/2004 11:06:42Copy HTML

Should be off, off sesion.  You can probalby name your own price.  You may find a very good price on a package deal with air and hotel combined.  Package tour ops have block bookings and there is no comodity as perishable as an un-booked airline seat.
Michthong1972 #16

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/28/2004 12:24:23Copy HTML

Hey JM thanks for the info,  could you tell me where or how to find these deals you are talking about as I am not much of a world traveler.  Is it off season due to the weather? or is the weather good during that time?  Since your from Florida maybe you could also recommend somewhere on south beach that is thong friendly with a decent hotel price.  I just need to get away for a week and have some good weather in a thong friendly atmosphere.
JM_Runs #17

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/28/2004 09:19:08Copy HTML

I think St Martin would be more fun than South Beach. 

Off seasion, not because of wether, unless a huricane happens to go through, but because of wether else where in the world.  Its not cold enough up north for people to be taking winter vacations.   Euope has been doing summer vacations for months and now has to get back to work, and schools are back to work in the US.  It's just not vacaton time in the rest of the world.

In the US they move rental cars to South Florida during the winter and early spring for our seasion, and then up to New England for their seasion.  They have not figured out how to move hotel units.  So in the off sesion their is a glut of accomidation. 

oceanswimmer777 #18

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/03/2004 07:26:49Copy HTML

I would like information on travel agencies, hotels, ir charter companies, or these Carib islands.  I am living in Nevada and have never yet visited this part of the world.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
txnudist #19

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/05/2004 09:22:36Copy HTML

Reply to : oceanswimmer777 

 check out www.orientbeach.com. A good discussion group on St. Martin. Also has several links to several hotels located on / near the beach.

lauren1 #20

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/18/2004 03:43:47Copy HTML

Hi ya

Yes, I'm back from St Martin - wow what a thonger's paradise! We spent the fortnight really exploring and tried a different beach each day and could easily say they were ALL topless and thong friendly. Only maybe those right outside the American hotels would have been a problem for the guys and by the Pelican Bay beach there was sign saying 'No Topless Sunbathing'.


We certainly sunbathed, swam and walked along all of the other beaches feeling very relaxed and uninhibited - me in at the very most a WW 456 (or smaller a lot of the time ;-) and my chap in his Hom thong. My favourite places were the beaches (Long Bay, Plum Bay and Baie Rouge at the far West of the island) of Terre Basse - wonderful half-empty stretches of sand backed by millionaire's mansions! Great for walking in past in as little as possible - maybe my chap has got his revenge on me by posting some photos on the net - I'm not sure I look my best and if I should be angry or flattered!


Also Friar's Bay and Happy Bay in the North of the island were fine for minimalist wear - with a nice beach bar and no need to get covered up when going for a drink. The Buccaneer bar at Simpson Bay said they were giving free drinks to any girl drinking topless at the bar...which was nice!


OK catch you soon


1Monte #21

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/20/2004 11:27:59Copy HTML

The beach (and you) looks great. How was the food there? We've had trouble with some of the food at other Caribbean spots.
lauren1 #22

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/21/2004 03:39:57Copy HTML

This was our first time in the Caribbean, but as the Island was half French the food was excellent as expected - although we didn't find any 'real' Caribbean / Creole restaurants.

thonglvr3443 #23

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/27/2004 07:24:28Copy HTML

love st martin... agree with lauren... baie rouge is very nice. go down a ways and wore my thong half the day.. then got naked.. anythings fine.. also dawn beach was very nice and quiet.. but if you want to see and be seen orient beach is the best
txnudist #24

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/27/2004 09:35:12Copy HTML

Love St. Maarten!!! I have gone twice a year for the last 5 years. It if definately the favorite vacation spot for my wife and me. Mexico is less expensive, but hard to beat that relaxed atmosphere and all the wonderful food.

We go to Orient Beach. Thongs on guys and ladies are common, even with all of the nude people.

dcgrk #25

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:01/30/2005 09:13:05Copy HTML

Just got back from St. Maarten last week and was in my thongs all week.  I was at Orient, Cupecoy, Baie Rouge.  At Orient went to the nude side as I felt the other areas were just too overcrowded to relax.  Did see three other men in thongs that day.  At Cupecoy (where I spent most of my time and which is traditionally nude) saw a gay couple one nude the other one in a thong for the couple of days I was there.  Dawn beach was pure relaxing and on Simpson Bay my last morning I got sun on my buns for the last two hours in a Skinny Side Thong from Skinz.  Overall a great place to thong and relax...Hopefully I will be back by the end of the year...
elendy #26

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/26/2005 02:31:01Copy HTML

Hi all; I will be in St. Martin at the Mont Vernon Hotel May 28 to June 12.
Unfortunately my wife will not be with me as she passed away recently.
Any one there at that time ?

txnudist #27

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/27/2005 10:59:55Copy HTML

Sorry for your loss elendy. Unfortunately we will be in St. Martin at Club O from 5/16 -23. Wish we could have hooked up.
elendy #28

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/13/2005 01:53:47Copy HTML

Hi all:
Got my travel documents today with special note that the hotel provides ONE bottle of water at check in, thereafter you buy your own !!!! Beer and rum drinks are on the house !!!!
Can anyone tell me if the tap water there is Ok to drink ???

7423080 #29

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/13/2005 11:38:17Copy HTML

yes, the water is fine to drink from the tap.  it is all desalinated water. been over 14 times and never a problem
elendy #30

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/15/2005 10:08:26Copy HTML

Thank you kindly sir

rastus #31

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/16/2005 10:31:26Copy HTML

Hi All:  We were in St. Martin for one month in Feb.  It was great...Thonging is no problem anywhere on the French side....The Dutch side seems to be preocupied with textiles...We are going back in a week to look for a house on the Beach...it truly is a thongers paradise
elendy #32

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/24/2005 01:49:07Copy HTML

HELP.... 3 days before I am due to depart for St. Martin, my hotel has been switched from Hotel Mont Vernon on Orient bay to the Great Bay Resort and Casino near (walking distance) Phillipsburg on the Dutch side.
Anyone know the that area and how is it for thonging ?

7423080 #33

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/24/2005 09:10:00Copy HTML

great bay was very recently remodeled but it is in downtown phillipsburg. getting in and out is always thru fowntown traffic. a big pain in the butt.  your now on the dutch side too.  try to get palm beach, or other on orient beach hotels if you can.
abczyxabczyx #34

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/24/2005 10:10:17Copy HTML

I would definately want to stay at Orient Beach versus Phillipsburg.  Phillipsburg is more urban whereas Orient Beach is relaxing, not to mention that you can wear anything to the beaches.
JM_Runs #35

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/25/2005 04:44:03Copy HTML

I think I would create a holy stink!  You have been swiched to a hotel in a diffrent town, that's technicly in a diffrent country.  It's in the Duch side of St, Martin and not the French.  This is like getting switched from Fort Lauderdale to Newark.  Not quite the same place, not even the same state. 

I think you have been hit by bait and switch.

If this is a holiday you purchased, paid money for, or even one where you paid part of the cost, like air fair, tell them that you will file a complaint with your states atturney general,  their states AG.  If they sent you confermation by fax or did business over the internet threaten FBI compliant for wire fraud.


elendy #36

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/27/2005 12:58:47Copy HTML

Back from St.Martin

Back from two weeks in St. Martin, one at the Mount Vernon Hotel on Orient beach and the other at the Great Bay resort in Phillipsburg. What a relaxing holiday! It was wonderful to be able to swim and tan at the beaches and hotel pools wearing just a thong or 'G" string, and not have to worry about upsetting anyone else ! Particularly at Orient beach, where folks from Club Orient were walking the beach right up to the Mount Vernon Hotel in the nude ! I felt positively overdressed ! I met up with a nice couple and every day we walked the beach ourselves down to club orient and back, she topless in a bikini bottom, he in short shorts and me in my thong. There were only 30 people staying at Mount Vernon (last week of the season, closed June 4th.) and there was one other male thonger ( a chap from Montreal) several female topless thongers and even a few nudies. Saw several other men, women and couples in thongs / 'G' strings while walking the beach ( or they were walking the beach). Such a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, wear what you want and nobody bothered you. Second week in Phillipsburg (at the Great Bay Resort) I still wore my thong to the beach and pool with no problems. Many more people about there, but only a few topless and/or in thongs, including one other guy. The only time I wore a speedo was on a day trip to Anguila, a British island close by, where people are not so tolerant as on St. Martin. All in all a most relaxing vacation. Highly recommended.
erik3000 #37

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/26/2006 08:04:43Copy HTML

I was there las week and I think is the best beach for males to thong, the beach was as almost full, a lot of people and I conted 6 guys in thong including me, I enjoied a lot all girls that was there almost nude. the beach was like a playboy party, everithing goes. I got there a realy nice tan. MY favorite port. If you want to thong in public for your first time I thing this is the beach for you.
Captain_Jim #38

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/26/2006 11:27:58Copy HTML

BERMUDA !!!! The MOST conservative island you can go to. You're asking for trouble if you thong anywhere on the island.
sailor250 #39

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/20/2007 08:55:50Copy HTML

rickl454 #40

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/22/2007 09:33:06Copy HTML


You made it to Orient, good for you!!  No matter what anyone tells you about Orient Beach you really have to experience it for yourself.  We are headed down to Orient Beach this May for 10 days at Club Orient.  The most we will be wearing for the entire time will be a thong bottom or g-string!  Tanned, rested and ready for the summer at East Beach.

txnudist #41

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/23/2007 10:01:05Copy HTML

Looks like i'll be headed back to St. Martin (Orient Beach) the third week in May. At most, a thong when walking the beach and enjoying some of the wonderful food from the beach restuarants.
txnudist #42

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/03/2007 03:55:52Copy HTML

SlidingG; I always stay at ClubO. For your wife, the thing to remember is Club orient is clothing optional. You can be nude but it's not a requirement.  My wife has a tendency to wear pareo's or other cover ups when not lounging on the beach. Besides, staying at ClubO makes packing easy.
elendy #43

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/15/2007 11:22:35Copy HTML

Hi Everyone;
I'm off to St.Martin again. Was to have stayed at Mt Vernon on Orient Beach but got switched because it is now closed as a hotel !!!
I will be at the Simpson Mercure from April 7 to 21. Looks fairly close to bothe Nettle Bay and Bai Rouge, if the maps are right !.
Anyone else there during that time period ? Love to hook up with other thongers.
Captain_Jim #44

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/15/2007 11:14:00Copy HTML

There is no more nudity on Orient Beach except in front of Club Orient. The gendarmes are cracking down.
rickl454 #45

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/16/2007 03:23:31Copy HTML

Captain Jim

Your phrase "No more nudity on Orient Beach except in front of Club Orient ... " is misleading in the extreme.

The facts are these:

Orient Beach is about 1.3 miles long and is (by custom, not statute) divided into thirds. The southern third is where the Club Orient clothing optional resort is located. The middle third is the area where the restaruants, shops and other businesses are located - bounded by Pedro's on the south and CoCo's on the north. The northern third runs from the "mountain" just north of CoCo's to the Mount Vernon hotel. Nudism is practiced in the Club Orient area with no problem at all. In the middle section it is customary to wear something (thong or g-string bottom or a pareo) in this area. The north end of Orient Beach is fairly desolate so anything is fine there as well.

The area where the apparent hassles have occurred is a small spot of beach immediately in front of CoCo's right next to the "mountain". This is an area in close proximity to Orient Village (a complex of upscale hotels, restaurants and shops just back from the beach proper) with very few nudes even on a busy day. It is also an area where the cruise ship day visitors frequently park them selves.

The area in front of Club Orient is approximately 3/10th's of a mile of the 1.27 mile long beach if you don't count the 2/10th's of a mile on the "point" on the extreme southern end of Orient Beach so there is plenty of beach left. Also remember that the area from Pedro's to sexy Fruits have restaurants/shops where nudity is accepted by the managment (Pedro's, Baywatch, Chez Leandra, The Pirate and Sexy Friuts - there may be others). The area behind Baywatch where Luiz Gome's Bikini Hut and a number of open air shops are located is also nude friendly.

In addition it should be noted that the entire length of Orient Beach is a French beach so topless is perfectly acceptable, the most anyone needs anywhere would be a thong bottom or g-string.  It is a long held tradition for guests of Club Orient to walk the entire length of Orient Beach naked in the early morning or late afternoon - this is apparently still happening.

It is useful to remembered that so-called crackdowns have been fairly common in past years only to have been forgotten soon after.

rickl454 #46

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/16/2007 08:40:44Copy HTML

Here is a link from Orientbeach.com about the current situation: http://www.orientbeach.com/sxmforum2006/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1142

I am going down there in May so we'll see what is happening then.

Captain_Jim #47

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/19/2007 02:16:09Copy HTML

rickl454 have you ever even been to SXM??? Orient Village is no where near CoCo beach. And it is the area (owner) of the land after CoCo Beach & before BooBoo Jams that is causing all the trouble. The owner is VERY anti-nudity & wants it banned on the entire beach & he does have some political clout.
JM_Runs #48

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/19/2007 08:53:31Copy HTML

RE:  "Does ownership perhaps extend down to high water mark? "

In about 1982, I had a conversation with the Harbor Master of Philipsburg,  the main harbor on the Island.  (He had given me a ride to where I was going).  In the car, while crossing the island, we discussed the beaches and access. We talked about the rich new arrivals who were trying to carve out private estates on the shore line. He told me that  there was an old law, that comes from Europe, that goes a bit like this:

The fish in the sea are public, so are the shells in the sand in the shallow waters.   Anyone can eat them.  To provide access to the fish in the sea and the shells in the sand, the public is granted a right of way along the high water mark, extending inland for enough distance to take a wagon.  In this case being encoded into law, and here I am not sure of the exact distance, but I believe it  is 3 meters, or 10 foot. 

He told me that, on paper at least, you could walk right around the island.  From a practical point of view some of the cliffs are a bit difficult.  I decided to try this.  I set of one day to walked around the island.  I struck inland when I could not scramble or climb along the shore line. 

In places there were some walls built on the edge of the cliff or some deliberate plantings of large cactus hedges, and a few other obstacles that prevented me from sticking to the cost line.  

In two places people had built swimming pools right on the edge of the shoreline, on the edge of the cliff.  I assumed my 'right of way' included them so I took a dip along the way.  At the time I had long hair and a beard, and probably was walking in a swimsuit, sneakers and a bag like a currier bag slung round my neck.  Must have looked like that Nick Nolty move. 

It was a long day of walking and scrambling, with a bit of back tracking to head inland when I found obstacles I could not get around.

I was walking clockwise.  I made it around the West side of the island, past the lowlands, and half way up to the north end of the island, about half way round.  Then, getting exhausted toward the end of the day I headed to a bar for a cool one, something good to eat and a well deserved ride back to the boat.

When I was on my long walk, I did walk down a few beaches nude, but there was a LOT less development then.  These were beaches on the west end of the island.

You asked "I'm guessing public accessibility means I can use anyone's privately owned beach."   I understand that the answer to that is yes, if you can get access to it.   But how much of it you can use, how far inland, I am not sure.  

Some islands have public beach access laws, that make everything up to the line of vegetation public.  I am not sure if St M, has enacted such a law.

 With regard to control of behavior.  That depends on which half of the island you are on.  It is not so much the owner of the land behind the beach who can control you, it's more the local controlling law,  the national, local, town and other laws that all overlay each other.  Remember one half is Dutch and the other French.


Quinton 123 #49

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2007 09:19:42Copy HTML

I am making my first trip to St Maarten and we are staying at the Westin. Has anyone stayed there and do guys typically wear thongs? If not, I surely hope that ultra-tiny bikini suits are the norm.

rickl454 #50

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2007 04:04:28Copy HTML

Quint ....

We passed the Westin on our last stay on St Martin last month and we were not impressed at all.  It didn't even look finished.  Also, it is off on an isolated part of the island.  You might consider staying at one of the places on Orient Beach: Palm Court, Esmerelda, St Tropez, etc.  If you do stay at the Westin be sure to rent a car so you can get away during the day.  If you go to St Martin you have to visit Orient Beach - anything at all, and nothing, are fine there. 

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