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Quinton 123 #51

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2007 06:18:52Copy HTML

Thanks for the feedback! I procrastinated and my partner made the hotel reservations. Nonetheless, I need to make the most of it!

How far is tha walk to the neareast thong/nude beach?
rickl454 #52

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/17/2007 07:06:02Copy HTML


This is the guy you want to rent a car from: http://www.kennyscarrental.com/ the owner Lesley Bruce will meet you as you walk out of the airport terminal and you will be on your way in about five minutes. Believe me you will need a car. The Westin is in the boondocks of the island and you will be totally isolated. I am partial to Orient Beach - if you are going all the way to St Martin you really do owe it to yourself to explore the island.

Also keep up with these sites:

Travel Talk Online: http://www.traveltalkonline.com/forums/ubbthreads.php
Orient Beach: http://www.orientbeach.com/
Ray's St Martin Site: http://www.angelfire.com/il2/sxm/
Between them they will tell everything you would ever need to know about St Martin.
Also these links:
Ed & Sandra's Page: http://home.carolina.rr.com/edsandra/SXM.htm (this is definitely worth a look)
Orient Beach Panorama: http://home.carolina.rr.com/stmartin2005/OrientPanorama.htm (click on Orient Panorama)
cavalier2 #53

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/31/2007 03:42:37Copy HTML

Just returned from first trip ever to St Martin with my wife, brother, and sister-in-law.  What a great time!  We rented a villa in Terres Basses (west end) and also rented a car.  Being there in July was pretty good because less congestion/traffic, and we had nice weather.  It got hot pretty early (like 9am) but we had a private pool and basically a private beach.  We spent one day snorkeling near Anguilla on an island called Prickly Pear--saw a stingray and sea turtle and reef sharks(1-2' long).  We spent a half day shopping in Phillipsburg and the other half of that day at Orient Beach.  That was funny because we all got nekkid in the water in front of Club Orient--the wives aren't really into the naked thing, but they did go topless some.  I'm the most exhibitionist of all of us, so I wore string bikinis and a few g-strings around the villa.  They gave me a hard time about my choices, but it was all in fun.  I bet we will return next summer and the ladies will wear more revealing bikinis (but probably not thongs, unfortunately). 

rickl454 #54

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/31/2007 07:48:43Copy HTML


Welcome to the club!! Orient Beach is a unique place and now you know why.
cavalier2 #55

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/02/2007 12:47:22Copy HTML

I forgot to mention the time my brother tried one of my gstrings!   You could tell he wanted to try it but he didn't want to humiliate himself, but he was comfortable with the rest of us and did try it.  Then he immediately recognized a hairy problem!  So he went inside to trim/shave without saying a word.  I told our wives not to say a word when he comes out as if they wouldn't recognize that he's cut down the forest.  His wife couldn't help herself...she felt she had to go in to help him.  She was worried he'd try to shave and he'd irritate his skin. 

Anyway, he wore it for awhile, but I think he preferred just to be naked.

txnudist #56

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2007 08:23:56Copy HTML

Cavalier, next time you are in St Martin, have Luiz make the ladies a custom bikini. He has a booth behind Baywatch. He will take smeasurement and custom fit a bikini for the ladies and / or the guys. He normally has the garments ready the next day. Excellent price and quality.
rickl454 #57

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2007 09:12:01Copy HTML

Cavalier, Txnudist is absolutely right. Luiz Gomes is definitely the man, he's usually at his Bikini Hut behind Baywatch from about 2 - 5 pm most afternoons. His custom made stuff is of the highest quality and will be waiting for you the next day - but he also has a large selection of thongs and g-strings you can buy off the rack.

If you are fortunate enough to visit Orient Beach you owe it to yourself to meet Luiz, he is a unique guy (an indian originally from the coast of northern Brazil), very bright and a terrific raconteur. He is one of the reasons that Orient Beach is such a very special place. Even if you don't end up buying anything he'll be genuinely glad to see you.
cavalier2 #58

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2007 12:10:44Copy HTML

I'll have to be inventive to suggest the minimal swimsuit for our ladies.  That would be very cool to have Luiz make them suits.  Thanks for the idea--I would love for my wife to wear a skimpy suit.  Both my wife and my SIL are easy-on-the-eyes, so Luiz would surely enjoy the opportunity to cover their assets.
cavalier2 #59

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/08/2007 01:17:57Copy HTML

Anybody ever stayed at Dawn Beach during July?  We stayed on the west side of the island this summer and it was very quiet.
Quinton 123 #60

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/27/2007 09:40:15Copy HTML

We stayed at the Westin in mid-July. It was very quiet and the beaches were almost empty. At the Oyster bay hotel there were more people, but still there was at least 100 feet between sun bathers. As for thongs, I wore several different styles and I was the only one wearing a thong. Over the course of 4 days, I saw about 7 guys in speedos and the rest were in board shorts. I have to admit, that I was comfortable wearing a thong, but I also like to see other's in thongs.

I am headed back to SMX and staying at Esmeralda and am so excited. I can't wait to have Luiz make some custom Thongs and G's for me.

Does anyone have any details on the thongs that he makes for men?
rickl454 #61

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/01/2007 08:38:38Copy HTML


The Esmerelda is a much better choice than the Westin on St Martin. You will love Orient Beach where the most you will need to wear is a thong or g-string and a lot of SPF. Make sure you walk all the way to the end of Orient Beach to experience the total freedom of Club Orient (when you get to the beach from Esmerelda turn right and walk for about 10 minutes - you will know your there when everyone around you is naked - join in and enjoy).

Luiz will make you anything you want or you can pick ready made thongs or g-strings off his rack. He is usually there from about 2 - 5 in the afternoon, right behind Baywatch. See him as soon in your trip as you can, he will have your custom made suit the next day. Cost is around $15 or $20. Sexy Fruits also has thongs and g-strings but Luiz is definitely the guy you want to get your swimwear from.

Have a great time.
Quinton 123 #62

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/06/2007 09:35:44Copy HTML

I will make sure that I have Luiz make me a few custom thongs and G's. I own so many thongs! I think I have an illness, but I love it! The idea of a custom thong is great!

Where is Sexy Fruits?
JM_Runs #63

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2008 03:52:02Copy HTML

rickl454 posted this, but in the wrong placem moved it here, JM.

We're here now!!!
The perfect thong/g-string beach, unless you prefer naked! Thongs/g-strings are all you ever need for walks down the beach to the many beachside restaurants and small shops. You see all shapes and sizes and every type of swimwear as well. All under the blazing Caribbean sun. This has to be heaven for anyone who likes the beach, minumal or no swimwear and lots of rum. You owe it to yourself to visit at least once in your life.
rickl454 #64

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/29/2008 11:42:23Copy HTML

Greetings to all thongers from Orient Beach.  Our 11th trip is coming to an end.  Number 12 is already reserved for next year.  Got three new custom made g-strings from Luiz Gomes and a killer tan - I am ready for thonging season up north!  Every thonger owes it to him/herself to visit Orient Beach at least once.  The freedom to walk from one end of the beach to the other (1.5 miles) in the middle of the day in the briefest of g-strings - and in some areas absoutely nothing - has to be experienced.
Captain_Jim #65

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/04/2008 07:09:48Copy HTML

Wow you're brave. Bermuda is NOT the place to be thonging. Very British. Very conservative.
scymikey #66

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/12/2008 04:57:22Copy HTML

I am planing to take a trip to Orient beach this fall. So from what I am reading I should be able to wake up put on my thong and walk out to the beach in just my thong and have no problems, is this true? Of the hotels at Orient beach which is the best to stay at to do this ? Not into going nude but would love to just wear a thong all day long at the beach.
rickl454 #67

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/12/2008 11:35:05Copy HTML

Scymikey - You can stay in any of the hotels in Orient Village and never wear anything more than your thong.  You might get a few looks from the American tourists who stay there but none of the Europeans will give you a second look.  Here's another Orient Beach site: http://www.orientbeach.com/
flthongtanlines #68

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/24/2008 09:37:49Copy HTML

Just returned from a great trip to St. Maarten.  Didn't venture to the Orient Beach crowd this year, but found a new and exciting place to thong on the Dutch side.  After taking in a few low flying airplane approaches at the airport on Maho Beach we ventured to the beach next to it, Mullet Bay Beach.  Although many families are around the eastern end of the beach, if you go down towards the volleyball net and past the last established beach umbrella, many topless women and thongs abound as well as some g-strings-- no nudity though.  In fact, while I was laying out in my Skinz thong, three women (late 20s early 30s) sat down right next to me.  All wore thongs, all went topless.  In fact, one removed her ties on the bikini bottoms and just let the remaining threads hang--very sexy indeed!  So next time in St Maarten, try Mullet Bay.  The only nude beach on the Dutch side is called Cupecoy, very pretty especially around sunset, but also very nude-- you'll feel out of place in a thong.
cavalier2 #69

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/03/2008 01:56:56Copy HTML

My 2nd trip to St Martin (Long Bay) is coming in just 3 weeks.  Again traveling with my wife, brother, and sister-in-law to spend 5 nights on the island.  I have told my wife and SIL about Luiz Gomez's custom bikinis and SIL was very interested in checking this out.  We'll try to visit him early during our stay so she will have the opportunity to wear his creation during the vacation!

We're also looking for a side trip adventure during our trip, but it sounds like getting to St Bart's is very expensive.  Last year, we went to Prickly Pear Island on a catamaran snorkeling tour.  Does anybody have suggestions on side excursions that don't eliminate my kid's hopes for attending college?
rickl454 #70

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/03/2008 12:11:54Copy HTML

Cavalier - Don't forget Luis Gomes is only around from about 2 - 5 in the afternoon at his hut directly behind Baywatch.  If you catch him early in your trip you will have exactly what you want the next day or day after.  A full set: bikini top, thong bottom, more conservative bottom and half pareo will run $150+, not cheap but quality is outstanding.  Alternatively they can pick up something at Adam & Eve (right on the beach between The Pirate and Sexy Fruits) for a lot less. 

There are places on Orient Beach where you can get a ride out to Caye Verte - a desserted island about 600 yards off the beach.  Tiko Tiko is a catamaran that offers nude cruises to Tintamarre for around $100 each: open bar with a gourmet lunch and teriffic company for the day.  Sign up at Papagyos at the Club Orient end of Orient Beach. 
cavalier2 #71

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/22/2008 01:28:42Copy HTML

We leave tomorrow for  a week in St Martin!  I can't wait.  I've got a variety of suits that I'm bringing.  I'll ask my wife & SIL each day to pick a number between 1-6...one will be minimal tear-drop pouch & six will be JS cheeky boxer.  I'm thinking a zero will be part of the wardrobe, too!  I hope the wife & SIL will share in the minimal swimwear fun.  My brother said he's made some purchases of his own.  Last year he only had dork shorts.   I'll let you know when we get back.
orlspeedo #72

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/04/2008 10:16:51Copy HTML

I'll be in St Maarten the last week of October on a cruise and looking forward to getting back to Orient Beach or Cupecoy possibly.  Any other nudists/thongers going to be there on Thursday, October 30th?
wetware #73

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/17/2008 05:51:16Copy HTML

爋rient beach sounds great for us - me and my girlfriend both thong-only - and our only past trip to caribbean (antigua) we met many hostile locals on the beach. can anyone tell us about the wind. its eastside / windward yeah, but is this just a gentle breeze (october/november time...) or does it kick up the sea? We both find wind really燼ggravating. Orient looks perfect for thonging but we'd need to look elsewhere if there was regular wind. .. any advice greatfully received!
wetware #74

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/17/2008 10:46:47Copy HTML

燭hanks so much for your post SlidingG! Steady breeze is just fine - if sea is calm as you say. Almanda is exactly where we were looking to stay! Orient Beach sounds like thong-central : 爂reat swimwear shops and like-minded people so we would love to be there, as long as wind doesn't mess with our heads : } hey, as you know the area- maybe u know about the local airlines? We'll be coming in Virgin to Antigua (from England) then needing to book independently a local airline - LIAT or WinAir. Reviews on TripAdvisor make both sound real flakey (late departures. lost luggage). Any idea which is less stress?? maybe you're coming in from Miami/NY on a US fleet so haven't had to deal with this ...
JM_Runs #75

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/18/2008 04:41:13Copy HTML

As a general rule it's good to have breeze, otherwise it gets hot and muggy, and the mosquitoes come out to play.  The trade winds blwo from the East, so the East ends of the Islands are get the breeze and are the greener ends of the islands. During winter months the wind is more from the  South East and during the Summer it's often more from the North of East. For that reasion the most desirable place for locals to build is on the Eastern side of an island, or on a ridge that gets the trade wind breeze.
The trades blow strongest in the winter and weekly or not at all in the summer. Often building during the day and quietening back down at night. The only things that seriously disturbs that cycle are the tropical storms or, during winter, large fronts passing thorough the Atlantic to the north.  If there is a very large winter frontal system passing over America, that extends down past Florida into the tropics then it can generate very large swells that run in from the North West. This only happens during the winter and is not very common, but  can last for several days and it can turn beaches that face North, NW or West from quiet coves into crashing surf zones.

The waves on any beach are mitigated by any offshore or inshore reef.  So just because a beach is on the East side, where the trade winds normaly drive the Atlantic swells onto the shore does not mean it will be a total surf zone.  If the reef is close enough to the surface it can turn pounding surf into quite moderate lapping waves.  East facing beaches that don't have a reef generally don't keep any sand and are all often made of battered stone or corse corral. 

Waves wrap around to the sides of an island, so that even when the wind drives waves from the East the waves will swing around the North and South sides of the island, and run into the bays on the South and North sides.  So for quiet waters it helps to have protecting headland and off shore reefs.

The sea on the leeward side of the island is generally is a lot calmer to start with: The wind pushing the waves out to sea and not driving them onto the beach.. There are some very nice beches that face away from the trade winds and so are sheltered in the Winter, but the same beaches may be to hot and still in the summer months when on days when the dreeze dies away. 
The least waves are when there is a flat calm everywhere, or when you are on the leeward side, in a smaller protected bay, with an off shore wind.
rickl454 #76

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:09/18/2008 11:35:42Copy HTML

Wetware - we've been to Orient Beach 11 times in the last 15 or so years, always in April-May, and there has always been a breeze coming in off the water (south east to north west).  It's never been really irritating but it sometimes can be difficult playing volleyball on the beach.  JM_Runs is right about the need for a breeze.  We've been in Phillipsburg where the heat and especially humidity can be really oppressive while on Orient Beach it's perfect, all because of the breeze coming in off the ocean.  The only bugs we ever experienced on Orient Beach are the no-seeums around sunset, very few, if any mosquitoes. 

We've never met any hostile locals on Orient Beach.  The few vendors and bead ladies who walk the beach during the day have all been very polite and friendly, even if you aren't interested.  Don't try taking pictures on the nude section of Orient Beach - Club Orient Security takes a very dim view of that.  

I would not recommend walking the beach after dark - there are sections of Orient Beach that can be very dark indeed.  Use your common sense, better to stay where it's light and there are people around, just to be safe.  Sex on the beach at midnight may be fun to try but being mugged in flagrante delicto could ruin an otherwise romantic interlude. 

The southern half of Orient Beach is sheltered by an island about 500 yards off shore and a reef running from that island to a point a the southern end of the beach.  The northern end of the beach is not as sheltered and can get bigger swells but nothing all that big. 

If you are thong shopping on Orient Beach be sure to check with Luiz Gomes right behind Baywatch (you'll see his sign on the beach) - he's there from 2 - 5 most afternoons.  For the best in thongs or g-strings Liuz is definitely the man you want to see first.  Otherwise check out Sexy Fruits just down the beach from The Pirate.   By the way, The Pirate, Chez Leandra, Baywatch and Pedro's are all nude friendly in spite of the fact that they are not right on the nude section of Orient Beach.

In addition, be sure to make happy hour at the Perch - located at the northern end of the Club Orient property (about 50 yards beyong Pedro's from the direction you are walking).  Happy hour is from 12:30 to 1:30, you'll see a line of naked people extending onto the beach from the bar.  The wait is worth it.  If Willie (40-sh female) bartending that day try the Rum Punch or her 'All Over Tan', if PJ (black dude) is the bartender order a Pina Colada - he makes the best. 
jaylawson #77

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/31/2008 10:42:41Copy HTML

All, I have been lucky enough to have a few months in between jobs some of which I have spent at Orient beach in St Martin. As my time there was out of season, the beach was very quiet, basically in the AM a couple of guys or couples walking naked along the stretch, or at best during the day a couple of girls/women in strings. Mid-day the usual crowd in bikinis and board shorts. Weekends, lots of families, some mams and paps in strings/speedos but rare. Bottom line, it seems to me, having been on the beach for 8 weeks or so off-season, that you cannot expect to have company if you are thonging at that time of year.

For your own tranquil experience, the best part of the beach is beyond Coco Beach, things are very peaceful although no bar service except at Boo Boo Jams. Forget that nonsence about the northern end of the each being more conservative. Go naked anywhere at any time, you will get no comments. Guaranteed.  

If you venture further South, no comments also, although you may feel different around kids etc.

In conclusion I have to say that Orient Beach off season is not hot as far as thonging is concerned. Ok, so no shocker there, fair enough, bottom line, as ever seems to be that good thonging seems to depend on our own pioneer approach to it rather than finding a bunch of people on the beach already in place.

Guys and girls, be pioneers! You can be sure that the people looking at you are envious.

For the record, and hopefully as encouragement, I first travelled to Orient Beach many years ago, went to the beach on my first day, wearing a Skinz thong under my normal swim shorts and hey, there was no-one there......I stripped off and heaed into the surf, sunbathed all day. Next day did the same at the Waikiki beach. Not even a second glance from anybody. Message: do it, do it now.

Any queries, email me.

Sharon73 #78

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/02/2008 05:36:21Copy HTML

You can't go wrong with Orient Beach - been there twice now and loved every minute of all of it
flthongtanlines #79

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/08/2008 03:25:05Copy HTML

Just returned from a few days in St. Martin-- what a wonderful experience.  First, I was able to find a great deal on a hotel, the Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel (next to airport) for only $55/night on Travelocity-- during their off-season which only lasts for a couple of weeks more.  Great accomodations and close to what you need. 

As for the thonging-- no problem anywhere.  First day was at Orient Beach where my wife and I were able to thong all day long and she went topless without any issues; in the afternoon, we drove on over to Happy Bay and had a great time getting some more sun-- however a pervert beat off in front of my wife near the rocks on the northwestern end of the beach-- beware!!!  Overall we didn't let that ruin our experience. 

The next day we hit Long Beach (didn't like the houses/condos next to beach), stayed the majority of time on Bay Rouge (Red) on this beach the further you go west, the more nudity abounds.  Near the food you'll find more clothes and some toplessness-- we liked the beach a lot in the center.  We ended the second day at Plum Bay, intimate but not all exciting. 

The final day we went to Cupecoy and Mullet Bay.  At cupecoy, the old beach is now about gone-- with all their ops moving to the southern small strip of beach bounded on both ends by rocks and a steep stairway of rocks/concrete.  For an older crowd and maybe some whoopi in a cave to the north, this beach is your beach.  We liked Mullet Bay, it was a younger, more fun crowd-- and here, you'll find the best bodies on St. Martin very perky if you know what I mean.  I guess that's why my wife didn't let me stay there too long.

In my experiences in the Caribbean and thonging, I'd have to say St. Martin made it the most comfortable to do just about anything-- especially on the French side.  The only place I'd go nude would be southern end of Orient Beach, Happy Bay, and the western edge of Bay Rouge.  All the others are great for thonging and toplessness-- with the exception of Maho Beach (next to the airport-- its rare to see thongs or topless there).  The car rental was $25/day-- highly suggested to see the most beach out of your stay.
T_for_2 #80

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/09/2008 10:17:05Copy HTML

My wife and I also recently returned from St. Martin where we spent the week at Club Orient (the clothing optional resort).  We were nude all day on the southern Club O. end of the beach, and I walked the entire length of the beach in a thong several times each day.  I had absolutely no negative reactions and, moreover, actually had a some positive reactions from various women along the way.  Although I have been somewhat of a gym rat for a number of years and have been able to stay reasonably in shape, being an older guy, I must say that the positive  reactions from the ladies was definitely an ego-booster.

Orient Beach in St. Martin has become a little more conservative in recent years due to the increased development, but it still is a unique place that can't be beat for skimpy or no swimwear.
rickl454 #81

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2008 01:30:19Copy HTML

An upcoming stay on Orient Beach is one of the best motivations for older guys, or anybody, to stick with putting in all those hours at the gym before the trip.  The opportunity to walk the length of this beautiful beach in the smallest of g-strings is one that should be experienced by every thonger at least once in his/her life.  Walking into a beachside restaurant or shop as close to being naked as you can be (some restaurants and shops are nude-friendly, by the way) is a great way to spend a week, or longer, in Paradise. 

Orient Beach is frequented by people off of cruise ships in port for the day.  People who saw the home made signs on the dock "Taxi to Nude Beach, $20" and decided to take a look.  People in their Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts and dark socks, fresh from piling on the calories at the midnight buffet.  They just stare in wide-eyed disbelief.  Casually walking the beach, tanned, in shape and just this side of naked is a feeling of freedom that's hard to describe.  Glad you could make it, T_for_2, now you know. 
mikeanike #82

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2008 06:58:19Copy HTML

Has anybody ever stayed at L'HOSTE Hotel? Is their more americans or Europeans stay there? And can you just wear a thong without much problem. And my friend Sherry wants to know if she needs to bring her top? We are going January 21 to the 26 hope the weather is nice.
JM_Runs #83

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/13/2008 05:35:09Copy HTML

Mikeanike, my wife and I stayed next door, at Cap Caraibes, in January '07.  I'd say about an even mix at the two hotels, American and European.  No problem in g-strings and topless on their chaises out on the beach, where the people watching is fantastic.  I generally walked from our room down the path to the beach in just my string.  Early morning buff runs on the beach are great, too, while the nudes from Club Orient are out strolling the whole length before the crowds descend for the day.  I parasailed with the outfit set up on the L'Hoste Hotel beach, again in just my string.  It really is an 'anything goes' atmosphere, you're sure to love it.  And if you want to try a little nude sunning and swimming in an uncrowded area away from the Club Orient scene, I'd suggest the undeveloped beach area north of the 'big rock' you'll see jutting out toward the water a few establishments north of L'Hoste Hotel.  I found it very peaceful, away from the madding crowd.  BTW, we just returned last night from a week on St. Bart's, so the stringing and c/o exhilaration is very fresh.  Have a great trip. 
rastus #84

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/14/2009 02:50:52Copy HTML

We own a villa in Orient bay and we rent it out when we are not there.  It has 4 bedrooms, If anyone is interested, go to www.villabellemer.com
mikeanike #85

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/28/2009 11:17:03Copy HTML

Just got back from Orient Beach and it was great. Every morning got up went to the beach in just my thong. It was a little strange walking out of the room and running into people that work there. But i got over that! I saw about 10 guys wearing thongs in 4 days. But i have to say this, my friend had to leave a day before me. When Sherry and I were on the beach both wearing thongs,people did not seem to mind, Ididn't notice the looks I got the 1day  I spent without her.I really don't think a man wearing a thong on the beach will ever be accepted. I noticed alot of people looking at me and i don't think in a good way. Guys really seem to have a problem with it. But Iam getting off course. St. Maarten is great and I would love to go back.I stayed at Cap Caraibes which is about 100 feet from the beach. The nude beach is really crowed and i talked to alot of people from the US. This was the end I was most comfortable even though I was never nude.
rickl454 #86

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/01/2009 02:34:48Copy HTML

MikeandIke - Welcome home and I hope your return to St Martin is already in the planning stage.  

After a day or two being anywhere in your thong on Orient Beach is no longer "strange"  feeling just natural as it truly is.  All those looks of disapproval you got were probably vacationing Americans - pillars of the communities of Ft DeSoto and Pinellas County, et al. who have nothing better to do than devote their lives to the harassment of thongers.

Fortunately on Orient Beach you can enjoy freedom denied to so many at home.  "Strange looks", "disapproval".  Who cares?  That's their problem, not yours. 

After experiencing life on Orient Beach, now you know how the rest of the world should be. 
valley_guy #87

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/30/2009 03:54:48Copy HTML

 Has any of you been to Simpson Bay, namely the Flamingo Beach Resort? I am wondering if male thongs are present on the beach and if they are permitted. 
T_for_2 #88

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

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I believe you will find that thongs are "permitted" pretty much anywhere on St. Martin. Simpson Bay is on the Dutch side of the island and is, therefore, somewhat more conservative than venues on the French side. Although thongs should be acceptable, you may not see many other folks wearing them.
Morena123 #89

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

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I have gone to St Marteen on a cruise one year and we went to Orient Beach!! It was the prettiest beach there, i thought. It is a nude beach. I remember one young lady who was topless, and an older man.. maybe in his 50's completely nude and was just walking down the beach as if nothing. I dont remember seeing anyone else in thongs though. I think its a really good bech to wear thongs, too. Nice blue clear water and white sand!!!
rickl454 #90

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

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We're there now.  It's never been wider here since we've started going in 1990.  Nudes, thonger and g-stringers are out in full force without a care in the world - except the weather.
billyd #91

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2009 06:14:03Copy HTML

Orient Beach was great. We went last month for a week and wore nothing but G-strings the whole time. The early morning nude walkers pretty much set the tone for the beach as the day begins. I would recommend it to everyone...people are very friendly and we made friends from all around the world......a fabulous atmosphere.
rickl454 #92

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2009 10:56:47Copy HTML

Today was perfect.  Naked all day except for a walk down the beach for lunch - wearing a tiny tie-side g-string.  No problem at all.  There does seem to be more g-stringers walking around the non-nude areas of the beach this year.  Ant not as many cruise ship gawkers.  The tan is on the way, soon it will be time for yellow and brite green lycra.
thongs_thongs #93

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/24/2009 01:53:39Copy HTML

Has anyone stayed at the Radisson in Ance Marcel.  Are there many thongers.  I'm looking for a mid-high end hotel where I can thong on the beach/by the pool.  Would  love to be new Orient Bay, not sure if I can persude wife to stay at the hotels in that area and want to avoid the Dutch side of the island.
rickl454 #94

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/24/2009 10:57:19Copy HTML

Try Expedia.com "flights & hotels" on St Martin and check out anything that comes up listing Orient Beach.  Take your pick they are all very good and all within an easy walk to Orient Beach.  The nude section of the beach is about a 10 minute walk off to the right, you will know it when you get there.  Otherwise, thongs and g-strings are very common, as are one and two piece swimsuits.  Whatever you like is fine on Orient.  Also check out http://www.orientbeach.com/ for information specific to Orient Beach and http://www.traveltalkonline.com/ for general information of St Martin.  Between those two sites you can have any questions answered by experts.
SlidingG #95

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/24/2009 12:30:25Copy HTML

Thongs-thongs, my wife and I stayed mid-beach at Orient in January '08, at Cap Caraibbes, now called Caraibbes Beach.  I highly recommend it.  However, while I loved Orient -- in a g-string most of the time -- my wife hated it, turned off by the occasional nudes strolling by mid-day in front of the thousands of regular beach goers.  One needn't go anywhere near the southern nude beach area to enjoy thonging/stringing, but if your wife's main concern is similar to my wife's, then probably best to avoid Orient Beach.

I've thonged at a number of other places on the island without incident, including around the pool at the Summit Hotel.  I think you'd be fine thonging anywhere you choose, even if it's not prevalent among your fellow hotel guests.  I'm one who believes there's a major difference between a thong and a g-string (my wife agrees -- usually okay with the former, very uncomfortable with the latter), and if you truly intend to wear a thong instead of a g-string, that should be all the more acceptable anywhere you choose to stay. 

By the way, my wife and I found our compromise on nearby St. Bart's.  Expensive, yes, but we found a moderately-priced package at Baie des Anges, a small family-run hotel on Flamands Beach.  Thong or g was fine there, and she was okay with my spending some quality time at both of the island's world-famous clothing optional beaches, where the young and the beautiful go to see and be seen.  Spectacular scenery, both natural and human. 

The website I often use now for Caribbean vacations is www.wiol.com.  Worth checking out.  Good luck, and have a great trip. 
scncbeacher #96

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/01/2009 09:28:45Copy HTML

my wife and i are thinking about going to dawn beach.  i cant find anything about it being topless..  or anything.  or if we will be able to thong there or not.....
rickl454 #97

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/01/2009 11:57:56Copy HTML

scn - As a rule the beaches on the Dutch side are more conservative than those on the French side.  Fortunately, Dawn Beach is very close to Orient Beach - nothing conservative about Orient! 

Try posting your question on the Orient Beach website (http://www.orientbeach.com/) or the St Martin forums on Travel Talk Online (http://www.traveltalkonline.com/).  Between those two sources of information you will get all your questions answered. 

Be sure that you rent a car during your stay to explore the island, it's worth it!  See the TTOL site for rental agencies. 
billyd #98

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/01/2009 10:04:57Copy HTML

thongs thongs

We stayed just over the hill from Anse Marcel and visited the beach there a couple of times. It is gorgeous!!! G strings on the beach all day as well as the usual French side of the island toplessness. The Radisson really looks nice, but I wouldn't trade it for the beautiful little bungalow we rented from a lovely couple in French Cul de Sac.....right on the bay!!!  Let me know if you want their info
amalfi #99

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/21/2009 12:40:14Copy HTML

Just got back from a week in St. Martin.  As with prior trips it was generally a great time.  We stayed on Orient beach at L'hoste and spent the days at the playa beach and bar.  L'Hoste is an older hotel that definately needs refurbished.  The rooms just are not that nice.  Having said this the location about midway on Orient beach is excellent.  Service at the La Playa beach bar-chairs was great.  The hotel breakfast is nice and service at L'Hoste and cleaning was good.  With regard to Orient beach, the naturist end remains the same - a lot of 60 to 70 year old naked people with almost no one under age 50.

With regard to the beach at la playa on orient beach, on average 70 to 80 lounge chairs/beds with umbrellas were in use on a daily basis over eight days.  Of those 70 to 80 people, over half were women ranging in age from teenagers to middle aged.  There were a number of french families.  At least half and probably closer to 75 percent of the women went topless.  However, there were almost no women wearing thongs or g-strings for the entire week.  Most of the women were wearing rios (very small bikini bottoms) but there were few thongs.  I can only remember seeing two or three women actually laying out at playa beach in thongs over an eight day time frame.  I did see a number of thonged ladies walk up and down orient beach past the playa beach bar and chairs but only a couple of them were younger than 40.  Interestingly there were five or six men who wore thongs throughout the week at the playa on orient who were with families or their wife or girlfriend.  I felt comfortable in a micro thong.  Having said this I noted that even the french men have quit wearing speedos and opted for board shorts. There were very few speedos.  I mostly saw men in either board shorts with the exception of five or six in thongs.  Board shorts were by far the majority for the men.  All though thonging was clearly acceptable as was toplessness, I wondered if I came the wrong week for thonging or if the thong is definately going out of style for women.

We did visit beaches in the lowlands including long beach, plum beach and cupecoy beach.  We also visited beaches at simpson bay.  The beaches at long and plum beach were essentially deserted less a few families.  There was no toplessness or thongs.  Cupeocy beach is almost completely washed away and even more difficult to get to than it used to be and has no services.  What is left of Cupecoy beach is definately gay.  There were only a few men at Cupecoy beach and they appeared to be looking for pick ups.  The beaches at Simpson bay were the same as when I lasted visited in August of 2007 - no minimal swimwear and no toplessness.  The Simpson bay beaches were crowded but mostly with older time share retirees and families.  Definately stay at orient beach.
underwater #100

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/17/2009 03:26:15Copy HTML

Just got back from 10 days on St. Maarten. We stayed two nights at Captain Oliver's, on the French side and the balance of the time at Oyster Bay Resort on the Dutch side. Both places were very nice and were completely fine with my choice of swimwear, although I saw no other thongs either on men or women.  I started out wearing a Prevail Sport Nothstar thong on the first day and by the second day had graduated to a M1r G- string from Skinz wear. Both suits did draw some looks, but no comments or critisim. We went to Orient Beach for two days and I walked the entire length of the beach again wearing a g-string with the same reactions. Orient Beach had quite a bit of toplessness but, again no thongs on any of the men and only a few on women. The nude side, which I preferred, had a nice mix of age groups, and for the most part, mostly either nude or at least topless. In the later part of the day, there would be groups of gawkers come over on the nude side to look around but never caused a problem.
One day at the pool at the resort, I ran into a couple who were interested in the g-string and Bob said he had always wanted to try something like that. I went and got him one to try, which he did, and caused the only problem I had whilr there. He came out wearing the suit and was very white from the board shorts he had been wearing causing a lot of comotion in the pool. A short time later, a women, part of the resort management came out due to a complaint and asked him to change back to his origional suit. I told her I would also change to a suit with a back but she said I looked fine and had no problems since I was tanned and the suit actually looked nice on me.

All in all, a great trip!
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