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TKDFan #101

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/03/2009 12:58:56Copy HTML

Just returned from eight days in St. Martin's. Definitely no problem wearing thongs there. We stayed on Orient Bay, a beautiful 1.5 mile long curve of white sand and sparkling blue water.

The southern third of the beach is the "naturiste" area, next to Club Orient, where you can go nude all day long. Next to that is a strip of beach with little shops, bars and restaurants, many of which you can shop or eat in the nude at any time of day.

North of that point are the various beaches and beach bars, such as Waikiki, La Playa and Coco where you can rent a comfortable chair and an umbrella for the whole day. There you have to wear at least some kind of bottom... which means just about anything, as long as you are not totally nude.   Still further north, the beach becomes more wild and empty, with few bars or shops of any kind.

Although the Club Orient area is the only designated nude beach area, in the early morning, the entire beach becomes a nude beach, which seems to be unofficially tolerated until about 9 AM.

We were staying in the north (non-nude) part of the beach. We started each day with walking the length of the beach and back in the nude in the early morning. The rest of the day, I wore nothing more than a thong or G-string.

My wife was shy at first, but after two days, when she saw how cool everyone was about it, went topless all day long and loved it. She wore  nothing but strings and thongs, some sheer. Even in the non-nude beach bars, you can sun, swim, or go up to the bar that way with no problems.

Although thong wearers are the minority, both male and female, they seem to be well accepted. There were several male "thongers" in each of the beach bar areas, as well as walking the beach. Occasionally negative reactions (hoots or laughs) come from the American cruise ship hordes that overtake a couple of the beach bars on certain days, but I think you have to take that in stride and feel confident about how you look (at least compared to them).

We swam at other, less crowded beaches, as well as at Salines and Gouverneur Beaches in St. Barths, and everyone was cool there also. In general, St Martin is a great place, the people are friendly, the food is good. Can't wait to go back.
T_for_2 #102

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/05/2009 01:29:10Copy HTML

The biggest problem with St. Martin right now is the horrible dollar-to-euro exchange rate that currently is about 1.5/1.  My wife and I would like to make another trip to Orient Beach next spring, but we are hesitating to book anything because of the weak dollar. Hopefully this will improve soon, but the way the U.S. seems to be printing money these days, I am not very optimistic.

Money aside, however, the French side of St. Martin is our absolute favorite thonging location.
rickl454 #103

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/05/2009 01:24:14Copy HTML

You're right on all counts, T_for_2.  We usually go to Club Orient every spring but it's getting to be not worth it:  $200+ a night is getting a little steep.  Although most of the restaurants on Orient Beach were still 1 to 1 last spring.  Where else in this hemisphere can you sit in a restaurant wearing nothing but a g-string or thong and be overdressed?  (By the way, Pedros, Baywatch (whatever they call it now), Chez Leandra's and The Pirate are all nude friendly, just remember to bring something to sit on).

You might check out expedia.com for a package deal on one of the places in Orient Village.  Just a short walk from the sexiest beach in the Caribbean.
SlidingG #104

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/12/2009 10:15:18Copy HTML

 If thinking about heading down to St. Martin, also consider the deals offered on www.wiol.com.  L'hoste Hotel, mid-beach on Orient, currently has a special 'til end-of-November at $117 per night.  We've used their services several times and have been very satisfied. 
kaline972 #105

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/22/2009 01:21:52Copy HTML

French couple visiting orient bay between 19 and 24 of december 2009 would like to meet other Wicked Weasel fans (or malibustrings)
g_stringmelbboy #106

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/01/2009 02:16:30Copy HTML

Does anyone know of any good budget accomadation near orient beach?
rickl454 #107

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/01/2009 01:36:22Copy HTML

Try expedia.com and look at anything that says it's on Orient Beach.  With the exception of Club Orient which is right on Orient (and not budget) most of what's left is in Orient Village: L'Host, Esmerelda, Green Cay,  La Plantation, St Tropex and Palm Court are ones that come to memory.  Any of those are a comfortable walk to any part of Orient Beach. 

On the other hand, just about anything on St Martin should be considered because the island is so small, provided you can tolerate the traffic around Marigot especially. 
kaline972 #108

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/09/2009 08:29:12Copy HTML

We chose Esmeralda. Anybody to go to Saint-martin or Sint maarteen at christmas 2009 ?
T_for_2 #109

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2009 01:59:49Copy HTML

The Esmeralda, which we stayed at four times, is a great place and I think you will very much enjoy it.  The beach associated with the Esmeralda, and which provides free chairs and umbrellas to Esmeralda's guests, is Coco Beach. Coco's used to have a clothing optional section but unfortunately it was closed several years ago. This may not be an issue for you but, because of this - and ONLY because of this - we stopped going to E's and now go to Club Orient. By any chance if you want to do any au nautrel sunbathing, Club Orient is about a ten minute walk down the beach and you can rent two chairs and an umbrella on the beach there for $18 per day.

My wife and I always found it very comfortable at E's and Coco's wearing thongs and g-strings, especially towards the left side (facing the water) of the beach. Topless sunbathing for women is acceptable anywhere on Orient Beach. Also, I believe that the Esmeralda still allows nudity at the pools as long as none of your four villa mates objects (something that virtually never happens). In any case, I can highly recommend the Esmeralda and I believe that you made an excellent choice.
JM_Runs #110

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2009 02:45:49Copy HTML

My wife and i keep thinking about taking a trip to a sunny warm resort during the winter, and these posts keep me looking in this direction. Might half to start putting money aside, and do it next winter. Maybe over Christmas like Kaline972 suggests. My wife likes the idea of going over Christmas.
T_for_2 #111

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/13/2009 11:22:20Copy HTML

A quick follow-up on my comment about the clothing-optional/nude section of Coco Beach (at the Esmeralda) being closed:

It was just announced on another website that the clothing-optional area at Coco's would re-open in early January on a one-year trial basis. The post seemed to be from a reliable source although I cannot absolutely vouch for its veracity.
rickl454 #112

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/14/2009 12:30:52Copy HTML

T_for_2,   If Coco's nude section doesn't work for you the nude section of Orient is just a short walk down the beach from you (about 10 minutes).
pjmodel2002 #113

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:01/03/2010 06:56:59Copy HTML

My wife and I loved St. Martin in 2005 and we have been craving a visit since.   We prefer the French side and stayed at the Esmeralda last time.  To save money, we hopped into Grand Case to the grocery and then we cooked in our room.  In the morning, I would go jogging and - on the way back - stopped by the convenince in Orient Beach for fresh bread.  However, our fondest memory is lunch on the beach - there are beach waiters - with Pear Endive salad and two Carib beers.   I loved spending the whole week in a g-string.

Delta has June, 2009 airfare below $500 from the West Coast, USA.

Has anyone rented a 1 bedroom in St. Martin?   The pricing on VRBO.net makes it rather tempting.
TKDFan #114

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:01/11/2010 03:56:10Copy HTML

 We rented a studio apartment on Orient Beach in October, which was extremely reasonable and quite enjoyable. We enjoyed being able to choose between making our own meals and going out to restaurants. The stores and "mini-marche" in Grande Case were only a few minutes away by car. The selection of food and wines there  was excellent and not that much more expensive than US prices. The beach restaurants are great too, just rent a set of chairs for the day and let the waiters bring all the great food and drinks to you.

Our apartment was attractive, clean, stylish and had all the modern amenities one could want. You get maid service once a week, but can order it any day you want and pay per visit. Our particular apartment had an outstanding view over the beach, with St Barth's island off in the distance. A walk down the path brought you to the beach. If you shop the web sites, you will find quite a large choice of places.

Altogether, the cost per day of lodging and food (if you plan carefully) is no more than staying somewhere like Fort Lauderdale. We liked it so much we plan to go back for two weeks in May and bring our kids.
pjmodel2002 #115

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:01/11/2010 04:40:19Copy HTML

Thanks for the insight.  Hotels are really expensive, but renting looks like a good way to get the costs down.  My wife and I loved the ability to cook in our room for breakfast and dinner.  Lunch was always on the beach. The beachside restaurants and waitstaff made it really easy to while away time on the beach.

bo1983degs #116

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/18/2010 11:26:12Copy HTML

 I just planned a trip to Orient Beach in May.   Cant wait!!  Has anybody been recently?
miaswim #117

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/19/2010 08:28:28Copy HTML

I was there about a year ago and you can thong pretty much anywhere along Orient Bay, as well as many other beaches in St. Martin, especially the French side.  If you happen to be there on a day when one (or more) cruise ships are in port, you may find the "board shorts" invade the beach at some point midday, but they are typically headed out about 4pm since they have to get back to the ship and sail off to their next port.

rickl454 #118

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:02/19/2010 01:15:05Copy HTML

We were there last May - check out the previous posts on this thread.  The status of the small nude section at Coco's is always a question but the real nude section is only a short walk down the beach (head for the yellow umbrellas).  Everything else on Orient Beach is pretty much the same from one year to the next. 

Keep up with the forums on http://www.traveltalkonline.com/ and http://www.orientbeach.com/ for current information.

Miaswim is right about the "Boat People" but they are a minor irritant.  The TTOL site has a cruise ship schedule but, again, they are usually not a problem.  

Have a great time! 
nudemdcouple10 #119

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/22/2010 07:05:18Copy HTML

We stayed in St. Martin at the Esmerelda last November.  We had no trouble thonging.  I wore speedo on this particular trip, but my wife was in thong and topless whole time.  we would walk just past the rocks on the north of the hotel beach bar CoCo and were free to strip down nude and jump and play in the water.  we would then gte out put our bottoms on and go back to our lounges at Coco beach.  I would say 1/2 the women were in thongs or brazilien the time we were there, and lots of speedos, but not too many thongs on the men.  There were a few men in Gstrings which was fine.  We also traveled to Cupecoy beach, Baie rouge beach, and happy bay for day tips.  on all those beaches thonging was fine, and even went nude for most of the day on Baie rouge, and happy bay.  It is a laid back attitude on the island s o you should have no problem thonging or being nude almost anywhere.  we can't wait to go back.  by far our favorit island we have been to so far.
n2thongsngs #120

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/23/2010 12:11:56Copy HTML

 I also stayed at the Esmiralda and loved it.  The villas have pools that you share with two other villas.  I thonged every day at my pool.  I also visited Orient Beach and would always wear a speedo for the walk and then take it off, as I got closer, and sport a thong for the rest of the walk.  This is my favorite island, as thongs were very popular and you could always go nude.  For me, this meant that I had the right to wear super skimpy thongs and G's.  I met wonderful people and had the best vacation. 
I remember going to a bar and in a thong and this man sees me and can't take his eyes off my butt.  He stares and stares.  Then another man comes to the bar in a G String and sits beside me.  We chatted and then the man staring shows up behind us and he is wearing bikinis.  I guess we inspired him to strip.  

rickl454 #121

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:07/23/2010 12:36:52Copy HTML

Nudemdcouple10 and n2thongsngs, now you know why Orient Beach is the place in the western hemisphere.  You really do have to experience the laid back attitude that exists along that beach.

A week - or even a day - on the French side beaches of St Martin, and especially time spent on Orient Beach, really makes you wonder why thongs - or nudity in the appropriate situation - are such an issue with some people here in the United States.  If someone or some group dosen't want to wear a thong thats their right, but why do they need to inflict their prejudices on others?  I know thats a rhetorical question for the readers of this board but still there is no reason for the the Thong Nazis to go to the extent that they so in some places.
amalfi #122

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/03/2010 12:10:07Copy HTML

Stayed at L'hoste again for a week in the middle of May 2010.  Great trip.  No problems with the hotel (fourth stay).  It's not five star or even close but nice three star for the money.  There were no apparent security problems at the hotel.  Wore my thong all week at la playa beach.  Saw three other men at our portion of beach bar (la playa) wearing thongs during the week and lots of women topless and wearing thongs all week.  Some men in speedos but more than half the males in board shorts.  Totally comfortable.   
messalina #123

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/05/2010 04:46:13Copy HTML

Stayed at the Grand Case Beach Club winter before last. Lost of topless girls, some in thomgs/g-strings but most in bikinis. European guys in speedos, American guys in board shorts, didn't see any guys in thongs. My first experience going topless. What a hoot.  
bunzaird #124

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2010 01:38:25Copy HTML

 It's been a few years since my last trip to Orient Beach.  We were on a private boat, but had a car and hit the beach as often as we could.  At that time, it was OK to walk the entire beach nude in the morning, before the crowds.  During the day, you didn't see much nudity except on the Plage Naturiste at Club O.  We sailed a Club O rental boat up and down the entire beach nude for hours.  That was a blast.

When one speaks of a nude beach "opening/closing," does that mean that there is a legal issue regarding nudity on the French half?  I thought that nudity wasn't illegal anywhere along Orient Beach...just not practiced everywhere.  I wouldn't hesitate to thong at any beach on St. Martin/Maarten, and have gone nude on a few.  Does anyone know the current legal status??

Messalina- had dinner a few times in Grand Case.  Fabulous and memorable.

nudeman #125

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2010 11:46:32Copy HTML

I stay on orient beach twice a year and walk the beach nude every morning till around 9 a.m. have never had a problem. also I go out to ft. de soto every saturday and wear a very small g-string when walking the beach where you are talking about its perfectly legal.
Boatingcouple #126

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/09/2010 03:01:24Copy HTML

we are going to st. maarten the week of jan 27 2011
rickl454 #127

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/09/2010 12:23:59Copy HTML

We've been ten times since 1990.  You'll love it!
74218 #128

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:11/14/2010 06:53:19Copy HTML

Just returned from a week in St. Martin.  Stayed in Orient Bay at Alamanda Resort.  Nice hotel, but this is not a big resort, which is what we like.  Small pool but worked just fine, and just steps to the beach and Orient Village.  My wife and I have been to St Martin several times over the last 5 years and love it.  This is the first time we stayed in the low season.  Weather was good, but a few more clouds and wind than springtime, but could have just been a fluke, and prices were much lower for the rooms.  Beach less crowded, very few families.  Lot's of Europeans and couples. 

We are in our mid 30's and spent the whole last year working out hard and getting in shape (fyi P90x is awsome, as is Insanity).  My wife wore a thong for the first time, but only one day and the rest of days wore skimpy rio suits.  I wore mostly bikini's, some were Skinz rios, which I love.  Felt totally comfortable on beach, no negative comments or looks, as about anything goes on that beach.  Many women in thongs and topless and quite a few men in thongs (although most older nudists) not too many younger in good shape in thongs and rios but a few.  Lot's of speedo, mostly Europeans from what I could tell.  There is a great beach on other side of island called Baie Rouge that is a nice day trip.

Highly recommend that beach and island.
chucko85 #129

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/09/2010 03:08:47Copy HTML

74218, looking to go to St. Martin in April. Can you give me a better idea of the nude scene currently? What is a classy hotel that I should try that is thong and nude friendly? Thanks!
ctmonline #130

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/09/2010 04:59:21Copy HTML

My wife and I are planning on visiting St Martin for the first time in July 2011, we want to stay in the Orient Beach area but a non-smoking room is a must (allergies), might even rent a apartment/condo for a week and avoid the hotel scene all together...any suggestions? It would be nice to find a place where we could walk from our room to beach only wearing our thongs...
T_for_2 #131

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2010 02:05:22Copy HTML

Just about all of the hotels on St. Martin are thong friendly, but what might be considered as "classy" hotels are more-or-less limited to the Dutch side of the island. About the only hotel, actually considered to be a resort, that is fully nude friendly is Club Orient on the French side. Club Orient is technically clothing optional but most guests are nude pretty much 24/7.  My wife and I have been to Club Orient many times and we would highly recommend it. It is a truly unique venue and provides a very different experience.

Another hotel that is nude friendly at the pools (only) is the Esmeralda. We have also stayed at the Esmeralda several times and enjoyed it greatly (but not quite as much as Club Orient). Both Club Orient and the Esmeralda are located on Orient Beach where scores of folks will be seen taking an early morning nude walk (before about 9 A.M.) along the length of the 1.1 mile-long beach.

There are several other beaches (but not hotels) on St. Martin where nudity is practiced although there is some controversy as to whether it is actually legal. Also, all beaches, French and Dutch, are legally topless for women but this is much more commonly seen on the French side.
rickl454 #132

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/10/2010 01:04:16Copy HTML

Ct ...  Start looking here: http://www.orientbeach.com/.  Personally we prefer Club Orient but T_for_2 makes a good point about the Esmerelda.  Just about anything in Orient Village will do, I've walked through the Village in a Parr tie side bikini, which is pretty close to a thong, with no problem at all.  But we'd definitely advise Club Orient.  We've been to SXM 10 or 11 times over the years and have never stayed any place but ClubO.
chucko85 #133

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/12/2010 04:25:26Copy HTML

Ok, so can anyone confirm, is the beach by Esmoralda nude ok or topless ok only? I see older reviews talking about how nude is fine. But have heard differently now.
rickl454 #134

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/12/2010 01:28:33Copy HTML

Topless, thongs and g-strings are definitely OK anywhere on Orient Beach but if you want to go nude walk down to the area beyond the rocks at Pedro's.  Nude is fine there.  There was an area near Esmerelda where nude was accepted but compared to the nude section it was a very poor second.  It's about a 10 minute walk and well worth it.  Just turn right when you get to the water and look for a sea of yellow unbrellas.
Captain_Jim #135

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/12/2010 05:20:54Copy HTML

Nude is fine again at the Esmeralda area (Coco Beach). There is in fact a designated nude section so no problem.
T_for_2 #136

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/13/2010 02:23:49Copy HTML

As per Captain_Jim, there is a section of Coco Beach (no charge for Esmeralda's guests) that is designated for nude use.  However, the area is VERY small and, at least in April of this year during our last visit to St. Martin, the nude section was effectively sandwiched between two fabric barriers about four feet in height. Inside of this nude section there were only about maybe six pairs of lounges. My wife and I typically would take a mid-day walk past Coco Beach each day, and I think we saw a maximum of four people at any one time using the nude section. Even at that, some of them were not always nude - go figure!

Perhaps some might find this arrangement entirely satisfactory but, IMHO if you really want to be nude on the beach, Club Orient is the place to go.

Another option would be to stay at some other hotel on Orient Beach and, as rikl454 pointed out, walk down to the south end of the beach to the yellow umbrellas where Club Orient is located. You can rent two lounge chairs and one umbrella for $18 per day and hang out with the rest of the nude folks on a good-sized area of beach. The chair rental procedure is simply to select two chairs having no tags - thus indicating that the chairs are available - lay your towels down, and enjoy. The beach boys will eventually come around to collect the money and then place a daily rental tag on your chairs.  

You might be interested in a panoramic photo of Orient Beach that shows the location of various hotels and beach bars. There have been a few changes since the photo was taken in 2005 but most of the features are still valid. The link to this photo is as follows: http://edsandra.com/photos2005/SmallOrientPanorama.htm
chucko85 #137

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/13/2010 02:00:47Copy HTML

T_for_2, great info and great picture. Thank you so much. Can you or anyone else recommend super clean classy hotels closer to Club Orient? Esmoralda looks pretty far away. What is between that and Club Orient. If it was up to me I would stay at Club Orient. But my wife is too conservative to see ass and tits bouncing around everywhere. Thanks!
rastus #138

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/14/2010 03:08:06Copy HTML

My wife and I will be on the beach from Jan1-20, usually at La Playa or Palm Beach.  Stop by and sya hi.
JM_Runs #139

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/29/2010 10:12:02Copy HTML

 My gf and I will be there (staying in Great Bay) Jan 22nd through 29th, 2011- shoot me a msg if you will be too!
miaswim #140

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:01/09/2011 10:58:34Copy HTML

 I'll be there Jan 28 - Feb 4 to enjoy some time at Orient Beach as well as explore a few other beaches.  Previously, I've always been aboard a sailboat so this time taking a land-based vacation.  Anyone else on the island around those dates?
Beachrum #141

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/13/2011 04:24:04Copy HTML

looking for best beach for wife to wear thong and topless, myself -well see..
rickl454 #142

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/13/2011 11:47:42Copy HTML

Topless and/or thong is fine on any beach on the French side but Orient is the best.
kaline972 #143

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2011 03:11:06Copy HTML

We go back to Esmeralda in Orient bay the last week of july : sounds good !
ctmonline #144

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:06/23/2011 04:56:59Copy HTML

...has anyone had issues with crime on St Martin? I've read on several blogs about people having crimes commited against them...we were planning on going there this summer.
JM_Runs #145

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/08/2011 08:58:24Copy HTML

 If you're looking for the best beaches to chillax on, Orient Bay isnt it as its busy and full of people watchers, which I think has pushed the real thongers and exhibitionists away- suggest one of the off the beaten path ones in a bay along the east shore- the kind that jut has a small parking lot and not much else. Found more women topless and in thongs in these areas vs Orient, and the other larger ones. (although a few thongers at airport beach) Saw quite a few male thongers on Orient, but prob wouldnt try there myself. 
Re crime, funny you mention- generally no issue, however were harassed one night by 1 (primarily, 3 in total) dude when my gf and I took the beach back to our Great Bay resort- started with the usual offer of drugs, which I politely declined... needless to say this chap had had a few and continued on with some crummy comments... until he made one comment directed at my gf that I felt crossed the line. As I said something back to him, he started towards us and I was gladly willing to take him up on his offer until my gf  noticed a third "police officer" that we had not seen previously patrolling the beach, came around from behind, kind of out of no where... just had that sixth sense feeling this one was either a total fake officer, or in cahoots with the morons on the beach so I made sure to stay between these 4 and my gf- had no concern of taking them out with my previous training, but that same training made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck that there was a lot more at play than the eye could see. 
Other than that one 10 minute episode we had no issues and would very much recommend the island- especially for the food!  I may well have been looking too much into it, and could very well have been just some drunken local thinking he could rip us off. (I stand only about 5'9" and 165lbs- not the most intimidating dude, lol)
scar200010 #146

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/24/2011 06:59:55Copy HTML

My wife and I will be at Orient beach from 01 sep to 7 sep.
I will try to wear my thongs and my wife (who always wears thongs) will try to go topless.
We would like to take some sea tour in catamaran or boat, someone can suggest us? maybe some tour we it is ok to wear thongs (my wife and I) and go topless. There is a Tiko-Tiko cruise that is a nude cruise... some one has been there?

hope to see a lot of thongers in St.Maatin!!!
rickl454 #147

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/25/2011 11:29:38Copy HTML

scar - The Tiko Tiko is the one to take.  It is advertized as a nude cruise but you can wear anything you like and nobody will say a thing.  You sign up at Papagayos, the restaurant at Club Orient.  Just keep walking toward the point at the south end of the beach and you will find it.  If you are not sure just ask Willy at the Perch, Club O's beachside bar. It is not cheap at over $100 each but worth it.  Go as early in your trip as you can - you will find others on your cruise that you can pal around with for the rest of your time at Orient Beach. 

As for trying to wear thongs and being topless - both are perfectly normal at Orient Beach, you'll see.

Have a great time!
Beachrum #148

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:08/26/2011 09:20:03Copy HTML

Besides orient beach , what beach is a must stop for soaking up some rays (thonging) , (topless)  nice sand, good water for offshore snorkeling? Probably only have time for two other beaches.. Thnaks
gocal #149

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

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 When I was last in St. martin Cupocoy Beach was pretty mellow and you can wear whatever you want there and feel comfortable.
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Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

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We like Long Bay. The beach was never crowded when we were there. We also like Green Cay. It is a very short boat ride from Orient Beach and is a very small island. You swim, tan , or snorkle there nude if you want.
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