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rickl454 #301

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:10/02/2017 01:36:42Copy HTML

 The best way I've found to keep up on what's happening on SXM is TTOL (Travel Talk Online: http://www.traveltalkonline.com/forums/postlist.php?Cat=0&Board=stmartin ).
007KWOK #302

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:12/23/2018 05:09:34Copy HTML

Anyone recently went to SXM? How's the traffic on the beach?

spark2100 #303

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/23/2019 10:36:27Copy HTML

We are heading there this week, Staying in the Orient Beach area. We will be spending most of our time on the nude section, but have a variety of thongs and g strings for the walk through the textile side.
rickl454 #304

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/23/2019 01:09:25Copy HTML

Spark - please post a trip report!!! We've been to SXM (always Club Orient) about a dozen times, all before Irma. In those days a miniscule bikini, thong or g-string was fine on the beach and in Orient Village, presumably it still is. Be sure to visit Luis the Bikini Guy - not sure where he is now but you'll see his sign. Have a great time!
spark2100 #305

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/27/2019 09:49:03Copy HTML

Things are great on Orient Beach. There are lots of men and women wearing thongs on the nude and textile side of the beach. Lots of guys in bikini style suits as well. It’s not as busy as before Irma but still an awesome place with lots of choices for food and drink
wearsthongs #306

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/29/2019 02:37:59Copy HTML

Thanks for the update, we'll be there next week.  What other beaches have you been comfortable thonging on this trip?

spark2100 #307

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:03/30/2019 07:52:42Copy HTML

We have t been to any other beaches as of yet but I wouldn’t think there would be any issues . I have seen lots of pictures from different sxm forums and there are plenty on men and women in minimal swim wear. Have a blast on your trip!! We are!!
spark2100 #308

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/06/2019 11:53:20Copy HTML

We are home now after a wonderful trip to St Martin. As said earlier, we stayed on Orient beach mostly. We did go to Phillipsburg one day for a Jet Ski excursion, where we rode for 2 hours half way around the island and then through the Lagoon. Both my wife and I rode in thongs and have the tan line to prove it, LOL. There were no issues. On Orient beach there were more thongs then one could count on any given day, There were men and women from their twenty's to who knows how old. We saw quite a few couples walking the beach , both in thongs. There is one couple we have seen there before that have matching suits and change about 3 times a day, always matching each other. The men who were not in thongs, wore bikini style briefs and square cut styles quite a bit. even the regular shorts were well above the knees. There were still your standard board shorts, but there were a lot less of them. Great to see!!!
Pantyhoseboi #309

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/06/2019 09:18:46Copy HTML

Is it safe to day that St. Maarten has fully recovered from the hurricane that blasted through there a year ago ?
spark2100 #310

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/07/2019 12:02:38Copy HTML

It is not fully recovered, Club Orient, the accommodation part has not been repaired yet . The nude beach area is open and chairs and umbrellas are available by Cedrick. They have the Perch Light Bar serving food and drink and a reasonable price . There are lots of accommodations available through Airbnb and homesaway at Orient village . The area has a lot to offer still , We had a wonderful holiday and met many awesome people , locals and visitors . I think it is a great place to visit!!!
sxmthonger #311

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:04/08/2019 05:13:51Copy HTML

Spark2100, thanks so much for the reassuring update. Orient Beach is just about my favorite place on earth, so it's very reassuring to read that it is returning to its true grandeur. I was apprehensive about booking a trip for fear that I might not even be able to get a chair and umbrella during the closure of Club Orient. It's also encouraging to read that thongs were well represented. When I went for the first time in 2001, I saw plenty of male thongers. However, with each passing year, it seemed they became less and less common. Granted, I always go in July, the beginning of the off season, so I'm sure I'd see more in the high season simply because there are more visitors. When I went in the summer of 2016, I still only saw a couple of other men in thongs each day, but I did at least see a pretty marked decline in board shorts, with a lot more guys (including the younger set) opting for square cuts or briefs. I'm glad to see the trend continues.
string_theory #312

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/11/2019 03:51:15Copy HTML

Returned from a week at St. Martin, mostly at Orient Beach. The beach itself is better post hurricane Irma because it is now wider, and rebuilt businesses are set back further than before. So it seems less crowded. Club O remains in ruins at the far south end, but a beach chair / umbrella concession and small bar provide service for day trippers. Without the resort, there are some guys lurking among the ruins. Mostly older folks were present. About half the crowd was nude. I walked down and took advantage of the location to remove my swimsuit while there, but did not stay. I wore my teardrop g-strings, the smallest suits of anyone all week. I walked the length of the beach twice per day. I got no negative reactions from anyone I met. I was mostly ignored. I did get a couple of compliments. Few pictures were being taken of others, and very few selfies. For women there were 1% thongs and 10% cheekies. Three g-strings. Up to 5% topless, all along the beach, including women walking along the beach topless. Rare topless plus thong. For men I saw a dozen thongs and three g-strings all week. Maybe 1% bikinis on men. But here's the real news: less than 5% board shorts. Mostly mid-thigh trunks. An older couple walked the beach each day in matching thongs, and another couple were spotted with g-strings. It seemed like much of the beach use, especially on a weekend, was by locals. About 10% of people were fully clothed. Of course, at the Club O south end, there were more thongs and topless, but it doesn't count. I spent some of my time midway along the beach. An attendant set me up right in the middle of all the beach chairs, and other people filled in around me, and they paid no attention to me. One day the beach got crowded when cruise ships had docked. I talked to a couple of cruise passengers who said their ship had over 6000 people on board. Most were Americans, so the proportion of minimal swimwear decreased while they were there. At nearby Pinel Island there's a good sized beach used by a mixed group of people, locals and tourists. About half of people there were clothed and were just hanging out in beach chairs or at the bar. Of those women with swimsuits, about 5% had cheekies, and just one thong. No topless. For the men, I spotted a couple of bikinis. Rare board shorts. Everyone ignored me in my g-string. At a nearby hotel, I used the pool every day wearing my g-strings. No reactions from anyone. About 5% of the women went topless at some point. The pool seemed to be taken over on the weekend by local families with lots of children, but they were present part of the day most of the week. They ignored me. On a weekday one child was nude and no one cared. So for minimal swimwear this part of St Martin is the same as before. No problems, even when more crowded. Observation: maybe one person in 20 is in good shape, but even plus size people are wearing less. This helps with acceptance of whatever anyone wears.
Animal2 #313

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/12/2019 04:12:16Copy HTML

String Theory,

I just returned from a week in St Martin with my fiancé as well! May have even seen you walking by.. We also walked up and down the beach, but mainly stayed near the Bikini beach bar area... May I also add that we felt like we were definitely on the younger end of the spectrum. Woulda been nice to see a few fellow beach goers under 30. Overall, I would say your estimations are fairly accurate for Orient Bay. Maybe a touch higher than 1% thongs on women though.

We rented a car and were fortunate enough to visit Happy bay, Long bay and Anse Marcel... Far smaller crowds on each of these, which we like, but only a couple thongs besides us on Happy bay... The others were mostly deserted due to it being off season and still in recovery stage...

All in all, St Martin remains one of the most accepting islands for minimal swimwear for both women and men... We will be making a return trip again next year!


gog5150 #314

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/12/2019 02:45:35Copy HTML

These are good reports Animal and Sting theory. I have always wanted to go to St. Martin. Is it expensive?
lindros #315

Re:St Martin (St.Maarten) & Orient Beach

Date Posted:05/12/2019 11:09:25Copy HTML

String Theory, what hotel & pool did you frequent?
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