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Ex_Member #51

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:04/30/2012 04:53:24Copy HTML

 I am straight and love to wear thongs or microswimsuits to the beach.  I do on occasion wear thong underwear, but generally I find that not as comfortable as other underwear.... and if no one can see what you have on I figure I might as well be as comfortable as possible.
PMW123 #52

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:04/30/2012 06:37:20Copy HTML

I am straight and I like to care for my body. No body hair and I feel sexy in thongs as underwear or swimwear. 
Did not have any bad experience when wearing thongs at the beach, but usually I choose less crowded spots so not many people passing by.
Unfortunately hardly any men wear (officially) thongs although I must admit that everybody doing it should be kind of fit, slim and with little hair in order to look good...but that is just my opinion. 
alee01 #53

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/05/2012 06:05:05Copy HTML

I am gay/bi. I do sometime wear thong undies but usually those cotton string bikinis from Wally World. I love them, soft and comfortable under tight 510 jeans. But on the beach for splashing or sunning I will wear a string suit or thong or even a slingshot (suspender) type. The more that shows the better, especially of my rear end.
Sunson #54

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/09/2012 01:25:38Copy HTML

I am straight & married - wear thongs only, altought I also have like few pairs of boxers. My wife also wears only thongs, but for me, thongs are something more than just an underwear. I would say it´s like a fettish (but not, like i had to wear thongs to sexually satisfy myself, no, no).
Ex_Member #55

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/09/2012 03:20:43Copy HTML

 I too am straight and married.  I wear thong underwear and swimwear.  I don't see it as a straight v. gay thing at all.
armand_galleon #56

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/09/2012 09:36:58Copy HTML

 Straight. Wear thongs as underwear and thong swimsuits when I wish or the setting is right (that is, would I wear a business suit to the gym, or gym shorts to a board meeting? A place for everything and everything in its place).
My exwife was cool with me wearing them, she did not. My exgirlfriend was thrilled by them, wore 'em as underwear. My current girlfriend loves 'em and wears 'em as underwear and will soon be wearing them as swimwear but hadn't before on the account that she did not want to be the only one and no girlfriend of hers dared to join her.
Whoever wants to pigeonhole me as gay for what I wear, go right ahead. I rather be confused for gay than Republican!
Tiempo #57

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/14/2012 11:35:57Copy HTML

I am straight, married and so on.
Looking the results of this thread it seems to me that you can find much more gays or bis thong wearers than in any other swimwear style.
So not thonghers have sense considering that a thong user man is "prima facie" an homosexual.
Same with exhibitionism.
Sad but real.
Ex_Member #58

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/15/2012 05:28:54Copy HTML

 I would say that I am bi. Although I prefer women, I wanna experience sex with a guy.
upthecrack #59

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/15/2012 02:30:19Copy HTML

It all depends on how you view Sex.  Is there a difference between sex and making love? Is sex just an act of getting off? or can it sometimes be emotional an sometimes not?  

Men tend to differ from women.

Many men can have an intimate/loving relationship with women and would never think of this with a man. Many of these same men partake in homosexual activity just for the sake of getting off.  This is why Transexuals are so popular with str8 men. Female looking with the sex drive of a male.

This is why I do not partake in the labeling gay bi str8.    Everyone has a different view. 

Maybe we should start saying Emotionally str8, sexually bi.  or Emotionally gay, sexually bi.  (or any other combination)

Just like I am Fiscally conservative, socially moderate, and sexually liberal.
Ex_Member #60

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/17/2012 10:46:47Copy HTML

I'm gay but I don't think homosexuality has anything to do with choice of underwear. Homosexual people themselves I would say are, more open so they aren't afraid to don the thong. However I know plenty of gay people who would rather not wear thongs, it's total personal choice.
thongger99 #61

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/20/2012 10:15:27Copy HTML

I am straight and married.  My wife is ok with me wearing all types of different underwear from panties to thongs.  She has even bought me some.  She doesn't actually love it, but she knows it is part of me.  She does not wearing thongs and I don't really push.  When we go to the beach she normally likes me in a boxer swim suite and if it is quiet, she is ok if I wear a thong or small rio.
thong_jock #62

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:05/21/2012 01:08:58Copy HTML

 I'm gay and my partner isn't big on my thongs. Fortunately we have an open relationship and I have several buddies I enjoy thonging with. Even have a couple straight buds I've hung with in thongs. Gay, bi or straight, us thongers need to stick together and screw the prudes!
TennStud #63

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:07/10/2012 08:26:53Copy HTML

 Straight. I started to wear thongs because it was so hot outside I wanted to try anything that made me cooler. I was surprised at how well they fit, how good the support is, how comfortable they are, and how much cooler they are. I wear them several times a week now. I also wear boxer briefs and bikini style underwear. When I felt how great the thongs are, I threw out all my tighties whities
navythong #64

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:07/11/2012 05:31:21Copy HTML

I'm straight. I only wear thong swimwear. For some reason I don't like thong underwear.
I'm a hughe beach fan and I like a tan (almost) all over.
Nude sunbathing is a bridge too far for me. So I started wearing swim thongs.
I like my thongs as small as possible to reduce the tan-lines to a minimum.
shavedandsmooth #65

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:07/11/2012 06:01:04Copy HTML

i am straight and married, and i wear thongs everyday and just have a bad fetish for them,cant get enough prob 150 pair or so. love to wear thongs at beach where i can. but i do enjoy looking at other men in their thongs i guess to admire and compare. sometimes i may get a little horny looking at other guys but i am definetly not gay and dont want to be..
Ex_Member #66

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:07/12/2012 11:22:09Copy HTML

straight male, i wear as minimal as possible while trying to look as sexy as possible.  My motives are the tan all over while feeling sexy and proving to myself that women  (I'm not saying ALL women) find it/me sexy.  Society tells us that "board" shorts are the sexiest thing on a man.  When I see hot female Azz in a thong or G I feel a certain horny way.  I want to make others feel that way.  I am similar to the German guy, pmw, in an earlier post.
   My father is an immigrant from Austria and his three sons grew up at Fullerton Beach wearing speedos.  We used to walked back to our car in our speedos, and I remember he'd have a t-shirt on and girls /women would smile/say hi/ check him out all the way to the car.  Apples don't fall far from the tree, except i don't know if he liked
G'strings.  HA Ha.  Im 36 now and my father, brothers, and I are all tan and fit.  I wannna flaunt it before I don't got it!
elp_gr #67

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:07/21/2012 09:59:21Copy HTML

 Straight male, I wear thongs both as underwear and as swimwear. They just feel comfy to me and I like the way they look on me.
BiLarry #68

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:08/15/2012 03:53:52Copy HTML

I’m 56, married 30+ years, with 3 grown kids, and I’m bi.  I have been wearing thongs exclusively for underwear and swimwear the past 20 years.  I started wearing for at least 10 years before I discovered I was Bi.   My wife got me started wearing a thong swimsuit.  She said she would not wear her thong to the beach until I start wearing a thong to the beach.  I tried one on in the store and could believe how comfortable it was, then at the beach I was surprised on how fast it dried (no more dragging wet sand into the car), and how much better tan I got.  After that first thong day at the beach I tossed all of my Dork Shorts in the trash and replace them with thongs and minimal swimwear.   I did the same with my underwear.  My only regret is I didn’t change to thongs sooner – My choice of underwear and swimwear is based on my comfort and tan.
rokdog #69

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:08/17/2012 05:53:22Copy HTML

Society's response may cloud your thought processes. Wearing a thong or a skimpy Koala type suit has nothing to do with sexual preference it has to do with "feeling sexy" to me. Actually if I could go butt naked @ Venice Beach in CA or any other local beach that is what I would do. But for me, I am in touch with my sexuality and certain things make "me" feel sexy, like wearing a thong or Koala bikini @ the beach. I have gotten past the comments that any jerks might make and glad to hear that it rarely happens @ Venice Beach. I've actually ridden my beach cruiser in nothing but my Koala and IPOD and I guess I'm an attention whore because I mostly ignore but inwardly smile because I "got a reaction."I'm completely straight, married for over 15 years and I love wearing my thong or Koala.Would anyone ask the question "if you're a nudist are you gay?" Sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it? If you want to wear a thong embrace your sexiness and just do it!
BiLarry #70

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:08/17/2012 06:50:58Copy HTML

I started wearing thong in 1985 (when I was in my late 20s) when I considered myself straight and I wore thongs exclusively for underwear and swimwear for over 15 years before I realized/discovered I am Bi (in my mid. 40s).  Before 2002 the thought of performing oral on a guy was not going to happen.  But after my first episode, performing oral on a guy is something I want and do whenever I get a chance.  I don’t think that you can tell a person’s sexuality from the underwear or swimwear that he wears.
Ex_Member #71

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:08/18/2012 04:54:51Copy HTML

 Here, in Latin America, or at least in Middle America, most people have a black and white mentality: you are either, straight or gay or lesbian, period. No gray areas.

When Angelina Jolie said she was bi, many over here (including my parents) didn't understand her.

joecooper #72

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:09/01/2012 01:44:54Copy HTML

I think it's a fair enough topic, as long as it's discussed intelligently.

Firstly, I'm bisexual and i think thong-wearing is related - but not how you might think. I think the same confidence i have in myself to deal with my sexuality gives me the courage to wear what i want where i want. That doesn't mean everyone who wears thongs is bi, it just means that for me it's about being comfortable in who i am. I go nude at nude beaches, thongs elsewhere.

Secondly, there are indicators that a gay or bi person looks for to tell them a guy is so inclined. Unfortunately profiling is always at work. But put it this way, if a guy takes a rainbow towel to the beach.... is it wrong to assume he's gay? So then on a sliding scale of things that are typically related with a culture (earrings on a certain ear, jewellery in certain designs, @@@@@@ rings...) it can be at the very least assumed that someone wearing a thong is open minded - not necessarily gay or bi/. The problem appears when people denegrate someone for what they wear - particularly without knowing the full story.

I don't wear thongs to pick up men. I've met women and men whilst wearing a thong, and perhaps it was related, but that wasn't the aim.
Sorry, just a rant...
SteveandCandy #73

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:09/01/2012 11:33:10Copy HTML

I have said many times; given that the english language is so full of descriptive nouns, how can we expect to describe the most complex aspect of humanity, sexuality, with just four words. Straight, gay, bisexual and transgender. How many words do the Geenlanders have for snow? 130 or so? And we have only four to describe the full range of human sexuality, absurd in my opinion. Candy and I like to use the term bi-friendly if we have to define things. Maybe we are just friendly period :-) There was a funny movie years ago with Tom Berringer and Patrick Wayne called "Rustlers Rhapsody" a parody where Berringer is a very metro "good guy" has the showdown with Wayne a very metro "bad guy" (because he wears black) :-) and they are arguing what qualifies someone to be a "good guy" Berringer states that a good guy has to be heterosexual, Wayne corrects him and states that a good guy has to be a "confident" heterosexual. It really is a funny movie if you like westerns.

Bottom line, if you haven't really explored your sexuality, how do you know what you are?  Jm2c
bunsparade #74

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/01/2012 11:02:06Copy HTML

Me?  I'm just a regular guy who's simply sensuous and always feeling erotic.  Always have been.  I hate labels like everyone else although I do consider myself bisexual only because I simply enjoy and admire other guys who like their bodies and I like to hang-out with those guys at the beach, on the golf course, playing baseball, and all the rest of the jock stuff.  The freedom to be a part of this brotherhood is the greatest.  At a favorite nude beach in the WA Desert most if not all the guys, girls, MF couples are bi.  Simply put, it's all about being free and really enjoing life.   
bunsparade #75

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/01/2012 11:29:01Copy HTML

Just an old(er) sensuous and erotic guy here who does the thong-thing at public beaches and at our nude beach as well.  Like and admire the other guys who thong almost as much as I admire the chicks who thong.  Orientation or "label" you need ?  Like and admire them both - - -
Tiempo #76

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/08/2012 04:28:25Copy HTML

Straigt. I use half time underwear and as much I can swimwear.
Ex_Member #77

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/20/2012 08:57:29Copy HTML

 I am straight, married, two kids and wear thongs almost everyday.  I convinced the wife when we were dating to wear one and she was hooked.  So I decided in my college day to get some of my own to surprise her with.  Not sure what she would think or if I would like them I ordered a couple different styles.  I quickly found that not only did she like them but so did I.  That was ten years ago and I still think they a great.  Just wish they were more accepted in the US culture for males.  Every man out there gay or straight appreciates a good looking rear in a thong. Why can't a women enjoy the same in a man without him being the one that is weird.  It would be nice to be able buy a men thong at any store in the US just like a women without getting strange looks
32189 #78

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/21/2012 08:27:26Copy HTML

I agree Jacchit82.  It would be nice to buy male thongs in any store as easily as women can. 
Smokeypitz #79

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/21/2012 12:59:16Copy HTML

 100% straight
Ex_Member #80

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/21/2012 05:57:57Copy HTML

It would have been interesting to hear comments from a professional who understands the 'official' definition of hetero/homo and bi-sexual folk.
I don't see much point in getting a tally on the percentage of responses that were hetero vs not ... Who knows what percentage of active members actually responded to this question?Who knows what percentage of thong wearers even know this site exist?
I used to think it funny when Elton John announced he was bi-sexual then a few years later seemed to become 'homo-sexual' ... at least in his presumed monogamous behaviour with his husband. I used to think 'bi-sexual' was a myth - but responses here seem to indicate I was wrong - or perhaps just ignorant.
Thong on Hetero/Bi/Homo - sexual folk... Or perhaps it should just be 'sexual' folk?
P.S. Straight by the way...
P.S.S. Read an interesting biography about Cecil Rhodes that suggested relationships between men in the later 1800 hundreds were much more open then today. Men were not afraid to display/express there affection towards one another - presumably straight or otherwise.
P.S.S. J Edgar with Leonardo Di-Capro is a good watch.
stanpuppy #81

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/22/2012 01:58:46Copy HTML

Very straight with 3 children.   Wear both thong underwear (on the rare occasions i wear underwear) and thong swimsuits when alone with the wife...never in front of the kids
jn9195 #82

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:10/23/2012 12:36:25Copy HTML

I am straight.  I only wear thong swimwear, never thong underwear.  My thoughts are that people wear thongs to be seen, they serve no purpose to me (for me) as underwear.  I do wear bikini or string bikini underwear except when I go to work -- as I work in maintenance and if something happened such as an injury, I wouldn't want my co-workers to know, and they'd just get ruined at work anyway.  My work clothes get ruined quite often, due to nasty chemicals.

Now for my girlfriend, she sometimes wears thong underwear but she's usually walking around the house in them when at home or she's wearing spandex pants or some other type of exercise wear.  I do appreciate that. :)  For me, again, I just don't enjoy them or feel any need for them.  When we go on vacation or out of town to a hotel, we both wear thong swimwear if at all possible.

thongnicks #83

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:11/16/2012 07:17:11Copy HTML

 hi there i wear thongs 24/7 also i wear them for swimwear as well the thongs i wear for underwear tend to be womens as i prefer the skimpy look and the feel as they usually are made of more senaul material then guys thongs so i guess iam bi 
b21 #84

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:11/16/2012 08:43:12Copy HTML

@thongnicks, why would that make you bi??

Why would you relate underwear and clothing choices to sexual preference? - that's like a gay man saying, "I like beer and football so I must be straight" its ridiculous...
Manu1418 #85

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:12/12/2012 07:58:15Copy HTML

 I´m straight guy and wear thongs and g-strings all the time, underwear and swimsuits every where I go even if the public isn´t open mind, I don´t mind the weird looks and people steering, no one has ever told me anything, even in family public places.
wetbikini2 #86

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:12/15/2012 08:34:30Copy HTML

 What difference does it make?
Chantelle4both #87

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:12/30/2012 02:50:51Copy HTML

 Wearing women's thongs makes you bi -  (!) and (?).
I am bi, and do enjoy wearing both women's and men's underwear but am pretty sure that that choice doesn't determine my sexuality.
That being said, I do sorta agree that I do feel a bit more femme when wearing a thong, or bikini, made of a softer/more sensual material.
I have plenty of underwear from both genders and do think the women's underwear CAN be "softer" for lack of a better word, for example in comparing my boy shorts (Joe Snyder for men versus Vie for women) I find the Vie to be thinner and softer; certainly a different sensation, and both very exciting, although in different ways.
Ex_Member #88

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:12/31/2012 06:25:56Copy HTML

 I am straight and have been wearing G-strings for the past 25 yrs, but for the past 10 yrs+ I primarily swim and sunbath nude and most of my G-strings are worn as underwear, but I do wear G-strings if I travel and nudity is not permitted.
Gibson1506 #89

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:01/08/2013 02:58:38Copy HTML

 I'm straight and wear thong underwear everyday. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the clothes you wear.
kevinb959 #90

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:01/13/2013 03:06:23Copy HTML

 I don't know what I am. But when they closed the lid on my coffin, you can make the decision based on who shows up to my wake.
JM_Runs #91

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:01/14/2013 12:33:04Copy HTML

 Dunno no if one's orientation matters when it comes to wearing a thong. I'm on a swim team and our "uniforms" if you can call them that could be considered gay. But good grief ... It's just a speedo type swim brief! 
Anyway, I'm str8, selectively liberal, occasionally curious, wear speedos, a. String/thong or two and less to nothing! 
thong_jock #92

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:01/14/2013 02:44:24Copy HTML

 I used to define myself as straight, then bi curious, then bi, now gay. Sexual orientation is a continuum and for many people a constantly evolving thing...I do know that I am totally a thongsexual, that is, I'm not really aroused by naked guys, but guys in thongs are a total and utter turn on!
JM_Runs #93

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:01/14/2013 10:32:37Copy HTML

 "Thong sexual" eh?  Well now we know exactly want to get you for your birthday! Lol!
bddphx #94

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/07/2013 04:50:35Copy HTML

 I'm straight, and I own thong underwear. I also have boxerbriefs and bikini briefs, so I don't wear thongs exclusively. I haven't gotten up the nerve to get a thong swimsuit, but I should while I'm still young and in decent shape haha!
Tiempo #95

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/12/2013 12:47:47Copy HTML

sunnfun #96

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/15/2013 06:02:11Copy HTML

I like to wear very tiny swimsuits, and I love it on the rare occasions when I can convince my wife to wear something equally skimpy.  Wearing and seeing others wear almost nothing (but not quite naked!) is what I like.  I don't care about a person's sex or sexual orientation, because the only person I'm going to be with in that way is my wife.  I'm confident in my own sexuality.  I very much appreciate the human body, both women and men.  I think they are both beautiful forms.  I wish more people were more confident with theirs, and less ashamed.  The prudishness and sexual suppression that's prevalent in the US is especially disheartening.
thongboy052000 #97

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/16/2013 03:41:19Copy HTML

 Why are we even asking this question on this board? Why should it matter?
thonger2005 #98

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/16/2013 02:25:52Copy HTML

 I know some of you are getting butt hurt by this topic's question But its a relevant, straight forwards question and no harm is being caused.

I am Bi, as are the rest of my gang.

Normal common sense would suggest, if you dont like a topic, why drop a reply to said topic asking why the topic exists?

Who cares!? The OP wanted to ask a simple question...they are entitled to do so.
thong_jock #99

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/16/2013 02:55:53Copy HTML

Awesome. A beautiful guy with an equally beautiful attitude.

I'm gay but was married for years. It kind of pisses me off when I chat to a straight thonger online to hang out and they don't even give me the courtesy of replying. Just because I want to consider hanging out doesn't mean I want to jump into bed with you. I would love it if more straight guys could chill out about both wearing thongs and hanging out with gay guys. Not everyone is constantly on the make and there's nothing wrong with appreciating eye candy, gay/straight, male or female. Even though I don't jump into bed with women anymore, it doesn't mean I don't love women and the sight of a sexy woman in a hot thong and her company on a beautiful beach.

Let's all chill - forget about sexual orientation. Forget about being on the make. If two people are going to go at it, the chemistry takes over and nature takes it course. I'm appreciative of all my thonging brothers and sisters - gay, bi, straight and all the definitions in between. Peace.
32189 #100

Re:Straight, Gay or Bi ?

Date Posted:03/16/2013 04:37:54Copy HTML

I am not gay nor bi...I am straight all the way.
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