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Date Posted:05/21/2003 11:37:32Copy HTML

I understand Studland is thong friendly, how have the guys found it ?
JM_Runs #1

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:01/08/2004 12:48:34Copy HTML


Studland   --- http://www.worldwidenudismnaturism.com/pages/beachguides/studland/studland.htm

Nude Beachs UK - http://www.british-naturism.org.uk/bdetail.htm




Pete01 #2

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:01/15/2004 08:47:32Copy HTML


You might be interested to know that there was a TV programme about Studland on BBC channel 2 here in the UK earlier this week. It was principally about the conflicts between the various groups that have an interest in the beach, and the UK National Trust that own/manage the area. The naturists they showed were a  very vociferous group that were aggrieved that they are restricted to  a certain part of the beach, and were shown holding loud protests (nude of course) in other areas of the beach used by families - I am not sure this did much for their cause ! Also there seem to be a lot of problems with inappropriate sexual activity and male gawpers. This may have protrayed the beach unfairly, but it did not make me want to go there. Any other views from UK members of this board ??


Near to where I live, there is Holkham Beach in Norfolk - officially a nude beach, but quite laid back, and receives less public attention than Studland. I have been a a few times, and found it very pleasant.


Best regards      

PJ_UK #3

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/14/2007 05:39:34Copy HTML

I'm going to be down near Poole, Dorset at the beginning of June for a few days. Just wondering where the best place to hang out (excuse the pun!) is on Studland beach in a thong without getting all the gawpers (watchers).

I'm normally with my G/F but she is on a course for the W/end so I thought I would travel down to the coast for a few days. 

Just wondering where the best place is for a single male (in the eyes of the passers bye )  thong wearer to get some sun without being bothered, is it best to go in the naturist area, I suppose I could just go naked then, doesn't bother me but just fancy wearing the thong for a change..

I've walked all of the beach in the past in a thong when I've been with my G/F but never sure how a single male in a thong would be accepted.

I know it's silly really but I just can't do with the hassle, just want to chill out.

Any comments please...



gsj #4

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/16/2007 04:51:27Copy HTML

I have walked the length of Studland beach on at least two occasions wearing a brief T back g-string. No one took any notice and no problem at all, from either those stripped off on the nudist section or those wearing gear I wouldn't be seen dead in on the textile areas
PJ_UK #5

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/18/2007 06:53:55Copy HTML

I've worn a Hom standard thong on one occaision on a uk beach but never anything more revealing..

I've just bought a couple of snyder thongs in NON-SEE through(I hope!) when wet colours, red and elec blue, not sure yet if the Rio is a little too narrow at the front for a UK beach, everything JUST fits but it sort of draws your eye to the vertical contents without going into too graphic detail...

.... or I may be better sticking to the other one, a standard cut thong snyder as it provides a bit more cover at the front, not as much as the HOM but more  than the rio cut still with a T back style...

to gsl

I may just go native on the nudist section on Studland, I will have to hope the weather is kind to me...

JM_Runs #6

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/18/2007 09:23:43Copy HTML

Not having been there for more than 30 years,  I may be wrong, but I think the ferry to the north end of Studland Beach runs from the south end of Sandbanks.
PJ_UK #7

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/19/2007 07:50:03Copy HTML

to JM_runs

All I can say is "good memory" !!

The ferry for Studland (shell beach I think is what it may be called) is as JM says is from Sandbanks, and it is vehicle ferry not just foot passengers...


johnbar5251 #8

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:04/19/2007 05:22:40Copy HTML

Virtually all of Studland beach is fine for thongs. You might not feel so comfortable near the various carparks but walk a short way along and it is just fine. I thonged there last weekend (15 April). I was not alone. If you go further down the beach to the nude section then a thong is overdressing!


A search for Studland/naturist/beach in google will find all you need to know.


The more the merrier!



JM_Runs #9

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:07/24/2007 07:51:25Copy HTML

Went to Studland today and at the nude section, tried a varity of thongs. No trouble whatsoever. Beautiful weather and great beach!
gsj #10

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:07/27/2007 12:55:13Copy HTML

Delighted to hear someone has managed to find some decent weather here in the UK!
JM_Runs #11

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:08/10/2007 09:52:15Copy HTML

Went again to Studland today and thonged in two of my kiniki thongs. There was another chap who was taking some photos of himself in a dore thong!

Studland has got to be THE beach to thong on in the uk. Who's up for a meet up!

kiwi_thonger27 #12

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:08/17/2007 06:23:15Copy HTML

Sounds like I wil have to try that beach sometime.. Are based in london so too far to go for a day i guess..

JM_Runs #13

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:06/22/2010 05:03:59Copy HTML

 Will be at Studland later today!
Makyccs #14

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:05/28/2012 11:38:40Copy HTML

I went here this weekend. What an amazing beach i had such a lovely time. The only thonger was me in the nude section but apparently i attracted a lot of attention only for wearing a thong but good attetion
Makyccs #15

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:07/17/2013 12:32:38Copy HTML

 Going to studland to sunbath in my thong. Does anybody would like to join me?
JM_Runs #16

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:05/04/2014 06:18:56Copy HTML

Thonged several times on the clothing optional beach, even minimalist styles. Very safe.
tiggerix #17

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:07/18/2016 11:13:56Copy HTML

Had a good visit to Studland beach recently - weather has been warm enough to swim in the shallow water.  

On the cooler days the naturist section was predominantly occupied by single males and meerkats in the dunes, often wearing just a t-shirt showing their bits.  On the warmer days, more couples of all shapes and sizes - mostly all shapes and sizes.... but still outweighed by lone males.

Just enjoyed being nude on the beach and swimming a while with my OH.  

In the textile areas, some topless and didn't spot any thongs.

Great beach, plenty of space, good coffee at the National Trust cafe.  Will be back.
thong1 #18

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:07/24/2016 04:17:44Copy HTML

 I've just paid my first visit, stopping off briefly on a cycle ride towards Wareham. I'd brought a Kiniki string thong, and wore it quite openly. I didn't see any nudists - we'd arrived via the Knoll Beach road - but nobody made any noise at the sight of me sunning the buns. I didn't see any fellow thongers, the nearest being a gent in a tanga, but there were one or two half-back bikinis on the crammed road to the ferry on the Bournemouth side (the cycle ride through and around the massed crowds was fairly excruciating, but a handful of bikini-clad honeys provided some visual compensation). 
thong1 #19

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:08/07/2016 01:04:18Copy HTML

I went again yesterday, spending a bit more time. I brought my Kiniki string thong and my Jovana swimstring, but elected for the first, as it is slightly more conservative. I spent quite a lot more time out of the water, getting into my thong in the gents and walking out just wearing it and my rucksack, and waiting on the beach for a friend who'd disappeared along the shore. No comments, no pressure, just a pleasant time. 
Makyccs #20

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:08/07/2016 01:41:27Copy HTML

 I was yesterday in knoll beach aswell lovely weather lay there in my blue thong to get a nice tan. I saw 2 other guys in thongs one with a black thong and another one with a blue thong similar to mine
star86 #21

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:11/18/2016 11:43:37Copy HTML

 Really hoping to get down here next year. Been meaning to for ages, how many people on an average day?
JayByrd #22

Re:Studland - UK South Coast

Date Posted:02/11/2019 02:03:09Copy HTML

Are there any UK board members that have been to Studland lately? We're meeting up with the family for a camping trip to Dorset this summer and planning on one night/day in Studland. Does anyone have any recommendations for accommodations? Prefer something simple like a pub with rooms.
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