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Date Posted:02/11/2018 12:41:40Copy HTML

The most recent purchases I've made have been from AliExpress. This season I have been rotating between the below styles to tan in, each of which line up nicely with my developing tanlines. All are super comfortable and supportive.

Royal Blue TM thong. Lite weight material however can become transparent when wet. Pouch size is not too bad, able to keep everything in and covered (with or without cockring, though again can be transparent when wet). Only down side, becomes a little loose after swimming.

Navy Blue Mesh Micro Thong. Nicely put together, approx 3/8" string sides. A little more on show with this one, mesh does make shape of package visible. Large pouch, which holds everything in, great with C-ring if you want everything up and out. Holds up well to swimming.

Navy Blue Slim Cut G-string. Similar cut to the above however the pouch is cut a little narrower. Great fit, 3/8" string sides. Provides enough pouch coverage with or withouf a c-ring. Holds up well to swimming

Black Bulge Pouch Thong. Similar size pouch to the Navy Blue Mesh Micro Thong, same 3/8" sides, slightly smaller 'v' at top of rear string. Great with a c-ring. 
csnipwb #1

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:02/21/2018 12:30:49Copy HTML

Thanks for the links and great descriptions! I ordered 3 here in the states and they arrived in 9 days.A great order for the price!
MarkThongLines #2

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:02/22/2018 08:37:26Copy HTML

Glad to hear you had a good experience and are happy with your purchase.
BaltoBob #3

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:04/12/2018 01:27:44Copy HTML

 Stuff is very cheap. Bought a bunch of things. Should be warm when they get here.
BaltoBob #4

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:04/28/2018 12:00:43Copy HTML

Still waiting for a couple items but quite happy over all. 1 item just won't work, micro g with "pouch" about 2" by 3"waist band is about 32" and very little stretch. If someone wants it I'll pay the postage. Send me a message with address.     https://vimeo.com/266966179
String_guy #5

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:04/28/2018 12:12:44Copy HTML

 I have quite a few items from Ali. I love them all. They fit well and seem to be decent quality for the price. The wait does suck. Do your research, some of the vendors will ship for free if you order multiple items from them exclusively. I have 3 items that I paid 99 cents each for. 
OS777 #6

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:04/28/2018 02:27:14Copy HTML

Wake up time!  Far above the wait times from AliExpress is eBay.  Many Chinese manufacturers of boldly expressive intimate and publically acceptable swimwear vend their products at near identical prices (via auctions or immediate sales) with delivery within a practical and reasonable waiting time.  Over the past 2 months I have purchased over 50 3D bulge thongs from a particular Chinese (eBay) manufacturer/vendor after bidding and winning auctions. I've been astounded to receive the item(s) within a week and rarely much longer.  Of course this may not be typical. This vendor places each thong in a  clear miniature ZipLoc bag. The shipping is free (at least to my destination within the southern side of the middle of the contiguous USA).  These thongs are very well made and fitted to typical North American males but only in two sizes.  S/M and L/XL.  Being that my waist size is 32 inches which is equalivent  to a medium size (USA) the S/M is perfect fit.  As mentioned in earlier posts Skinz Suffit thongs are non-accommodating in package volumn.  (The plumbing meets and or exceeds maker's standard specifications). LMAO.  AliExpress has many great and "cheap" products but lacks the guarantees that eBay offers on most of it's sold offerings.  Now that I have overly infused my wardrobe of thongs I can visit Barton Springs public pool for the course of the forthcoming summer and have a different 3D thong on each visit.  My now choice Chinese thong manufacturer makes/sells/ships/ and provides shipment tracking for less than Dore used to when I first began buying 3D thongs from her back in 2003 !!!
J_R_365 #7

Re:Styles available on AliExpress

Date Posted:08/12/2018 02:30:27Copy HTML

In general, I have found delivery times to the USA from Ali Express to be comparable to goods I've ordered from Europe, usually 18-21 days. A recent exception was an order I received yesterday, which I was notified had been shipped over five weeks ago. When I logged on to "Confirm goods received", order tracking showed them as not yet arrived in destination country. Another order from the same vendor a couple months ago had no such problems.
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