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Date Posted:04/22/2011 01:40:46Copy HTML

So I had sometime yesterday to get to Sunset Beach on South Treasure Island, I parked in the North lot paid for 2 hours and hit the beach. I went infront of the rock jetty were two sections of the beach come to a narrow point due to beach errosion.  I set my chair up about 10 feet from this hot female was zoned in her own world. I wore my black skinz gstring and soaked up two hours of sun while walkers had to pass by me. Nice spot with some good looking females walking by. Gonna do that again soon!
indianshores1977 #1

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/22/2011 11:22:24Copy HTML

ski  The question is if any of those females were wearing a thong. I have seen a few rio and some half suits, but need to see some women who have the courage to wear near caddys
Ex_Member #2

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/25/2011 03:18:23Copy HTML

Three females one in a thong stoppped at the jetty and posed for pictures I would give them 18 yrs old. Two in regular cut suits and one was in a thong but a conservative thong for my standards. Caddys is way to busy for me, I am sure there is alot of eye candy walking around but I don't like to trip over people and that place is way to crowded. Gold mine for the owner of Caddy's but way to crowded to enjoy the beach the way I like to go to the beach.
youusa #3

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:09/16/2012 01:16:47Copy HTML

in going to sunset today. its going to be fun with my new thong.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2013 07:03:07Copy HTML

Just spent the last 3 hours on Sunset beach soaking up the rays. Did I get a great base started. I wore my new Skinz M55U Gstring in the tropical print. I was jsut north of the Pavillion between two females with talking distance. Several walks and even the TI Police drove past no more than 10 feet away and above me as I was laying ass high. The gay section south of me was busy and the wind and waves are up from the SW. Summer time tan here we go!!!
doitinathong #5

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2013 07:42:49Copy HTML

Any other thongers? 
JM_Runs #6

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2013 01:08:40Copy HTML

No other thongs or G's that I saw. The beach has regained some additional sand compared to last year. I laid out near the rock jetty. Always like that beach as you get a very diverse type of beach goer. The Army Corps of Engineer's is working on the Pavillion, looks like they are replacing the decking. Hopefully they would put in a shower area that would be more on the deck than over by the parking lot.
Last summer I would occassionally see a thong or two but mostly they are youngs girls that pull up the rio suit into a thong. Too bad we are having a cloudy rainy weekend or else I would be out again today....
shaved_thong_lover #7

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2013 01:08:57Copy HTML

 so like desoto, are police ok with thong/gstrings on men at sunset. how many thongers in comparison to desoto...
JM_Runs #8

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2013 01:56:35Copy HTML

Sunset beach is very public beach on the southern end of Treasure Island.  Mostly locals with some tourist that either rent homes or stay in the condos at the southern end. The south side of the Pavillion is known as the gay section of the beach and it is pretty obvious. Most of the men wear either speedos or the square cut tight suits. I don't think many gay men actually wear thongs or gstrings, I could be wrong but that is my opinion from my years of being a thonger and going to the beach. No big deal but I don't think they do. I for one am not gay and I have worn gstrings for all of my adult life. As for being legal, YES you can wear thongs or gstring on Sunset or Treasure Island or even St Pete Beach. Yesterday while laying out with my bunns sunny side up, the TI police drove right past me right next to the jetty and actually above me as the path for them is on the high side of the dune. He drove not more than 10 feet from me looking down and could see I was only wearing a gstring. I have walked both beaches in a gstring and it is never an issue other than I get put in a few photo albums for tourist. The only place you can not wear a thong or gsting in Pinellas County is Clearwater Beach and any State Park other than that you are legal. Enjoy!!
JM_Runs #9

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2013 06:12:24Copy HTML

Once upon a time I would have to steel my nerves when passing through the gay section of the beach. Now it is no big deal.  I don't park myself there, but I do smile and return the greetings as I run by.  I also think that seeing me encourages some of them to wear a thong next time. As you point out, small square cuts or speedos seem to be the fashion for most gay guys, sometimes with the rear hiked up, but now and again a couple of them are in proper thongs. My attitude I hope to project is "I am wearing this, so you can too." 
One can often identify the gay men on a beach, but not the gay women.  Funny how two women sitting together, or a group of women, are never considered gay.
kohler1977 #10

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/21/2013 10:27:37Copy HTML

I will be vacationing in Clearwater area May 23 to June 3, and I will frequent Sunset and Treasure Island. I have walked from the Pavillion area, to Treasure Island past the concession area, in G-strings, with no problems.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/21/2013 06:58:32Copy HTML

I hit Sunset again today and setup just 30 feet north of the rock jetty. Just as I sat down 3 females, I would say 40's setup not 25 feet from me close the water and they were from Indiana and drunk. They were having a good time but they were loud. I as there for an hour when all of the sudden it became family day at the beach. Families with kids everywhere so I had enough and left. I went up to TI's main parking lot and walked all the way out to the beach. Got lucky again with females all around in groups of 2, 3 and 4 in a bunch. Great eye candy for both of us. I got alot of smiles. Then the clouds rolled in and the beach done is over for the day. I must it is nice to have beach weather again for us locals. Base tan is set for the season already.  G
JM_Runs #12

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/23/2013 01:49:10Copy HTML

Started out today at Sunset beach with very few people around. A group latin Americans (2guys 2 girls) setup at the south side of the rock jetty so I setup a little south of them, 50 feet.

While I was tanning in my chair the two guys walked past and up to the Pavillion but they had to go to the side cause the workman have the Pavillion closed during repairs. They guys came back a few minutes later and just walked past and back to the girls.

Then a few minutes later on of the females walks up the Pavilion and while she was gone I hit my beach pad for some sun on my cheeks. It was hot and I was feeling it when the females walks past, mind you she is above on the dune about 8 feet way and 3 feet above me.  She says to me "I must say you have a nice Ass...A really nice ass" she holds her finger to her lips and says "Shhhhh between you and me", winks and walks back to her friends.
I told her thank you.

I stayed for another hour until the clouds rolled in. So I proceeded to leave but I noticed down on Pass A Grille Beach the sun was out and it was only 2pm so I headed south. No quicker did I setup my beach chair when it started to rain.

I could tell it was only going to be a quick shower. My phone showed it was only a small rain cloud but it cleared the beach on the southern end of Pass A Grille. Evey one was leaving, all but one female.  I could tell she wanted to stay. I walked up to her and said the cloud will rain itself out pretty quick, which is exactly what it did.

Now we are the only two soles on the entire beach, other than a guy on the fishing jetty.  I called over to her and said another 5 minutes and the sun will be out. Damn if I was not right and it got hot again fast.

She then calls out to me something about tickets. So I get up and walk over to her and she is asking if the meter is out if she will get a parking ticket. I am thinking she knows the difference, she just wanted me to walk over. We talked for a few minutes and she proceeded to go pay the meter.

On her return she had mentioned me taking a photo of her. I said sure and then she proceeds to do all these poses and then she ask me if I would stand in the water while she also stood in the water. I took about 10 pictures of her and then she asked if she could take one of me. You know my answer :)

We end up talking in knee high water for a good half hour all the time baking in the sun and now people are walkng back on the beach. We exchange info and might hook up this week again at the beach.

She is an attorney from Ohio just taking time off alone and traveling around from beach to beach. She said she was at Fort De Soto on Sunday but really like Pass A Grille. I had to leave for an evening job appointment but I told her if we meet up again this week at the same spot we can tan together, she said I would like that.

This happened because I broke the ice and told her it was not going to rain long. Oh an the entire time I had on my new tropical print skinz gstring. Now my base tan has become a genuine summer time tan.  Love living here! G
JM_Runs #13

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/27/2013 01:13:02Copy HTML

Back at Sunset beach yesterday for only 2 hours. Layed out right infront of the Pavillion. Good amount of people on the beach. I setup 15 feet from a tourist couple and another blonde female. The rays were intense and I really baked in the sun. I enjoyed the view of all the walkers. Always seem to get some beautiful females walking up and down that stretch of beach.

Only took one dip in the water, I walked out near the jetty and went for a quick swim.  On my way out there were about 4 females (16 or so) taking pictures and I could tell they started getting me in the back ground shots. After getting back to my chair, those same girls made a point to walk past me on the high side of the dune to get a better look. There was an older couple sitting on a bench having a long conversation and at one point when I was standing up, they gestured hello to me.

No plans for the beach this weekend, I prefer weekdays when it is less crowded, but who knows!

I heard from my Ohio beach buddy last night via text. She has plans to design me a new gstring with Austrian blue rhinestons. I am looking foward to what she comes up with.  She told me that she might come down this summer for a weekend tanning session and she said from now on it is thongs for her since all I wear are gstrings. She said we will get some nice attention when we stroll the beach together. I am looking forward to that!  G
kohler1977 #14

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2013 10:50:52Copy HTML

Gbod   Great story about the Ohio women. I am from Michigan, so wearing a thong here is somewhat taboo. The one problem I see is, when I come down to Florida , the people who talk to you are the tourists, not sunset beach area women. Where are the thong-wearing Floridians
JM_Runs #15

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/28/2013 12:12:55Copy HTML

Kohler1977 - I know what you mean about the locals. I find that thongs are not popular here on the west coast of Florida like the use to be years ago. I do meet local women at the beach but I find the best you can find on locals is not less than a Rio cut. I am trying my best to keep gstrings the norm. When  I meet a local you can bet I will keep you all posted.

As for my Ohio friend, she has been texting me everynight telling me how much she misses the beach. G
JM_Runs #16

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:06/23/2013 05:56:45Copy HTML

Sunset beach on a Sunday - I arrived at 11 and only planned to stay for 2 hours. The beach was busy and getting more so by the minute. I setup just yards south of the Pavillion in a crowd of women. The had about 3 tents setup and chairs everywhere. I would say about 20 women in all with some small chilldren (5). The rest of the area was older folks and plenty of gay guys.
The tide was high so the beach was short to the waters edge, I setup next to this older fellow just 20 feet from all the women. Really was busy. Then two more guys setup next to me and conversation was so close it was like they were talking to me. Not my kind of beach time. Like I said I stayed for about 2 hours working on the tan and then I decided to leave. I love the beach but not when it is that crowded.  I layed out in my new camo blue gstring the I just picked up from Skinz from special order. The blue looks nice, I will have to post pictures next time. Looks like Monday will be a beach day in the afternoon.  G
youusa #17

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:10/20/2013 02:50:56Copy HTML

sunset last weekend there whas another person in a thong it was fun
darksmooth #18

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:10/22/2013 01:43:34Copy HTML

I got to spend about 1.5 hours thonging in my Skinz skinny sided thong at Treasure Island today.  I couldn't spend much more time thonging because I spent most of the day with my wife, who keeps reminding me that "nobody wants to see that".  So I excused myself to a more secluded area.  She's o.k. with that as but would rather I not walk the beach as I did a few years back.  At this point, I just want to establish a dark tan with my tan line going into the cold months.  So as long as I can lay out somewhere with an occasional passerby, I'll be o.k.  By the way, I was the only person in a thong at the beach today, male or female.  I did see two other gentlemen in bikini brief type swim suits.  I plan on doing 2 or 3 hours tomorrow if all goes well.  Weather is great right now!  I'll post some pics later.
doitinathong #19

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:10/31/2013 03:21:01Copy HTML

Was at Sunset Beach by the pavilion Monday from noon to 4pm.  I was the only thonger.

Was at Caddy's yesterday from 11 am to 3 pm and was the only thonger except for when that loca dude with the long white hair, bald spot, and woman's 2-piece thong strolled thru.  What's up with him any way?

Weather was beautiful both days except the water is cold.  Got some admiring glances from the old queens (sorry, not interested) at the pavilion and a few looks from the locals at Caddy's but no issues what so ever.
doitinathong #20

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:10/31/2013 11:09:01Copy HTML

This guy...

JM_Runs #21

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:11/01/2013 04:11:19Copy HTML

I have not been to the beach in nearly two months, work has me so busy. I need to get back to Sunset Beach soon to work on my tan lines.
briankay #22

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/20/2014 06:39:31Copy HTML

Its quite eroded now at the parking areas.  Well overdue for remourishment.

Remember now that beach renourishment was one of the things cut in the 2011 state budget.

A tourist disappointed by a visit this year... will they EVER come back again?
briankay #23

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:10/13/2014 10:28:17Copy HTML

They've done a beach renourishment.  Area affected is from about Caddys on south.  The beach had gotten very narrow, especially nesr the Sunset Bach Pavillion.  And not only that, it sloped toward the water to a degree that made walking uncomfortable.

briankay #24

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:09/27/2015 04:05:36Copy HTML

Have been to Sunset a couple of times in the last month or so. A nice change from the larger beaches. Short walk from parking to beach is nice.
Chrish217 #25

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:09/17/2017 03:47:26Copy HTML

 Since the fort was closed, I hit Sunset for almost 4 hours today.  Saw lots of cheeky suits, 2 true thongs, one guy in a speedo...none as small as my g.Badly eroded after the hurricane.
ChaddiusRex #26

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/08/2018 10:57:15Copy HTML

 Trying to decide between here, Madeira Beach and Fort DeSoto Park..  Anyone with experience care to help me choose?
briankay #27

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/09/2018 03:18:16Copy HTML

I'd pick the central or northern part of Treasure Island over Sunset Beach (the southern part of Treasure Island. Other than that, which ever one is closest.
Gboy69 #28

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:04/09/2018 11:33:09Copy HTML

 Fort De Soto is always my top choice, mostly quiet during the week and weekend just brings out more thongs and no commercial or condo buildings.TI is a great beach, like Briankay mentioned, north end near Sand Pebble is a great place, you will see more tourist that the Fort but who really cares.Either is a great place to tan and enjoy.
shaved_thong_lover #29

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:05/12/2018 07:31:14Copy HTML

Went there last weekend. Nice day, not to crowded. Far south end of the beach.  I wore Slinz stufit g string.  I saw one couple in thongs closer,to the parking lot.  A few cheeky bikinis. No other thongs though. Beutiful beach.
briankay #30

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:06/15/2018 04:26:32Copy HTML

 They are just completing the most extensive beach renourishment I've seen there. I have some doubts it will last but right now at low tide there's an easy 75 feet of beach near the pavilion.
shaved_thong_lover #31

Re:Sunset Beach - Treasure Island Florida

Date Posted:08/20/2018 12:50:14Copy HTML

Went to Sunset beach today. Set up near the parking lot (which is under construction amd closed) beach is as pretty crowded for a closed parking lot. Saw one other guy in a thong, one girl in a thong, many cheeky suits on girls and speedos on guys (this is the LGBT part of the beach). I wore a Skinz Stuffit Gstring. Had a good time, great weather. Was nice to see that some gay male couples actually had their children there. In fact one group set up between me and the other guy in a thong, and when I saw the kids I was worried I should cover up and move, but then they both stripped down to fairly skimpy speedo type suits and the kids all seemed fine, so I stayed and all seemed ok.
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