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Date Posted:04/17/2004 06:23:21Copy HTML

I know a wonderful movie with fine thonging scenes on the beach: Birdcage with R. Williams. Are there any more movies with similar scenes, expecially with gorgeous thonged guys on the beach? Thank you.
FJ55Mike #1

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/18/2004 03:50:17Copy HTML

In the movie, "The Girl Next Door," the character Hugo Posh is shown in a thong, and is also smooth. Hilarious movie, by the way, as long as you don't care about plot and that sort of thing.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/18/2004 06:50:53Copy HTML

Old movie, but 'Bird on a Wire' has the scene with Goldie Hawn up a ladder and Mel Gibson right behind her. The wind blows her dress up, and she has a thong on under that.

He says something like "...since when did you start wearing underwear..."

Ex_Member #3

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/19/2004 08:45:34Copy HTML

i just thought of a movie i can remember seeing swimthongs in. To gillian on her 37th birthday. Clare danes and her friend are at a cape cod beach wearing thong swimsuits in front of a couple of boys they weare trying to meet. I'm not one for chick flicks but i did see the movie just to see clare in a thong.

Gstringing #4

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/19/2004 09:25:21Copy HTML

Is that the name of the movie: "To Gillian on her 37th birthday?" Never heard of it but would be interested to rent it.  Is it available on DVD?
Ex_Member #5

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/19/2004 12:12:56Copy HTML

yes, that's the name of the movie. as far a dvd goes, i don't think there is a dvd right now, i rented it from blockbuster on a vhs tape
kgagne #6

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/20/2004 12:45:13Copy HTML

My Farther the hero has a young Natile portman in  a one piece thong.

Jman71 #7

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/20/2004 07:51:47Copy HTML

Reply to : kgagne

My Farther the hero has a young Natile portman in a one piece thong.


Actually it was Katherine Heigl. Natalie Portman wasn't in that movie. 

Thonglicious #8

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/28/2004 04:27:41Copy HTML

"Overboard" 1987 with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.  Goldie sports a very sexy one-piece thong in a couple scenes - also shows off her cute painted toes.


pierre_da_man #9

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/14/2004 09:42:31Copy HTML

Crocodile Dundee I has a great scene of Linda Kozlowski in a gorgeous one piece thong bending over to get some water just before she gets attacked by a croc.  That scene made me fall in love with the one-piece thong.
Ryan Booth #10

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/16/2004 06:36:10Copy HTML

If you go to www.imdb.com which stands for internet movie database. Do a search for a film called Filofax starring James Belushi. I am pretty sure it is called something else when it was released in the States. But it does have a great scene of a girl taking a swim in a thong bikini which gets James Belushi's character all flustered.
Thongon1 #11

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/27/2005 05:52:45Copy HTML


     This isn't a swim-thong, but it's a one-piece thong leotard scene.  In A View To A Kill, Grace Jones' character, May Day, wears a thong leotard while kickboxing with her partner-in-crime-slash-lover.  It's so hot!!  I'm a huge bond fan, but I get that one just for that scene!!  Grace Jones kickboxed her way into my heart, and inspired me to try thong bodysuits.  I'm a straight guy, and it would be so great to be out in the open in a thong bodysuit!!  But, rent the flick, cause it's awesome!!

Thong Kong #12

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/27/2005 06:24:32Copy HTML

"My Farther the hero has a young Natile portman in a one piece thong."

While that's incorrect, any thong lover has got to see Natalie Portman in "Closer". Yeah, she's playing a stripper, which spreads the stereotype about thongs and g-strings being stripper attire, but ohboy that is the most explicit implied nudity I have ever seen in a film. The rest of the film is shyt, but that scene, though disturbing, is intensely erotic for any man who is visually stimulated. Of course it's not swimwear, so it doesn't really belong in this thread...
thonglover2005 #13

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/29/2005 03:35:18Copy HTML

I've been trying to find still movie shots of the Grace Jones/ thong leotard on the net.

I DO have the screen shots AND the video clip of Linda Kozlowski in Coc Dundee.

Monkeybooty1 #14

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/30/2005 03:19:14Copy HTML

The In-laws with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks has a scene where the uptight father (Brooks) ends up in a hot tub wearing a red thong with "Fat Cobra" it is a brief scene.
matchingthongs #15

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/30/2005 06:17:27Copy HTML

The original French version of "My Father the Hero" is "Mon Pere ce Hero" also with Gerard Depardieu. The girl is the truly lovely Marie Gillain from Belgium, the face of Lancome. I think she was 17 at the time and wore a black costume in a thong style although it wasn't a thong in itself. It's a short scene, but much less coy than the later American remake and altogether more natural in the way it's portrayed. To my tastes she has one of the best bottoms in film history.
big daddy thong #16

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/01/2005 09:20:25Copy HTML

Let  me list a few off the top of my head.

Showgirl, It was a terrible movie but a lot of thongs on the girls in many scences.

Weekend at Bernie's,   a girl in thong arrives at the beach house looking for keys to the boat.

2 Fast 2 Furious,  the jet ski race scence behind the garage.

Bad Boys II,  Will Smith and Martin Lawerence checkout a waitress wearing a thong at a South Beach Night Club pool

True Lies,  Arnold gets Jamie Leigh Curtis to striptease dance in a thong.  I really dig jamie leigh.  She is still hot for being 47 years old.


later dudes and dudettes ;~)

Spr String #17

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/01/2005 01:38:08Copy HTML

Enemy of the State, when will smith is buying his wife lingerie in the store.
magnus67t #18

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/06/2005 02:24:20Copy HTML

A 1991 TV movie titiled "Bare Essentials".  The movie shows Charlotte Lewis' beautiful body in a thong.  She plays a Tahitian girl Tarita.  Gregory Harrison also wears a speedo.  A movie that if made today our own Eimeo should play the part of Tarita.
sailor250 #19

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/06/2005 10:56:09Copy HTML

My favorite was Overboard with Goldie Hawn.

She's sunning on her yacht and she's shown from behind going up a ladder.  Earlier you see her in a ond piece suit with string sides but she turns around and it has a g string back, with string sides going up and around to meet the front cloth. HOT!

Thongon1 #20

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/06/2005 04:24:22Copy HTML


     I was just thinking about Birdcage, too.  Many great sights to be seen in that flick.  Many thonging couples are there.  I would like to know, however, if it's really like that on South Beach.  Those of you who have gone have given outstanding reports, but are there really that many people who thong down there to be seen?  All you brave souls who have been there fill us all in.

barefischer #21

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/06/2005 10:48:14Copy HTML

I was watching a teen movie one evening with Freddie Prinz Jr and another actor who was in the Scooby Doo  movies with him stayed over at his house one night and got up the next morning and came into the kitchen wearing a thong. Freddie's Dad was there and they were all chatting and one of his comments were nice "nice thong" I can't recall the name of the movie though. They did show a front view of him in the thong as well.
nakedotter #22

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/09/2005 02:07:35Copy HTML

Reply to Thongon1. Yes, there are thongs regularly worn in Miami at SOBE. Go to www.voyeurweb.com, the free part, and check out the What I Saw link and from time to time you'll find a few pic of very attractive babes in thongs and topless to boot.

naked otter
kgagne #23

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/09/2005 11:50:00Copy HTML

Summer catch to see Freddie.
FlossMan #24

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/11/2005 11:29:39Copy HTML

In the old movie, 'The Graduate,' Dustin Hoffman takes Katherine Ross to a strip bar, and the dancer is wearing a thong. Of course, the dancer is beautiful. The movie was made in the late '60s, at a time when only strippers wore thongs. Also, in the movie 'Cocktail', the girlfriend of Tom Cruise's British mentor wears a thong at a Caribbean Beach. She looks terriffic.

tommiethong #25

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/12/2005 03:57:46Copy HTML

Lauren Hays shows off her awesome ass & bod in a pink thong bikini in "The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure"

pierre_da_man #26

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/18/2005 09:05:20Copy HTML

European Vacation - when they go to the French night club.  It is more  thong leotards than a thong swimsuits, but they are not wearing tights underneath, so it still looks good...
ThongLoverOBX #27

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:08/15/2005 10:50:26Copy HTML

Blues Brothers 2000 has some great thong/g-strings. My personal favorite, The Bikini Car Wash Company 1.

taitdrs #28

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:08/31/2005 08:04:42Copy HTML

SIN CITY !  all the girls in Old Town seemed to b wearing thongs and/or g-strings. Rosario Dawson's  string is one of the best.
g-bro #29

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:09/21/2005 04:10:34Copy HTML

Not sure if anyone has noticed... (hard not to if you have seen the movie) but there is a brief thong flash near the start of 'Speed'. One of the female elevator passengers is being helped off the elevator and her skirt is lifted.

Anyone know who the actress is? out of the credits there are 4 possibilites:

Robin mckee
paige goodman
christina fitzgerald
tara thomas

Also right at the end when sandra bullock and keannu are in the train it looks as though sandra has a g-bodysuit, thoughts?

Any other movies which people have noticed thong flashes?

PS: Its only a 1-2 second flash... so probably isnt worth hiring it out or buying it hahaha



cottong #30

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:09/27/2005 08:36:23Copy HTML

I just saw an ad on ABC-TV (Australia) for the new series of Kath and Kim (comedy soaps spoof) and Glenn Robbins was on the beach in a blue thong. And now I just looked over at the TV and there was a group of people in white thongs and g-strings protesting high fuel prices!
Yeah this was TV rather than movies, but close enough)
meyyen555 #31

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:10/10/2005 01:16:09Copy HTML

Entrapment with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. One part where Catherine is practicing to steal the mask while blindfolded there are a couple shots where you can see her thong lines through her tight pants.
John Howard #32

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:10/15/2005 07:53:03Copy HTML

Does anybody know when is that episode of Kath and Kim airing on TV?

It's a very funny show, and would be twice interesting watching the episode at the beach.

By the way, I remember this character Glenn Robbins from The Panel in Channel 10, he used to have a show maybe one or two years ago,where he played a funny man living or travelling in the outback.  In one ot the episodes,he strips for a swim in a lake or river, and he is just wearing a thong.  Similar to another more serious show maybe 5 or 7 years ago, where another outback man (forgot his name,someting like Troy Dann I think), also stripped to a thong while having a swim at a swimming pool somewhere in the outback.   

Glenn Robbins must definitely be a thonger.

John Howard

Ex_Member #33

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:10/18/2005 05:34:08Copy HTML

That's correct JH, Troy Dann did a documentary for the US, and in a swimming hole somewhere outback, he dives out of the boat in a thong. I can actually remember Merrick and Rosso interviewing him about that on Triple J radio at the time. Glenn Robin's effort was a definate piss-take on that docco.

As for Kath & Kim, I think the current run of episodes is a little later than the show you are talking about. It's available on DVD.

nicthong #34

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:10/26/2005 08:07:20Copy HTML

I'm almost ashamed to admit I even watched this movie but I did and was somewhat rewarded for the otherwise waste-of-time... 2001: A Space Travesty is a Leslie Neilson spoof that features thongs 4 seperate times that I noted - first on an air hostess in a space shuttle (a benefit of anti-gravity supposedly!), then on a girl at a party when Neilson accidentally rips her dress off, also when another girl tries to seduce him and strips down to her thong, and my favourite (which was far more subtle) when Ophelie Winter is performing a song in a club. This last thong is barely noticeable but, to me, is sexier than any of the others because (a) she's the most gorgeous, (b) she's wearing it under a sheer black catsuit, and (c) because she's confidently and intentionally wearing a thong in public. Not sure the film is actually worth renting to watch but I thought it was worth a mention anyway!
liverpoo1 #35

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:10/28/2005 01:05:22Copy HTML

ANy of the really bad 90's and 80's movies had lots of thongs (meatballs series). There was also a series of movise with lots of thongs, theme bad but very attractive actors wera G strings and hang out at beach, bikni contest to save homeless man or get out of trouble. Name of movie is Bikini summer 2, awesome thongs, shocking plot (rated M).

Highlight of this movie (and in series) is when uptight county official bans swimsuit contest only to show up at the end, try on series of hot thong swimsuits, enter contest win it, quit job and become beach bunny.

Don't take them seriously but thongs are top.


Ex_Member #36

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/17/2005 02:03:52Copy HTML

In "Star Wars Episode II: AOTC", about 20-25 minutes into the movie, Obi-Wan and Anakin enter an Outlander Club on Coruscant. As soon as they enter, in the first wide shot of the crowd, there is a woman clearly wearing a thong.
Invisible T #37

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/03/2006 01:46:13Copy HTML

On the TV show Charmed, the episode about the dragon blade, Alyssa Milano is wearing a long sleeve pink thong bodysuit. There are numerous shots of her thong bodysuit hanging out.

thonger2005 #38

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/21/2006 10:54:26Copy HTML

I just remembered:

In the movie Rock Star with Anniston and Wahlberg after Wahlberg becomes the new front man for Steel Dragon, Jennifer is wearing what looks like a see thru dress backstage right before he takes the stage for the first time. You can make out a thong pantyline and at the aftershow nightclub scene when she's dancing with that black chic and someone sticks a pill in Wahlberg's mouth.

corona10 #39

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/24/2006 01:10:01Copy HTML

Gladiator: When Russel Crowe and the black guy (Djimon Hounsou???) are assessed by the slave trader, you see a clear view of the black guy from behind, and he's wearing a thong. In fact it looks like most of the slaves are, but as far as i recall this is the only one you see clearly
rt34ge #40

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/26/2006 08:31:44Copy HTML

to all,
Speaking of old movies from the past two and half decades with thong scenes in them. I do not remember the titile to it and maybe on you all might. The movie takes place at a resort in either Miami or in Mexico somewhere and it is about the lifeguards who work there. The main male actor is wearing a black or white thong in most of the scenes and the female actress were one piece thongs in many of the scence. Any ideas anyone as to what the title might be. I want to say the movie is from the late 1980's or early 1990's.
tommiethong #41

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/04/2006 01:59:45Copy HTML

Former MTV VJ, Remote Control, & B-Rated movie hottie KARI WUHRER bares her lovely ass in a thong bikini bottom in the rarely seen episode of Playboy's Eden as she gets topless! 
tommiethong #42

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/12/2006 03:58:59Copy HTML

 Here is a view of Sienna Miller wearing poka dotted thong from behind in "Alfie".

gohjohan #43

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/16/2006 08:39:26Copy HTML

Anyone seen the preview of Big Momma's House 2? There's a thong. A big one to boot!!
matchingthongs #44

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/20/2006 10:39:06Copy HTML

"Coming to America" (1988) with Eddie Murphy

The young prince Naseem (Murphy) is trying to find a bride in New York when he and his friend hang out at a black girls bikini pageant. Some awesome bodies in 80s style bikinis. One wears a yellow bikini with a tiny front and rio back; another girl has a red thong on. They do a nice spin for the camera where you can enjoy some lovely bottoms.
cmdwxoutku #45

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/21/2006 08:33:58Copy HTML

Road House with Patrick Swayzee and American Pie 2. The girls in that are really muscular  and wearing thong lingerie. They  have great asses. Stir Crazy has a stripper scene with a couple of dancers in thongs.
tommiethong #46

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/01/2006 01:51:30Copy HTML

Kari Wuhrer dancing on stage in thong bottoms at club in "Crossing Guard" with Jack Nicholson
00716 #47

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/22/2006 05:03:33Copy HTML

BIKINI SUMMER 2 is a good movie with plenty of thongs, bikinis and Rio cut bikinis in them and is a very  entertaining movie.  The original Bikini Summer is a pretty good movie but not nearly as good as BIKINI SUMMER 2.
tommiethong #48

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/22/2006 04:46:49Copy HTML

Movie(s) - Spider's Web, Sensation,  Poison, & Out of Sync

Who - Kari Wuhrer

Wearing - (in Spider's Web) Beige colored thong after she meets Stephen Baldwin early on, then later on pinkish colored thong getting frisky with Baldwin.

(in Sensation) Black thong first revealed when she is standing in front of mirror then during seductive dance sequence.

(in Poison) Florial print thong - first glance from behind standing at table, kinda can see it thru her pink dress then full view of it during strip squence in bedroom.

(in Out of Sync) White possibly beige thong during promotional scenes

tommiethong #49

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/26/2006 03:48:12Copy HTML

Natalie Portman in "Closer". Wears florial print thong & glittery purple thong in dance sequences.

What an awesome ass!

Spr String #50

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/01/2006 08:01:21Copy HTML

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" the lead actress falls down on the ice and later checks out her bruise at home, in a thong.
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