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Ex_Member #51

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/03/2006 02:11:06Copy HTML

Not really a thong, but in the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, there's a scene wehre Steve Martin is on the beach in a really nice looking string bikini style swimsuit. And he doesn't look that bad in it.
tommiethong #52

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/31/2006 05:25:10Copy HTML

Movie: 2001: A Space Travesty

Scene: When Lesile Nielsen is on his way to the moon after getting his assignment. While on the flight, the attendant serving him a meal reveals a thong as her skirt is begin elevated due to the difference in gravity.

big daddy thong #53

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:09/15/2006 02:56:19Copy HTML

I was late night channel flicking and came across HBO.  Cameron Diaz was in this movie called "In Her Shoes".  In the scene she was drunk and her sister in the movie was helping her get undressed for bed. Anyway, she was stripped down to black bra and matching thong panties.  This view of her sweet and hot rear end happens quickly, so dont blink or you will miss it.
sailor250 #54

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/03/2006 06:58:17Copy HTML

Claire Danes walking on the beach in a thong



tommiethong #55

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/07/2006 05:07:20Copy HTML

Angel Lewis in  American Pie 5: The Naked Mile dons a baby blue with black stripe thong bikini in which she takes it off.
sailor250 #56

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/24/2006 08:27:12Copy HTML



Goldie Hawn in a thong in Overboard


sailor250 #57

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/24/2006 08:30:50Copy HTML

Kelly Lynch in Cocktail with Tom Cruise, in a foxy unique one piece G string


scthngbttm #58

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/24/2006 01:58:49Copy HTML

I think I remember the movie with claire danes in the thong.... if I recall right, it was "Blame it on Rio". The funny part, they dont show in the youtube scene, is where one of the girl's "father"s, is staring at her ass in a thong saying 'wow...look at that, just like a peach, ripe for the picking'. When she turns around, then he freaks and runs up to her with something to cover her.

I used to get irritated with youtube, simply because they dont give you a download button. You are dependant on youtube, and what if someone removes a video you like? I figured out today how to get video off of youtube. Clear your internet cache, then click on the video you want to watch. Once it loads, check the url up top...it will say something to the efftect of http://www.youtube.com....blahblahblah....gotvideo....e56utywsnd

Now go back and check your temporary internet files. youll see a file: gotvideo.....E56utysnd.FLV (or whatever youtube named that particular file)    move that .FLV file to another folder. Thats the youtube video. Rename it and get a free FLV player from cnet.com. Congrats...you can now keep whatever youtube video you want, and take it with you. There are some converters out there for the .flv files, but the free players are so fast a cheap to get (even under 2mb), why bother paying to convert them?

I hope some of you find it as useful as I have.

jn9195 #59

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/29/2006 09:48:57Copy HTML

The movie with Claire Danes is "To Gillian on her 37th Birthday" from 1996.

"Blame it on Rio" is 12 years older than that, from 1984. "Blame it on Rio" had Demi Moore before she bought boobs.
sailor250 #60

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/30/2006 07:29:58Copy HTML

taitdrs #61

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/03/2007 01:32:00Copy HTML

a link from the one on top,



love the comments section, see how many pages there are?? !!!

thongerinME #62

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/06/2007 09:16:55Copy HTML

Stumble across crocodile dundee 2 . I remember seeing this scene in the movie theater. I was 16-17 and was thinking it was pretty hot.


JM_Runs #63

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/06/2007 05:36:32Copy HTML

I think the Crocodile Dundee scene was the first time I'd really seen a thong swimsuit and Linda really blew me away. Fabulous scene - still has the same effect on me. Thanks for the link
cmdwxoutku #64

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/18/2007 01:23:38Copy HTML

Blame it on Rio - does it have a thong in it then, is it worth checking out?


sailor250 #65

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/01/2007 08:39:16Copy HTML

Anyone see Reno 911 Miami movie yet?  Supposed to be some patrolling in thongs!


ThongLoverOBX #66

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/07/2007 10:15:02Copy HTML

I saw Reno 911 and thought it was a really funny movie. Indeed there are some thongs in the film, however it seems as though they were actually poking fun at thongs. Dangle is the only male who can be seen wearing thongs, which I thought helped perpetuate the "a man wearing a thong is gay" stereotype. Williams, a full figured woman, can be seen wearing her thong. I think it's great for anybody, regardless of how they look, to explore the freedom of wearing a thong... but I had the feeling that the producers put her in a thong to be comical. It's a great movie nonetheless and you will enjoy the scene at the topless beach!
mariko62 #67

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/08/2007 10:10:12Copy HTML

how about watching charlie's angels?cameron diez in a dance number,or lucy liu on the beach in the final scene of the movie.
pkthong #68

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/18/2007 01:00:25Copy HTML

 I just saw CLICK the movie w/ Adam Sandler. What a piece of crap! Not only is the movie a not funny  ripoff of It's a Wonderful Life but they ridicule one of the characters for wearing a speedo. The guy wearing it is not in the best shape. Adam Sandler's character calls him "g string johnny" and "speedo torpedo" in rather disparaging ways. This guys acting career has been in the toilet for a long time.
tighthong #69

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/24/2007 10:52:42Copy HTML

I thought "Click" was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.  I thought the speedo dork was hilarious. 

sailor250 #70

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:12/10/2008 04:12:17Copy HTML

Jessica Biel to appear in a thong
newthongwearer #71

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/26/2009 05:02:54Copy HTML

Has anyone seen the new Transformers movie?  John Turturro's character appears in a thong, he shows his butt.  He actually in great shape for being a fifty something.  He even explains why he is wearing the thong, it is related to the same reason Jason Gimabi wears a thong.
JM_Runs #72

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:11/27/2013 07:51:27Copy HTML

One of my first thong crushes from a movie, in condensed scene:

My question: What company or designer designed that droolworthy swimsuit?
(I do not know the answer, but have always wanted to know) are they still around?

maozer2003 #73

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/11/2014 08:10:49Copy HTML

 Whoever designed that bikini, it's probably no longer available. But you could get a pretty similar bikini from Skinz. They would do the high cut and also the wet-look material.
JM_Runs #74

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/11/2014 09:28:13Copy HTML

 Yeah I was looking at the Skinz ones; looks similar enough in fabric.

Anyone else think of any trivia relating to thongs?
thongguy2001 #75

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/13/2014 08:59:45Copy HTML

I saw a movie the other night that goes directly to number one on my list of movies with thong scenes.  It's called South Beach Academy and it stars Corey Feldman.  It's actually a pretty good flick if you like beach movies.  Check it out.  From what I can tell it came out in 1996.  Man, I miss those days!!!

Another good one worth mentioning is Super-Gator.  It's only available on the Sci-Fi Channel but it has several great scenes of a girl running through the woods in a g-string trying to escape the Super-Gator.  Again, it is a pretty good movie if you're in to B movies with girls in g-strings being chased by giant alligators.    
Anton2 #76

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/15/2014 12:08:01Copy HTML

 There is a series of mexican movies from the 80's and 90's that take place at beaches. Lots of women in high-cut bikinis and thongs, a few guys too but it is rare.



jprob50 #77

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/29/2014 02:27:00Copy HTML

I just watched the movie "The Wiz". I never noticed that in the dance scene near the end, the dancers are clad in loin cloths. And if  you look closely, the guys' loin colths are smaller that the womens'. The womens' cloths are cut like a rio suit in the back, but the guys' are cut like thongs.
tnline #78

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/09/2015 02:12:29Copy HTML

Here's a link to a compilation of thong scenes from movies:

tnline #79

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/09/2015 02:17:06Copy HTML

Goldie Hawn in Overboard

Martylouie #80

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:07/12/2015 10:10:38Copy HTML

 Stewart in minions
sailor250 #81

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/05/2016 11:57:19Copy HTML

 Another flashback to the thong scene in Croc  Dundee with photo
sailor250 #82

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/01/2017 02:46:39Copy HTML

 Referencing thongs in movies http://www.joblo.com/hollywood-celebrities/gossip/top-6-hottest-thong-scenes-from-movies-video-258
Gstringing #83

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/11/2017 06:48:31Copy HTML

There was a movie in the late 90'S possibly, the theme was at a carwash, and all of the women would sing and dance wearing g-strings...anyone familiar? 
Mary0826 #84

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/11/2017 08:24:35Copy HTML

 There are the films Bikini Carwash and Bikini Carwash II.  There were actually two different movies called Bikini Carwash with one changing its name.  The one that changed its name is seldom available, but if you really search, you might find a copy on e-Bay.  I do not know the new name offhand.  This version is my favorite since it has male carwash employees stripping down too, but I don't think they go all the way to thongs -- just tiny cutoffs and maybe some Speedo type outfits.  I think Bikini Carwash II is available on Amazon Prime.  There is more soap and water hoses in these films than can be imagined, but the sequel has a totally different (and not thong related) story line.

Summer Job is a film about a resort and the staff and the women go about their jobs in thongs and nobody seems to notice the female life guard or room service person is wearing thong swimsuits.  Some of the "guests" are in thongs and topless too.  My favorite screen is when a male staff chases another staff member and is stopped by the usually thong clad staff manager.  This guy is in a nice thong and after talking to this man, she adds "Oh, cute shorts.". Again none of the staff members otherwise seem to notice when others on the staff or their customers are wearing thong swimsuits.

What makes these titles interesting is that they almost never, or maybe actually never used the term 'thong' in the title.  Instead, the used the word 'bikini'.  Another example of this is the movie "The Great Bikini 4-Wheel Drive Adventure".  This is a film about an old crusty guy who ran (or maybe I should say ran into the ground) a tourist attraction which featured drives around the desert in Jeeps.  Three young women, visiting from college drive additional Jeeps to try to make more money when one (who is sort of a mechanic type person) decides to work on one of the Jeeps in a minimal thong swimsuit.  Next thing you know, all three are doing these tours for exorbitant prices, often slipping there tops off or totally loosing them along the way.  At one point, the girls try to recruit more thong wearing girls to run tours at a local river, and all the women there are gorgeous of course.   Later when the Jeeps are sabotaged, everyone decides to have river float trips, and more tops come off and everyone is soaking wet.  The best line from this film is something like "We don't get many women who dress like that around here."  When addressing one of the women wearing a thong and standing on the bumper of a broken-down Jeep.  Of course, a few minutes later this same guy, who happens to run the river boat concession, winds up taking his boats to the river were every women in site is wearing a thong and some are top free too.  I guess even though he had a boat concession, he had never been to the river before! 

What made this movie bad (are any T & A movies really good?) was the goofy sideline stories and dumb dialog.  This film has an old Native American who keeps showing up for unknown reasons, a pair of Laurel and Hardy type spies/saboteurs, heavy stereotypes like the Japanese tourist who is clad in cameras and will buy anything he wants regardless of the price, and of course the three leading women who each have their own backgrounds but share the desire, or perhaps the need to strip off their tops whenever possible and their bottoms sometimes too.  These stories almost always have some equally dumb romantic scenes with simulated sex performed at night -- the only time sex can apparently happen. 

I think these films were made for teens and the like to watch at the drive ins.  They also were regularly shown on late-night, weekend movie programs on the early cable TV networks for the same reasons.  My dad says the guys would go over to the house of the friend in the city to watch them on cable TV during sleep overs.  Even with the movies edited from 'R' theatrical to 'PG' they left in enough tits and ass (T & A) that even on the TV they were stroking material, so whenever one of these movies came on, someone would make a video tape and then they would copy this for their friends to use for more "careful study" in the privacy of their own rooms, although Dad said all the guys would get 'excited' when they watched it together.  The copies of these movies I have seen were mostly bad video copies Dad still had, although his VCR has now quit.

One more movie to include in my list is called something like "Beach Babes from Outer Space".  A pair (or maybe it was three?) young women from another world (and who look exactly like humans) 'borrow' the family shuttle for a joy ride and wind up crashing on Earth.  They are befriended by a couple of college aged losers who have come to 'the coast' to visit a relative who runs a healthy food and drink store on the beach.  This film has some nice, if repetitive music, and women (and men) who are absolutely stunning. Music on the beach is rock inspired and these handsome kids are dancing and enjoying the music in their summer swimwear which on the ladies consist of everything from traditional bikinis to G-strings and things to gravity and motion defying suspender suits.  By the time this was made, which I think was the mid 1990's, only a few men are in Speedos with a few in short board shorts or cutoffs.  Many of the men have long hair, however.

This makes me think about another 'standard' part of the story line.  Someone is in danger of losing their business or something else, and needs money. The plot line then follows the people from out of town (they always are new to the area) who cook up some money making scheme which usually involves getting every cute woman in sight into minimal swimwear.  Whatever the problem (or amount needed) the bikini and thing clad women always make the difference and after a few issues, often with 'official' types like prosecutors or the police or just bad guys, the needed money is always raised and the person in need, the visitors, and the women who almost shed it all live happily ever after.

cmp304 #85

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/12/2017 02:23:18Copy HTML

 Was it USA network that had "Up All Night" that featured movies like these on either Friday or Saturday nights?  I remember that from college.  In the pre-Internet days that was a reliable source of T&A!

And yes - the script was essentially the same, just change the location, business type/name and the relationship of the bikini wearers to the troubled owner.
ithongit #86

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/12/2017 03:59:10Copy HTML

 I remember one of the first beach films I saw was called Malibu Beach.  At least I think that was the name.  Dad had made a copy on VHS and Nikki and watched it one Saturday night, hoping it would be really cool.  Even at that young age, it didn't impress us that much.  (We had been 'reading' Playgirl for years.). I looked it up and it looks like it was made in 1978, so I guess we shouldn't have expected too much.  I may be getting my T & A films mixed up, but it seems that this movie was about a few girls who had use of a beach front house in Malibu for the summer in exchange for painting it.  You never see a paint brush in the film of course.  The girls have some of there friends over and the next thing you know, the friends invite their friends over and there are a couple dozen 'kids', having dull beach parties and even duller looking sex all over the place, including on the beach.  As Mary observed, all sex occurs at night except when one of the girls first arrives and opens her bedroom door and there is a couple making it on her bed.  Some of the guys had long hair and most wore skimpy swimwear by todays standards or cutoffs, like guys back then would wear in real life.  One of the girls that was was supposed to be there sometimes wore this red thong, but also had a couple of other swimsuits too -- just like a real girl would pack.  In one of the first shots she and another girl go to the beach and as they wander about and set up their stuff it is obvious she is wearing a thong.  There were no shots in the whole film of any of the thong clad women laying out and getting sun on their buns, and I don't remember a guy in a thong except maybe just before a sex sceen.  I guess that would have been too risque back then.  The good thing is that the thong girl in the film never seemed to be noticed in her thong nor was she the least bit shy about wearing it.  There were a few times she took her top off and this was just as casual as wearing her thong, but going top free was pretty much just during sunbathing.  Again, nobody seemed to care when she laid out in a lounger topless, but I am sure guys watching the film were happy with her minimal swimwear and when she went top free.  I don't recall much else about the film except most of the actors looked more like real people than being super sexy, like the Playgirl men we hoped we would see.  I think this film had a nosey male neighbor who was trying to sneek home videos of any woman in a swimsuit and especially those who were top free.  His video camera is as big as a suitcase and looks like it weighed 50 pounds!

The Beach Babes from Outer Space movie was unique since it had siblings of famous movie stars in it, like the guy who Mary mentioned who ran the health food place was in real life one of Martin Sheen's brothers who was in real life an accountant or something.  There were others, all either non actors or unknown actor relatives.  Occasionally, you would go "was that so-and-so".

While we never learned anything from these movies like we later did from some porno movies we found in the garage, they probably did encourage us when the time came and we started wearing thongs.  The Malibu beach movie I mentioned caused Nikki and me to talk about a lot and we assumed since my dad was into thongs and we sometimes saw them on other people at the beaches, and now we saw movies where characters wore thongs without doing so just to be sexy, that thongs must be very main stream.  The T & A films further encouraged us to start wearing thongs and we did when I was 15 and Nikki, my sister was 14.  We actually were well received for five to ten years in our thongs, but as we all know, things changed rapidly in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Now the few films that have thongs and other minimal swimwear use the swimwear for comic relief, and no man can be shown in a thong of any type without being a laughing stock.  Even women in thongs are either bad people or only wearing them as tools to pick up men -- neither activity promotes healthy thong wear.
ValleyGuy #87

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/12/2017 05:12:25Copy HTML

 1994's "Tropical Tease" portrays thongs as normal beachwear for the young and sexually attractive.  It's a dumb comedy, but there's several babes, and at least one hunk, in thongs.  Here's a clip:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7f5XjbEvIE 
cmp304 #88

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/12/2017 06:21:17Copy HTML

Mary made the observation that the titles used the word bikini and not thong.   When thongs were more common they were simply a back style of a bikini and somewhere along the line thongs have become their own type of  clothing. 
ohiothonger #89

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/12/2017 08:13:02Copy HTML

 The original Bikini Carwash movie was renamed California Hot Wax and is on YouTube in its disastrous full length.
32189 #90

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/15/2017 02:13:12Copy HTML

I just watched parts of Summer Job on youtube as Mary's post got me curious.  I scrolled throughout the movie and found some funny parts.  Saw the scantily clad women and a couple scenes of guys in thongs.  The movies did not portray the thong wearing guys as anything goofy or bad.  It seemed like it was just another type of swimwear that was no big deal.  Anyway, I cannot imagine watching the movie all the way through but thank goodness for youtube where I could scroll through at will!
Vega1210 #91

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/05/2017 10:05:04Copy HTML

 any chance you can post the time of where the thong parts are at?
Martylouie #92

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/06/2017 01:41:39Copy HTML

 No, you have got to suffer through the whole movie ?
Mary0826 #93

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/06/2017 09:51:53Copy HTML

 Really suffer!
32189 #94

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/07/2017 02:02:49Copy HTML

Sorry Vega. I did not note the times of the thong parts and I am not going to go back to pull the times.  Go on youtube and you can scroll through it.  It goes pretty fast!  
sailor250 #95

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/19/2017 12:27:30Copy HTML

 Here's a list of the hottest thong scenes in the movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czmPaOd0IuY
sailor250 #96

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:06/19/2017 12:32:32Copy HTML

 Hey they forgot one of my favorites! https://goo.gl/images/ZWWFZr
ChiThong80 #97

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:08/10/2017 07:47:36Copy HTML

 Exit to Eden is one of my all time favorites, and there are tons of scenes with topless women wearing only thongs as well as lots of men in thongs and small bikinis. I used to have the biggest crush on Paul Mercurio in that movie, lol! It's actually one that made me really want to wear thongs and tiny underwear as a young teenager.
littleone55555 #98

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:08/12/2017 12:06:44Copy HTML

Summer job was a good movie, do that many girls still wear thongs these days in Florida? Is topless common in Florida or was that just for the movie?
JM_Runs #99

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:08/12/2017 03:37:51Copy HTML

Thongs are popular on girls.
Topless is quite rare, except the nude beaches, Miami Beach, and a few other places like Fort De Soto or Key West, but only on the more secluded sections of beach.
sailor250 #100

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:09/14/2017 10:17:37Copy HTML

 TNT tanning in new movie with The Hoff and Jon Lovitzhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4879804/The-Hoff-catches-Jon-Lovitz-leering-Irina-Voronina.html 
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