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sailor250 #101

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/17/2018 03:03:45Copy HTML

 Dakota Johnson wore a pastie thong for 50 shades shoots http://www.eonline.com/news/913324/dakota-johnson-had-a-strapless-thong-glued-to-her-body-for-fifty-shades-freed-sex-scenes
Sharon73 #102

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/17/2018 04:44:16Copy HTML

 I LOVE the Fifty Shades movies series, I have watched them several times.  They are so erotic
Cloydene #103

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:02/19/2018 05:00:55Copy HTML

 Not from the movies but I'll never forget on MTV Spring Break in 1987 Downtown Julie Brown had a segment featuring a few men modeling skimpy revealing swimwear. A buff dude was wearing a white thong and she commented, "Now that's a nut-hugger! That's all I have to say about that one."  Nobody to my knowledge has uploaded that scene, but I'm sure it would have many thousands of views if someone did.
Greek10 #104

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:03/22/2018 10:57:25Copy HTML

 Katherine Heigl wearing the one piece thong swimsuit in My father the hero and Loryn Locklin in that sexy black thong swimsuit in Taking care of business
tobias5711 #105

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/30/2018 01:12:23Copy HTML

 I Don't know where the video comes from. But I think being a hair dresser would be a great job to do in a thong.
Sharon73 #106

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:04/30/2018 05:10:41Copy HTML

 I's LOVE to get my haircut there!!!!
tiggerix #107

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/16/2018 03:49:14Copy HTML

1980s German film set in Ibiza - lots of thongs and G's on guys and girls.  


mack_back #108

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/16/2018 06:18:47Copy HTML

Tiggerix Erotic comedy great find wonder if there are subtitles to the film? 1980 what a year to be beach tanning in Ibiza, love it! Wish going to the beach these days could be so casual and easy. Although funny to watch the skinny males. These days guys in films about the beach are more buff with muscles and  tats. Then again my c/o beach you can do or wear whatever you want without to much judgement. Judgement is for the visitors not the lurkers. 
Only watched 20 minutes but suppose males who regularly go nude on the beach would prefer wearing thongs with tie sides. I suppose it's for the benefit films censors laws getting X-rated rating. I suppose back then men needed to wear woman string tie thongs because of the limited niche market for thong swimwear.
tobias5711 #109

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/16/2018 11:55:36Copy HTML

 watched Erotic movie- Nice to see have relaxed both female and male stars were bing nude or in just tiny g-strings. Wish Things wee like that here in states now.
matchingthongs #110

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/17/2018 09:23:02Copy HTML

 Interesting film tiggerrix. 1980 must've been right at the start of thong wearing in Europe. Topless bathing was a lot more common then. The string thongs look quite primitive compared to later ones.
It's an interesting reminder of how most young men and women looked back then. I remember it well when that was the norm. No gym bunnies with pumped up bodies and supplements. No implants or tatoos; just naturally fit, healthy and sporty looking people. 
tiggerix #111

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/18/2018 09:24:24Copy HTML

Yes, the Ibiza film shows happy days when things had become very relaxed.  I think the trend from the mid 70's in Europe was very much topless and very low bottoms on both sexes.  Also, I think that g-string beachwear started to take off in the 70's, with the informal looking loose bit of material just tied in place being more popular than 'proper' fitted suits like Hom.  There were often photos in the papers of guys and girls in thongs and strings that made you wish you lived somewhere much warmer than UK...

And yes - most people were slim.

JM_Runs #112

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/18/2018 03:25:37Copy HTML

Back in the late 70's, early 80's I had two very small string side suits by HOM, basically like a pocket thong in front, string sides with small rears. 
Also two suits by YSL which are not thongs but very low cut in front and rear with with narrow sides.
They were just perfect fits. Got two in the BVI and two in St Martin. 
They all showed the top of the buttocks. In that way the suits are very like the cut of some of the MateGear suits of today.

Still have a couple somewhere. Elastic in fabric and cloth has long since gone lose. 
I was a lot skinnier back then, and 40 pounds lighter.

Maybe we should have a show and tell at Sunsplash with some of our earliest suits or thongs. 

Mary0826 #113

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/18/2018 03:34:42Copy HTML

We have movie night every Thursday after dinner.  Dad is from Germany and Mom is from France.  Both speak German.  I do too.  First, from a cinema point of view, this movie was never intended to be shown as a major hit.  It was a "B" or "C" film from the start.  It is a woman biker/disco/beach movie with a couple of other genres thrown in to make it more interesting. 

Dad says it is  typical of the teen films they used to make and says it is sort like "Bikini Car Wash" or  "Great Bikini Off Road Adventure" or "Beach Babes From Beyond".  Someone said something about a translation.  You are not missing much.   If you are watching for the thongs, topfree women, etc.  you don't need to know the dialog, and even if you want to follow the story, it is pretty easy to follow without knowing what they are saying.  Scott and Brad watched it with us and they got probably 90% of the story line without knowing German.  They didn't know everything, for example that the couple is married.  They both assumed that they were just very close friends.  But, does that really make that big of a difference?

Dad says this type film was somewhat common in Germany around the time it was made.  (Remember that Europe was a lot less restrictive of both actual beach nudity as well as when it was shown on screen.)  Still, Dad says the proportion of topfree and thongs seems to be a bit high, just like they are in "The Bird Cage" set in Miami Beach.  Still, with the exception of people wearing thongs would not be that unusual.  He thinks the producers pushed for more toplessness and more thongs on the women to make the film more interesting to an audience who most likely had spent time at similar beaches on holiday.    
He pointed out that people act like thongs and topfree on the beach are totally normal, and the people shed their cloths openly wearing thongs under.  This was what the "cool" people did in Europe at the time, and there was very little if an resistance.  Dad also pointed out that the music is basically all American with English words.  This was also common in other films and on the radio and TV.  This is why American groups, Rock, Country, etc.  all seem to have some European stops on their concert tours.   While a woman might get away with a flimsy shirt or a shirt that has almost fallen off in more public places (like in the plazas) they would have not worn just their thongs in these places, unless it was practically on the beach.  

Dad pointed out that in scenes filmed in the towns that the women are not generally topfree and nobody was wearing thongs.  He also pointed out that the guys wore mostly bikini or thong swimsuits, and he says that thongs on men at the time were just as widely worn on the beach as they were on women.  What I noticed is how primitive the thongs appear to be compared to today's thongs and G-strings.  Most were barely more than what we would call G-strings today, but they seem to always consist of a waist band with a bulky connection to the back strap.

Still, this is a fun movie for today's thongers.  Based on the teen beach thonging movies like those I mention before, it appears that there was about a seven to ten year delay in the American "B" movies catching up with where the European movies were at the time.  From what I read on the board, they then had a seven to ten year delay in the board short timing.  But from what I understand, thongs and topfree as well as men in bikini swimsuits have never not been accepted since this time, while the same outfits in America are shied from and even outlawed in many locations.

I am including a film description from a European Movie data base below.  I think the formatting will be goofed up:

Die Sch?nen Wilden von Ibiza. 1980. -  Director: Sigi Rothemund - Duration: 83 minutes -  Genre: comedy 

Synopsis: Mike and Susi are a newly married couple who come to Ibiza to spend their honeymoon. When they arrive at a hotel realize they have no room. In addition, a pair of criminals steal their bags with all the money they had. So the couple decide to go see a friend, Juppy, who lives in a idyllic hut beside the sea. But Mike meets Gilda, a motorcyclist woman who has very peculiar friends. Mike initiates a relationship with her and putting in risk his relationship with Susi.

Commentary: New film produced by the German company Lisa Films, with Ibizan scenarios and with much of the same technical team from the film ‘Summer Night Fever’. The director Sigi Rothemund told to the newspaper Diario de Ibiza that ‘Die Sch?nen Wilden von Ibiza’ has the feeling of an American film. It tries to present the island’s beauty and the summer atmosphere, attractive for Germany where they lack sun and heat.

As in ‘Summer Night Fever’, the script was written by the German producer Erich Tomek (signing with the pseudonym Florian Burg), who will also later be responsible for performing the scripts for the following Lisa Films projects on the island ‘ Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza ‘(1983) and’ Mama mia – Nur keine panik ‘(1984).‘Die Sch?nen Wilden von Ibiza’ was filmed in July and August 1980.

In the film appear numerous locations of the island, like the airport, Ses Salines, Club Deportivo Botafoc Marina, Club San Rafael, the Marina district, Platja d’en Bossa, Figueretes, Plaza de Toros (where a performance was filmed with Manuel Benitez “El Cordobés”) and the Paseo Vara de Rey, among other places.The film was widely distributed in the international markets and in Spain it was distributed under the title ‘Hembras salvajes en Ibiza’, being labeled with the symbol “S” for its high erotic content. Comment written by Enrique Villalonga, head production studio Filmótica.
Mary0826 #114

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:05/19/2018 05:36:49Copy HTML

 Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza listed in the review above is even worse than most American T & A films.  The exaggerated characters, dumb costumes make this a sort of Benny Hill type film.  You can see the progression of women's thongs.  They look more sleek and more like true thongs and less like badly made G-strings.  Unfortunately, there is a lot more female total nudity, but I didn't see any nude men.  Also, only a few men are in thongs and this includes all the lead players.  The only guy in a thong with a speaking part is a photographer, and he is shot in a shadow that starts at his waist and from the side, so his bottom is not that obvious.  The songs are really bad, and at times the characters break out into songs like some European version of a 1950's American beach movie.  This film is great if you want to see a lot of women in thongs, usually topfree and sometimes nude, but otherwise, it is pretty bad.

You tube has quite a selection of European movies, apparently uncut and unedited.  There has to be another "good" one someplace.

A more recent European movie with some nudity and topfree scenes (and a really good plot for a change of pace) is called "Swimming Pool" (2003).  I don't want to give away the plot, because there is a plot and it is pretty good.  This is a relationship film about two women, one older and a mystery writer and a young lady probably late teens with a lot of problems.   They wind up in the same summer house in France and have many surprising things happen.  The young lady is cool with nudity around the houses pool, and goes nude or topfree much of the time.  She does not wear any thongs, but does have some cheeky swimsuits.  If I had to pick my favorite scene, it would be near the begining when the girl lays out nude and the older women confronts her by the pool.  Neither act like the nudity is anything out of the ordinary.  The film does contain both male and female nudity inclulding a few c***s in some scenes.  Most of the dialog is English which makes it easier to watch for most people on this side of the Atlantic.  I picked up the DVD of this for $0.50 at a thrift store.  The full movie is on YouTube.

sailor250 #115

Re:Swim thongs in the movies

Date Posted:01/20/2019 03:21:04Copy HTML

Here is a compilation of thong scenes from movies through the years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVummCcK9C0
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