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Date Posted:12/06/2004 02:17:02Copy HTML

Hello,I recently bought my girlfriend some micro lingerie from the-bikini.com and I am really interested in buying her a bikini. The micro thong that I bought her measured like 2.1 inches at the widest point in the front. This is fine for lingerie.. but I'd like something slightly larger (maybe 1/2 an inch wider), yet still incredibly small for an all-age public beach.The issue at hand here is she's 18 years old and in high school. So, she lives with her parents. We will be spending spring break with them, as they are paying for it. They aren't strict at all really, but I doubt they'd like to see their daughter walking around the beach ass-bare. I need a bottom piece that is semi-appropriate in the back (we will be on a non-thong acceptable beach). This means that there will be families around - including little kids. However, I still want the bottom to be small and slightly shocking (to resort folk).Onto the specifics:Her body description: She is a small girl -- 5'5", 108lbs and a 34C. She can fit into a 3, 4 and 5 sized pant, but the 5's are kind of big on her. Usually she has to buy small bottoms and medium sized tops.Front of bottom piece: I'd like something that is ONLY enough to cover the bare essentials up front. She shaves completely, and frequently - so hair won't be any kind of issue. Therefore, I'd like it to be as low cut as you can get. Width wise, I'd like it to scantily cover her labia so that it will not ride up between them easily. Nonetheless, I'd like it to be the minimum size possible. Maybe similar in size and in styleto these:http://www.the-bikini.com/galleries-mini/bigimages/image002.jpghttp://www.the-bikini.com/galleries-mini/bigimages/image038.jpghttp://www.the-bikini.com/galleries-minimini/bigimages/image026.jpgBack of bottom piece: This is where the issue seems to be. She can't go around wearing a g-string (not this time at least). That's all that she wears daily and she isn't worried about wearing something revealing, as long asI'm with her,but in a public family atmosphere I think that this would be unacceptable. Either way though, an insanely small bottom that still covers the crack would be great. An example:http://www.the-bikini.com/galleries-minibrazil/bigimages/image002.jpgBrand: Any brands/websites in particular that have high quality products. Please let me know! I don't want crappy stuff! I want the best fitting, most durable, reputable products on the internet. No matter the price.I will buy her a thong bottom within the next year, but for now, I'd rather have a reallyscarcely-clad bottom that still manages to skimp by.If someone can direct me or give me advice on this subject, please do.Thanks! -Matt
Pete01 #1

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/06/2004 07:28:17Copy HTML


You seem to have done your research quite well !!

The need for some rear cover does limit the choice somewhat - when it comes to thongs/g-strings you can get designs for any level of cover you want from various manufacturers, from pretty modest, down to the 'virtually nothing' invisible strings. I think the mini brazil design from the-bikini fits the bill quite well - it looks good in the pictures, it covers the 'crack' reasonably well and the front is nicely low cut and brief - your GF  would need to be shaved  to wear this. Why not give it a go ?? i know some folks on this site have had a bad experience with the-bikini, but I ordered a few things from them a few weeks back - like you, I  got a few lingerie items for my GF , and i thought I would try out their 'extreme string' for men. The ordering on the site ws reasonably easy, and the stuff arrived (from Spain, where it is made) within four days. The quality looks reasonable -the extreme string was a slightly loose fit round the sides of the pouch on me , but it was a 'one size fits all' design, so I took an inch out of the back strap to pull it down it a bit at the front and that made it fit better all round.  I think the mini brazil they make is also a 'one size fits all', but it has tie sides, so it  should be easy for your GF to adjust the fit.

The only other thought I had was to get something custom made - I think Sublime bikinis do ths, certainly for thongs - you can specifiy exactly the dimensions of the bottoms you want. I notice from their site that they are shutting down now until February next year, as they are relocating, so you probably would get anything from them in the near future. 

I hope these comments help - let us know what you decide and how you get on. When it comes to the thong/g-strings I am sure there will no shortage of advice from this board as to where to find what you are looking for - it just depends how daring you and your GF want to be. 

All the best


Ryan Booth #2

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/07/2004 01:35:55Copy HTML

I think the best course of action would be to ask your girlfriend what she would be comfortable wearing. She may like wearing thongs and that but if she is going to be with her parents on the beach then she might only feel comfortable in a modest bikini. I know my fiancee would not even feel comfortable wearing a regular bikini in front of her parents, especially her Dad. But if you are on the beach without her parents then I can not see anything wrong with the Mini Brazil or similar design.
mpike #3

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/07/2004 03:08:10Copy HTML

She would be comfortable wearing the mini brazilian, i'm sure. I'd have to ask about the thong though. I doubt that she would mind if her parents werent there.

I guess what I was looking for is if there is something similar to the-bikini's mini brazilian at other websites. I just want something that's high quality from a company that's reputable. About the same as the rear at the-bikini but a really small front. I'm just looking for some other recommendations. Anyways, thanks!

JM_Runs #4

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/07/2004 04:52:22Copy HTML

If you get a small Brazil type rear the front will take care of it's self. Apart from thongs, I have never seen a suit with a larger front than rear. So if you get one with a cute rear you can be fairly sure the front is cute and still smaller.

Why don't you show her some samples on the web and get her to select the suit and color. It will play much better before the parents if she says "I picked out this xxxx one because I like the xxxxxx". This way it looks like her own choice. If, when questioned about it, she says "My boy friend wanted me to wear this" it makes you look both a little controlling and a bit of a perv. Partents allways distrust the motives of any young man with their daughter. That's just life. SO make it 'her choice'. That way it's far more likely to go down smothly with the parents.
matchingthongs #5

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/08/2004 06:33:25Copy HTML

I agree with the last reply; make it her choice.
Why not get 2. One a bit more modest to get her and her folks used to a minimal bikini and one more daring and remember, she can always "tuck it in" to get more sun on her bum!
It sounds weird to worry about kids seeing a thong on a beach. In my experience of beaches in Europe they couldn't care less. Also remember that her mum is probably of an age I would guess where she may well have worn a very brief bikini in her teens, so it shouldn't be too strange to her.

Good luck and let us know how you got on
mpike #6

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/08/2004 06:58:09Copy HTML

What about this one? My girlfriend usually wears string bikinis. I'd get her a larger top though to compensate for her breast size.


nicthong #7

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/08/2004 06:40:38Copy HTML

Hey, I'd agree with the suggestion above that you make it her choice but I guess you still need some idea of what you might suggest to her. I just did a quick search in Google using the phrases 'brazilian bikini' and 'rio bikini' - most of the results aren't quite as skimpy as you seem to be suggesting by your own examples... BUT, I did find these...


If you've got some time I'm sure you can find more by searching phrases such as 'skimpy bikini' or 'revealing bikini' or similar. All the best and be sure to let us all know if you find anything else that's along the lines of what you're looking for! Enjoy your vacation!

mpike #8

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/09/2004 03:57:07Copy HTML

Yes, I've found aSS's social bikini as well. I figured I could order that bottom, and a less covering top. I also found NVR String's Vestige, but I decided to go with the-bikini.com's mini brazilian. I'll see how it turns out. It's not that much money, so if it's too small.. we can always order something slightly bigger. Thanks for everything guys!
eaglespy009 #9

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:12/13/2004 06:04:18Copy HTML

try wicked weasle
sailor250 #10

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:01/29/2019 04:26:52Copy HTML

Has anyone tried to gift a swimsuit to someone else to wear as a dare or show of appreciation? To the same sex or opposite sex? I haven't tried it yet but sometimes I have with me a female suit which I could give away. I've been at pools/ beaches where I've talked to women who have worn/are wearing suits given to them by guys- sometimes internet linked guys- one girl even encouraged gifts and took photos modeling the thongs. I've often thought I could get some girls to join me in wearing very small suits if I were able to give more than one of them the same small suits , maybe in packages so they'd dare one another to wear them right now! At topless venues just small G strings might be perfect.... tie side suits would make it one size fits all!
Beached_Santa_Cruz #11

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:01/30/2019 04:16:26Copy HTML

Buying a suit for someone I didn't know well?.....No. I had bought my late wife some fairly small bikinis, even a Wicked Weasel. She was 5'3" and weighed about 95 pounds. She would wear them in places where we wouldn't run into anyone she knew and if the beach was really deserted. I've learned over the years that if a woman doesn't buy it for herself then it's a waste of my money trying to get them to wear something a little more risque than what they would normally wear. The last purchase from Victoria's Secret for my late wife was over $300 and it didn't include any lingerie. It was a really nice robe, pajamas, and sweaters. Lingerie and skimpy swimwear for a woman who doesn't wear it is a waste of money.
sailor250 #12

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:01/30/2019 08:57:36Copy HTML

What I was talking about above was to give away a suit to someone you've met at a beach or pool who seems to be interested in wearing a smaller suit but isn't now- or say they don't have one. I'm not talking about carrying around an expensive suit to give away but there are some cheap suits on amazon and ebay that would be a way of getting others into tiny suits. Some girls or guys would on the spur of the moment change into a small suit and might like it if they're with someone else in a tiny suit- that's me. Yes the last two women I can think of were already topless- but I think would have looked good in a G string instead of bikini bottom!
ohiothonger #13

Re:Swimsuit gift, revealing bottom, yet somewhat modest?

Date Posted:01/30/2019 11:24:15Copy HTML

Several years ago, there was a young lady, barely out of high school who worked at the concession counter at a state park lake. I would go in on almost every visit and get a drink or salty snack. She warmed up to me pretty quick. She would compliment me on my suit, say which suits she prefered (the one today, or the one last week), etc. She seemed to be quite serious about this, but we also spent many hours just talking about this and that. She turned me onto a small river dam, not far away where younger people often skinny dipped or wore extreme swimwear. It surprised me that she said several of her boyfriends wore thongs or g-strings here when not quite comfortable enough to hang out in the nude. While she seemed to treat my thongs as just another type swimwear, she admitted that she had never had a thong swimsuit of her own. I guessed her size was close to a relative, and bought her a light blue thong with matching minimal top. She really appreciated the gift and came down to the beach later wearing just her new suit to make sure I liked it. As summer progressed she got up the nerve to wear her thong swimwear more and more openly, often stopping at the lake before or after work and hanging out with the other workers in the store in nothing more, sometimes when I was doing the same thing. She even took her top off and sunned and swam topfree when I was there, and perhaps at other times as well. For three years she was a fixture at the park but always treated other thongers with a lot of respect and at time awe when they too wore thongs. So in this case, gifting a thong swimsuit to here was greatly appreciated and helped her to further explore her own swimwear choices.
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