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Date Posted:02/11/2019 03:32:06Copy HTML

Has anyone noticed how some people who wear bikini type bottoms need to yank them into position when getting in or out of the water?  Mostly a woman thing (since it involves tight bikini like swimwear) but I've seen men in Speedo type swimwear doing this too.  The yank is to pull the bottom back over the buns.

Some thongers seem to do the opposite -- yank their swimwear inward to keep them from covering too much and perhaps to eliminate a wedgie.

Now that there are a lot of cheeky suits, it is interesting to see some women doing one type of yank, while others do the second.  What is really intresting to watch is that some of these women will start out with a covering yank but later switch to the uncovering type as they get used to their suits or they get used to those around themselves.


ohiothonger #1

Re:Swimwear adjustment yank

Date Posted:02/12/2019 05:36:47Copy HTML

I think it has more to do with having the swimsuit cover what it is designed to cover than anything else. Women who wear more traditional bikini bottoms don't want them to wedgie into a thong, and those wanting to wear a thong, dont want their suits to bag-out to cover more. It probably has something to do with getting a consistant suntan with people who want one type or another of suntan lines too.
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