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Date Posted:03/02/2012 05:50:42Copy HTML

Anyone have personal experience with Swirl thongs? The prices are relatively low, in the $10-15 range, but I have some suspicions on the quality when looking at pictures and considering the price.


tanlines2thin #1

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/03/2012 11:25:20Copy HTML

i've bought alot of sexi stuff from this outfit........it actually is a pretty decent value.......i'll put it this way, it's better than what ya pay for......
JackValentine #2

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/05/2012 07:26:10Copy HTML

 I ordered three items today. I'll report back in a few weeks.

JackValentine #3

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/12/2012 03:59:06Copy HTML

 I'd say these are a good value, but the fit is a little odd on them. The waist band goes high, but the pouch goes kind of low. One pair made me feel like I was tucking my stuff between my legs.
tanlines2thin #4

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/12/2012 05:32:21Copy HTML

just what suits or products did ya get?.......
JackValentine #5

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/12/2012 06:09:13Copy HTML

I haven't worn this one, other than to try it on.

This is the one I was referring to in regard to fit.

tanlines2thin #6

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/13/2012 12:47:25Copy HTML

jack-ski....i checked out the suits you got from swirl.......i haven't had any of these......no offense, but they are a touch too conservative......if you wanna know about any of the more revealing items - fyi: i am g-string oriented - just ask.......in any event, welcome to the cult.....
JM_Runs #7

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/13/2012 04:15:52Copy HTML

 This stuff appears to be the same stuff available direct from China, on ebay, at less cost.
JackValentine #8

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:03/15/2012 07:35:42Copy HTML

Well, the first one that I linked to has the same fit issues that I was referring to. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way that it is. But I did just see that the seam on the front isn't finished and because of that there is a half inch hole in the garment along that line. I've sent the company a message and am waiting for a response on an exchange or a return.
sailor250 #9

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:06/27/2017 11:01:20Copy HTML

So I've ordered some stuff from Swirl and it's not that bad!  OK everything is made in China and some stuff is available directly from China on Ebay too, but good luck with any customer service from over there- and you probably won't get what you ordered or saw in the picture.  These prices aren't bad- $7-11 dollars.  The shipping costs are listed at $3 per but they drop so maybe $6 on 5 suits.  So far I think some of you guys would like some of these. Now with Dore , Nu Parr, Thongbiker gone we need some variety from the basic G string and thong bikini'sSo I'll reference some specific suits as they seem to differ in manufacturer , fit , size from one page to another- to be expected- she's just dealing in the suits she gets from China.  I've ordered some of different colors from the same page and yes once it was different other times all the same except color. This suit is one of my favorites.  V string design, slightly wider straps.  The pouch with the semi shaft design fits me well.  The top of the suit is right at the root, it fits like a Koala Fury in some ways .  The fabric is a little variable but thin which means semi tan thru- I did lotion up and in one day got no tanline.  It's not really see thru at all.  You'll bounce and sway a lot!           http://www.ebay.com/itm/K639-B-Mens-Sexy-Underwear-Push-up-Penis-Sleeve-Pouch-soft-Jersey-/182212911504?var=&hash=item70c0c87f35   Next I got one of these "lace" pouch  G string suits.  I got the larger pouch and it fits great.  Now understand this is completely sheer so I'll only wear it where "oh he's wearing something" is ok.  Needless to say there will be no tan lines!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/K142-SEXY-MEN-STRING-POSING-POUCH-Thong-C-thru-Spider-Net-Bigger-pouch-/182241278471var=&hash=item70d2e4254d    Got one of these- may add more later.  S/M  fits me at 32 inch waist just fine. The out and up design I knew wouldn't be "up" like a Dore Horizon but when on it's "up and a little curved up"  Again this isn't a "kiddie pool" suit!  I haven't had a chance to get opinions on the beach yet but I know when people are pointing to me I'll be pointing back!!  Will see if the fabric holds it's elastic properties as if it stretches I'll sag!!  The fabric isn't see thru but lets more than half the sun thru.!    http://www.ebay.com/itm/K495B-Mens-Thong-Low-Rise-Upward-Forward-Soft-Jersey-/182282678400?var=&hash=item70e17fd7d1  
Got one of these mesh thong bikinis.  S/M fits me fine, the pouch is not too tight. It's not really see thru but it's light! The suit weighs about 1/2 oz (a few grams) and when on it feels like you're nude.  The fabric is totally tan thru!  I picked a green, I think the medium and dark colors would match my skin tone and be less see thru.  The white or ivory will look like a tanline!! They would be totally transparent when wet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/K4030-8-color-available-Grape-Smugglers-Mens-Mesh-String-Thong-Contoured-Pouch-/171794471629?var=&hash=item6d9a2879c5
Got one of these half thong suits.  It's really light weight sort of tan thru.  It's a little small to hike up on my hip- have to wear it lower, so get less security against a "ball out".  I've worn a few times at pools.   One afternoon I was walking around a lot and got a complete "pop out " without warning- so don't go strutting down South Beach without a Plan B.... I'd give it a 6 out of 10, but there aren't many of these out there for $7!!  http://www.ebay.com/itm/K351-Hot-Mens-Sexy-Pouch-Contoured-Half-Thong-Funny-/171361304483?var=&hash=item6d86d90767 
For those times when I have to wear something but can look nude- like a private home pool with some fiends I mean friends I got two of these missile sheath pouches.  So the small fits best- if I'm not filling it out it still points like I am.  The Medium is too big unless I'm full hard on.  It's not easy to see how each of you would fit in them- but I'm about 4-5 hanging and almost 9 full on for comparison.  So to fix this fit issue I used the internal metal ring fix I've described by putting a metal split ring that slips over my head into the end of the tube gripping the bottom of the tip and now the suit follows me longer or shorter.  These have acceptable elastic, won't sag much.  The sac sack is big enough.  I'd give an 8 of 10.  ( I got asked if I could put a rubber over "that thing"- I said- yeah- meet me in the shallow end of the pool and I'll show you.)( Then- "I've ridden a horse before but not a zebra")  $5!! That costs less than the white wine someone poured on it- ouch cold!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/K335-P-Mens-Willy-Pouch-Penis-Sock-Warmer-Sleeve-Printed-Space-Dyed-/181383535573?var=&hash=item6fd860bed1
leo40 #10

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:06/28/2017 12:18:35Copy HTML

I have been satisfied with Swirlfashion purchases.  Yes, you can get the same things directly from China.  Her inventory largely reflects that of Aliexpress store Birdsland.  The difference is that Swirlfashion has all that stuff ready to ship from California, with a wait for delivery in days, not weeks.  When I order something, it is some new kind of G-string I want to try, like K203 covering shaft only.
LVER18 #11

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:06/29/2017 07:15:17Copy HTML

 I must be part of the few who find that the items sold by Swirl Fashion don't fit properly... I have bought multiple different types of thongs, and they never fit properly. They also don't stay nice very long either. That's when I concluded that thongs made in China and designed in China don't fit the Western men as well. And it's because of my experience with Swirl Fashion that I decided that I would no longer buy thongs on eBay. I now only purchase brands made and designed in Canada because they are way more comfortable, the fit is way better. I'm more of a "regular thong" kind of guy, I'm not into mesh and all sorts of things like that, so maybe that's why. La Vie en Rose, Simons, JM, etc. are great Canadian stores that make the best thongs for men !!!
sailor250 #12

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:09/06/2017 01:39:31Copy HTML

 Got one of these slingshot suits
and one of these in the striped semi see thru fabric

I didn't have anything like these in my collection.  I wanted to make sure they didn't look like Borat so I  didn't get green!  The one suit is in a nude color in fact- I though it might not stand out so much.  I'm planning on using these to avoid a waistband tan line and one is slightly more tan thru than the other solid fabric which is still thin.  I obviously also want to avoid a Borat tanline too!  They fit OK now- I'm maybe a little too tall for them but after I wear them for a few hours I know they'll stretch.  The pouches are there, but with the tension up the front I'm compressed and I'll have to point up.  For the right time and place I see I'll peek out of the top between the straps.  I'll have to experiment with this nude color- I think I'll get a few ?is he nude looks followed by Oh it's just light.  Girls are getting people used to that with all the nude color suits I see- which I wish weren't there!  I like the single strap up the rear better than the two V straps, but I know the V straps give me freedom to move or remove them too!  I'm aware that this style of "mankini" is subject to ridicule because it's the style guys go to when they dare to wear a thong and sometimes it's more of a joke than a swimwear choice.
pikeman #13

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:05/17/2018 12:17:12Copy HTML

This looked good, and the size was OK on my hips. However, the pouch is very small. There isn't enough room and the result is somewhat feminizing since it compresses the "goods".For some, this might be just what you want but I will pass. Too bad, because the pattern is unique and it is well made.
I won't give up on Swirl. Their stuff is so cheap that I can afford to buy it on the hope it fits and then get some more if it works.best regardsPete
John Howard #14

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:05/17/2018 12:51:07Copy HTML

I'm with you on the negatives of small pouches;   I wear G and C rings under thongs and even though I can minimise the 'feminising' effect, the package tends to come out,  making my i.e. Muscleskins poser look more like a Torpedo which is something I dislike.
I prefer deep pouches to keep everything pointing down,  besides being more comfortable, it gives a much more natural look.   A bit like the curve of a number '6'  if you look at the profile from the sides.

Cheap products are like lottery,  usually you get what you pay but every now and then you get a good surprise.   
yummypie #15

Re:Swirl Fashion

Date Posted:05/17/2018 03:00:22Copy HTML

Some of their more simple thongs I think are trust worth. I have a couple of their simple pouch thongs and g strings and they are all good and are even some of my go to thongs and I always wear some c rings and ball rings when I wear them.https://www.ebay.com/itm/182190170057
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