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Date Posted:05/09/2015 09:49:15Copy HTML

Hi everyone,
Can any Sydney-siders tell me what the Sydney beaches are like for thonging in early October (Labour Day weekend)? Specifically, I'm thinking of what the weather and temperatures are like (the internet tells me the average top temp is around 22 degrees). Is this an okay time to go thonging on beaches around Watsons Bay, Camp Cove and Bondi?
ilovethebeach #1

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/12/2014 02:31:59Copy HTML

 Going to sydney on friday for the very first time! Staying around the bondi area.
Any good reccomendations for close by beaches that are pretty secluded?
Thanks :)
Grabeach #2

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/12/2014 10:58:42Copy HTML

Virtually all Sydney beaches are thong tolerant. Some of the most thong friendly are very popular eg. Camp Cove. By secluded, I assume you mean out of the way and less crowded. None of the ocean beaches near Bondi could ever be described as secluded. There are a number of small harbour beaches between Point Piper and South Head (NOT Nielson Park, Parsley Bay or Camp Cove) that midweek would be within 5km of Bondi and so would fit the bill.  You'll need a map to find many of them.

Notwithstanding the above, a week of lousy weather is forecast, so it's unlikely any beach will be crowded. Probably not what you want.
ilovethebeach #3

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/13/2014 11:29:02Copy HTML

 thanks for the report!  i figured i just take my chance and hopefully catch a couple of sunny days in the next week or so.
has it been pretty rainy and cloudy in sydney?
Grabeach #4

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/13/2014 09:57:38Copy HTML

We had a run of sunny days, followed by the current long run of humid, but no rain, cloudy ones. Often cloudy days will have sunny breaks, but this isn't happening at the moment. Rain, as opposed to scattered / possible showers is forecast for the next couple of days, then it's back to part cloudy with possible showers. I've always considered autumn to be better than summer for the beach here, having more clear days with a correspoding lower humidity. Not much good for you though!
gstringman01 #5

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:07/26/2014 10:07:13Copy HTML

Yesterday I travelled out to Watson's Bay for the afternoon. I planned on doing some public thonging at the beaches north of there as well as walking around the southern peninsula to Sydney Harbour. I had a fantastic day and wanted to do a little report on my experinces.
Firstly, a bit about me. I'm not a resident of Sydney and don't know I really well. I have been wearing men's thongs on and off for about 7 years. I always thought that a woman with a nice round butt look extremely attractive in a thong and after a while I thought "Why should women have all the fun?" Shortly after that I bought my first one - a bright red lycra thong. I was pretty much hooked from the moment I slid it on ;-) The only times I have been thonging at a public beach have been in my home city. I've been very discreet about this in the past, mostly due to my location in a small rural city where most locals are NOT very open-minded to say the least. By "discreet" I mean so much so that a lot of people wouldn't have known I was wearing a thong at all.

The first time I was spotted on the local sandbar (the Australian name for a beach on the banks of a river) in my thong was by two fairly attractive young women (maybe 21-22 y.o) sitting about four meters away. One of them exclaimed "Oh my god! Is he wearing a thong?!" then her friend tried to take a photo of me sitting there (totally without asking). I was so embarrassed I put my board shorts back on about 30 seconds later! I later passed the same young woman (who first spotted me) in the car park about 30min. later. I looked over at her and smiled and she smiled and said "Hi" much to my shock! So I think she was surprised and shocked but in no way offended. For those two I think it was more just really unusual to see a guy in inland Australia wearing a thong in public (far from the norm). So for me their reaction was understandable.

I'm still gaining confidence in wearing just a thong in public, but I really enjoy them, the look, the physical feel of them and the good feelings I get when wearing one. I have never worn a thong in public "openly" so this was a pretty big day for me!

Secondly, yes, I know. Pretty crazy going in winter even here in Australia. The weather was cloudy and 22 degrees, so cool but not really cold. I wasn't expecting anyone else to be around the beaches, but that's okay as this was really an opportunity for me to build confidence ready for my big holiday to Florida coming up.

Okay, down to it. I arrived at Watsons Bay (a beautiful little spot) at around 2:30pm and walked along the concrete walkway around the beach heading north. I was wearing a small pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I'd read here on the messageboards of Camp Cove beach where some people go thonging (while I'm on that, these messageboards have been SO fantastic!) and thought this would be ideal.After navigating a few back streets and passing a gorgeous model being photographed on the front step of a house. She was wearing only a jacket and pretty much nothing underneath with only a few buttons done up, quite revealing really. As I passed she commented to her photographer that it was too cold to be outside in that outfit!Anyway, I walked down a path and suddenly, there was the sand spread out in front of me. Camp Cove is beautiful, even on a cloudy winter's day! There was one young woman walking along the beach (away from me) and some tourists making their way up the path away from the beach at the far end along a tourist tour/track to the cliffs overlooking the beach.

I didn't waste any time. I walked to roughly the middle of the beach and stripped down to my thong (a bright red lycra 'cocksock') and waded into the water. It was freezing in the water but I managed to tolerate it for a good 10 minutes, just swimming up and down along the beach, close to shore.When I left the water (luckily there was almost no wind, so it was warmer out) there were a few tourists arriving down the far end of the beach. Mostly families, which really put me on edge - kids seeing me in my thong? Holy #*&@! But they were a good distance away so they wouldn't have been able to make out much detail. The young woman who had been walking down the beach had returned and had turned back my way and was taking a few photos of the beach. These no doubt included me judging by the direction she was facing. I was a fair way away from her so I really didn't mind. She didn't returned back along the beach. The few families of asian tourists had seen me, but they proceeded up the hill side track, up on to the cliffs.

I dried myself off and lay out on my towel, reading a novel. It was cool, but I didn't really get cold. I guess the freezing water must have helped there! I was surprised when a few more people started to arrive. First was a lady in her 40s maybe. She walked down the beach. Saw me, stopped, then continued on past me. She was wearing sunglasses, but she seemed to be glancing my way a few times. She walked straight past within 3 meters of me, then off the beach at the other end.

Next to come down was a larger group of four people, a younger couple and an older couple (family I guessed). They saw me laying there from a good way off, stopped, looked around and their was a short discussion (not sure if it was about me or not), however they proceeded down the beach right past me (within 3 meters also) and were completely silent. A middle aged guy and his son (late teens) came down to the water and took photos of the bay. They saw me but kept their distance and didn't walk along the beach, heading back the way they'd come.

More groups of tourists continued to pass by at the far end of the beach and up the track but none came down along the beach (for which I was thankful as some had children with them). As they stood up on the path overlooking the bay, some took photos as they looked out and no doubt most would have seen me laying there - the only guy on the beach. Weather they could see the bright red minimalist swimwear, I don't know. I did see an older man standing there at one point with a camera, but he later wandered off.

I lay their reading for a good 45min., sometmes on my back, sometimes on my stomach. I saw a guy working on his house right on the beach, but he didn't seem to notice me. After a while I got up, got dressed and headed along the beach and up the path. I passed the middle aged guy and his son, but they ignored me. Heading up the path along the cliffs/hill, I later passed the two couples (the family). This was kinda uncomfortable for me as I figured they'd been taling about me. They passed by quietly.

Travelling along the cliff path I eventually came across a sign for Lady Bay Beach - which included the words "nude" and "nudity only permitted on beach." I was intrigued but elected to walk further on and explore the are some more, to return later for some more thonging. I did exactly that. On return, I stopped (alone) and stripped down to just my thong and walked along the boardwalk above the beach. I passed two guys (fairly sure they were a gay couple). I said "hi" and they both said hello back. One was quite clearly checking me out (looking down at my crotch) but he didn't look at all impressed - I didn't mind at all. I arrived at the top of the steps leading down the cliffs to the beach and started to make my way down, only to see a young woman standing there with a camera taking photos of the bay... then another young woman and a young man. All looked to be backpackers and speaking French. The woman taking photos saw me first and moved down out of my way so I could pass, the others soon spotted me too. The guy moved back out of my way so I could pass (it was narrow and we were walking on large un-even rocks). The two women spoke to one another openly as I passed very close by (within 1 meter, but I had no choice due to the rocks and cliff), clearly it was about me, but it was in French. One of them had a little laugh. They didn't seem at all uncomfortable or offended, more curious really. I was really pleased with their reaction and not at all put off by the chuckle. They hung around taking a few pics of the cliffs, then left.

Wow, this beach is special! It's small and up against cliffs, but stunningly tranquil. I will be returning... one day when it's warmer. I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area - a must see, even if you're not thonging or nude swimming!

I lay out my towel in the middle of the tiny beach, thinking I was alone. Then, out of no-where, this young guy (19-21 y.o) comes climbing out from around the rocks at the base of the cliffs at the far end away from the stairs (anyone thinking about doing this, please DON'T! The cliffs and surf around there are clearly VERY dangerous). He sat down on a big boulder and stripped down naked and started watching me closely. I didn't mind and headed out into the freezing water again. I occasionally glanced over at this young guy, who was still watching me closely, occasionally "adjusting" himself (I wont go into any more details there). Mostly I just ignored him.

A number of groups walked past up on the top of the cliffs along the path that I could see. A few no-doubt saw me, but only a few stopped to look down (I was in a fairly visible spot despite the steep cliffs and foliage). A few groups did come down the the beach, the father and sone couple from earlier (didn't say long - I think they were getting sick of me!) and then a family of five. This worried me a bit at first as I was busy reading and didn't see them approach. The mother (mid 30s), daughter (maybe 12-13) and younger son (13-15) arrived first. They were just suddenly there and they had clearly seen me in my thong laying on my back. Both the woman and the girl seemed to be looking may way (the mother was more discreet, just taking little glances), they were about 6 meters away, so not too close. The daughter started playing in the rocks and water pools. The mother sat on the rocks looking out to the bay. The father (mid 30s) and son (15-18) arrived shortly after and ignored me. The girl's play took her a bit closer to me and she kept looking over at me. This freaked me out a bit, but I guess she was just curious. I thought about it and remembered where I was (a nudist beach), so I felt ok. I figured they must have seen the sign, knew what the space was and they could have turned back whenever they wanted. Regardless, as time went on (the family stayed for a good 10min.) I noticed that the parents seemed very relaxed and not to mind me at all.

It was around 4:15pm now. Just as I was preparing to leave Lady Bay Beach (the tide was coming in and I didn't want to be on the beach when it did), the sun peaked through the grey clouds on the far side of the harbour, ending a fun and exciting day. I was really happy with the expreience - what great day! What's more, it's really helped me to build some confidence in being in public in my thong :-)

Okay, not such a little report!

Thongmad #6

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/09/2015 10:48:03Copy HTML

September / October is when we start to come out of hybernation, beach-wise.
October is the second month of Spring, so expect some crisp starts and temps in the low to mid twenties throughout the day, occasionally getting to higher twenties depending how the season goes. You can get some great beach weather at times, depending on what you are used to.
The water will still be very cool this time of year.

As far as the thong friendliness of the beaches, I think you will find you could thong on any Sydney beach without too many problems. It does depend on your confidence, but most beaches won't be too crowded. Australia is a generally accepting place, so thong acceptance is no different to most other times of the year. Assess the atmosphere and make your own choice based on how you feel at the time. You can't be fined or locked up, so enjoy!
teeback269 #7

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/10/2015 09:18:41Copy HTML

 So why did I get kicked out of Bondi beach some years ago (about 20 years) for wearing a g-string? I now live in Townsville and have been wearing strings in Townsville and Cairns for years now without any problem.
Grabeach #8

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/11/2015 01:58:17Copy HTML

The early 90s were probably the peak period for g-strings in Sydney. I never had a problem on Bondi, so I guess you were just extremely unlucky.
Funnily enough, the couple of times I was in Queensland (Surfers Paradise) at that time, I was surprised at how conservative women's bikinis were compared with Sydney.
Thongmad #9

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:08:10Copy HTML

 NEVER heard of that ever before in Australia!I've worn a JS thong on Bondi with no problems, but that was just last year.
adambrix #10

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/16/2015 04:43:42Copy HTML

 Most of the Sydney beaches should be fine, though I think the harbour beaches are better on average. Bondi is fine for thonging, just a  bit of a circus. Camp Cove, Kutti Beach, Balmoral, Neilsen Park. The beach at Rose Bay and Redleaf Pool are also options. It depends a bit on the day.
There will often be at least a few topless and/or g-string wearing ladies on these beaches on a warm day. You will probably be the only guy in a string, but that is no big deal as no one seems too bothered. October can be pleasantly warm if the weather is right, but there are no guarantees that time of year. 
A lot of the harbour beaches are a bit more protected from the SE and NE seabreezes that you would probably expect that time of year- so even if it isn't super warm, the protection from the wind makes them far more pleasant to be in the sun.
I wore g-strings at Bondi all the time in the late 90s and more recently, and never had any problem at all.

Ex_Member #11

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/31/2015 08:38:05Copy HTML

 Cobbler's Beach if you're straight and Obelisk if you're gay.
Grabeach #12

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/31/2015 09:44:39Copy HTML

Should be mentioned that Cobblers and Obelisk are clothing optional, so most will be nude.
AussieExPoser #13

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/31/2015 10:17:01Copy HTML

 And don't forget Lady Jane beach !
Was there a few weeks ago on the most awesome autumn day imaginable.
Let me know when you get here and might be able to meet up
gstringman01 #14

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/25/2015 11:02:09Copy HTML

Thanks for your advice everyone, it's much appreciated. I'm hoping for some warmer days while I'm in Sydney, mid 20s and sunny would be great, but I'd settle for low 20s and sunny! Looking like low 20s and a chance of a shower at the moment, but we'll see!
Grabeach #15

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/28/2015 08:23:34Copy HTML

Current forecast for the long weekend is Sat 27C, Sun 28C and Mon 28C, north-east winds, but not that strong. Your timing looks spot-on, any beach will be perfect!
Grabeach #16

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/30/2015 09:05:02Copy HTML

I was in the Watsons Bay area at noon on Tuesday and decided I'd go to Camp Cove beach. Unfortunately being a sunny day and school holidays parking was hopeless. The only spot I could get was across a driveway when the resident said I could park there for 15 minutes. He said if I wasn't back by then the car would be towed. Fair enough

The beach is only 230m long so at least this gave me plenty of time to walk a lap of the beach. It is only 5 to 10m wide depending on the tide and slopes to the water, making it perfect for (discreetly!) observing what everybody was wearing.  There were about 50 people in swimwear in the 16 to 50 age bracket. Majority female consisting of late teens, uni students (stuvac week) and mums of various ages. Zero thongs and nil topless. A couple of teens in what I would call conservative cheekies and that was it.

Okay, perhaps a weekend would have been more brief swimwear friendly, but  the zero count when I was there was very disappointing.  On a similar day in the mid 80s you would have seen at least half a dozen g-strings and a vast majority of females of the above age group topless. Camp Cove was one of THE beaches for g-stings and toplessness. Not a good pointer to the coming summer.
gstringman01 #17

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:10/01/2015 09:05:49Copy HTML

Hi Grabeach. I'm heading to Watsons Bay and Camp Cove to do some thonging today. Yesterday I was at Coogee beach in the afternoon sunbathing in my thong for a little over an hour. I only saw one woman in a thong, I was the only guy in a thong. Earlier in the day during my walk along the coastal track I did see at least 6 different women in thongs and one woman (briefly) sunbathing topless, which was all good to see - wearing a thong is not dead!
matt476 #18

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:10/05/2015 10:50:34Copy HTML

 Little Congwong is great. The last few times I've been there, which is spread out over the last few summers as we've had some really shitty summers here the last few years .. I start out in the g-string but there are so many naked people around that I soon discard it ... it's a great mix of people in swimmers, g-strings or absolutely nothing ...

Sydmixwrstlr #19

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/20/2016 10:43:17Copy HTML

 Ive noticed , that the northern beaches are more thong friendly...
Grabeach #20

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:02/22/2016 05:00:15Copy HTML

I swim and sun at the netted pools along the Botany Bay beaches in southern Sydney in a g a couple of times a week. Regularly chat with the locals. Haven't heard a negative comment in ages. That's what I call thong friendly. Rarely see any women thonging and never another guy, but this doesn't make it any less friendly. There's a difference between friendly and popular!
gstringman01 #21

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/12/2016 09:14:48Copy HTML

Hey all.
Can anyone tell me what kind of weather I can expect in Sydney over the Easter long weekend?
If the weather is right, I'm going to be thonging on Friday the 25th and Sat 26th of March, possibly Tuesday the 29th too. Anyone interested in coming along is most welcome, please let me know.
I'll be at Camp Cove, possibly Neilsen Park too, but I'm also thinking of trying one of the smaller beaches between Bondi and Coogee (Tamarama maybe?) depending on the crowd. Thanks.
Grabeach #22

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/13/2016 07:30:01Copy HTML

"Can anyone tell me .... weather .... Easter...."

Basically - no! One 14 day forecast had mostly sunny, the other I looked at said moderate rain. Both have the air temp in the low to mid 20s and the water is as warm as it gets ie. perfect for swimming, but a toss-up for sunning.

Easter is early this year, so if it's sunny you can expect moderate crowds on any of the beaches you mention. Okay if using public transport, but if coming by car arrive early as parking can be a problem. Not that close to me anyway, so I avoid the eastern suburbs on weekends and public holidays and tend to go mid week and usually when I have other reasons to be there.
John Howard #23

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/17/2016 10:40:50Copy HTML

 Sydney and all Australia have enjoyed quite a long summer this year,  that has been great.
The only problem I find in Sydney is that the sea can sometimes be a bit rough.Compared to Melbourne and Adelaide,  Sydney beaches can have days of rough seas.  So much that you wish that your thong had a cord to tie up and keep it in place.   otherwise you can come out of the water wearing your thong as a hat.  Last night I watched one of my favourite shows Bondi Rescue.....  the waves these guys had to tackle with were huge.   (by the way, long time are gone the days when lifeguards wore a speedo while performing their duties;  I will never understand how a board short can be preferred to speedos by the lifeguards;  wouldn't the shorts drag more water....)  
Grabeach #24

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/18/2016 01:56:27Copy HTML

I checked the diary and found I’d been to a beach or pool 21 days out of 24 from 8 Feb. to 3 March. Can’t complain about that! Normally April is my favourite beach month being a bit cooler, lighter winds and less crowded.

Onshore easterlies dominate the NSW coast in late summer, so the coastal beaches are often windy from mid morning. The surf tends to be choppy rather than large at this time of the year. Used to annoy me when I was younger and a keen bodysurfer, whereas now I’m quite happy to head to a g-string sunning friendly pool when it gets too windy. There are also a number of harbour beaches that don’t face east that are sheltered. I fully concur with the chord comment in the surf. I haven’t come across a g-string (don’t wear thongs) with one, so slip a drawstringed Waveline 25mm side over my g-string when catching waves.

With regards to the lifeguards, they don’t get a choice. Employers have a duty of care under OHS legislation to minimise skin cancer risk. As virtually all rescues these days are done by board, jet ski or rubber ducky, swimwear drag is less of an issue.
gstringman01 #25

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/23/2016 08:56:58Copy HTML

Thanks for the information Grabeach and John Howard. Looks like it will be warm enough this weekend, so I'll be at Camp Cover tomorrow from about noon. I'm just hoping there will be enough sun shine!
Grabeach #26

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/24/2016 04:57:17Copy HTML

Bad luck, gstringman01, today was very cloudy. Tomorrow (Saturday) looks the pick sun wise for Easter. I'm lucky being retired, so I can pick and choose. Yesterday at Dawn Fraser Pool was superb.
gstringman01 #27

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/25/2016 07:43:18Copy HTML

Hi Grabeach. Yes, yesterday was really cloudy. I went down to Camp Cove anyway, for a swim. Lots of tourists walking along the beach so I decided to keep the shorts on. Water temperature was nice. Stayed and relaxed for much of the afternoon. At about 3:30pm there was a patchy break in the cloud for about a hour, so I whipped the shorts off and sunned in my thong for a bit. The passers by had eased off a little by then. Still a fun day. As you say, the weather is looking better for today, so I'm planning on heading back to Camp Cove again. The pool you mentioned don't have any problems with you wearing a thong?

Grabeach #28

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/25/2016 11:43:52Copy HTML

I covered Dawn Fraser Pool (DF) in detail after my first visit there (see post in ‘"Australia but not at the beach" dated 02/06/2013). I’ve now been there 20 times. It’s not local for me, but is very sheltered from all winds, so worth the drive. I sun in a M1R2 Skinz fully minimised, though I normally swim laps with a 25mm sider over the top (see general comment below). The lifeguards wander by and don’t pay me any attention. Never heard a comment from anyone, let alone a complaint. I’ve seen a few late teens / early 20s females in cheekies, but only one in a genuine thong. Looked about 17, but super confident, she actually walked out through the entry and through the adjacent park in just her thong and bikini top.

Although not an Olympic pool as such, I put DF in the same category as all the other pay to enter with lifeguards suburban / city pools. As you might have gathered from my posts, my main aim is to be able to sun in a g at the various Olympic pools. Very few have AND enforce an outright ‘no g-strings’ policy. The rest are okay with it unless someone complains. In that case a few will ask me to ‘cover up’ whenever I’m there. Others will ask me to ‘cover up’ just for that occasion - it doesn’t apply to my next visit! A couple have asked me to move to a less crowded area and at a number of pools nothing has ever been said. My theory is if I’m swimming laps or wandering to or from the change rooms in a g then I’m going to be a lot more noticeable and hence more likely to generate a complaint. I have no problems in wearing a 25mm sider over the top at these times to avoid this.
aussiesf86 #29

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/22/2017 05:58:28Copy HTML

  Going to be in Sydney from December 30 2017 to January 9 2018.  Will spend most of my beach days at the nude beaches but have never been to Bondi and figured should  go at least once.   I plan to go in one of my tendenze or jovana design bulge thongs. Depending on the crowd and braveness I may or not switch to an Aussiebum for when  I swim or walk the beach. 
Since I’m gay and single.... I plan to lay out on the gay area of the beach ( which I am told is the southern area of Bondi). I would love any tips or recommendations on what part of the beach to lay out at bondi.   
Of course also be great to hear from anyone with more recent experiences of thonging at bondi and how that went. I presume there’s public showers and restrooms there.   I’ve also seen pictures of a Grassy area near the beach.  Does anyone lay out on the grass? 
Thongmad #30

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/22/2017 08:57:50Copy HTML


I wouldn't call the south end of Bondi the 'Gay' part of the beach. It is Backpacker Central. I have been spending a bit of time there recently, in a thong, and as long as you are OK being in a minority as far as Males in Thongs goes, you won't have a problem. You will be joined thong-wise by literally hundreds of females. Girls of all shapes and sizes wear everything from cheeky bums to g-strings, and walk the beach in them too. There will be a fair share of guys in briefs (especially AussieBums and Budgy Smugglers) but the majority are still shorts.
The grassy hill is about the same as the beach, but with fully clothed people as well. Amenities are at the main Bondi pavillion behind the Lifeguard tower in the centre of the beach.

Enjoy Bondi for what it is. It's a people-watching paradise, and you can definitely wear your thong. I walk from the car park to the beach in mine, uncovered. It is a great experience, don't miss it. And don't leave regretting you didn't thong!!!
aussiesf86 #31

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/22/2017 11:59:37Copy HTML

 Thanks thongmad.   I’m fine being the only guy in a thong    Usually the only one when I lay out at the local park. Wil be taking the bus to bondi so no walking from the car park.  But maybe I’ll ditch my shorts in the change rooms and walk from there in my thong 
But being first time there just not sure which part of the beach to walk to and lay out my towel.     Recommendations (I know I’m asking a straight guy) on best area of the beach to lay out where the gay guys and the speedos will be. Especially since I like to get to the beach early before most other guys  will be there.   Be nice not to have to move later when I realize I’m in the “wrong” place. I
Grabeach #32

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/23/2017 08:46:47Copy HTML

Google "bondi beach gay". It would appear the northern end is more likely where you want, though of course on a warm day the gays (and the Speedo wearers) will be dwarfed by the general public.
Thongmad #33

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:09/27/2017 05:22:55Copy HTML

 Well if it's hot male bodies you want, make sure to wander past the gymnasium equipment to the north next to the surf club.Many very fit, tanned male and female bods on show there!
aussiesf86 #34

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:10/12/2017 08:40:22Copy HTML

  I’m looking forward to thonging at bondi. Although I’ll be laying out at the north end where the gay guys go and you lay out amongst the straights at the south end I hope to have a similarly positive experience. Since you walk from your car I’ll walk all the way from the change rooms in my thong     It sounds like you’ve never had problems. Do you walk to the water or swim in your thong?I’ll have aussiebums with me just in case to cover up but hope I won’t need them.  I just got 6 brand new 4D thongs from johanna design   They fit great.  Barely any coverage and everything goes into the pouch so the fabric just covers the base and leaves nearly all the skin around your crotch expose add to get sun. Since I’ll be sunning in the gay area I don’t think a nicely shaped pouch should be a problem for anyone Have you (or anyone else on this board ) ever worn bulge style pouches at bondi? Any problems?The sydney boards go back many years but so many of the experiences shared on here are much older and some by members that don’t exist anymore.  Love to hear more about more recent experiences over the last year..... gay or straight... ..... of thonging at popular textile locations.    Bondi.   Red leaf.  Carlton pool in the botanic gardens. Other pools where people lay out.  11 weeks til my week in sydney.   Hoping for lots of sunshine and little rain and some good thonging experiences.    And pictures
Thongmad #35

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 My work has had me in Sydney quite a lot over the past twelve months. I have had many visits to Bondi in that time. Sometimes a few hours laying in the sun, other times for a quick surf.

I have never worn any more than an Aussie Bum, Budgy Smugglers, or my Waveline 1" side briefs on any visit. When I surf, it's been one of these, occasionally with a rash shirt.
When I am there to sun tan or for a swim, it's been a thong every time. I've done this on pretty much every section of the beach. If it's just a quick swim, I sometimes carry my towel, but other times do not. I change into my swim thong at the car, walk down and have my dip, then come back for a quick rinse under the shower, and then back to the car. Yes, there are plenty of looks, and people will comment between themselves, but I've never been hassled.
When I go for a few hours of sun, it's me in my thong, hat, sunglasses, and Reef Oil. I carry my towel, drink, and phone etc, but don't cover up. Again, no problems, just plenty of looks. I can freely get up and walk through the crowds to go for a swim. My preference is for wearing something a little more modest than a bulge suit, which I rarely wear anyway. I like a thong with less than 1" sides and rear, with a pouch that is small but not too showy. From the front, they look way smaller than a Speedo or the like, but still cover everything well. Bulge suits are not my thing, but if you are willing to wear one, I don't think you'll have a problem.

As far as the section of the beach goes, you'll see gay/straight people, and conservative swimwear right through to thongs, on every part of the sand. I have thonged in all sections. I even went for a short walk at the Northern part from the car park, along the concrete walkway, right around the rock area in front of the houses. After seeing it mentioned that the North is the gay section, I think the grassy area at that end might be(?) Can't be sure though.

On one occasion, I spied a model being photographed for a swimwear company (turned out to be Frankie's Bikinis). She was modelling mostly thongs. One set was nearly skin coloured, and from a distance she appeared nude. I looked closer to see she did in fact have a thong bikini on. I walked up in my thong and asked if I could be photographed with her, which she and the photographer happily agreed to. So I ended up with a few pics of her and I on my phone! She complimented me about my thong and said she loved them. As I left, an onlooker jumped up and asked if she too could get a photo with me, so her boyfriend took a few shots of us on my phone as well. She had a white string bikini on. That was a buzz!!!

So as you can see, what you can do depends on your comfort/bravery level. As always, it's the way you act and carry yourself that will determine what reaction you get. Enjoy Bondi, it's great fun!
Grabeach #36

Re:Sydney Beaches

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Aussie86; I hate to have to say this, but I've had a look at the jovanadesign 4D suits on their website and I ask you not to wear them at any Sydney Olympic pool. The Jovana suits appear to be designed to push out your c and b's as much as possible. There is a fine, but definite line between my Skinz g-strings which while very brief tend to disguise, and the Jovana suits which 'show off'.

I have over 500 visits to Sydney Olympic pools and probably have a better idea than anyone of what one can wear there. Take it too far and there will be complaints, and potentially outright bans, which, while annoying for your ten day holiday, I have to put  up with permanently. Even though I don't go to Andrew Boy Charlton pool that you mention, the group that manages it run several other pools I use and appear to apply the same unofficial liberal 'dress code' to all. I have spent many years demonstrating that I am a responsible pool user and would hate to see a worst case situation where they take the easy way out and apply a blanket ban. Sorry for being negative, but that's the way I see it.

Redleaf (now Murray Rose Pool) does not have any pool supervision so I don't have the same fears. Been there a few times in the past  six months. Sometimes many women in thongs and/or topless, sometimes nil. Yet to see another guy in a thong. I have zero gaydar, but I'd hazard a guess that these days thongs are no more popular within the gay community than without among males. I've read that, unlike Nielsen Park and Camp Cove, Redleaf has always had a bit of a gay reputation. Can't confirm or deny. I haven't been on Bondi in decades, so defer to Thongmad on that one.
Thongmad #37

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 I agree Gra. I would not wear a bulge suit to an Olympic pool. I would, and have, done laps in a standard style thong (I recently had a drawstring one made in black for just that purpose, and for surfing in).
aussiesf86 #38

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 Hi grabeach....
Thanks for the info and feedback.   Will be sure not to cause future problems for tbe locals.   Will pack a few different thongs and see what the crowds like before I choose.   I’m not super hung so my jovannah pouch won’t look as dramatic as some of the pics on their website.  
But I’ll pack some tamer muscleskins just in case
Which other Olympic pols might you recommend. ?   I won’t be doing laps    Just sunning and going in the water to cool off. Do you swim in your thong or just sunbathe? I’ll probably have a suit with butt coverage to slip over my thong to go in the water...... depending how liberal the crowd feels.  Good chance I’ll also spend most of my pool time sunning my butt since when I’m at the beach I’m sunning my front more so I can check out and enjoy my surroundings more.  Hard to enjoy views of the water and fellow beach goers on a busy beach with your head on the sand on a crowded beach 
Main reason for a pool day is that on New Year’s Eve there’s no time to get to the beaches (at least not for a decent amount of time related to travel time to make it worthwhile) since I have to board a New Year’s Eve fireworks boat trip by a certain time and I don’t want to be late for that hence sunning at one of the pools for morning and into the afternoon before calling it an early day and getting ready for the cruise and allowing plenty of time to navigate the New Years crowds 
JM_Runs #39

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 I concur with the request by Grabeach and suggestions by Thongmad: There's a big difference between wearing a small thong which hides, compared with one that is designed to show off your assets.   

There's a tendency by some people on holiday to wear more extreme thongs and they would around their own town, because the hundreds or thousands of miles away from home and nobody knows them.  

However locals have gently, over time, made wearing thongs in those locations no big deal - By carefully acting very normal and not pushing the limits too far, too fast, and by wearing suits which are more practical than erotic. Respect the work of thongers who came before you. 

After years of carefully making thongs no big deal, the last thing locals want to see is a tourist pushing the limits too far with thongs that local authorities think should be in the bedroom, not the public beach or pool.  

In this case I think Grabbeach is totally correct. The Skins G-string are very brief, but tend to disguise rather than enhance. They are small g-strings but tend to minimize rather than maximize the display.  They are not push-up, push-out, bulge, 2D, 3D, or 4D suits.

Along with that it is helpful to carry oneself to minimize the difference between people wearing a regular speedo and a thong, and acting totally normal. Wearing a display suit does not help.

I think is a real visual and social distinction between suits which cover, and suits designed to push-out, show-off, or enhance the male genitals.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but it seems to be these sorts of display suits which get people riled up and demanding someone take action. I have some my self, but am careful where I wear them.

Public swimming pools are an especially sensitive area where discretion is important. Lifeguards and pool managers have to manage conflicting interests, between serious lap swimmers, old ladies doing group exercises, kids you want to play and other recreational users. They spend their days trying to keep the place organized and minimize conflicts. Public pools are a place where there are already regulations, and it is far too easy to add more to keep the peace. - It only takes one visiting idiot to upset the delicate truce about thongs, and prompt new regulations.  

Take Grabeach's advice. Don't wear g-strings designed to maximize the display of male genitals at the public swimming pool. 

If you want to wear such a suit at a pool, try a private pool, like a hotel pool.

Here in Fort Lauderdale it's taken many years of regular thong use by locals to get most people accustomed to seeing an occasional man in a thong swimsuit or g-string. So I have had exactly the same reaction when people ask me if they can wear thongs which are fishnet or that go transparent when wet while vacationing here. No. Save those for the nude beach, we have one 10 miles down the road. 

Here you can wear a very small suit, but if you are a man make sure your genitals are covered in something that is not see-through. 

As locals we know where that fine line is, between suit that will be ignored by the local authorities, and one which will get their attention. I've had policeman and lifeguards have a close look at my thong and say "He is okay, he has everything covered." They are not going to say that if the suit is fishnet or has gone transparent. 

aussiesf86 - You could wear a push-up, 3D or 4D thong on the BEACH in Fort Lauderdale, but not one that goes transparent or is just fishnet. However you couldn't wear the same at the Swimming Hall of Fame pool, located one block back from the beach. To get away with a thong in that pool you would need something that minimizes rather than maximizes your genitals.

As a tourist, let the locals guide you as to what is appropriate locally. They have spent many years getting the local population normalized to seeing men in thongs and figuring out what the local limits and sensitivities might be.
If in doubt, stay well within their guidelines. That way you will be helping the cause of the local thong population rather than harming it. 

Try not to spoil the good things that the locals have going. This is especially true for swimming pools, where creating new rules is all too easy. Just don't wear thongs designed to be suggestive, erotic, or to display your assets, at a public swimming pool. 

If you want to be brave and daring during your vacation, go to the public BEACH. Be brave by wearing your thongs and g-strings more publicly. At the beach you can probably wear your fluorescent pushup 4D thongs, so long as they are not see-through. Wear them when walking crowded beaches are going to buy an ice cream. Get seen by as many people as possible, while acting normal, but wearing a thong. 

/ End Rant / 
Grabeach #40

Re:Sydney Beaches

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aussiesf86; I have not been to one of my favourite city pools since early this year and would like to sample the most recent vibe. Once I have I will PM a response to your last post 34#.
Sydmixwrstlr #41

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 reef beach is I believe the cosiest beach to sun the buns.. Who agrees?? 
Grabeach #42

Re:Sydney Beaches

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Went there once way back when it was a legal CO beach, but didn't stay. Crowded and about 90% male wasn't my scene. I do however recall commenting somewhere on the board that it would now (no longer CO) probably be one of the nicer harbour beaches.
aussiesf86 #43

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 So almost time for my Sydney part of my holiday. 
Looking good for some thonging weather. 
Sunday afternoon might get some tanning done at Andrew Charlton pool in my thong.   Seems like a very speedo friendly pool so I’m hopeful that a thong won’t cause issues.  Figure if I’m at the far end away from the entrance should do alright. 
Monday’s weather seems to be holding for a thong day at Bondi Beach.  If any other thongers are up for starting the new year in a thong on the north end of bondi with me... let me know. 
Thongmad..... you’ve probably been in a thong there more than others on this board. ....  you’ve walked the beach and from the car park in your thong... think I should be alright Walking from the pavilion in my thong to a spot on the sand?
And how safe a Beach is it to leave your bag on your towel when you go for a walk or swim?  Many theft issues there?  Do I have to worry about money or phone or kindle being taken from the bag or the whole bag Walking off or should I use the pavilion lockers?
Open to information and advice and suggestions to have a great bondi day since it will not only be a thong day for me..... it’s also my first time ever at Bondi Beach so I just don’t know anything about what’s there and how people are. 
Also are there take away shops right by the beach.... where I can walk in my thong and order takeaway or will I need to put some Aussie bums over my thong. Or am I better off bringing my food and snacks with me in a cooler bag?
Thanks in advance for anything that helps make my New Years thonging day an awesome day. If it’s a great day I hope to return the following Saturday and Sunday 

John Howard #44

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 aussiesf86, it's a good idea to ask Thongmad about Bondi, he has thonged regularly there....Actually he inspired me to take walks along the beach too, its very relaxing, you get the perfect tan, and you get to admire beautiful women's' bodies sunbaking wearing close to nothing.
I'm not from Sydney, however here in Melbourne I frequent St Kilda beach, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne beach, which perhaps have a similar vibe as Bondi up north.

My 2 cents here;  I believe it would be safer not to leave your bag alone on your towel, if you are going for a long walk.  If you just go for a quick swim in the surf and come back, should be ok.    I'm a fan of the show "Bondi Rescue" in channel 10, and at least in 2 or 3 episodes, the lifeguards came across the problem of pickpocketing.   It happened on very busy days, and these people work in groups of at least 2.   Eventually the guys caught the burglars, with the help of good samaritans on the beach and called the police.

Personally if I go for a long walk on the beach, I prefer to take in one of my hands my car keys, in the other hand my mobile phone case, with my mobile phone inside and in the pockets of the mobile phone case, a 20 dollar note, my credit card and drivers licence.   I also wear my sunnies and my baseball cap.    I feel more relaxed this way, and can take longer walks without being worried of my valuables.  Whenever I feel hot, I take my hat off, and wrap inside my cap:  my sunnies, keys  and my mobile phone case.   Go for a quick swim and pick it up.  Or, if someone around looks like a safe person, i.e. a Mum with her kids, or a group of girls wearing thongs, I ask them to please keep a look at my hat and leave it next to them.

You mention that Bondi has pavillion lockers, that would be an even better option.   Don't know mate, but better to be safe,  the hassle you would get if someone steals your belongings could be devastating.

JM_Runs #45

Re:Sydney Beaches

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I make friends by asking someone nearby if they are planning to be there for a bit, and asking them to watch my stuff while I take a walk.

Wear a watch. - Tell them how long you plan to be gone. - Be back before you said. - Thank them for watching your stuff. 
John Howard #46

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 Hey JM that could be tricky if the guys you ask were actually the pickpocketers themselves!That would qualify as a "lucky day'  lol
aussiesf86 #47

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 Going to Bondi Beach today.   
Thongmad #48

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry about not replying to the above questions on Bondi. I have been away on my own holiday, and rested the social media somewhat.

It's all too late now, but I think you'll find it like any other crowded city beach the world over, or certainly in Australia. There are always thieves looking for on-the-spot opportunities, but sometimes that's harder when there's so many others close by. Asking the people around you to watch your stuff while you swim or walk is OK, but they will not be 100% attentive to your gear all of the time.
I use a small combination lockable safe to store my car keys. They lock to something like your tow bar etc. and have a four digit combination lock, much like a bike lock. I leave my keys in that so I can't lose or damage them (electronic key fobs do not like salt water) and carry a minimum of gear with me. I wear my cap and sunglasses, carry a water bottle and towel, have already applied my tanning oil, and always take my phone with me when I walk as I use it for music as well (this just gets wrapped in my towel when I swim, as that's never far from my where I set up).

As you may have read from my previous posts about Bondi, It seems that females have no problem walking anywhere in their bikinis, including all variations of thongs etc. This has encouraged me to follow suit, and to date I've never encountered a problem. There is a small take-away at the Northern end across the street from the sand, and also one at the pavilion in the centre of the beach. I have been to both thonged. It's entirely up to your comfort level.

I'm sure you'll enjoy Bondi, and almost as certain you'll want to return!
aussiesf86 #49

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 Spent Monday ..  New Year’s Day at Bondi Beach. Thanks to Thongmad I decided to go for it and wear my thong there.  The bus got me there around noon.  After grabbing food on the street headed to the beach. Took some pics from above and then headed to the pavilion to change. As this was happening I saw a fit women in a thong and tiny top walk across the road between the beach and pavilion.....that took away some of my fears. 

Change rooms were quite busy and took s but to get the courage to take off my shorts and put on the thong. But finally went for it.  Grabbed my backpack and cooler bag and walked out in my Jovana design custom USA 4D thong. 1/2 the pouch is red and white striped and the other half white stars on blue. 
I walked out of the hallway and across the roadway to the beach, preparing myself for negative comments, but amazingly got none.

I waked down to the sand and negotiated my way through the sunbathers and walked long the waters edge to the north end ..... since as a gay guy I wanted to be somewhere in the gay area. Being such a busy day the north end was very mixed.  There were definitely gay guys about, as I saw pairs and groups of guys in speedos with no women with them. There were also plenty of barely clad women about and straight guys in speedos so I didn’t feel too bad in my spot about 20 meters North of the life guard tower and 10 meters from the wall.
My hopes of meeting a single guy to sun with or a pre-arranged meet up with sydney guy or one of the sydney thong board thongers didn’t pan out. So I enjoyed my Stephen King book and people watched and had a nap.  Through the day lots of people came and went but nobody was put off by my swimsuit choice. Even a family with pre-teen daughters pulled up close by.  

I did go in to the water three times. That took more courage than leaving the change room.  But eventually it was time because I had to pee.... and I wasn’t walking all the way back to the pavilion and I wasn’t going to put on my shorts or speedo. So off I went to cool off and discretely pee in the ocean which meant going in at least to my waist..... and despite the heat the water is rather cool. People were definitely looking .... and pointing me out to each other. I definitely felt self conscious and wished there was a gym where my mother lives in Townsville, as I felt the weight of every extra pound I was carrying from two weeks of her cooking and Christmas meals at my brothers. But I didn’t let that stop me. 

Walking back and forth I’d also spot a few camera phones pointed in my direction but again nobody confronted me or sent loud negative comments at me. Along the waters Edge the walkers didn’t avoid me and folks in the water carried on. I was pleasantly surprised. 

I stayed until about 6pm. It was a bit cooler at that point because of clouds and a breeze. Between the cool and thinking I’d been brave enough for one day, I popped my shorts on and headed to the pavilion to change. 

Some observations. I saw topless women and women with exposed cheeks and bums all over the beach. During the afternoon several topless women were sunning close by or in view. One was right by the wall with her boyfriend.  She went for a topless swim. Another topless woman was watching me for quite a while. A straight guy with his girlfriend pulled up close by and lowered the back of his speedo to tan the top of his bum.  I like to think I inspired him. So guys.... equality of the sexes goes both ways.   After seeing how little many of the women chose to wear.....you should feel comfortable wearing what you want at Bondi. And fo the ladies, you will feel right at home. Ladies, if you feel yourself being ogled come to the north end. I didn’t spy anyone giving the women a hard time.  

As expected I was the only male thonger I saw. I fly out Tuesday night the 9th and have 4 more possible Beach days depending on the weather. I’d like to thong at Bondi one more time. Anybody that’s up for joining me?
aussiesf86 #50

Re:Sydney Beaches

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 At Bondi Beach now for at least a few hours if mark or thongmad or gymbuff are aroubd.  Hang here or one of the nearby beaches 
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