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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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shoyupoke #51

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/14/2018 06:43:43Copy HTML

 I’m headed to Sydney soon. How’s thonging at the pools? Looking at Icebergs and Wylie’s baths in particular. 
Grabeach #52

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/16/2018 08:40:11Copy HTML

In general, if no lifeguards, it's fine. Historically, lifeguarded pools are a bit more variable. As I've posted elsewhere on a number of occasions, it all depends on whether there are any complaints. I've been able to sun in a minimal Skinz M1R2 g-string at most pools without any problems. I've also occasionally swum in same. I suspect walking to the kiosk or change rooms may still be a bit 'in your face' so would likely generate a complaint and I'd be asked to "cover up". I've had lifeguards at a couple of pools tell me g-strings are not allowed there, but six months later appear to have changed their mind. I've been to a pool 30 times without a word said, then been told someone has complained. It was then suggested I would be okay at another pool run by the same council! There are no hard and fast rules.  However, as more woman are sunning and swimming in thongs this season, I think it is becoming more difficult for anyone to make a case against a guy in a thong that the lifeguards would act on.

Notwithstanding all the above, in 530 Sydney pool visits I have only once ever seen another guy in a thong. It just isn't done. Unless you fluke being at the same pool at the same time as me, you will be the only guy in a thong there.

With regard to Icebergs and Wylies, I have had a quick look at both, but never swum there, so can't comment on thong tolerance. Personally, I wouldn't pay to lay out on crowded concrete when I could do same on the sand at the nearby Bondi or Coogee beaches for free.
Thongmad #53

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/20/2018 02:38:31Copy HTML

 If you had a complaint at Icebergs I’d be surprised considering how many of the female patrons wear them. That’s where you may see the little bit of silver lining around the modern litigious society - they would be perhaps cautious so as not to be sued for being discriminatory if they enforced such a rule against men and not women..?
shoyupoke #54

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/25/2018 11:14:15Copy HTML

 I  was at coogee and bondi yesterday and bronte today.  Saw plenty of thongs on women but none on men.  Seemed like tons of tourists were in town too.
Grabeach #55

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/25/2018 11:39:42Copy HTML

shoyupoke; What features identify someone as a tourist?
dandyandy #56

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/25/2018 10:58:38Copy HTML

* Not sporting sandpaper down their Speedos.
bbyrne78 #57

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:03/26/2018 12:00:33Copy HTML

I would also be keen to find out how tourists get identified. I used to get asked all the time whether I was a tourist or not. It was pretty silly to get asked as someone who had lived nearly 20 years here in northern NSW and before that as someone born and raised in Newcastle.
Generally when I say tourist it is usually people getting off a tour bus. LOL
Love Bren
Thongmad #58

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:05/07/2018 03:43:45Copy HTML

 On a brighter note, Bondi is just spectacular today! Just got here for a sneaky hour or so, at the far northern end on the rocks. Seems to be where a lot of females hang out topless, and many thonged. I’m in my pink DeeJay thong :) Doesn’t get much better!
Ben_Jones83 #59

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:08/18/2018 09:40:23Copy HTML

Great stuff @thongmad. I made it to Maroubra Beach on Tuesday this week with the little bit of warm weather around. There were only a handful of people on the beach & I laid out in my g-string for an hour or so & then walked back to the car park in just my g-string. Great start to season!
adambrix #60

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:12/08/2018 10:38:17Copy HTML

Thongmad, do you mean the northern or southern end??? Last few times i have been at Bondi there have been thongs along most of the beach, with a definite concentration on the far south (close to the Icebergs) and also on the grassy knoll above the pool at the north end (not so much on the north part of the beach). Not a massive amount of toplessness in any particular spot, but definitely on the increase :). Definitely more and more thongs over the last few years at Bondi and every other beach in Sydney. In the far south part of Bondi I would think 1/4 to 1/3 of girls were in a thong bikinis on some days. One particularly windy day the only pleasant part of the beach was on the knoll in the NE corner. Not many people on the beach at all, as the sunseekers were all avoiding the wind- half the ladies around me on the grass were in thongs/strings. Only a few years ago and there would only be a handful of thongs or toplessness along on the entire beach. Tamarama was also pretty popular with thongs last summer. I wore a skinzwear m1r2 most times, incl walking along the length of the beach- fun. A big difference too is that girls now do it all in their little bikinis. Walk along the promenade , swim, run along the beach, yoga. In years gone by they would usually have a set of "bum" swimmers to cover up for anything other than sunbathing. The migration of thong activities away from the sand is interesting- some girls even walking up and along the footpath beside Campbell Ave without covering up their butts. Hopefully this summer improves rapidly, as it has been pretty crap so far.
Sydmixwrstlr #61

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:12/23/2018 05:14:48Copy HTML

Sunning my buns?? Reef beach is for me.. Secluded, beautiful and great swim :)
Thongmad #62

Re:Sydney Beaches

Date Posted:01/01/2019 06:03:21Copy HTML

@adambrix Yes indeed there are plenty of thongs to be seen all along Bondi. On that particular day, I was out past the small kids pool at the North end, down on the rock shelf in front of the houses. Heaps of skin always being exposed there.
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