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Date Posted:11/21/2018 01:14:56Copy HTML

The Tampa Area Naturists (TAN) are petitioning for a nude beach near Tampa.

Petition to establisgh a European-style clothing-optional family-oriented beach in the Tampa Bay Area, similar to Haulover Beach in Miami.

Here is a link to their online petition and the fundraiser that's attached to it.

As of this writing, nearly 3,500 have signed.
There are 30,000 members of the Thong Wearers Message Board, so lets go give them a helping hand.



A convenient, short link to TAN's petition / fundraiser that you can give to friends is: tinyurl.com/tandip

You can also join TAN via the Membership tab at tanfl.com and like TAN's Facebook page at: facebook.com/TampaAreaNaturists

beachlion #1

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:11/21/2018 07:15:23Copy HTML

I support every movement to promote C/O beaches.
sailor250 #2

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:11/25/2018 07:09:09Copy HTML

It would be nice to see the Fla West Coast get a legal nude beach. There are already 4 on the East Coast (counting Apollo and Playalinda separately- they are separated by many miles by road and few people walk from one to the other in a day). I can't see most conservative spots in the Tampa Bay area approving any "urban" or "developed" area so that leaves current parks and park beaches. Ft. Desoto might fit the bill. The opponents will say "it will be over run with lookyloos" Well that's not the case at the other Florida beaches. In this age "perving" is done over the internet- people will be too lazy to go out to look if they're not participating!
Kinderlou #3

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:11/27/2018 11:41:51Copy HTML

I wish the same would happen in the Panhandle. Considering the miles of undeveloped seashore we have courtesy of the Gulf Islands National Seashore it could be easily done. It is certainly possible to be nude in many spots there without offending anyone but it would be better if it was legal. Fortunately thongs and their close relatives are legal in most places from Pensacola down to Port St. Joe. 

wackymac #4

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:11/28/2018 11:21:27Copy HTML

I wholeheartedly support TAN's effort for a clothing optional beach near Tampa.

Also, I was under the impression that Haulover  was the only LEGAL  clothing optional  beach in Florida.

bmicro #5

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:11/29/2018 10:24:46Copy HTML

I have signed the position and contributed. I encourage all members of the thongboard to do likewise.
mark777 #6

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:02/19/2019 12:52:23Copy HTML

I have signed the petition as well. They are so close to the 10,000 names they need to go forward on this. Everyone should go sign up, its all about our rights to be nude.
ithongit #7

Re:Tampa FL, Nude Beach Proposal and Petition

Date Posted:02/19/2019 04:53:34Copy HTML

I love legal clothing optional beaches! The only issue is that this is so far away, I would be lucky to get there once a year. Still, having such a beach on the Gulf side, and not an iffy clothing optional beach like some of the beaches near Sanibel Island sure would be nice. There should be at least 1 clothing optional beach in each state, and perhaps they should be arranged so nobody in that state would have to drive more than 100 miles to get to it. I currently do CO at several Ohio State Parks and several private places as well. Sorry -- I don't want to state here which parks or private places permit this beach use to keep the number of CO people from becoming an issue for the local police or law enforcement Rangers.
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