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Date Posted:07/08/2016 11:16:56Copy HTML


Has anyone tried Tan Through Swimwear?
I think this is good when you cannot wear your thong. I want a thong tanline so my thought is to put the Tan Through Swimwear over my thong and I will get the thong tanline anyway.
I have not yet tried Tan Through Swimwear but I think I will order a pair. What I have read on internet it is working as advertised.

Does anyone here have any experiences with Tan Through Swimwear?
I will probably buy from here:
itanng #1

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/08/2016 12:20:56Copy HTML

Kiniki tan through suits are like wearing sunscreen with an SPF rating around 6-10.  In other words, wear SPF 8-ish on the rest of your body and you'll keep your tan line the way you want it.

When I MUST wear something more than a thong, I use their "Swim Micro Tan Through"
It provides trim, but full coverage, more like a "racing suit".

SolarOne #2

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/08/2016 03:55:29Copy HTML

I never wore sunscreen under any of my kiniki suits, and no matter how long I stayed in the sun, it didn't seem I tanned. Even wore square cuts biking, while wearing 30spf everywhere else for many hours in peak Texas sun. My body got reddened, everything under the suit didn't even feel the effects of the sun. Maybe if they are the only bottoms you wear religiously, color will eventually show, but do expect where the doubling of the fabric occurs to be your new tan outlines. Maybe someone that doesn't keep tans as well as I do, and is not a nudist would have better luck.
jprob50 #3

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/08/2016 09:30:39Copy HTML

 I agree with SolarOne...I have a tan-through suit, but it seems to block as much UV as any other material. On the hand, I do seem to tan well through my sheer suits from Skinzwear.
SlidingG #4

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/08/2016 09:56:36Copy HTML

To avoid new tanlines where the fabric is doubled over, my technique is to apply 15 SPF sunscreen all over after pulling on my 2" tan-thru bikini; then, while lying in the sun, alternately lowering the waist a half inch and raising the leg openings a half inch.  The unprotected bands of skin get full sun half time, evening everything out.  I do this to maintain my overall tan achieved by wearing tan-thru sliding g-strings for my serious tanning efforts, which is possible most of the time on my neighborhood beach.        
sailor250 #5

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/09/2016 11:55:12Copy HTML

 I haven't had an official tan thru suit for several years.  My previous Cool Tan brand suits with mesh material made in Germany had the lycra and spandex breakdown and pills were all over my skin.
I've had several "lycra mesh" suits made by Dore years ago and bought some from NuParr to keep my all over tan, but they're not available anymore.  My new go to will be Tambre at Beachndance.  Choose any suit design up thru bikinis and choose a lycra mesh with a print design and it will be slightly see thru but without details, and it should be tan thru.  My meshes are maybe about a SPF6to 8.  So I usually apply a 30 all over before the day, then move the elastic edges slightly thru out the day and in a day I don't get any tanlines.  If I must wear a bikini for two whole days I choose a different style, width and after two days I if you squint you'll notice a slightly lighter shade around my waist- something that's gone after one day of bare waisted sun.So these lycra mesh print suits are available in bikini, thong and G string styles.  I've had baggies made, I've had larger brief and swimtrunk styles made for different locales.  Pick a print in a medium to darker color with a close print.  You may show thru if the design has big gaps in say the blue background.  If they're custom let the seamstress know you'd like the pattern to cover your pouch area and they'll try to set up the pattern there.  You could try SWIC or ebabee too, they I think have some suitable fabrics.There's nothing like feeling the sun caressing your c@ck while out on a conservative beach!With these do make sure your C and B are well lotioned before you go out- on a "normal" public beach you can't be reaching inside to lotion up any more, but they'll burn if you're not careful.
SlidingG #6

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/09/2016 12:35:40Copy HTML

Like sailor250, I use mesh suits in prints, too, generally from BuffedBod.com, from sock jocks up thru briefs.  The camo design is my favorite, and obscures anatomy well. 
JM_Runs #7

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:06/29/2018 06:10:37Copy HTML

Here is a pair of shorts / underwear for slimmer guys that has a tan through mesh for cheap. 


The mesh is a LOT more open than it appears in the photos, but the print is rather distracting and completely hides that fact.  

For slim guys. Even an XL feels a little small on my 32".

Right now, for the next 12 hours, they are only $2 including shipping. You can't beat the price.

Maybe no the most alluring print, but it does a marvelous job at covering the fact they are a light mesh. In a solid color they would be transparent. 
MrFalcon #8

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:06/29/2018 08:35:04Copy HTML

Haven't tried the swim micro in the sun yet but I can say the shorts I got did not tan-through. I wore 30 SPF everywhere and nothing under the shorts, and I don't think there was any effect at all. I still like the shorts cause they are very open and light with no liner.
navythong #9

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/03/2018 04:59:53Copy HTML

I noticed that some of my Poser thongs, which are unlined, are a sort of tan-through.Some parts which haven't seen any sun are getting tanned.Anybody else noticed this also?
Blackphantom5 #10

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/04/2018 12:42:13Copy HTML

 Yeah. Depends on the color I think. I have a neon yellow one and it’s way more see through than my black one especially when wet. Obviously more sun is getting through the fabric too. I don’t know what fabric color yours is so maybe I’m wrong. 
JM_Runs #11

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/04/2018 03:51:24Copy HTML

Tan through does not depend on color. It depends on the percent of the weave that is covered compared to open space.

It also depends on the thickness of the fabric because with a thicker fabric, and a low angle of incidence, less sun gets through. Basic science and optics.

It is a question of how much is blocked compared to not blocked, at 90 degrees or more acute angles. 
sailor250 #12

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:07/04/2018 02:04:59Copy HTML

 Interesting thought about color and tan thru !  Though the mesh size may be the same the absorption of the sun by the black threads may not reflect through as much as say white or yellow.  I imagine it's a minor factor- maybe 10-20%??  I know the heat between black and light is sometimes astounding.I just got  a new black mesh suit and have a red mesh- identical fabric- I'll see if I can tell wearing them.  Was thinking of getting a light blue one soon= but it will be very see thru.
string_theory #13

Re:Tan Through Swimwear

Date Posted:08/05/2018 11:18:40Copy HTML

I've got a cheeky bikini and a teardrop g-string in tan through fabric. Maybe not the best test of tan through. I wore the g-string 4 days straight with sunblock elsewhere and did not notice tan lines, but moved the straps around. Haven't worn the cheeky enough to notice. The tan through fabrics are thin, light, and dry very fast. Don't know yet how long they will last. As long as there's a print pattern, they are not see through, even when wet.
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