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Date Posted:01/19/2005 09:30:26Copy HTML

I'd like to have PERFECT thong tan lines this year, by wearing the exact same cut all the time with the straps in the exact same place. The problem is, a good tan requires maintenance during the week, and I have to lay out in a local park near work, where thongs are not permitted.

Has anyone solved this problem by wearing a more conservative tan-thru suit over their thong? Will I end up with two sets of tan lines, or a "blurred," semi-tan zone, which will not look so great?

Has anyone found anyone who makes tan-thru suits in a decent fabric or solid color? It seems that all the ones I've seen in the past were in cheesy print fabrics.
NCThonger #1

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/19/2005 11:52:58Copy HTML

Personally, I have tried the tan thru suits and they didn't work for me.  I believe they have an SPF of 10, so that doesn't let much sun through.
Ryan Booth #2

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/20/2005 01:26:13Copy HTML

The tan through isn't the greatest invention in my experience. Like you said you end up with a slightly "blurred" semi tanned zone.
jn9195 #3

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/20/2005 03:08:01Copy HTML

They are cheesy print fabrics so they aren't see-through. (not easily to be seen through anyway).

I bought a Sport Europa tan-through bikini a long time ago - before I thonged in public. It was extremely thin and somewhat see-through when wet. It didn't last long because I wash all mine in the washer/dryer even when they say not to. My Prevail Sport stuff always survives.
Charlie03 #4

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/20/2005 08:37:02Copy HTML

My experiance is that it dos not work out as it should. To get the best result you sould buy a suit which is rather smal because than the fabric streches more and more sun comes thrue. Why bother about the bikini suite just weare your thong!



JM_Runs #5

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/20/2005 09:53:39Copy HTML

Tan Thru suits dont work well. But you may be able to afect a similar hiding of your thong by wearing mesh shorts.  I have a pair of very light colored mesh shorts that have a very small but open mesh and a very bright print.  They would be totaly unsutable for wearing without somthing on underneth. But over the top of a thong they provide a visual distraction.  To the casual observer, from a distance, it does not shout thong.

The light mesh shorts are very open weave but will blure a tan line and definatly prvide at least 50% more visual coverage and a little sun blockage.  Tan thru shorts will be a lot more of a sun screen.  They advertise that tan thru is like wearing a SPF10 but my experance is it's more than that.

Thonglicious #6

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/21/2005 01:18:54Copy HTML

One more guy here to say don't go the tan-thru route.  I tried that last year and ended up with three sets of lines.  I had very prominent waist band and gather lines from the tan-thru brief, a tan line imprint of the brief itself, and a very faint triangle from the thong I was wearing underneath.  Wasn't exactly what I expected.


Pomegranates #7

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/22/2005 02:40:44Copy HTML

It sounds like a unanimous ixnay on the an-thru tay.  JM, the mesh short idea is super-sexy, I'm going to try it.  Instead of a fish-net size weave though, I'm thinking of going with a tighter weave and a real tight fit. 

Alternately, I was thinking about buying a "near-thong" for my weekday tanning maintenance.  What's the narrowest back suit you guys have seen that isn't technically a thong?  I have a Dore with a 4" back, I'm thinking a 3" or even a 2" might be the way to go, if Dore makes it. 

rastus #8

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:03/30/2005 10:27:51Copy HTML

Just one more vote for no to tan-thru suits...in my experience, you get a serious tan line where the fabric is, and if you wear a thong underneath, you look like you are mostly wearing dork shorts...Just my tcw...
Thong Kong #9

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/19/2005 10:59:39Copy HTML

I've got to get a pair of these to wear over my thong swimwear on my way to the beach! Has anyone seen anything like this?


From: http://www.bikiniya.com

Edit: I found these, but I much prefer the style of the Japanese shorts:
These from Lifestyle Direct (LSD?)
or These from N2N

Between the above two, I like the mesh of the first better, but I could easily modify the N2N shorts by lowering the waist and shortening the inseam to better match the style of the Bikini-Ya shorts.
tvc150101 #10

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/21/2005 01:35:14Copy HTML

Does anyone know who might want to knock off shorts like these? They're exactly right for walking to the beach. In response to a query Dore let me know she doesn't make shorts.

Good catch bentonton.
Jazz Skirt #11

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/22/2005 12:00:49Copy HTML

I've got a pair of black mesh shorts by Male Power.  They're stretchy and snug against my body, and the label says they're 100% nylon.  My pair is not the low-cut style as seen on the Japanese page, but they're so transparent that I don't need any other gimics to make them show me off any better.  In fact, I wore these shorts to the supermarket once, with a black thong underneath, and a female shopper complained to the manager, who asked me not to wear them in his store anymore!

There is a sensual treat to be had by wearers of stretchy-snug, mesh shorts:  When you have them on for awhile, your flesh begins to poke out through the tiny holes, so that if you rest your butt against, say, a brass rail in a night club or a chrome rail at a supermarket checkout, you feel the cold rail against your skin as though you had absolutely nothing on at all!  In my opinion, the sensation is the same as if I were nude!  I guess we have to be selective about where we wear these shorts.

MarcoUSA #12

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/27/2005 02:25:43Copy HTML

First, I think your pushing your luck with the super market attention grabbing.

Next, the latest Undergear catalog has a new mesh style short. I don't know anymore about it as of right now.

But I do feel that it is long over due for them.


armand_galleon #13

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/27/2005 07:10:05Copy HTML

I wore a pair of cut off fishnet stocking turned shorts to last years erotic-exotic ball is san francisco. Yes, they make great beach shorts!
thonglife #14

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/31/2005 09:48:51Copy HTML

Those shorts would be hot but how about the bikinis and thongs? I'd love to hit the beach in one of those suits. Too bad I don't know the language.
Thong Kong #15

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:05/31/2005 11:21:41Copy HTML

As we've discussed in other threads, the problem is not really language, as there are many free translation tools available. The problem is that most of the Japanese sites do not ship overseas. There are a few Japanese sites that do. Aquadress (www.aquadress.com) is one, but they are horrendously expensive, and you have to go to the Japanese site to see the men's styles. With shipping, one men's suit from Aquadress will cost about US$200!

"TOOT" (www.pants-ya.com) is another Japanese site that ships overseas, but they have very limited selection in swimwear, they're a little expensive (about $90-100), and right now the bikini style swimwear is all sold out.

New Urban Male (www.newurbanmale.com) in Singapore ships overseas and sells a Japanese brand called "Jabs Waterboys" but they are all sold out as well.

I've found a shop in Hong Kong that sells the Japanese bikini style, for about US$50 each, and the suits have gorgeous patterns, like cherry blossom prints, asian silk prints, tropical prints, rose patterns, etc., as well as solid colors. The brand is "Tang 329" which I can't find online anywhere, and I haven't bought one myself, so I can't really show you an example.
Charlie03 #16

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 10:31:43Copy HTML

Why  don't you try a pair of these:    unisex boxer I have ordered there befor and the service provided is very good. Man's swimwear is fine, but you can find better (i.e Olaf Benz Liquide).

I'll order a pair for myself and my girlfriend...

malagaguy #17

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/06/2006 08:59:45Copy HTML


I've had similiar see Thru'/tan thru' mesh shorts before from http://www.lifestylesdirect.com and they are great in summer to cover up a thong in company, but they have now closed.

 So, does anybody know where to get this style of short from now.  Sportique don't make them - I've emailed them. and they suggestted http://www.underwear-shop.com. but they have been witdrawn.

Any help would be appreciated guys

beachfolks #18

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/07/2006 08:03:05Copy HTML

Likely Sportique stopped making them due to competition. Nearly every sport clothing line has mesh shorts now. Skinz comes to mind, also Bikini Beach.
malagaguy #19

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/08/2006 06:17:34Copy HTML

Sportique have not been a serious player for years.  They used to have a line of only 3-4 items, then went for the referal market a couple of years ago. 

I am really interested in a pair of  shorts just like those shown in the picture tho'.  If anyone can assist it would be appreciated.

Thanking you

JM_Runs #20

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/08/2006 08:21:34Copy HTML

Previal Sport  - Seville Shorts   http://www.prevailsport.com/seville.html   

Click on the small pic for colors and mesh fabrics.  Web site sucks, order the catalog.

Ex_Member #21

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/09/2006 07:20:28Copy HTML

I've had this problem too, maintaining a neat, nice thong tan line.  To start the tan line that I wanted, I visited a tanning bed 3 times, about 4 days apart.  Then, at the beach, I could wear any thong.  When the lines got fuzzy, I'd go back to the tanning bed for a couple of sessions with my original thong.  Ended up looking very nice.
malagaguy #22

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/09/2006 06:46:10Copy HTML

Thnx JM

00716 #23

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/12/2006 04:10:46Copy HTML


I have four pairs of mesh shorts. 

Just go to www.skinzwear.com and use the search function.  Put mesh in the keyword and a whole list of mesh fabric to choose from will appear that you can have your shorts custom made with (for $8 extra).  Also try using  see thru or see-thru or transparant or sheer for the key word for a whole list of fabric options.

I had five pairs made.   One dark blue zipzag, one black mesh, and two black eyelet shorts (one bike shorts and the other the no center seam style), and one paneled style, where the center panels are black and the side panels are thin black mesh.  I've worn them around the apartment complex with and without a thong.  I got some really nice looks from the opposite sex.  I've worn the eyelet shorts with a black thong to the gym with no problem.  I feel these are the only one's that are safe enough to wear to the gym as long as your shirt covers your butt.

I think the eyelet style is my favorite, but it's what the opposite sex finds most sexy is what really matters.

Also www.abcunderwear.com has various styles of mesh and mesh like/see through shorts. 

Jazz Skirt #24

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/20/2006 01:08:48Copy HTML

I found a very nice quality pair of tennis shorts, white, with a zipper fly, in my drawer, and they somehow seem to have gotten smaller over the years, so that I couldn't even pull them on!  But since they appeared like new, I decided to have a seamstress open them up at the vertical side seams.  My initial plan was to have her install a little fabric at each side opening, but instead, I figured I would have more options with the shorts if she installed eyelets and laces.

She did alter them with the eyelets and we found some white laces, and those shorts became an absolute sensation with women everywhere I wore them with skin showing through the laces!  I even wore them on a cruise and I couldn't count the number of males and females taking my picture.  Braver women even wiggled their fingers through the spaces between the laces, and I was constantly being hassled with the women!  I would say that those shorts became my absolute favorite of all time.  I loved my mesh shorts, but they revealed everything and were still too showy even with a thong underneath.  The lace once displayed my nakedness in a legal way, showing only the sides, so I could wear them anywhere and get tons of attention. 

I highly, highly recommend that exhibitionists of either sex buy shorts that are too small and have someone open up the side seams with laces.  It will add years of happiness to your lives!

malagaguy #25

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/22/2006 10:39:38Copy HTML

With SOLAR / Lifestyles direct / Tanthru Direct now all gone.  Has anyone managed to source shorts and tops of similar larger mesh fabrics to the mens coverup?

These were just so good for getting to and from the beach.

Prevail and Skinz seem to have slightly different styles that are not of my taste.

624jim #26

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:01/23/2006 02:29:29Copy HTML

              Here in California , i go to the nude beach wearing my skimpest thong i have and if i want a tan with no lines i take it off.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/12/2018 02:05:33Copy HTML

Short lightweight mesh shorts with built in thong.


NCThonger #28

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/13/2018 06:25:11Copy HTML

 There is a reason that the tanthru companies are falling by the wayside. Their fabrics don't work effectively! I have had several tan thru suits and none worked like I had hoped they would. All seem to advertise SPF 8 or higher and if I wear SPF 8 I hardly get any sun at all.
Cloydene #29

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/13/2018 08:38:10Copy HTML

 I bought something extremely ridiculous from sunup/sundown eons ago, a tan thru thong! It was more cost effective since it was less material. I loved how I looked in it, somehow making me look rather hung without pushing me forward (Suits You men's suits were like this when they had a men's line).
sailor250 #30

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/14/2018 11:50:39Copy HTML

 I've found that the marketed tan thru suits are not that good.  I've gone to just buying nylon mesh or other described mesh suits from on line vendors.  Look closely at the photos to see how lucent they are.  Then pick a print which hides what's beneath.  I have several from swirlfashion that I can put on SPF15 all over and be out all the time and not get tanlines at all!  Obviously light solid colors will be transparent- stick with dark or bright prints and you're not exposing yourself===optically!!
Mary0826 #31

Re:Tan-thru or mesh shorts over a thong ?

Date Posted:06/15/2018 04:38:49Copy HTML

 Remember, SPF is an approximate.  An SPF of 8 would let the same amount of sun through in 8 hours that you would get in 1 hour with no coverage.  An SPF of 15 would give you the 1 hour of sun in 15 hours.   SPF values of 30 are available and some go as high as SPF 60.  The 60 would probably give you about the same exposure as a week in the sun (8-10 hours a day).  The issue I have seen with tan-thru suits is that the edging where the fabric is folder over often several times and might even have elastic in it will be a much higher.  If you have a tan thru suit and want it to create an all-over tan, you may need to adjust the locations of the edges to correct for this issue.
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