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Date Posted:03/13/2005 10:05:07Copy HTML

I am a guy who is anavid Koala / thong / gstring wearer and am planning on getting a tattoo on my back. Was wondering thoughts on where the tattoo would be the most attractive / sexy / statement making, etc. I am planning on getting on the middle of my back but want to know people's thoughts on what area of my back would be the best.Upper central backLower back (small of my back)long tattoo (like chinese characters from top of back to lower back)What does everyone think / and what do you think would look best in a thong / gstring / Koala suit...Thanks
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/13/2005 11:18:28Copy HTML

I've always thought that up on the shoulder was a good place. I dont' know if there any significance to having it on the left or right.

A fair number of younger women seem to be getting an ornate design all the way across the top of their butt. It looks good on them, but I've only seen a few pictures of guys who had that adornment.

If I even get a tattoo my first one would be in a place where I could see it easily. For that reason I would avoid my back the first time around.

Ryan Booth #2

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/15/2005 02:31:36Copy HTML

If I was you I would go for a big tattoo across the top of your back and shoulders. I'm not sure about having one in the centre of your back. In my look out of place on it's own.
shaved_thong_lover #3

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/15/2005 12:17:33Copy HTML

Sorry, maybe people misunderstood... my current thoughts are pictured as follows:


                        /                       \

                      |        head         |

                      \                          /

    ________                        __________

  /                               &                                   \                             Upper Back along shoulders / traps at this level

/                                 &                                     \

|                                 &                                      |

|                                 &                                      |                        Long tattoo in center of spine extending from upper back to lower back

|                                 &                                      |                        Like the "&" symbols to the left

 \                                &                                     /

   \                              &                                  /                            

     \                            &                                /                             Small of my back just above thong / gstring  at this level

     /                             |                              \

    \                              |                               /

      \__________  /    \___________/





Popeye1 #4

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/15/2005 08:29:08Copy HTML

A number of years ago, Olive and I were in Key West, on the beach at Fort Zack, in our thongs of course, when a couple of navy guys went by and one of them said "There's a real flamer". This tickled both of us so much that I immediately got a tattoo of a flame on the left cheek of my ass. Incidentally that is the only remotely negative comment I have ever gotten in Key west in 12 years of thonging there. Popeye
Gymbuff #5

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:06/22/2005 04:41:01Copy HTML

Here's a handy idea for any of those thong-loving girls who want a tatoo but don't want the perminancy that comes with it...


sailor250 #6

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:38:24Copy HTML

sailor250 #7

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:42:34Copy HTML

sailor250 #8

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:02/06/2007 07:10:10Copy HTML

Interesting tattoo, nice thong too!


Beachlover492000 #9

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:02/07/2007 10:41:35Copy HTML

HI Sailor250,

I had read about the guy with the leopard spots tattooed all over his body but had never seen a picture of him. Thanks for finding and sharing it.

And given that the spots are tattoos, yes they are permanent.

sailor250 #10

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/01/2007 07:49:29Copy HTML

Ladies one thing I think I'd avoid is a back tattoo with a religous symbol like this cross! 



However this may be alright as anyone seeing it closely may be simulantanously be seeing God, and God's name may be said over and over. 


big daddy thong #11

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:08/28/2010 04:09:17Copy HTML

  I already have a one big tattoo on my right arm, now I have been thinking of getting another one.  I'd like to get one below my waist and above my junk, in the pubic area.  I shave or wax down there on a regular basis, so now, I'm bald. Does anyone have any ideas of a tattoo to place there. I'm open to any suggestions.  I'm considering something that is artsy, classy and tastefull. Has anyone had any expericences with getting inked on the pubic region.  I'm not interested in getting my genitals tatted up, just the triangle area under or around the thong pouch.
armand_galleon #12

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:08/29/2010 02:17:16Copy HTML

 Tattoos are very personal, the image, the place where it's placed. I have none, and I'm not against 'em, I just don't have any statements to make with an image on my skin, if anything it's my blank canvas that makes the statement in an age where grandma's are getting inked.

Shoulder area: too common.
length of the back: too bold.
Small of back: too fem.

I would place my tat along my hipbone, a brazilian model has one there and when I first saw this tat I thought that would be where put mine. I like that it can play a little peekaboo with pant/shirt line.

But I also enjoy the sun too much and I understand that UV is not good for ink.

Good luck.
newlynymphos #13

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:03/05/2012 12:00:43Copy HTML

I have 3 tattoos (2 of them merge into one image) and a 4th being inked on March 31s (a "Phoenix" placed just above the penis, extending to the belly button and down the thigh-about 10" in size). The first 3 are on the upper hips (the "swinging couple" on the right hip, and the Sax/Suzuki on the  left).
chris0721 #14

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:08/15/2012 02:38:29Copy HTML

I am working on a tattoo piece that will wrap around my waist.  I started with the astrology sign with some nautical star on the left hip, then added a tribial design on my pubic mound.  My next step is to added a tribal Bengal tiger face on my right hip and have them flow together for a total cool look. 
JM_Runs #15

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:09/03/2012 09:25:13Copy HTML

 I'd love to get some tattoos on my waist because I want to cover up some acne scars. But, I'm just worried if that will make it worse. I've also thought about getting a small tattoo on my butt cheeks, but I heard that it hurts.
johny_b #16

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:06/10/2014 11:45:42Copy HTML

i got a dreamcatcher on my back and i like to show it off by being in a bathing suit. ill wear a thong at the beach and a bikini in my yard.
Beachlover492000 #17

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:07/01/2014 03:38:24Copy HTML

 I would love to get a "tramp stamp" on my lower back above my butt, my wife would shoot me if I did. The fact that it would be permanent is actually an attraction.
ozarkG #18

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/21/2015 02:48:04Copy HTML

 Ive got a few tats, very personal in meaning. I should have a few more, my wife will get me one for our aniversary each year, she owes me a few. I do have one down south, a pic of it is in my profile. It was a spur of the moment thing. Sort of. I had actually been thinking about getting it for a while. But when i did get it it was spontaneous. The wife was out of town with the kids on a mini-vaca, i had too much work to go.   Its on my right cheek, just above the center of my ass. She thinks im crazy for getting it. Since all of my tats have very personal meaning to me, i had to have one of those "stupid, spur of the moment i dont know what i was thinking" but this was still kind of planed. I have another two i want to get on my other cheek, or maybe next to it so it makes more sense. The one i have now is the "have a nice day" smiley face. The other two i want to get to go with it is a donkey of some sort and some lips/lip prints. The meaning of the two when i get the donkey and the lips will be"have a nice day, and/or kiss my ass". A pictogram of sorts. My version of hirogliphics.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/21/2015 05:41:37Copy HTML

My son reads Chinese and Japanese (currently in college in Japan), and tells me that about half the Chinese and Japanese "symbols" that people have tattooed on themselves say something like, "I am an idiot" and other derogatory terms.  Not always of course, but sometimes those are literally the translations.  Either they and the tattoo artist don't know better or perhaps the artist is being sarcastic.  Regardless, having symbols tattooed on yourself that you can't read yourself is pretty stupid.  At least get a real Chinese/Japanese dictionary first.  And BTW, in Japan, nobody wears tattoos except yakuza.  It's considered highly shameful.  Not an association I would ever want to make.
OS777 #20

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/22/2015 03:22:20Copy HTML

 There is nothing new about the association of tattoos and criminal elements.  Idiots in the West think it is cool to have tattoos.  If they understood the true history they would run from individuals with tattoos.  Prisoners ink themselves for criminal associations with other cons.  They think it makes them tough. It absolutely does not.  Only indiginious peoples get tattoos for identification with clans or as demonstrations of reaching the age of acceptance as an adult.  I laugh myself silly when I see untold numbers of idiots inked at an early age.  Surely a sign of immaturity and lack of intelligence.  WWII sailors had few tattoos and they were true heros!  Career convicts love to get as inked as possible.  Do young people have the brains to foresee how ugly tattoos look as they age???  Real, self-confident, and mature individuals would give themselves 100 years to decide if they really needed a tattoo.Where I have traveled in SE Asia a tattoo may infer that you are a drug dealer and local authorities may have a person plant drugs on you or in your luggage.  20 years or life for authorities finding hidden drugs in your luggage may be more of a pain than just passing on getting a tat just to impress your so called friends.
ozarkG #21

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:05/18/2015 06:03:56Copy HTML

 I just read thru a funny article on failed tattos. One of them was an idea that someone on the board here had a while back. It was a tattoo of a thong where a thong would ride. {Is guy had it a bit higher just along his back. Black side straps with a pink triangle i. The center. He had other tats so this was just a joke, but it was poorly done. If i can find the article i will try to post a link.   As i said earlier, i have a number of tattos, an- i see nothing wrong with them, if you get them for the right reasons. All of kine have deep persona] meanings, and i will not be ashamed of them in the future. My most sentimental one is the one on my ring finger that i got f]r a wedding band. Im a welder, so wearing jewlery at work is not a good idea. I need to get it touched up as it is fading a bit. 
shavedboy #22

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:05/18/2015 03:37:30Copy HTML

 one of my favorite sort of photos is of naked rear ends with sharp thong or g-string tan lines.  the higher contrast, the better and the thinner straps, the better.  that's sort of a tattoo.  (except natural and temporary)

Sharon73 #23

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:05/19/2015 05:11:36Copy HTML

 Nothing like a tan line to make me look (and lust)
fordrs #24

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:08/15/2015 07:34:09Copy HTML

 i fancy a tattoo on my ass but not sure what to get?
any ideas ?
pikeman #25

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:08/17/2015 02:07:41Copy HTML

 If I had the nerve to do it, I'd get one on my hip. It's the leanest piece of "territory" on my body and least likely to sag. You gotta plan ahead.
iowaboi65 #26

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:09/09/2015 05:33:34Copy HTML

 Well i have a tattoo on my groin area that peeks out of my thong its a easy way to give a little peek when they ask if they can see it!Next one is going on the other side and will go partially down the shaft.
Brett13 #27

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/08/2016 04:22:32Copy HTML

I'm a lover of thongs, g-strings, and sexy jocks- is it attrative (let's be real), is it SEXY or not for a man to have a small hip tat? Question open to men and women. I have a smalmedium sized tattoo on both biceps, and one on my left pec, but I kind of want something on my hip. Sexy or not? Does a male hip tat have connotations? 
OS777 #28

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/09/2016 09:19:04Copy HTML

 Hip tattoos or tats anywhere.  Products of poor long term decision makers.  There us nothing sexy or attractive about a tattoo that insecure people/sheep must have for bragging rights or post to social media for validation by intelligence challenged copycats.My father and his career (+20 year veterans WW2, Korea, Vietnam) never had to prove one damn thing to anyone other than defend their home, ideals, and future.I am age 64 and a Vietnam era US Navy vet.  My buddies never got inked.If you must be noticed as an aspiring wannabe got get inked from the soles of your feet to the top of your skull.The EuroTrash wave that the Rolling Stones brought with them in the 60's still has retro/neuvou droid followers coming out of garbage cans along with the roaches and rats.Tats are stupid.  Times proves that fact out.  What second of brilliance forgotten decades later vindicates the level of immaturity and delusion of grandeur that should require all later observers to concur.  That was a very stupid thing that I did!!!
Brett13 #29

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/09/2016 11:44:40Copy HTML

 @OS777- thanks for your straight forward reply- and my sincere thanks to you for your service, sir. Much appreciated.

Matt37 #30

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/10/2016 09:24:54Copy HTML

"Hip tattoos or tats anywhere.  Products of poor long term decision makers."  So, because you don't care for them, they MUST be the products of poor long-term thinkers? lol Seems legit. /s
mack_back #31

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/10/2016 11:10:18Copy HTML

 Tats are not poor decision makers, only when tattoo artist see some laughable ink on someone shaking their heads screaming, why....
Tats are to the western world a way to send unspoken message to anyone who looks. I'm not someone to mess with.. Sort of a beware of dog sign at your home. Anyone doing prison time gets inked to look intimidating and threatening to others, see professional athletes or gang members. People have their opinions saying those dolphin tattoos  on your feet are stupid but that's their decision to do so without anyones judgement.
So as a thonger people do say i look stupid or silly wearing it to the beach questioning my sensibilities. Yet same can be said with someone inked and pierced a lot on their body. Having no tattoos myself i feel people who do are more likely to be tolerant of thongers rather those who are not inked and feel superior to everyone else.
One thing is for sure people who thong in public and those with a lot of body ink have one thing in common. We don't care what anyone thinks. We get older we might quit our thong wearing in public only because we are self conscious about our body covering up just as tattooed folk do as well.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/11/2016 05:12:33Copy HTML

Tattoos are indeed "products of poor long term decision makers."  Has nothing to do with the artwork or whether we like what they show or not, the emphasis is on "long term."  For one, tattoos last forever, but they fade.  For another, many if not most employers don't want their employees to have tattoos, thus limiting job advancement.  Most importantly, things change over time.  You can't deny any of this.  I've known guys who tattoo their girlfriend's name on their arm, then they break up later -- how smart is that, especially when they get a new girlfriend?  Or people who tattoo Harley-Davidson.  I like H-D just fine but where is the judgment in advertising for a commercial company, and what happens if the person later buys a bad H-D and ends up hating them?  I heard a comedian joke that your tattoo of Pamela Sue Anderson will eventually end up being Roseanne Barr.  It may take a long time, but I've never met an older person with a tattoo who didn't eventually regret it.
gog5150 #33

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/11/2016 10:37:42Copy HTML

 At facelessdrone2005 - you are indeed judgmental.  Many people have tattoos who are not poor long term decision makers.  I have no regrets nor will I ever regret my ink, ever.
John Howard #34

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/11/2016 11:07:02Copy HTML

 "I will never regret my ink, ever"...
It sounds as convincing as the typical "I will love you forever".....lol
Good luck mate!
JM_Runs #35

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/12/2016 12:22:42Copy HTML

I may be judgmental, but I do know how to make a rational argument.  John Howard has it right.  You could not even rebut a single issue I raised.  In fairness, I did think of one specific kind of tattoo that does not represent poor decision making, and that would be the wearer's proud association with a respectable organization that isn't going to go away, such as the U.S. Marines or similar.  I respect those people because they earned their tattoo and because they will always be a Marine or at least an ex-Marine, and that's an accomplishment to be proud of.  Unfortunately all I ever see today are tattoos being worn as a fashion statement, and permanently marking your body for a fashion statement is just plain poor judgment.
String_guy #36

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/13/2016 09:36:41Copy HTML

 Faceless, I agree and disagree. Tattoos are not my thing. I am ink free. However, Who are you to say what others should do to their bodies. Just because you don't like tattoos gives you no right to judge others. I accept that my daughters have them, it doesn't make me love them any less!!! Your opinion is just that,..... YOUR opinion! And yes, you are judgmental!
NcknameInUse #37

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/17/2016 08:58:17Copy HTML

 Well, I've got an appointment in June to start work on some extensive tattooing. Starting with a full sleeve and see where it goes from there.
At 51 years old I'm used to my habit of making bad decisions and hopefully my next career move will be retirement! And being a good 2 thirds through my expected life span I think I'll fade before the tattoo!
I'm quite looking forward to condescending and judgmental comments.Then again I never got them from wearing thongs, or leggings or high heels...
John Howard #38

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/17/2016 04:51:57Copy HTML

 Good on ya, we should always try to do what you want in life, because life it's too short.
I don't recall any judgmental comment here other than the fact that tattoos are for good and therefore might become different with age.  Therefore it is a decision that might not get any room for regrets.
Personally I don't like tattoos for myself;  the fact that they are irreversible is perhaps the biggest turn off .  Besides at my age I feel that this is a fashion that belongs to the younger folk.  I'm happy to be tattoo free and my only "tattoo" is a sharp thong tan line.  Enough for me.
I actually know plenty of guys and girls who are quite inked.  I train at a gym with lots of inked people.   I got to know a lot of them and they are very nice and friendly.     
Something I still can't understand is how tattoos are accepted in bodybuilding competitions.  I think tattoos and muscle definition and mass are a bit like opposite.  If a bodybuilder is heavily tattooed,  the ink would take away the visual focus from the actual muscle composition.  Anyway,  maybe it's the fact that having tattoos have become so mainstream, so they ended up being accepted.But still it is a bit ironic that tattoos are accepted in bodybuilding competitions, but thong posing suits are not (for male bodybuilders).  Doesn't make much sense to me.

XChip #39

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/18/2016 12:50:42Copy HTML

 Good post, John, especially the part about tattooed body builders.  I've often wondered how many of them got their ink first, then got built up, and then wondered heck why did I do that? 
As for myself, I'm something of a student of indigenous cultures, where--when you make a passage into a new part of your life--you mark your body somehow.  In tribal societies that can mean circumcision, or a tat, or a tooth out, etc.  The echo in our own society is wedding rings and sergeant strips on a uniform.
I got a piercing when I turned 60, to mark that passage.  I got a very-carefully thought out tat when I retired. 
ozarkG #40

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/26/2017 11:04:26Copy HTML

 Well, judgemental people are ignorant and unsure of themselves. I have many tattoos, and each one of them has a very particular meaning. One is a family tree, one is a self representation, and others are mile markers in my life. And all of them represent my ties to my ancestry, Mexican and Native American. Many people do regret their tattoos because they were spur of the moment things, or thought they would represent something or someone that would last forever. Mine however do not. My family will always be my family, as well as my ancestry. Nothing can change that.   I have the foot prints of my children on my chest. My kids will always be mine. I am married, I have two tattoos that represent that. Even if for some reason my marriage ends, I will never do it again, so the tattoos that represent that will always be a reminder of that, good or bad. Nothing will ever change my decision to get married.   So to those of you that wish to cast judgement on people with tattoos, I ask you if you have ever had something in your life that was permanent? Anything that meant more than the world to you? Or do you lack the self confidence in yourself to make a permanent decision? What makes you feel so superior to cast judgement on someone else's decisions? What gives you the right to do that? Nothing does. You are so weak willed that you have to cast judgement, , try to make decisions for other people.
JM_Runs #41

Re:Tattoo and thong

Date Posted:04/26/2017 11:45:05Copy HTML

"So to those of you that wish to cast judgement on people with tattoos, I ask you if you have ever had something in your life that was permanent? Anything that meant more than the world to you? Or do you lack the self confidence in yourself to make a permanent decision?"  Now that was a heckuva rant for somebody who claims so much self-confidence.  From your rant, you actually seem pretty insecure to me.  You complain about me being judgmental but I could say that YOU are judgmental of me because I do NOT have tattoos.  Have I had anything in my life that was permanent?  Well, I've been married over 30 years and I have two kids.  I don't feel "superior" because of that, I'm simply strong-willed enough and sufficiently confident in my marriage and my kids that I don't feel the need to tattoo myself to remind myself of it.  I also have enough confidence in myself that I don't need to follow the latest fashion statement.  You seem to be different in that your tattoos are meaningful and represent permanent things, but I just spent 3 hours in the gym today and let me tell you, most people with tattoos have stuff like skulls, flames, rock'n'roll bands, necklaces, butterflies, etc. that are meaningless apart from being a FASHION STATEMENT.  Well, fashion will inevitably change and the tattoos will fade.  If you're different from the fashionistas, good for you.  I wish you well and hope you never have regrets.
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