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Date Posted:08/05/2008 02:42:32Copy HTML

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.... ( I'm a virgin as far as this is concerned ) and I'm curious as to what others have done who are brothers and sisters of the THONG. What have you done.... seen done ... recommend either for or against. And most importantly... how bad does it hurt?
Ex_Member #1

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 05:54:24Copy HTML

 I always thought I'd try one of those temporary tattoos before I'd do something perm-
anent. However, since I suntan oil (not cream) and olive oil when sunbathing, I don't
Know how well the tattoo would surive the oil. Nothing very big. Maybe an abstract geometric design on my left buttock.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 12:03:00Copy HTML

I've noted small tattoos in intimate places on guys at my health club and think them kind of neat.  They'd show on the beach if wearing a thong (doubt these guys do!).  Were I ever to try it myself, I'm sure it would be a temporary one -- I tend to think you've got to be young to get away with permanent stuff like that these days, and I'm not young.  The pain?  After the recent PRP therapy on my knee, I think a tattoo would be child's play, so that wouldn't hold me back.

Tattoos I especially like are the Celtic-inspired bands around upper arms and ankles.  Must be the Irish in me.  Again, a temporary one would be fun, though I don't need the ridicule I'm sure my wife would dole out.  Speaking of Celtic influence, on the treadmill lately my Chieftans CD "Water from the Well" has several cuts that really get me pumping, with a broad grin on my face.  Reminds me of that all-night ceileigh (sp?) on the Isle of Skye a few years back, and sure beats the drivel on the health club sound system.
modelnude4u #3

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 12:55:37Copy HTML

Here is a temporary  one I got this summer.

swflaguy #4

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 01:38:29Copy HTML

 I like it.... If I got one I'd like it to show a bit either above or below the thong
JM_Runs #5

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 01:52:44Copy HTML

Temp tatoos are fun, but premanant ones often don't look so good after a few years.  After a few more they tend to start turning into blobs like old bruses.

I often see people with tatoos on the beach.  Almost none of them look good with swimsuits. At least, not to my eyes. Swimsuits are like modern art or arcetecture; they devide the body into parts and have sharp contrasting lines and straps. Tatoos are like old japanise paintings with complicated iregular edges. Both can look good on a nude body, but when put together they oftern clash visualy.

I think the bracelet or celtic arm bands are some of the few that do work with swimsuits and thongs.  I also have respect for the ankle wing or IM marks. But in general I think tatoos are a bad plan for your skin. You will have your skin all your life and old tatoos on old people make them look dirty, and tend to ephsise just how old their skin is looking.

So do temp tatoos only.  That way you get to select a new style next year.
swflaguy #6

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 02:00:02Copy HTML

 Okay, JM I'm conviced your right. Makes sense to me.
BeachBum413 #7

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/07/2008 03:26:55Copy HTML

In general I think that JM_Runs is right, however in some cases they do a service. Several years ago when we were at St. Martin the couple that stayed next to us had several tatoos and were friendly. We got to talking and discovered thet she had had lost a breast to cancer and had reconstructive surgery. The tatoos on her breasts efectively covered the scars and made her look pretty normal. At least you wouldn't suspect anything unless you looked closely. So sometimes tatoos do a service, but in general just stay away from them as JM_Runs says.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/08/2008 03:02:09Copy HTML

I agree with everything JM_Runs has said.  They don't look so great after a few years and by the time a tatoo is 15 or 20 years old, they just look like a bruse or an ink stain on your skin.  Neither of which is attractive.  I've seen a lot of people at work go in and get one, only to be disappointed as to how it actually looks on thier body afterwards for a variety of reasons.  Most of which revolve around the artist not being very good.  Just google 'bad' or 'horrible' tatoo on google and you'll see some scary ones out there people regret getting.

Right now there has been an explosion of people signing up and paying thousands of dollars for tatoo removal.  Doctors who have the laser to do this are making money left and right with the proceedure and they charge by the square inch.  I know someone who works in a dermitology office who knows a doctor who paid cash for an 08' Shelby Mustang Cobra (fast & expesnive car) just with the money he made on the side working a few hours of overtime each week for three months.

If your looking for something diffrerent and unique, why not try an anklet, or toe ring.  Just a thought.  Maybe a neckalace or even a naval peircing.  Those are starting to get popular on guys now.  The nice thing about all of these is that they are removable, except the peircing that takes months to heal correctly before you take it out.
Beachlover492000 #9

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/14/2008 02:12:07Copy HTML

In addition to anklets, toe rings and wrist and neck chains, I would suggest body shaving. I have a fair amount of body. When I finally got up the courage to shave myself completely to go to the beach, the change was dramatic and very pleasing. I could hardly recognize my own body, and I was awed by my transformation.

I've been shaved for three and a half years, and I will never go back. My smooth body goes perfectly with my g-strings, and a number of my beach friends have commented about how I look much better without the hair. Sun tan lotions and oils feel great on perfectly smooth skin too.

Still tattooing still has its allure ...

Recently I spotted a book that contained brief interviews from a diverse group of people who were tattooed. Their tattoos ranged from one small piece to bodysuits. They commented about why they got tattooed and how they felt about it now.

One woman really grabbed my attention. When she was 53 a friend dared her to get a tattoo. She accepted the challenge and then embraced it. At age 60 she now has a complete bodysuit that runs from just below her neck to and including her hands and feet. During this tattooing adventure she met a man with similar interests at a tattoo meet, and they are now married. This lady obviously takes good care of her body because she looked great in her tattoo photo wearing only a g-string and pasties.

In my imagination I could see myself living the seven years that it took for this lady to complete her tattoo. It would be exciting to have a truly talented artist permanently transform me bit by bit with attractive designs and bright colors. Yes, there would be pain, but the rewards would be great.

Still tattoos and the sun don't mix, and I enjoy the beach too much to give it up. Still ...
bajaflyer #10

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/23/2008 05:21:29Copy HTML

   Hey everyone. I'm new to this message board. I've found most of what I've read interesting and insitefull. 
 I've been thonging for about five or six years now and have had tattoos longer.  I have about ten tattoos total, and finally got one on my right "cheek".  I'd been thinking about getting one there for a while, mostly just for shock value for the people that see it. I don't thong in public much, as I work six or seven days a week and dont have a chance to get out much. I do thong at home in the back yard, my pool, etc. Most of my neighbors know and either dont comment or dont care. As I've had a few over swiming, them and thier kids, and it's been a subject of conversation, but not an issue or taboo.   
   Tattoos are a very serious commitment, not to be taken lightly. It took me about three years to get my first one, not to decide to get one, just to find the right one. Now I get one about every year for my aniversary(wedding). 
  The wife and kids took a vacation this year, I had too much work to go. So being a bachelor for a couple weeks, I acted as such, and went and got another tattoo.  I had been toying with the idea of a donkey, a smiley face, the Rolling Stones lips. Each one had it's own meaning. I went with the smiley face, you know "Have a nice day".  I have a variety of reasons for that one.  I'm not outlandish about showing my thong or tattoos, but if they show or someone sees them and has issues, that's thier problem. People need to open up thier minds and accept everyone and everything for the differances that they have.  So now if some one sees my thong poking above my pants or something, if appropriate I can reveal a bit more and tell(show) them to "Have A Nice Day". 

   Back to the point.  Tattoos are fine, so long as you get them for the right reason, what ever it may be.  They are a life long commitment, not something to be taken lightly.  Yes they can be removed these days, but even if you regret getting one down the road, I think it should be kept as a reminder as to why/when you got it and what the reasons were.  I dont regret any of mine, and never will. They are a part of my life, my person, my history.        Also, a tattoo on the butt cheeks is a great conversation starter.  Happy thonging:)
pkthong #11

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/23/2008 06:59:57Copy HTML

   I just got back from Punta Cana and saw a guy wearing a G-string with extensive tatto work. It went from his neck and covered his chest b,back, and he had two green spots(one each) on his buttocks. He was in good shape physically and it did look like a work of art.   However my opinion is that if this guy does not take care of his appearance over the years, the tattoes will probably become eyesores and it would take a lot of laser time to remove this tatto.
Popeye1 #12

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/25/2008 09:11:12Copy HTML

years ago when Olive and I were in Key West on our annual trip, we were hanging out at Fort Zack, in thongs of course, when a couple of touristas walked by. We heard some chuckling and then one said, "there's a real flamer for you". Olive called me her flamer for the rest of the trip. Before our next one I got a small tattoo of a flame on my left butt cheek. I'll post a photo when I get time. Peace Popeye
ithongit #13

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/25/2008 12:32:42Copy HTML

I know too many people, men and women who regret the tattoos they got.  Randy was going to get a tattoo once, but fainted when the tattoo artist turned on the buzzy application device, and wound up with a little dot about the size of a freckle.  For people who actually get them, the first issue is with artist's skill and application quality.  A good artist will be hard to get into since he/she will have a line of clients waiting.  If you know someone with a good looking tattoo that has been applied a long time ago, see who they went to since the tattoo artists, like most other artists, get better as they get older and have more experience.  Good artists will also require a pre-tattoo consultation where they will discuss the type of tattoo you want, ask you why you want it, let you know how long it will take to apply (some designs require more than one visit), the cost, etc.  They will insist that you are sober and mentally ready to get a tattoo.  They also will rarely be the cheapest place to get a tattoo.

As mentioned before, some tattoos fade or blur together.  This can be the result of the inks used and/or the physical condition of the person getting the tattoo.  Another issue is if a person will want a tattoo their whole life which features the name of a person they may no longer want to "advertise", or a design that is timely and may be even laughable later in their life.  Both women and men should decide how the tattoo will work with cloths they are likely to be wearing.  A lot of brides are surprised when a wedding gown covers only part of a tattoo.  Many work places are enforcing restriction on tattoos which might force a person to wear long sleaves all year long, or even prevent a person's employment.

An alternate to tattoo removal is tattoo re-work.  Sometimes it is possible to use an existing tattoo as part of a new tattoo which has a different meaning.  The more opened the design of the first tattoo, the easier this is to do.  Again, going to a top-notch tattoo person if you want to see if this can be done.  As an example, a name can sometimes be changed into a geometric pattern.

A hopefull area in tattooing are new inks being developed by Harvard and other medical facilities who you might be surprised to be interested in tattoo inks.  These new inks are called Freedom-2 Reversible inks.  These inks are totally eraseable in one laser treatment, and should provide longer lasting colors and minimal bluring over time.  They may or may not be available in your area, and some tattoo artists oppose them while others have embrased them, especially for people who are not able to make the moral decision to live with their tattoos their entire life.  They also are still in the somewhat experimental phase, and long term side effects are unknown.  Even though these inks are eraseable, the erasing procedure may cost many times the cost of the initial tattoo.  I would think that any person interested in getting a tattoo would be wise to look into these new inks and think carefully about their benefits and potential drawbacks before they get a tattoo.  A section of an article about them is pasted below:"Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard, Brown, and Duke universities have developed a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved ink, called Freedom-2 ink, which can be erased with a single laser treatment.  The ink, available in a few months or sooner, is a combo of dyes and polymer (a plastic that can’t be absorbed by the body)."
bajaflyer #14

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/25/2008 01:16:00Copy HTML

   ithongit makes many good points which I failed to mention.   If you choose to get a tattoo it is very important to research tattoo shop you are going to use.  Most tattoo shops will have the same sign posted "Good tattoos aren't cheap, cheap tattoos aren't good".  It's true. While you may think you are getting a bargain, you are not. Cheap tattoos will either be blurry, fade quickly, and be more prone to infection due to improper technique or bad inks.  Look for a nice clean environment.  And dont judge the shop by it's clientel, because when you get a tattoo, you to will be one of the people that get looked at and commented on. Whether you get a nice little butterfly, or a blood drooling skull with a dagger.  Ask around, and do check multiple shops. Tattoos should not be had at the first place you come to.  If you have to opportunity and resources, traveling to a well known reputable shop in another city or state is worth the trip.     I have been fortunate to live in areas with long standing shops with reputable artists. Dont be impatient if you cant get in the first time you go to the shop you choose.  If it is a good shop, it is worth waiting another day or two to get in, instead of going to the first shop that will get you in.
Popeye1 #15

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/28/2008 09:31:50Copy HTML

Pic of my "flamer" tatto on our profile. Peace Popeye
bajaflyer #16

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/28/2008 02:18:09Copy HTML

Hey all, and Popeye1, I psoted a picture of the tattoo on my cheek. Let me know what you think, my wife is still warming up to it.
John Howard #17

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:08/30/2008 04:40:51Copy HTML

I'm definitely not an advocate of tattoos.As JM mentioned above, tattoos and thongs don't match very well.  I prefer the looks of a muscular fit body without any ink on it,than an average body full of body art.
Tattoos tend to draw the attention and the thong look comes up second.

The human body is so beautiful, I think it doesn't need to be inked to look better.  It just needs to be worked out and be taken care of.

It takes more effort to be fit, muscular and keeping body fat to a minimum, than to go to a tattoo artist and get a tattoo.  No wonder how many blokes and gals with fat, unattractive bodies  like to parade and show off their body art.
And now, I think that tattoos are becoming so common, that not to have one just shows that you are different and have personality. 
Having a tatooed body is becoming like wearing board shorts on the beach;  not having one is becoming like wearing a thong or a string bikini.  At least if you wear board shorts you can change to thongs if you want;   with tattoos you just have to learn to live with them.

John Howard
teeback269 #18

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/17/2018 09:05:09Copy HTML

I was at the beachthis afternoon and after a while a blonde woman came and sat not far away. Shewas quite good looking, nice face, nice shape, was wearing a small bikini, butI could not tell if she was white or black or yellow. She was covered from neckto toes in tattoos. I did not even go and try to chat to her. So ugly! Do womenwear tattoos  all over to repel men sothey are kept alone? Well I certainly kept her alone, and I thought ‘’what awaste of a pretty woman’’
NcknameInUse #19

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/17/2018 12:08:45Copy HTML

 I'm generally of the opposite opinion!    A girl just can't, just CAN'T, have too many tattoos! I'm on a journey myself right now. Having been sensible for over 50 years I'm slowly getting inked. It's a journey that once started is difficult to end! 
bbyrne78 #20

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/18/2018 01:03:19Copy HTML

I am in the process of getting a sleeve finished to match five forearm bands on the opposing arm. I am covered at work so no one notices. Part of the reason for the sleeve is to cover some road rash scarring near the bicep. Rhe scarring was bad enough for me not to wear sleeveless dresses for the last 8 years.

Love Bren
VegasThong702 #21

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/18/2018 04:49:58Copy HTML

A body covered in tattoos is gross. You’re insecure.
kiyoothong #22

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/18/2018 10:33:43Copy HTML

I don't see the point in getting tattoos but if I could have only one tattoo, I would get it on my butt. I just think it is sexy to have a butt tattoo. What do you guys think of butt tattoos?
greatname #23

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/20/2018 09:18:07Copy HTML

 How can someone be so judgemental towards those with tatoos while on a forum as taboo as male thongs? If they like it good for them, I wouldnt get one but thats just me
big daddy thong #24

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/20/2018 01:10:58Copy HTML

 Tattoos are a personal choice of the individual and we have the freedom to explore ink as an expression of body art.  Tatts have been around since the start of civilization. We all have an opinion on what is artful and tasteful but the question is how far do you go with how many you have  on your body.  This is just my opinion that some tatts look bad on some folks or that might have to many randomly place due to poor artwork or placement on the body.  I have two large shoulder tattoos, one is a guardian angel for the memorial of my father death and my grandson birth.  My grandson was born 10 years to the day that my father passed away, so it has special meaning. The other one is a coat of arms with and a celtic border including symbols that have special family events in my life.  I'm planning to get more in the future 
tzh000 #25

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/20/2018 01:27:54Copy HTML

I have tattoos.
I often think that a big difference between those who choose to ink and those who do not is that the 'inked' generally do not denigrate or criticise those who choose not to ink - that is their choice and privilege. It would be nice to be extended the same courtesy. I would suggest that tattoos are a sign of confidence as often as they might highlight insecurity.
A lady I know well survived breast cancer and has a phoenix tattoo celebrating her 'rebirth from the ashes' of a devastating experience.  Insecurity. I think not! She is one brave lady.
ozarkG #26

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/26/2018 09:24:02Copy HTML

     I have several tattoos. Most have a significant meaning for each one, some i have just because i like the design. Some are cultural representations, some are family related.     One grouping os for my personal family, representing each of my kids and my wife. Like each of my kids footprints on the left side of my chest.     Another two actually cover up scares on my back from past life deeds.    I plan on getting a memorial portrait of my father, half of it when he was young and in his Naval uniform, the other half of him later in life of how i mostly remember him. He was the greastest influence in my life, it will be one the tattoos that will have the most meaning to be.    And i have to agree with *greatname* about being a member of a "support group" for people that are trying to be themselves, to be judgemental aboit others that make a lifestyle choice that doesnt affect anyone but themselves.    And to have to say this as a man is really kind of disheartening especially on this board, it's my body, i can do what i want. Just like wearing a thong.    And just like wearing a thong makes others feel uncomfortable, if you dont like what you see, someone with a tattoo, dont look at them. Were not bothering you, pestering you to get one.    Youve never heard, and never will, hear about someone walking around with tattoos trying to talk others into getting one. Were not Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on your door Saturday mornings. We dont bother strangers, or even friends about tattoos.   Leave us people with tattoos be, just us thong wears want to be left alone to do as we wish.
John Howard #27

Re:Tattoos (tato,tatoo)

Date Posted:04/26/2018 01:57:15Copy HTML

on this time and age you would realise that having a tattoo or many tattoos has become almost normal.  People still have the right to dislike it, and you the right to show it off.   Personally I feel that tattoos don't belong to my generation;  plus the fact of being irreversible, just turns me off.    I do find confronting the ones above the neck (face and scalp),    Shaving your legs and wearing a thong go almost together, and we are living the era of the manscaping and hairless chests.  I've been body waxing my whole bodey for more than 10 years.Painting your toes is really cool,  I don't think I would ever do it myself, but it's something so unusual almost like tattoos were in the seventies or eighties.Congratulations for being yourself and showing courage;    tolerance is an attribute that most people who wear thongs in public most definitely have.
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