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Lil Thong lady

Date Posted:06/10/2003 05:24:15Copy HTML

When i was at youth club today a girl i was near bent down and revealed her white thong. I know she doesnt wear them to school cause sheis in my p.e group and doesnt wear them . swhe must pull them up because they were there to show because they were pulled high.Why not wear them for school???
thongfreak #1


Date Posted:06/10/2003 08:25:31Copy HTML

I touched on this in another thread but I'll add to it with this one.

My daughter wears thongs to school unless she has gym class. She's got it down to a science now that she doesnt forget. I'm not saying that she always wears thongs to school but twice every week or so. She said alot of her friends wear them almost every day but I dont know what they do when gym time comes and they have to change clothes.

I dont have a problem with her wearing them to school as long as she doesnt flaunt it, which she doesnt.

sebastianspencer #2


Date Posted:06/20/2003 12:04:38Copy HTML

I don't see a problem with age regarding underwear.  It's more of a perception problem.

Several years ago, I found out from a friend was then 15 that he wore g-strings.  He knew I wore mostly thongs and only occasionally g-strings.  We discussed thongs vs g-strings (I support thongs because they support me...hehehe).  He told me people at his school would probably beat him up if word got out that he wore g-strings, so he kept those for the weekends and wore his boxers and tighty-whiteys during the week.

thongluver4life #3


Date Posted:06/09/2004 08:50:55Copy HTML

my sis wears her thongs to school everyday.  she wears hers to even gym class because she also thinks thongs help you run better and stuff.  she has a 6:55 mile time at her middle school.  shes only in 6th grade.  most people consider that good for a girl at her school.

she told me when she changes in the locker room, at least 80% of girls wore thongs to PE.  30% of them changed into regular panties.

another time, she was in her Core Classroom and she was supposed to go up to write something on the board.  she dropped her pen and had to bend over to pick it up.  the upper part of her whole g-string showed and everybody was watching her.  when she sat back down, all her friends looked at her weird.  she asked why and her friends replied," were u trying to show your thong?"  she was so surprised and even some guys smiled at her during break.  she felt both grown-up and embarassed at that time.  now these days, she tries to wear mostly her low-rise thongs to school, especially the v-strings from VS, so when she bends over, it's very hard to expose her thong.

the same incident happened to me when i was in 7th grade.

packiest #4


Date Posted:06/10/2004 03:33:42Copy HTML

I don't know why a girl would care about wearing a thong to school. Don't most girls wear them? Guys have a bit of a reason to worry about doing such a thing. You get caught in the locker room wearing a thong, and one of the bigtime jocks notice, you're gonna get so much hell..
thummper10 #5


Date Posted:06/15/2004 04:55:50Copy HTML

I remember there was a guy on our football team during high school who use to wear a thong instead of wear a jock strap.  He says that what started as a dare turned in to regular use in sports because of it's comfort.  Believe me, he had no shame in wearing thongs.  He'd frequently run around the locker room, and on some nights after a game, he would go running around outside.

Stiven #6


Date Posted:06/16/2004 02:07:27Copy HTML

Reply to : thummper10

I remember there was a guy on our football team during high schoolwho use to wear a thong instead of wear a jock strap. He says that what started as a dare turned in to regular use in sports because of it's comfort. Believe me, he had no shame in wearing thongs. He'd frequently run around the locker room, and on some nights after a game, he would go running around outside.

I think all "things" are in ourselfs". If You are strong "inside", You will wear what You like more - thongs, g-strings... You will not listen what everybody around you say about it. And they will respect You because of it...

JM_Runs #7


Date Posted:11/28/2005 03:13:18Copy HTML

Good thread about teen or tween kids and thongs here:
stanpuppy #8


Date Posted:01/02/2010 02:51:39Copy HTML

According to my wife, thongs are almost ubiquitous amongst the teen/early 20's crowd at the gym.  She says she rarely sees anything but thongs on the young girls who go there. Too bad this doesnt carry over into beachwear. 
britneyr #9


Date Posted:02/15/2010 12:50:53Copy HTML

 when i was in school, i wore thongs everyday!  When i first had to start changing i would change in a stall or back into a corner...  After a year or two, i stoped careing and just changed.  All through high school, probally 75% of the girls in the lockerroom wore them
stanpuppy #10


Date Posted:02/15/2010 02:39:34Copy HTML

I was talking to some younger guys at work and they said their wifes all wore them regularly.  Like i have contended in this, and other threads, thong underwear is run of the mill for women anymore...there is nothing special about them
426576 #11


Date Posted:02/15/2010 12:19:18Copy HTML

Now stan. if we could convert those teens to wear a thong bikini, we could get the numbers, back like 15 years ago. One of the best beaches back then , was Clearwater Beach. If some of the younger ones, would start wearing them, and try to convince the croonie  coucil people, then the hot spot would rock.
sailor250 #12


Date Posted:02/15/2010 05:39:35Copy HTML

For the teen generation it will only take a couple of role models to jump into thong swimwear and off we go with a trend.  Someone like Mylee Cyrus or some reality series star wearing a thong will do more for this generation than Britney Spears for the last.  The bottoms of bikinis have gotten smaller in the last couple of years so they're started already.

The fact that "mom" is covering up more will only add to the wildfire of teens wanting to be different.
JM_Runs #13


Date Posted:02/15/2010 06:00:37Copy HTML

I agree with that.  I think even Lady Gaga is making a huge impact.  I wish Merril Hoges incident worked out to benifit men's thong wearing but on interviews since he just gets trashed.
426576 #14


Date Posted:02/15/2010 07:32:43Copy HTML

I agree with that too, someone like Taylor Swift supposedly this innocent young lady, what 20 is dating a 32 year old man. Not illegal, but not what she conveys.
ithongit #15


Date Posted:02/16/2010 09:30:19Copy HTML

I also feel good role models would help to get more thongs back on the beaches. A slutty rock star or sluttier movie star is not a good role model.  One place for positive thong swimwear role models would be in popular movies and on TV.  A character who thongs regularly in a movie where it isn't all about sex or to be funny or as part of a drunken party environment might help. A TV character who thonged show after show would also help.  Can you imagine how many boys would want to emulate the lead character on Dawson's creek if he had worn a thong when the group hung out and swam together?  Many people attribute the boys on the Flipper show who wore cut-off jeans swimmng as making that fashion acceptable as swimwear on boys and young men for many years. 

If teens get the idea that thongs are okay at the beach or in the pool, they might do it too -- especially the guys.  But TV is so scared to show thongs after the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident a few years ago, and with the Bush appointed FCC people still running things and trying to fine TV stations for showing what is perfectly legal, things probably won't change too soon. 

Movie makers need to get past putting thongs only in a film when a woman needs to be sexy and is chassing a man (or needs a man) and only on guys when the man is a sicko or they need some comic relief.  Very few movies teens may go to see show thongs as we know them -- as an alternate swimwear with many advantages.  This was rare even with movies made during the times when swim thongs were more popular.  Part of this is because movies are now worldwide and have to be accepted in multiple cultures for multiple uses.  The thong swimsuit scene in My Father the Hero was released with a thong and with something more like a rio.  Similarly, the thong street scenes in the American version of Bird Cage were electronically altered to appear as less skimpy swimwear when the movies was shown on mainline US TV networks.

Stores and the store buyers are also a big part of trend making.  If stores stock Tommy Hillfiger swimwear and tell men that is what they should wear -- that is what men wear.  Partly because they are told this is the "in" fashion, partly because it is sold everywhere, and men who shop only at the mall do not have many real choices.  If Nike only sells mens bikini swimwear in sporting goods stores as a policy, or not at all, then how can men try them? 

Around 1990 some stores had thong swimwear and displayed them along with other swimwear choices.  Sometimes the thongs were given prime locations in racks right along the aisles.  Today, few if any stores sell womens thong swimwear, and fewer sell men's thong swimwear.  How can this be changed?  Who knows?  It's a catch 22.  Stores won't stock thong swimwear because thong swimwear is not popular but thong swimwear is not popular because stores don't stock them.

One of the best ways to promote thong swimwear is to wear it every chance you get to places where thongs are permitted -- beaches and pools.  Don't hide from others or coverup when people come by since this makes it look like you are doing something wrong.  On the other hand, don't wear extreme thongs that border on or simply are indecent.  This will only make it easier for those who want to change the rules and laws to prevent thongs from getting their way.

I believe that many teens are interested in the thong lifestyle, and with sufficient time, the opportunity to obtain thong swimwear, and a place where they can experiment without major peer pressure of their freinds or without feeling an adult is pushing them one way or the other, some will at least try the style.  Randy and I get serious questions about where we bought our thongs, about the legality of thongs, and similar topics when teens are in smaller groups of say 4 or less.  They ask these questions once they realize we are not perverts, but simply people who have chosen thongs as a different life style. 

Randy buys a lot of thongs each year, and the ones he doesn't like, that don't fit him well, or that are just old and he has replaced with something new get cleaned and put in a box he keeps in the trunk of the car.  When male teens start asking him about thongs and thonging, and he can tell the questions are sincere, he offers to give those asking a thong or two to get started with.  While some young men take them home, many of these men actually try them on there and now, and as soon as their friends accept seeing them in their thong, they seem to enjoy the thonging experience as much as we do.  We now have male thong friends who contribute to Randy's thong box each season.

tnline #16


Date Posted:02/16/2010 12:46:25Copy HTML

I think there are plenty of teens, especially girls,wearing thong underwear but as we all know not as many wearing thong bikinis on beaches. Traci has a great idea that I share to make everyone more comfortable about wearing a thong at the beach:

"One of the best ways to promote thong swimwear is to wear it every chance you get to places where thongs are permitted -- beaches and pools.  Don't hide from others or coverup when people come by since this makes it look like you are doing something wrong. "

missrebecca #17


Date Posted:03/30/2010 01:17:21Copy HTML

I had a teen girl thong sighting on the way home the other day from picking the two kids up from school. A girl dressed in her school uniform was walking along the side of the road and when the truck in front of me drove past and the rush of air lifted up her skirt revealing her black thong. The girl didn't seem to notice and continued walking along holding her umbrella. She made it kinda sexy not scrambling to cover herself up :)

JM_Runs #18


Date Posted:03/30/2010 01:51:54Copy HTML

Ok. I am going to be hard in this topic: I don´t think teenagers should wear g-strings. If I have kids, i would allow them to wear thongs at 15 or 16, and g-strings when they become 18! That´s probably because i started to wear thongs and g-strings at my 20s. One day i heard about some company doing g-strings  for kids under 12. That´s gross!
Boys and Girls , don´t grow up fast!
And look that i have a  topic against thongphobia.
ffuj69 #19


Date Posted:03/30/2010 04:43:47Copy HTML

  Ok   I am a parent of a 13 n 11 yr old.   In the 70's n 80's when i grew up all we had was whity tighties, ugh!  I hated them so i wore nothing at all sometimes.  When i got into high school i met a girl that luv men in thongs.  Well she got me into them. I wore abikini color underwear into football dressing  room, n i didnt care about the looks i got.  But the following week  I notice more guys wearing color underwear.  The problem is society.  Now I am a state officer n underneath my uniform i wear gstring or a silk jock strap.  Today  they wear their pants low rise style, so yes we can see the style of underwear. Being a officer i notice what a lot of people wear.  And since x-inmates  came out wearing thier pants below thier butts thats when boxers and others became style.  The reason inmates wear thier pants below their butts is to tell other male inmates that they r ready for sex, very true statement.  Advertisement is the best way to make thongs, gstring better again.  My daughter only wears thongs n gstrings at home becuase one day she did wear on thong to school and got tease. So now she wont @ school.  Anyway there is no legal reason that kids cant wear thongs or gstring,  Just a society 1.   Wrestlers wear thongs n gstrings, they just dont show it any more due to the boses r trying to keep low profile on that.  Nudism is the same way, bad society rules of opinion.
IotaTheta #20


Date Posted:03/30/2010 11:40:12Copy HTML

For me, thongs aren't about sex, they are just about be comfortable.  I do not think that age should play a major role in whether someone wears thongs, g-strings, ect. If we are trying to promote thongs as being a comfortable, and reasonable choice of underwear/swimwear, we should not tell the younger generations not to wear them.  When we do this, we are telling them that for some reason, that choice of underwear is not acceptable.  If we ever want to see a change in underwear/swimwear, we have to start with allowing the younger generations to make that decision for themselves.
missrebecca #21


Date Posted:03/31/2010 03:20:00Copy HTML

There are plenty of threads in questions and opinions on whether teens / preteens should or should not wear thongs if you want to read everyone's view point.

String_guy #22


Date Posted:03/31/2010 07:40:39Copy HTML

I agree missr, We all preach that we should be ourselves and not worry about what other people think. Why does it matter if a 12 year old wears a thong or g string. The bigger deal that is made out of it, the more they will want to do it!! Live and let live. Be happy and wear your thong and lets all wish for some sunshine!
LoveMyThongs #23


Date Posted:09/16/2018 11:56:03Copy HTML

Both our kids wear thongs and my point to them was don’t do it to flaunt and show off but because you genuinely like them. They both did. It’s normal for high school girls but not boys so he’s cautious but they both like them and think they are comfortable so it’s no big for us
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