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Date Posted:01/20/2011 12:55:55Copy HTML

How many of you started thonging when you were a teenager. How old were you, how did you start, how did you tell your parents, do you wear them to school, any interesting/embarrassing stories, do your friends know e.t.c

Im sorry if this has been asked before but i just want to know about people my own age and their thong experiences because we all know that life can be a lot more difficult when your are a teenager with things like peer pressure, labels at school  i.e popular, nerds, emos, outcasts e.t.c. , trying to fit in.
speedosoldier85 #1

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/20/2011 01:33:01Copy HTML

I got my first one when I was 17. It wasn;t something I advertised, but I may have whale tailed once or twice. I didn;t really wear them regularly untill the summer break in between high school and college.
thong_jock #2

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/20/2011 02:33:10Copy HTML

I started with skimpy bikinis in my teens and started buying my own underwear at about 15 or 16 but was interested in it at about 11 or 12. I did my own laundry so my mom didn't know. By late teens I was sneaking off to the beach to wear skimpy bikini swimwear and was wearing posing suits, like bodybuilders wear by 20 or so. I didn't get into thongs until a couple years ago and am 45 now, no idea why it took me so long. I wear don't wear thong underwear all the time but switch between thongs and string bikinis depending on what I'm wearing. I do wear thong swimwear whenever I can and almost always for tanning but wear the briefest bikini I can if a thong isn't appropriate.

It's great you're wearing thongs now. I think if I had a son [have 2 daughters] I would encourage him to wear thongs as well and wear what he wanted and be comfortable with it.
tanga #3

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/20/2011 03:33:11Copy HTML

I started with tangas when I was a teenager and moved onto thongs and g-strings from my third year at university.  I am now 33 and love all kinds of styles from fairly 'conservative' thongs, micros to some of the wilder designs by HOM, Manstore, Joe Snyder etc.

No particular issues with wearing tangas whilst at school.

Had one interesting experience whilst at Uni, wore a thong out on a night out and ended staying out too late to get back to my place.  Stayed over at some other Uni friends place and one of the girls had a king size bed and offered me and this other girl spaces.  Nothing sexual, just friends sharing a bed.  We were all quite drunk which helped and I couldn't bring myself to show them my thong so pretended I was going commando, I ended up sleeping naked in the bed, never quite sure if they took a peak or not.  Bizarrely now, I was more embarrased about the thong rather than them seeing the goods, always wonder what their reaction might have been!

Sadly it never happended again with them so I could never find out their reaction or things could have gone further.
stanpuppy #4

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/20/2011 03:37:19Copy HTML

My story is similar to thong_jock's.  I started by wearing bikini underwear back in the mid-70's (I was around 14-15).  It was the disco era and bikini underwear was really coming into vogue for men.  It was not uncommon and lots of guys wore them.  Honestly, at the time thongs were really not an option. Women were not even wearing them.   I stuck with bikini's and string bikinis up until about 1985 when i bought my first thong in grad school (it was the first time I had ever seen one for men).  The woman who owned the store told me that they were real popular with women, and men wore them too.  It was a black and purple racing check pattern.  Where I really made the leap was when i went on a trip with my GF to St. Martin.  I wore that checked thong as a swimsuit, and fell in love with the tanlines that it left.  After that, I started wearing thongs all the time (underwear and swimwear).  I got married, and my wife was a total thong girl (underwear everyday, swimsuits about 50/50).  I stopped wearing underwear in about the mid-90's, but still wear thongs whenever I get the chance on the beach!!!!
bmicro #5

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/20/2011 07:01:12Copy HTML

I have a similar story. I grew up during the time when bikinis for men were normal. Since I swam competitively in HS and part of the time in College, a brief Speedo was my normal sports uniform. I never adapted to dork shorts and wore brief bikinis all of the time. During that time I got used to the occasional comments and teasing. 
In the mid 80's a girlfriend wore small bilinis and, when I encouraged her to wear a g-string, she challenged me to do the same. I have been wearing the briefest that I can ever since.
Ex_Member #6

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/21/2011 05:27:59Copy HTML

I can remember as a small child and my mom dressed me for the beach in bikini speedo suits. I always liked wearing them and growing up. Since I grew up on Lake Michigan and spending the summers at the beach I always had a suit on. I can remember rolling up the sides to make the suit smaller. Once I moved to Florida as a teenager with my then sinlge mom I would go to the beach in skimmpy speedos and again roll the sides up. I remember my first thong I purchased at Burdines Department store and wore it to the beach. I felt like everyone was watching even though I was sitting on my bare ass on the towel. I was on the swim team in high school and we had to wear 2 sizes smaller suits so they would fit very tight. Once I discovered the freedom of Fort De Soto many years ago I was in thong heaven. I spent one hot summer thonging everyday and then in late September I went into the military that was an experience when we would shower with 80 other guys and they all saw my very dark thong tan lines.  I got use to hat very fast, didn't  have a choice, couldn't  and wouldn't hide my tanlines. We I got home years later and back to the Fort I have had many a great days out there tanning my body. I have several G-Strings now from Skinz that I usually custom order to my liking and I feel for me that thongs have to much material. Looking foward to another great season at the beach. Skimpy Suits For Life!
newguy12 #7

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/23/2011 02:40:30Copy HTML

I am 20 and wore thongs in high school but I would wear boxers over them to avoid being made fun of.  I started when I was about 16, when i could drive, and kind of had my eye on them long before that.

I didn't do my own laundry so I pulled my mom aside one day and told her. She was fine with it but a little weirded out at first.  It was funny becuase she was always asking why I wore boxers all the time instead of the briefs that I had. She did not know that I liked something even smaller than briefs or bikinis, for I was wearing thongs under the boxers. After talking to her about  my mom even bought a few for me.

One day I saw one of my friends thongs peek out of her pants, so I asked her about them.  A day or two later I wore one of mine and showed her.  After that we went thong shopping together, sometimes we still do. She even bought me a few from VS and I wore them and loved them.  I have recently just found another "Thong buddy" and we buy thongs for each other all the time and talk about them a lot.
ThongLoverOBX #8

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:02/03/2011 05:43:48Copy HTML

I was probably 12 when I got into thongs. I remember making my own at first because I didn't know where to buy them. I didn't tell my parents (no way!!) but in my later teens my mom found out when I accidently left a couple in the dryer. She never said anything to me about it though. I never wore them to school... I can't imagine that would be very comfortable. I never told my friends but I would wear them often in front of my girlfriend (she wore them also).

Interesting/embarrassing stories: The story about my mom finding them in the dryer was embarrassing. Also at the beach once time I was slipping into my thong at a changing station and forgot to lock the door. Some lady opened the door, gasped and then said "excuse me". It was kind of embarrassing. Interesting stories involve meeting an older woman while walking on the beach (me wearing only a g-string). We would meet several times over the week and walk along the shore. Also once I was walking along the beach wearing a thong when a couple of girls asked me to come over and talk to them. They were very cute and friendly. You are right that life can be difficult with peer pressure, labels, expections, etc. but from my experience I can confidently say "be YOU" and don't worry so much about what other people think. I know it can seem easier said than done but you don't want to live a life of regrets. I've had a lot of fun wearing thongs at the beach and I know if I would just conform to society and wear board shorts I would regret it.... regardless of what people might say (I've had my share of snickers and outright rudeness).

Ex_Member #9

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:02/05/2011 02:23:48Copy HTML

It always seemed like I had an underwear fetish growing up, and when I started having a job, I started buying skimpier undies, starting with bikinis, then string bikinis, then, inevitably, thongs and g-strings. I have done my own laundry since junior high, and my mom found out when I left a load in the dryer. She didn't say anything about it, and even had the courtesy to fold my laundry! By the time I graduated from high school, I was wearing them constantly - a few of my friends knew as well as my family, but aside from the occasional joke, no one seemed to care that much.
I honestly don't wear thongs that much anymore (variety is the spice of life), but I enjoy them when I do!
thonger2005 #10

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:03/01/2011 01:46:45Copy HTML

 jesus, i cant remember when i starting wearing thongs, probably late teens. my wife i think was also mid teens and had the usual attitude of ...why have a piece of material crammed up yer ass all day and picking it out. but eventually she grew used to them and now wouldnt wear anything else.
our daughter started wearing them before she was a teen, i wont say how young because its been a source of contriversy in the past but her mother and i talked about it and  monitored it very closely as she was growing up. 
stanpuppy #11

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:03/02/2011 01:01:10Copy HTML

I think todays teens are so used to thongs that there is no mystique surrounding them at all. Both of my daughters have never seen anything else on their mother EVER!!!  Why would they assume there is something unusual about them.  They are just the type of underwear that mommie wears.  I presume they will wear them too when they are older (they are 7 and 8 now)
man100re #12

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:03/27/2011 01:14:38Copy HTML

I wear Strings with 15 years in 17 years everyone knew it and I donot hide
Ex_Member #13

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/01/2011 04:52:05Copy HTML

 I started in my freshman year in high school and I am now a junior in high school. My mom had found out because I had put it in my laundry and she found it… She did not care one bit! She had created her own company that makes luxury underwear in the 80's so she and no room to complain…. Only 1 super close friend and my cousin know I wear them. As for the friend she wore pink and white striped bikini panties under white sweats so I gave her my hoodie to cover her up but I had showed her my thong and we became friends after that!
eimeo #14

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/11/2011 02:37:12Copy HTML

my Mom actually bought me my first thong, I think I was 12 or 13, actually, I still have it to this day ! I've pretty much only worn thong underwear from then on, but I didn't start wearing thong swimwear until I was about 15, maybe 16. I always wore them to school and didn't have any embarrassing moments I can think of, if you don't like my thong, just don't look at it!
stanpuppy #15

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/11/2011 05:14:40Copy HTML

Eimeo, no disrespect but i think things are different in tahiti.  Topless on the beach and thongs are probably far more common than they are here.  I have always respected how comfortable you are wearing thong/G's and going topless in public.  I realize that a large part of that is probably cultural.  I wish we could be more like that here.  I think most teen girils here wear thong underwear as a matter of course.  I have never ever, as long as I have been going to beaches in the US seen a girl in a thong who was under (my estimate) 20-21 years old.  In fact, it seems that thong girls in the US trend older (over 30).  Most probably related to the fact that peer pressure to conform is probably not as strong at that age
JM_Runs #16

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/12/2011 05:37:00Copy HTML

 Living in Fort Lauderdale and sometimes visiting Miami beaches:  Yes teen girls wear thongs, and sometimes even thong swimsuits when on the beaches, but more commonly around the pool.  Not common for girls 15 and under, but in the 16 plus range they get a lot more common as they gain confidence and can go to the beach without their parents in tow. 
matchingthongs #17

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/12/2011 08:34:19Copy HTML

I'm realising that it's difficult to generalise about the States on this issue. My experience as a visitor is different to some of the descriptions I read and images I come across, but I've only visited California and New England. California was pretty much like a more conservative European beach, but the weather wasn't brilliant; most of the time we were there when the sea mists were cooling things a bit (not massively, just made it very hazy). New England was an eye-opener; I've never seen so much clothing on beach goers. I immediately wondered what was the point if you were going to cover up so much. Any girl wearing even a 3/4 coverage bikini bottom would've been totally out of place. I was also amazed by the amount of STUFF people brought to the beach.
However, I think I need to see a Florida beach to experience a more familiar scene.
Teens in thongs is not at all unusual in much of Europe. At waterparks you will see families with girls from 12 - 16 in thongs, students in thongs and mothers in thongs, and nobody minds at all.
SlidingG #18

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/12/2011 05:59:25Copy HTML

Hey Matchingthongs, next time in New England, check out East Beach in Charlestown, RI, on the south shore.  Some of what you describe, but some good skin showing, too.  It's where I thong, and string, and less on occasion.  Nudity not allowed, but some take their chances anyway.  My buff runs are early when the beach is still deserted, and usually my skinny dipping, too, though thru the day it's sometimes possible, with discretion.  Simply a great beach for the less inhibited. 

Oh, cute teenage chicks, too, to keep this on topic, and occasionally with their bare-ass boyfriends in tow.
matchingthongs #19

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/13/2011 08:05:46Copy HTML

 Sliding, I would love to visit RI. It looks lovely and with beaches like that it gives an extra reason. Unfortunately with money a bit tight at the moment and the incredible rising cost of transatlantic flights it may have to wait a while :(
lucywonnathong #20

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/13/2011 03:14:31Copy HTML

Hi, I started wearing thongs when i was 17, I went to a beach near Margate with a friend and this guy was sunbathing near us wearing only a thong,  at first we were really laughing but he was really cute so later we got talking and ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the day. The next day we went out shopping for something more suitable for the beach, then back to the beach and met up with him and a friend of his. That was the first time i wore a thong and have worn them ever since. I am now 26 and spent a few hours at my local beach in a thong yesterday.. Lucy :) 
matt476 #21

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:06/04/2011 07:06:58Copy HTML

 when I was 16 I got my first thong, looked like a speedo from the front but with one-inch sides that wrapped around into a stylish t-back,  at the same time I bought an adjustable 'sling' style suit ... then I learned how to trim my pubic hair and my swimmers have just got smaller and smaller ever since ... now I'm down to brazenly wearing a see-thru black mesh teardrop g-string that leaves nothing to the imagination and loving my nearly all-over tan ...
Ex_Member #22

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:22:10Copy HTML

 I'm 21 years old and I remember having interest in thongs and skimpy underwear and swimwear at a very young age. I remember getting my first thong at the age 14 I really liked it but didn't use it a lot neither to school cause I didn't want to make it public.
steampowered #23

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 04:24:19Copy HTML

I was curious to try one when I was in my teens, but not enough to actually buy one. When i first started dating my girlfriend, I promised to get one and wear it if she got one as well. She initially said no quite a few times so I gave up and realised I'd have to wait until she knew me a bit better and felt more open about that kind of thing. over the years she loosened up and I guess as we both matured a bit, then one day she just surprised me by wearing one. She reminded me of our "deal" (that we never agreed on) after she purchased a few more for herself but was never really serious about it.

a while later, I said I'd like to try some as to not be hypocritical (which i generally say about everything in life) so splashed out and got some online. after about 6 months of wearing just the 2 I had ordered I got some more and now it seems pretty normal for both of us.
leo40 #24

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:23:53Copy HTML

I was a teen long ago and far away.  Thongs were not on the market, but skimpy Speedos were.  I wore the Speedos mostly, and on occasion wore a swimmer (one inch band) jockstrap which I had dyed bright red.  It wouldn't have passes beach patrol but was OK with the fish and game warden when I was in a boat.  They also sold sharp Speedos then that were wide open over the thighs with criss-cross thin straps there. 
Ex_Member #25

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:40:32Copy HTML

I first bought a thong when I was 16, I did hide them from my parents and had to wash them myself. My girlfriend was very encouraging and gave me the confidence to wear them. I first bought a swim thong when I was 19 and the first time I wore it was in Maderia. I went to the indoor pool and swam for a bit then went to jacuzzi and was joined by a couple so I sat for ages waiting for them to get out. They didnt so I plucked up the courage to walk out past them. I then went to the sauna and was joined by a very nice lady who promptly took off her towel and was naked. That put me right at ease. 
tbck1000 #26

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/09/2011 11:06:38Copy HTML

 I started wearing them at age 18 just before I was about to leave home.  I had liked wearing speedos and bikinis, and I wanted to try thongs.  I ordered "posing suits" out of bodybuilding magazines.  I never told my parents or friends.  I would sneak away to beaches, lakes, pools, parks, etc where nobody knew me. 
Ex_Member #27

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/10/2011 06:45:04Copy HTML

 I'm still in my late teens (I'm 19 years old), and I've been wearing thongs for eight years.  I didn't start off wearing a proper thong because I was too young to buy my own. So, my first thong was a hand-made thong that I made by cutting the backside of my briefs. Then, when I was thirteen, I went to a nearby department store and got my first proper thong. Back then, I didn't know that there were men's thongs available, so I had to buy and wear women's thongs. And then, when I was sixteen, I found men's thong at a Calvin Klein underwear store. Since then I've been wearing men's thongs as my only underwear. Right now, I have twenty men's thongs that are of different colors and design.
Thongdude87 #28

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/10/2011 07:09:54Copy HTML

 I started wearing thongs and g-strings when I was 19, and my collection has grown really large since then. I have around 80 pairs now at the age of 24.
hotbunz1969 #29

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/10/2011 11:09:55Copy HTML

Not meaning to hijack the younger members of the board, but here is my 2 cents worth!! 
O.K. It's 23 years since I was a teen!!??!! (oh my,  I've been wearing thongs a long time!!) 
I was a county swimmer from the ages of 13 to 19, and always pushed the boundaries with my practice trunks (competition speedos were obligatory and required)  I would squeeze into the smallest I could, even using my mums sewing kit to re-shape the front seam to make them smaller (I even made a leather suit out of her patchwork off cuts!!)  this got me a lot of attention from the girls on the team which I loved, it was without doubt what got me into thongs, it saw my first real GF, at age 18, that bought my first ones for me, but if she hadn't is was only a matter if time before I'd have made my own, (probably in leather!!!!) they just weren't available like they are today!!
So 24 years on and I still wear them every day, don't own anything else now! And after my split from my current GF even my square cut swimmers are going in the bin!!! 
So the youth out there should don there thongs and be proud,  OK not all the girls like it but I'd say the vast majority do, it shows you are a confident and outgoing young man! 
Cheers Paul 
thong_jock #30

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/10/2011 01:50:02Copy HTML

 tbck1000 Your recollection of wearing skimpy swimwear in your teens sounds just like me. I started wearing skimpy posing bikinis in my late teens in secret and would find spots that were more secluded of out of town to wear them.
tbck1000 #31

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:10/10/2011 10:54:33Copy HTML

@thong_jock  - yeah, I was actually able to find some thong posing suits in the body building mags.  Of course, they weren't really competition posing suits, and that was way before the internet.  I remember speaking to a woman at the swimsuit company who wanted to make sure I really wanted all the light colors:  white, baby blue, pale yellow, etc.  She said, those colors show through when they get wet!  I just said, yes I know!

Once I got to college, I was wearing thongs every day it was warm enough to lay out by the pool.
Ex_Member #32

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:11/17/2011 11:55:41Copy HTML

 I got my first thong when I was 14... I rode my bike to the mall and couldn't wait to get home and put it on... I wish I had that thong now... it was from Frederick's and they don't make them anymore ... :(
njbob1949 #33

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:11/17/2011 01:06:39Copy HTML

 I purchased my first thong underwear from Frederick's. I was away and walked into a Frederick's at a mall. A friendly salesperson came up to me and helped me make a few selections. She asked if I was married or had a girl or boy friend. I had a gf. She gave me some suggestions as to what she would like. My gf certainly liked her suggestions. I also purchased a matching thong set for her. We eventually went our separate ways. I remember that shopping visit very well, but I never went back to the store. 
The selections were very comfortable and lasted a few years. I tt wish they still had a men's thongs.  I was in my thirties at the time, but I responded to the Frederick's comment rather than the teen topic.
stanpuppy #34

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:11/17/2011 09:25:27Copy HTML

I was actually talked into my first thong by the lady who owned the novelty store in Pittsburgh, where I went to school.  I was looking for something for my girlfriend.  The owner asked me if she wore thongs (this was 1986...so they were just really coming into their own around this time).  I said no, I didnt think women wore them "for real", just for "special occasions".  She told me "oh no, I have some female customers who all they wear are thongs".  I was intrigued and bought a couple.  THen she asked me if I would ever wear one.  I had never considered it (at the time I was into colored string bikinis).   As it turns out, GF and i were headed to St. Martin for a break.  THe lady brought out a purple and black, racing check (like a racing checkered flag) thong swimsuit.   Lo and behold, I bought it and actually wore it on the beach in St. Martin.   That was the start or a long line of thongs for me.....
Swedethong #35

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:12/06/2011 03:10:40Copy HTML

When I turned 14 I had a party at home for some friends. Two of my friends had bought me a thong from H & M as a joke .. But it was the beginning of my passion for thongs. At first I used them only at home and when I slept. Some years later I traveled to London on holiday. I found a shop that sold underwear,and I bought two pair of thongs. I used these three pairs of thongs veryfrequently and washed them myself. I did not want my parents to know that I used thongs. A few years later I found a shop here in Stockholm (gay owned)that sold many more brands and exciting models. I bought a lot! When I movedfrom home (22 years), I started using thongs as everyday underwear. I also began to sunbathing in thongs when I was on holiday with friends. Today I am34 years old, has a partner and he does not mind that I sunbathe and usethongs every day.His only problem is that I spend too much money on my thongs. ;)
stanpuppy #36

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/29/2012 10:15:54Copy HTML

My wife and I were out with two of her (getting divorced) female friends last night.  It was supposed to be a girls night out, but i somehow managed to get invited at the last minute. I think the women wanted a male perspective on some thing as they are each starting to date.  I was happy to share my perspective on how they should groom their pubic area.  My wife and one other have full brazilians, and the third (who is very cute btw) is apparently considering it.  What was interesting was the third one is the mother of 14 year old twins.   At one point during the conversation she was describing how she is constantly getting confused about the underwear when she is doing the laundry.  She said "they are 14 now, so they obviously wear thongs and stuff".   I found this interesting.  The way she said it, it was like it is just a common thing that everyone of their peers does.  I sort of retored with "You mean you cant tell your own underwear".  She said "well...if it is something basic like a black thong, I have a hard time determining if it is mine or one of the twins."  Ergo, it seems to me that not only is thong underwear for women extraordinarly popular with women, it seems that even amongst teens, it is a de rigeur choice for most.    It was a fun night
Ex_Member #37

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:01/31/2012 09:10:09Copy HTML

Well , I started to have interest in thongs when I was eleven, but I couldn't get myself my own pair until I was thirteen. I started off with women's thongs, but then, I made the switch to men's thongs after finding a black CK Body thong at a  department store when I was sixteen. And ever since that day, I have been wearing only men's thongs as my underwear.
Krauser47 #38

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/17/2012 09:59:52Copy HTML

 my interest in thongs started when i was like 12  which was caused by a a progression from large stuff like briefs, though having basically all older males thong does help a a a bit i was basically wearing exclusively thongs at 15 and round the same time wore my first swim thong and i dont think after 4 years of wearing them exclusively could i ever go back to something else
beachlion #39

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/17/2012 05:11:54Copy HTML

When I was around 15 (in the late 50s), I watched a German movie (I'm from Holland) where a man was taking a shower in just a g-string. Then I already preferred small swimwear so this type was very appealing to me. From left-overs I constructed a similar string and it fitted quite well. I wore it to quiet sections of the beach but after some time I lost interest and the string fell apart. In the early 80s I rediscovered strings again in St Tropez, France. But from the late 90s I started wearing strings in earnest and stuck to it. Only then they were widely available through the Internet and that helped much.
thongboy052000 #40

Re:Teens and their thongs.

Date Posted:04/17/2012 07:52:03Copy HTML

 I grew up in a family where the males automatically wore form-fitting swimwear. Board shorts or the equivalent were beyond the pale. My dad wore a conservative Speedo, my brother and I also wore Speedos but with narrower sides. I was 15 when I saw a guy at the beach in a thong and I couldn't wait to own one. He looked so hot! My parents didn't object, and I found one during a visit to London in a regular department store. I couldn't wear it at a public pool back home, but I did wear it in our own backyard, and I talked a friend of mine into getting one too, so I had some company wearing it on the beach. Sure we attracted attention, a lot of it unwelcome. But even Speedos would have caused a negative reaction. And anyway, I was brought up to be my own person, and there was no way I would give up on thongs. I also had a girlfriend who was allowed to wear a thong as a teenager and she made it clear that the sight of me in a thong turned her on. She stayed my girlfriend all through high school. and I guess some people considered us pretty scandalous.
All this is a long way of saying that I've thonged since I was 15, and even though I'm getting more esoteric now (Tendenze, some of the wilder Koalas) I still feel that some of my best times were in my teens. I just wish more young guys were that way today and followed their inclinations instead of caving in to peer disapproval.
Zamwell #41

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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I'm 19 now and have been wearing thongs for about 3 and a half years, maybe a little longer. I too wore them to school often, or more accurately sixth form college and now uni, but if anyone I didn't show or tell noticed, they never mentioned it. I come from a quiet rural area in northern England so will most likely have been the only male at my school to wear them - provincial attitudes still reigned a bit, at least amongst 15 year olds, as they do at all schools - but pretty much all of the girls did, if the daily parade of obviously deliberate whale tails was an indication (not that I was complaining at the time...).
JM_Runs #42

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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 I was 21 and in college when I bought my first thong, but it was something I had wanted to do since I was probably 17 or 18. I was nervous to wear it as underwear out of the house; I was paranoid that I would spill a hot drink on my pants and have to rip them off, or something ridiculous like that. Over the past few years I've become much more comfortable and have been expanding my collection of thongs and other fun underwear (jocks and such). Only a handful of my male friends know that I wear them. 
thongboyuk #43

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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 I was 15 when I started wearing thongs. I was actively encouraged by my dad as he has always been a thong wearer . So I never had to try and hide anything.  He got me my first thong as a a birthday present.  
ioannis #44

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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 you are a lucky boy, thongboyuk. i must say that a lot of us were "forced" to wear undies that we did not like, at least at first. have you ever see your father in a thong and what were your thoughts about that? the transmision to thongs was easy for you?
  usually, we accept presents , especially clothes, but i dont know if it is easy to start wear them. sometimes my ex wife used to buy thongs for me but it wasnt easy to wear them, pethaps i have my" strong" opinion of what to wear.
thongboyuk #45

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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Yeah I see my dad in thongs more often than not. He uses thongs as loungewear too, so if he's in the house, he's generally in a thong, which I think is awesome. I found the transition really easy, I had tried my dads thongs before so I knew what to expect. 
ioannis #46

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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I hope my son to have the same approach as you with my thonging. I dont know about the  kids reactions on parents thonging of others members in this board,probably they meet their approval maybe not. but i hope that my son will react just like you! At present i have only a daughter, who i dont see very often,because of the divorce with her mom, but for girls thonging is just a common thing and the reaction is almost more friendly. Anyway, you are a lucky son and he is a lucky father.
 Have you become a full time (24/7) thonger?
thongboyuk #47

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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 Yeah I wear thongs every day now, and I'm the same as him at home, so I generally just relax in a thong and nothing else. Which is just the way I like it. 
gadget594068 #48

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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Not sure that this one qualifies for the "Teens and their thongs" section.
my son is only 10 he will be 11 in a months time, and he started wearing his thong last year just before our holiday, he had just turned 10 and he had started to develop inthe trouser area quite quickly and he did not like his junk flapping about in his board shorts. but all of his friends wore board shorts so he wanted something that gave him support but would not be noticed, so that he still fitted in with his friends.  the only thongs i could find for his size were a Nike swim thong and a speedos one. these were on the internet...   he wears his thongs 24/7  he used to wear boxers but now he wont wear those, in fact he told me to bin them...

although the nike and the speedo brand were quite expensive for him to use ans daily underwear they do seem to be lasting well. i have this week ordered some Paul Jones swim thongs for him from a UK Ebay trader quite cheap so we will have to see how those compare with the more expensive ones, others who have bought them give good reviews  so will post back again in a few weeks...
thongboyuk #49

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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 I didn't realise Nike made any thongs? Is Paul Jones a brand name?
gadget594068 #50

Re:Teens and their thongs.

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the Paul jones Thongs arrived in the morning post and the label says Paul Jones on the one side and the size on the other and Made In China. they look quite good not sure about the fit i will get my son to try them tonight. it said on the add, order the same size as you would Jeans so just hope they fit. although laying them over the Nike ones they look about the same size maybe a fraction smaller.

the Nike ones... well they have the Nike tick on them but No inner label so you have got me thinking they may be a copy?. i have done a google and cannot find any out there by Nike.  not too worried my son loves them and they have the Nike tick visible on them so he is happy.
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