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Date Posted:09/23/2015 12:46:27Copy HTML

Anybody have any success ordering from the tendenze.com site?  It seems to be in different language (I think German) and I want to make sure I am ordering the right thing.  Anybody have Tendenze suits?  Order them from any other place?  Thanks!!
7423080 #1

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:09/23/2015 02:09:54Copy HTML

never had a problem with them.  Have been ordering sexy suits from them for over 10 years.  Quality, quality, quality. They last foreverand very well made.  If in doubt, email lothar and he will get back with you in broken English, but pretty good for a second language.  His answers are short and to the point and you can pay thru paypal without any problems.  You will love them.
leo40 #2

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:09/23/2015 05:18:31Copy HTML

There are also buttons on their web site screens that will switch all text to from German to English.
hotbunz1969 #3

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:09/24/2015 06:03:49Copy HTML

 Yep, at the bottom of their home page there is an 'English' button for those of us that don't speak/read German :-) 

I've ordered from them many times (had 4 suits delivered just 2 weeks ago) and never had any problems. Their suits aren't cheap but boy are they good. You get what you pay for.......quality. 

Ive found their sizing is true to European standards with the pouches on their smaller offerings (eg Louis)  nice and stretchy making sure you stay accommodated, but be aware their lighter colours are somewhat sheer even when dry...... totally transparent when wet! 

Go for it and enjoy:-) 

qfrank #4

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/16/2015 01:45:08Copy HTML

 Got my first thong from Tendenze yesterday. Took a while to get here, but well worth the wait. I ordered the Jorg in megaskin and it is an amazing fit. Can't wait to hit the beach.May order the Joker next. Very minimal, but contains so well! Thanks for post hotbunz
rosemke #5

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/16/2015 12:55:37Copy HTML

 Received my order within 10 days  Product is fantastic and Luther has the best choice of fabrics!!
hotbunz1969 #6

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/17/2015 11:58:42Copy HTML

  @ qfrank.........

After such an unusually long wait, it's good to hear you are happy with your 'Tendenze' purchase. I knew you wouldn't be disappointed ? 

The 'Jorg' is a fine suit.......you choose well......I too have a couple of those in that materialit and they too fit like a glove....,  Let me assure you, that suit will get you plenty of attention when and where ever you wear it!!!!

If your anything like me, I hope you realise, once you've worn the 'Jorg," in public, the only next step is to order and wear the 'Louis'............ Now that is one SERIOUSLY adventurous suit........
DavidFreeman #7

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:33:36Copy HTML

Need some help with from you more experienced thongers.  I'm really drawn to the Tendeneze "Louis" suit, and all of the reviews of it here are positively glowing.  But man, is it expensive ($88).  Can anyone chime in on whether this is a splurge worth taking?
If so, second question is on the fabrics.  Man, there are a lot of options (Second Skin, Extra Elastic Mega Skin, Sensitive Touch).  There's also the "Louis-Look", what's the difference here between the regular "Lewis"?  This one has the additional option of Mega Transparent fabric.  
Any guidance on these, is it worth it, which cut, which fabric?  Help a thonger out.
shaved_thong_lover #8

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:06/19/2018 07:31:23Copy HTML

 I own a few Louis suits. Absolutely awesome. I will say the fabrics cam be somewhat revealing as is the pouch, but absolutely worth the money.  Shipping and wait time is very long.  Inownna few fabrics, but megaskin is my favorite.
navythong #9

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:57:32Copy HTML

Tendenze's suits look awesome, but there prices are not....And I'm more or less lucky, because shipping to the Netherlands is cheaper then shipping to the USA.I keep on buying from Muscleskins. Good fit and quality for a reasonable price!
DavidFreeman #10

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:06/19/2018 10:31:31Copy HTML

STL, could you provide any more info on why the Megaskin is your favorite?  And any plusses or minuses that you can say on the other fabrics you have.  It's difficult to get any real info on fabric characteristics from a small square image.  Thanks!
shaved_thong_lover #11

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:06/19/2018 11:20:17Copy HTML

 Extremely form-fitting and some are sheer fabric. Basically like a second skin which is extremely extremely comfortable however it's also quite revealing so you have to be a bit careful. It's probably the most comfortable thong bathing suit I have ever had and I have easily 50 suits
DavidFreeman #12

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:10/05/2018 07:11:22Copy HTML

Soooooo.....I ordered in June and received a confirmation email.  To this day haven't received anything, nor any response to requests through email or website contact.  On the bright side, haven't been charged anything so nothing lost on that respect. 

Good thing this company makes niche apparel and not insulin or EpiPens!  I was anticpating it could take awhile but at this point I'm not really expecting a response any more.  

Anyone else order Tendenze in the last few months?

DavidFreeman #13

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/03/2018 12:24:34Copy HTML

After ordering on June 23rd, my card was charged on October 9th.  About a month later, the package finally arrived at long last.  Let the ticker tape fly!  Repeated requests to their contact email were either returned undeliverable or unanswered.  A total of four and half months elapsed between the time of order and time of reciept.  Customer service does not appear to be a high, middle, or low priority.  

The Louis thong is admittedly great, though.  I had a moment of concern when I first saw the size of the opening to the pouch, it was far smaller than anything I previously had.  It may take a bit of maneuvering and shoving to get everything inside, but it all made sense once I was in.  A really nice tight squeeze around the base.  The fabric is a class above any other I have.  The ability to adjust easily between hard and soft is amazing, you can really stretch this one out.  Anywhere on the spectrum, it handles the balance between providing support while not feeling constricted.  

It has about the smallest triangle back you can have, which I like as I'm not a fan of string type backs.  The sides and front are as low-rise as you can get.  Really comfortable, will make you feel sexy.

Is it worth the money and the wait?  With it costing 3 times an average thong and having such potential long lead time and lack of customer service, I can't say for sure.  I don't see many being disappointed with the product, but you have to factor in how much the price and service matter to you to see if it's worth it.

shaved_thong_lover #14

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/03/2018 05:11:11Copy HTML

Hi, so I love my Louis suits but they are worn out. From what you said, you ordered in June and got them now and never heard from anyone? Do.you have any contact info that worked? As I would like to order more if they will show up.
DavidFreeman #15

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/07/2018 01:36:37Copy HTML

No, I tried the contact info through the website and through the confirmation email I recieved after ordering.  They either bounced back or got no reply.

DavidFreeman #16

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/12/2018 02:14:39Copy HTML

How long/how much use did you get out of them before they started to wear out?

shaved_thong_lover #17

Re:Tendenze Thongs and Suits

Date Posted:12/12/2018 09:01:52Copy HTML

I got a few years of use out of them. They are great suits. I am actually going to order more, just disheartened by the response time he had
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