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Date Posted:10/11/2018 08:35:32Copy HTML


dandyandy #1

Re:Testing the Exposed Thong Trend

Date Posted:10/11/2018 11:05:39Copy HTML

Given the article is a year old and the trend certainly has not taken off here thankfully, hopefully this can be buried. It never looked good and just gave the impression you needed to be trashy to wear thongs in that manner.
ThingThong #2

Re:Testing the Exposed Thong Trend

Date Posted:10/11/2018 11:52:44Copy HTML

Yes, I am normally all in for showing thongs, but this may be a bit too far.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Testing the Exposed Thong Trend

Date Posted:10/11/2018 04:31:54Copy HTML

If that was an essay I would give it a C- The temps to conflate racial and social implications on a fashion trend, before exploring the trend, are week and embarrassing. The author should be given credit for attempting to try out the style, but failed miserably: Completely failing to understand that an exposed thong strap over the top of low wasted jeans or shorts is NOT the same as saggy pants exposing a man's boxer shorts. In terms of fashion they are as different as a sailboat and a oil tanker, which both float, and have a pointy end in front, but otherwise are completely different vessels. 

If he had started with the premiss that laws and rules against saggy pants had a racial and sexual bias, by showing that visible thong straps on women, especially white women, are considered high fashion - but when a black man shows his boxers that is commonly labeled gangster behavior, he would have a better framework for commentary on fashion and race. 

From that he could have jumped off to explore if wearing saggy pants was to show solidarity with incarcerated prisoners who are not allowed belts, or just an f-u to the fashion police and dress codes in general. 

I think we all see the difference between low cut jeans, (normally worn reasonably tight) with an exposed thong - and his second experiment by wearing "army green khakis that were at least two sizes too large" worn saggy. A look which brings the crotch down towards his knees.   

Statements like "The variability of this look means that it can be worn by a variety of people. Everyone, man to woman and beyond, has the right to feel sexy, and to take ownership of their promiscuity" make the misogynistic assumption that a visible thong is advertising promiscuity and availability. A neanderthal comment at best, rooted in religious conservative views that modesty = chastity and skin = promiscuity. 

The conflation of fashion and race is awkward at best: "It is necessary, however, to return to the matter of race in terms of this trend. While white fashionistas and artists wear their pants low in luxury circles, contributions by talented people of color are either ignored or given no credit."  I am sure he is trying to say something profound, but falls flat. What is he actually saying? I can't figure it out. White women can wear thongs over their pants, but will be labeled promiscuous - whereas black women with the same style would be considered prostitutes?  And black men should wear saggy pants because it is authentic to "artists" in their culture?  If that is the proposition, then say it in plain language.   

This is what happens when someone has to do a social experiment and write it up in 1,000 words, but procrastinates till 3am on the day before it was due. Then grabs their notes, mixes in a bunch of internet quotes - throws in some Salt-N-Pepa, and stirred the word pot in an attempt to make it sound profound and culturally relevant.   

His own experience is summed up as feeling sexy but without showing skin, of which he was deathly afraid. "I knew my limits. I knew what would make me uncomfortable, and what I would continually be adjusting". Being pleased to find he can be, in his eyes, trendy without showing any skin.  "I began to appreciate that, although a key part, this look [saggy pants] didn’t rely on bareness". The masoginistic idea of that showing skin or underwear is a sign of promiscuity runs through this work like a dark cancer. "Everyone, man to woman and beyond, has the right to feel sexy, and to take ownership of their promiscuity." 

A man of week heart, has attempted to then extrapolate from a rather week experiment, to all sorts of racial and cultural inferences, that spiral off into the vapor like the smoke from a hipsters camel cigaret.  

"White and white-passing women need only reclaim their sexual autonomy. Black artists have to also reclaim their artistic history." - After reading the article twice, I still have no idea how one gets from exposed underwear to reclaiming sexual autonomy or artistic history.  

C-  Because the proposition to be tested was not clear. The cursory experiment was poorly constructed, poorly documented, and further confused by conflating exposed thong straps on women with saggy pants on men. The author understood the styles might attract attention and affect the opinion of others, but failed to ask the opinion others - only quoting the two inexperienced people trying the styles for the first time. Then launches into cultural confusion that is deeply prejudiced by his own fears and masoginistic assumptions.  

There are some perfectly valid points to be made about how dress codes and perception of fashion are influenced by racial and cultural bias and assumptions. There are some interesting avenues to be explored with regard to how some young men have a terrible fear exposing skin, or appearing in any way feminine, or how young women send cultural and social signals through the way they dress. This work mentions them, but fails to address them in any useful way.

/End of Rant/

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