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Date Posted:12/08/2018 06:27:37Copy HTML

I was wondering if there might be a connection between thong wearing and testosterone.  Most of the guys I know who thong claim to have above average testosterone levels.  Maybe it's just bragging -- like manhood size.  But it does seem like the guys who are most at ease in thongs also are those who make this claim.  Scott, Brad, and Frank, my three day-to-day male companions have high levels, and I have seen their bloodwork tests which prove it.  I also know a man who used to be a shy thonger, went to the doctor, got a prescription for something to improve his testosterone, and now just loves to be seen in his thongs.and wears them with a lot of self-confedence.  I am neither a physician or phsycologist, but I would think that if the added testosterone makes a man feel more "manly" then they don't have to prove their manliness in other ways -- like being just "one of the boys" and wearing bored shorts or putting male thongers down.  They are a man, know that they are a man, and don't have to prove anything to anyone about their sexual focuses.

ithongit #1

Re:Testosterone and Male Thong Wearers

Date Posted:12/08/2018 12:32:16Copy HTML

I can not fully agree with your theory, basically since in our household, things seem to be the opposite. My husband has low testosterone. We spent years trying to conceive and finally had to use non-standard methods to get me pregnant. Randy is the most thong oriented guy I know and loves to show off. He also has worked many traditional manly jobs and the women love him. He has worked as a life guard and swim instructor (in a thong-friendly environment), as a mover, in land scaping, and many other "male" professions. He did stripper shows for years, and still does about one a month, and also is used as a male model. He is well hung. He just loves situations where he can show off his body to anyone who wants to look. His brother, Mark, is sort of wishy-washy about thongs. He will wear them if someone asks him too (he really doesn't mind), but also wears just about every other swimwear option available to him. He has above normal testosterone. He is almost as well endowed as Randy. I think it is more about attitude and of course what a man wants to do. Randy, my husband is very out-going, loves to flirt, and loves female attention. Mark, his brother is more laid back. He selects his friends, both male and female by their brain power. Now that he is married too, he is as devoted to his wife as a man can be. Its not that he doesn't like positive comments about his appearnace, they just are of little concern to him. He would much rather find someone to discuss science or politics or even trivia with. These are the types of things he likes to do the most.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #2

Re:Testosterone and Male Thong Wearers

Date Posted:12/09/2018 03:53:45Copy HTML

I'm in my 60's and have pretty low testosterone. However, I almost always wear thongs. The low T doesn't affect my sex drive. I have a GF who's 59 and we are very "active". When we are together it's once a day and sometimes 2. :-) I've kept myself in good physical condition, exercise daily, even still ride a unicycle a few times a month. I'm sure my wearing thongs and having a positive attitude about myself helps my sex life. I've even got my GF to wear thongs most of the time. Before she met me it was "old lady undies".
stringueur #3

Re:Testosterone and Male Thong Wearers

Date Posted:12/09/2018 04:40:25Copy HTML

I don't know what is my testosterone level. I don't think there is a link between testosterone and thong. However, i'm sure that a man need a lot of self-confidence, in particular about their body and their sexuality, for wearing a thong in public. I 'm self confident about my body, and i know i 'm totally straight, that is the reason why i assume totally to wear thong at the beach and cheeky swimsuit at the pool, no matter my testosterone level.
The Swan #4

Re:Testosterone and Male Thong Wearers

Date Posted:12/23/2018 03:18:50Copy HTML

In my 30's I had above average testosterone level. Now at age 60 I am on the low side of normal range of testosterone. Through diet and exercise I'm working on boosting my testosterone level. I'm also wearing skimpier thongs more than when I had high testosterone levels. Maybe it's an inverse relationship?
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