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Date Posted:07/17/2004 06:50:25Copy HTML

Anybody up for thonging in Galveston?  I have done it many times - totally legal. I will be on the east beach. 
See eastbeachparty.com - look under rules - it's very legal and and common to see guys & girls in thongs and topless girls.
copreferred #1

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/20/2004 04:32:10Copy HTML

Wish I had seen your post earlier. I have not been to the East beach in many years. I usually head to Surfside and once in a while McFaddin. Have you been to Surfside recently? I like it because it is usually not too crowded and never had a problem. Prefer McFaddin where more beachgoers are nearly nude or nude but it is a long drive since I live up on Spring.
Hope to see you on the beach soon.
Corby Killian #2

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/20/2004 06:36:38Copy HTML

I saw the slideshow on the website you gave and it looks to me like  just another summer beer bash American style: Women nearly naked and men fully dressed!! No offense but that's what really annoys me about these beer bashes, they expect women to go  around nearly naked but they themselves are too chicken sh*t to do it.
thongbutt1 #3

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/20/2004 11:25:11Copy HTML

no. actually it's very close to a gay beach so you see as many guys in thongs as women.  i've actually been laying out when the beach patrol comes by- they don't care. the management of the east beach parking area says topless ok for women and thongs ok for both sexes. i would venture a guess that's it's one of the coolest places out side florida.  no it's not the french riviera, but you'll find some loose attitudes
imathonglover #4

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/20/2004 12:22:37Copy HTML

Hey Skipper, I made a reply in another thread, but I guess I could mention it here as well, but I am going to try to get away tomorrow and drive down to Galveston ... not sure if my schedule will allow it until the morning. As I have mentioned before, I wear thong underwear for men pretty regularly but I am still a little bit apprehensive about wearing my speedo thong anywhere other than McFaddin Beach. I would like more information on Surfside. I've seen it mentioned before but know nothing about the place.
thongbutt1 #5

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/21/2004 10:34:14Copy HTML

ya gotta loosen up! go to eastbeachparty.com- look under rules- it says thongs are allowed as well as topless on women.  i was there today and saw 2 other guys in thongs.  i've even walked in front of a beach patrol sheriff before- no problem. the law in galveston says as long as you're not showing genitalia   or trying to provoke a sexual repsonse from someone you're ok.   i've read about this and called the sheriff dept. many times. i've been thonging in galveston for about 4 years- never a problem. as far as the east beach goes i usually go to the "free" section barely west of the appfel park area- it's cheap and you can walk  ( in your thong of course) to the pavilion where they have drinks, showers, etc. you can also call the east beach directly off the website if you need confirmation about the rules. i wore a yellow y-back (g-string) down there today and had a blast.  i also wear one at hotels when i'm staying in the area- i always ask and am always granted permission to do so.
thongbutt1 #6

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/21/2004 10:40:22Copy HTML

what part of  town are you in?
imathonglover #7

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/22/2004 04:42:53Copy HTML

Hey Skiiper ... sorry I missed you. I was all set go but a phone call changed my plans for the day. I do know the free parking area you are talking about for I have been there before just to take a quick look around. I don't live in Galveston but try to go whenever time allows. It's an hour and a half drive for me.
JM_Runs #8

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:04/11/2005 09:17:01Copy HTML

Thought I'd stop another thread here on Galveston. There are allready threads on the place.

Try Search, Galveston, and set the options "from the Begining" and select ALL.
You will find one in the Contacts section. It's called.... wait for it.... Galveston!
imathonglover #9

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:04/17/2005 10:27:48Copy HTML

OK all you Galveston County area thongers .... where are you at and when should I start looking for you all on the beach? The time to thong is definitely upon us, so let's all get together and have a party on the beach sometime!
Ex_Member #10

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/09/2005 12:04:24Copy HTML

I'll be down in Galveston on May 30, 31 and June 1. Plan to hit East beach area in thong. Looking for company. Any lovely ladies interested? How about you lads? I'm straight, just so you know. Just looking for a beach partner, nothing else.


imathonglover #11

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/15/2005 11:40:43Copy HTML

Hey Sun4Bare, I was down in Galveston last week and didn't see any thongs on East Beach. Not wanting to chance the ridicule from the few rednecks that were drinking it up there, I opted to stay as far away from them as possible in my black Joe Snyder bikini. I am hoping to be back down there at least one of the days that you will be visiting. If you don't mind company from another straight male, then I hope to see you then!
thongbutt1 #12

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/18/2005 11:19:47Copy HTML

wear a thong jace, wear a  thong!!!
Ex_Member #13

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/19/2005 03:35:01Copy HTML

Jace63 -- looks like I'll be down at East Beach on May 31. Should be there around noon. I'm damn sure going to wear my thong no matter what! I'll be spending June 1 and 2 there also. Want to hook up? sunbare4@yahoo.com, or use yahoo IM so we can meet up. Too bad we can't hook any lovely ladies to come along. They have jet ski rentals there?
imathonglover #14

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/21/2005 10:49:50Copy HTML

Hello sun4bare ... I did receive your pm and I will add you to my Yahoo Messenger so that we can chat live sometime before your arrival here. As for the jet ski rentals, I am not sure about it. We will have to check on that once we get there.

Skipper, in response to your comment, I guess I will wear the thong despite the crowd ... only if I am not alone!

thongbutt1 #15

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/24/2005 09:46:41Copy HTML

you'll be fine! you'll really enjoy yourself. i've done it down there literally 40-50 times- no problem. didn't mean to get on you in my previous post! i just know what you're going thru....relax and you'll love it, i promise..
max77056 #16

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/27/2005 12:41:58Copy HTML

hey all, I'll be out on east beach/cool section on the 30th also....maybe also 31st. weather sat & sun is supposed to be bad, hopefully Monday will be nice. I'll be in a black or royal thong and I always set up an umbrella...feel free to say hello if you see me on the beach sunning
imathonglover #17

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/28/2005 08:49:02Copy HTML

I doubt very seriously that I will be there Monday, but Tuesday is still looking good so far. Hope to see you all there!
Ex_Member #18

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/29/2005 09:03:23Copy HTML

I'll be there Tues at noon, and all day Wed and Thurs (weather permitting). Taking many suits since I can't decide which one to wear. If you see me, stop and say hello. See you there!

imathonglover #19

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/02/2005 11:12:41Copy HTML

Skipper, I did it. I spent the day in a thong on East Beach, although I must admit, I was in the company of two other thongers from this board.

thongbutt1 #20

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/18/2005 12:19:41Copy HTML

glad it worked out for you. been doing it for years. relax and have fun..it's a trip for sure....
thongbutt1 #21

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/18/2005 12:21:37Copy HTML

my first couple of times were a little sketchy, too. but i've walked into beach shops wih my thong on in galveston. i just wear a g-string- call the east beach party guys - thongs tottally legal.
imathonglover #22

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/26/2005 12:25:22Copy HTML

It's been a pretty good while since anyone has said anything about thonging here, so I was wondering if anyone would be thonging on East Beach anytime in the next week or so. I will have some time free before school starts up again and want to thong the beach. Anyone else interested?
skelly24 #23

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/26/2005 11:39:03Copy HTML

I would like to meet for thonging sometime this weekend.  I have some things going on, but  would love to thong with someone this weekend.  I prefer the area just south of east beach, because I have only truly thonged once in public at Hippie Hollow last weekend.  I would love to do it again as soon as possible though.
pieohpah #24

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/08/2005 12:05:21Copy HTML

I'm thinking of being at East Beach or the "gay beach" (the one just south of East, either this Sat (9/10) or Sun (9/11).  Anyone interested in thongin', g's, or low rising?  -pie

skelly24 #25

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/01/2006 09:13:30Copy HTML

Does anyone get together and thong around Galveston anymore???  If so, please post somewhere on the message board and let others know!
imathonglover #26

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/02/2006 05:34:46Copy HTML

I was in Galveston a few days ago and needless to say, no one was to be found in a thong other than me. I drove down to what was a favorite thong area on East Beach, but it has changed due to the new construction going on there. I was surprised that the beach was almost deserted for a Friday afternoon/evening. Good luck if you go!

skelly24 #27

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/02/2006 07:39:42Copy HTML

I am looking to go thonging this weekend, and I would love some one to go with.  Will anyone be out this weekend?
skelly24 #28

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:08/03/2006 08:22:40Copy HTML

I am looking to thong this  weekend... Saturday  would be best....

Anyone interested in joining me?

imathonglover #29

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:08/03/2006 10:05:43Copy HTML

PM me with the details for I would love to join you. My son spent the day with me yesterday and we decided on a trip to Galveston. The seawall was pretty crowded and the surf was fairly rough, so we drove to the far west end of the island to San Luis Pass. We felt like exploring a bit and drove across the toll bridge and found a couple people thonging just past a group of houses. The surf was considerably calmer there, so that is where we set up for the day. Unfortunately, my thong didn't get packed in our day bag, so I ended up wearing my Skinzwear swim bikini while he was in his Nike swim brief. Overall, we had a great day at the beach collecting seashells and enjoying the sun in a very peaceful setting.

skelly24 #30

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:08/05/2006 09:47:12Copy HTML

Sorry I didn't get in contact with you sooner.  I went to McFaddin last weekend, and got a bit of a burn.  Thong tan lines got started though...

I was going to go again this weekend, but I am still peeling and my skin is a little sensitive. I hope to go again soon though...


imathonglover #31

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:02/01/2007 11:05:02Copy HTML

East Beach in Galveston can be a fun place to thong. The only other place I have ever seen thongs on the island is on the far west end end just before crossing San Luis Pass. If you cross the bridge and go a litlle further west, you will find some thongers along Surfside Beach. Good luck finding another couple and Happy Thongin!

thongbutt1 #32

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:02/03/2007 07:09:56Copy HTML

she'll have no problem wearing it on east beach- they even say it's legal in their "beach rules" section of eastbeachparty.com--- you can always call the local police- they'll tell  you it's ok.

worn them for years around there- no problem

bryn515000 #33

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:02/21/2007 05:04:38Copy HTML

The weather is starting to get much better. Would someone like to meet in Galveston and catch a few rays sometime soon?
imathonglover #34

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:02/24/2007 01:37:48Copy HTML

I'm up for it! I can't wait for to get back out on the beach myself. PM me and we can set a time to meet.
skelly24 #35

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:02/28/2007 11:45:15Copy HTML

I am up for some thonging also... let me know when and where!
itanng #36

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:07/08/2007 12:43:11Copy HTML

I should be in Galveston a little while on Sunday, July 22 and most of the day on Monday, July 23, 2007. Mostly east of Stewart Beach and the condos up to around East Beach. I'll be wearing just my tiny little blue G-string thong and laying on an off-white blanket. If anyone plans to be around, please drop an e-mail to me (itanng@yahoo.com). Or, if you walk by while I'm there, say Hi!

I posted a trip report for 7/23/2007 in addition to the 10/12/2006 report at:
itanng #37

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:10/06/2007 10:49:05Copy HTML

I should be in Galveston on Sunday, October 14, 2007. I'll most likely be east of Stewart Beach and the condos, but west of the free parking lot at East Beach, from around 7am until mid-to-late-afternoon. I plan to wear just my tiny little blue G-string thong and lay on an off-white blanket. If anyone plans to be around, please drop an e-mail to me (itanng@yahoo.com). If you walk by while I'm there, say Hi!
bryn515000 #38

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/06/2008 02:44:25Copy HTML

The weather should be right for some thong time at Galveston or Surfside soon. I'd like to meet some guys and girls for a day in the sun. Anyone able to take a day during the week for a beach day?
imathonglover #39

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/06/2008 02:46:35Copy HTML

I'm all up to another meeting on the beach at Galveston if you are! Let me know when you will be going again.
bryn515000 #40

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/30/2008 05:08:43Copy HTML

It won't be hard to find a secluded beach next year, especially on the Bolivar peninsula. All the houses and stores are gone. Too bad
JM_Runs #41

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/30/2008 06:48:05Copy HTML

 bryn515000, I think your perceved future solitude may be an alusion, the place is likley to be overrun with red-necks whelding nail guns and 2x4's in a rebuilding frenzy.
bryn515000 #42

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:10/01/2008 12:13:42Copy HTML

Don't be so quick to judge. I know it's not some paradise like Florida, but there are actually some good decent people that live on the Texas gulf coast. I've been to Florida many times over the years and I've discovered that you are going to run in to some a$$holes no matter where you go. Florida is no exception.

Also, the Texas gulf coast has been devastated. Estimates are that utilities will not be restored in some areas for 3 - 6 months. Hundreds of homes have been totally washed away on Bolivar peninsula ( 20 miles east of Galveston ) that have displaced thousands of people. Hundreds are missing and presumed dead.

You won't hear this on the news because who cares about toothless, gun totin' rednecks, right. And yes, when there is a natural disaster the people of Texas strap on their tools and get to work. That's what we do. Furthermore, I don't appreciate your shallow, slanted interpretation of the people of Texas. Before you make blanket comments perhaps you should consider the good folks that have lost everything and are struggling day by day to just get by.

One thing you can count on; when a storm hits Florida again ( and it will ), the folks in Texas will be ready to come and help you guys any way we can.
itanng #43

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:10/01/2008 05:47:57Copy HTML

East Beach at Galveston is one of my favorite places.  And, the people of Texas, especially around water, most don't care what kind of swimsuits people wear.  Of course, there are a few people out there who give problems to thongers -- like the drunk at Apffel Park who ran up to me and told me to put some clothes on this was a "family" park then took another gulp of his beer.
houstonthongbutt #44

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:10/05/2008 01:29:44Copy HTML

well put, bryn.... ( i think i know you!)

yes, just because we werent on roofs yelling and screaming does'nt mean that there wasn't alot of damage to the area..... just wait until the folks from some of the other areas in the country need some oil or gas!!!!

there is a huge discrimination for help for tx. folks after the katrina disaster.... local hotels WILL NOT assist the locals because of the horrible experience they had with fema and the katrina people....

why? also because of the george w.  popularity issues as well....

ike was almost as big as katrina, but actually affected alot more people... where was the press???? because we were raping, shooting and looting...

there you go! controversial  enough???

pacal44 #45

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/27/2009 11:40:57Copy HTML

Anyone from Galveston or visiting?  I am a frequent East Beach visitor and ride my hybrid bike along the shoreline.  I am usually getting my tan wearing a J.S. turquoise rio thong.  Welcome to Galveston and see ya when there!
odie77301 #46

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:05/07/2010 12:32:34Copy HTML

 I would love to find out about the nude beach. Any =body feel like taking a trip. I would love to meet folks from this site there. If all else fails we could still thong at a regular beach. I really want to get out this weekend!
odie77301 #47

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:06/26/2010 11:03:35Copy HTML

 Sounds like a plan. I've been wanting to head out there. Either to east beach or try the state park. I hear the state park is ok for men to thong. I would love to join / meet people from this forum there. Just let me know when any of ya'll are thinking of heading to Galveston.. Till then
speedosoldier85 #48

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/03/2010 07:35:19Copy HTML

Anybody think it will be incredibly busy on sunday? I plan on going then and hope that there are more than just me out there, haha.
cameronjames75 #49

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/05/2010 04:19:07Copy HTML

I live near Galveston so I'm available!
speedosoldier85 #50

Re:Texas - TX - Contacts

Date Posted:09/07/2010 02:05:10Copy HTML

Hey y'all. Was there yesterday, sept 5. There were a lot of waves, but the weather was nice. I was down on the eastern end of the island, in front of the area with the few beach houses, some under construction, seperated by a long strip of nothing but grass and sand on the water front. Saw a few other thongers and a quite a few speedo styles too. I waswearing an army green muscleskins thong, with sunglasses and a Rangers hat, and a darl green backpack.
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