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Date Posted:09/25/2005 04:59:03Copy HTML

As a 3 & 1/2 year (male) resident of Thailand, I'd just like to confirm that you'll be hard-pressed to find a beach that is not thong friendly.Though I was at first cautious, I have become quite comfortable wearing either a mesh Dore thong or aKoala thong as the maximum. I do have to say that the Koala "Baby Blue" suit did strike up its fair share of friendly conversations between tourists and locals alike.Without exception, all were friendly as can be. I mean, I had my two Golden Retrievers with me one day, and the younger of the two, being a puppy, decided to go camp out at some local Thai beach tourists' table in the shade (next to the food). This all happened 200 yards away from my spot on the beach. I was bored, so had taken the dogs down the beach so they could explore and swim as Golden Retrievers are oft wont to do. I had to retrieve my Retriever from the local tourists. They spoke great English and were friendly as could be.All of this was on Ko Lahn, which is an Island off Pattaya City. Pattaya is about a 2 hour drive SE of Bangkok. Thongs and topless are almost expected for women. Thongs for men, while less in the main, are NO PROBLEM AT ALL. My (Thai) wife used to be shy about wearing a thong, but now insists on going topless, and a G-string is her preferred bottom at most Thai beaches. She even wore her g-string bottom at the pool with me at my apartment in Kuwait!Thailand is just too cool in too many ways to the thonger.
chen_jz #1

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/29/2004 03:08:25Copy HTML

I and my wift thonged in Thailand (hotel and beach) lasr winter , there are no any problems.
PeteSmith2003 #2

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/11/2004 01:04:22Copy HTML

I stayed in Patong on Phuket for a month. I did not wear a thong on the beach in the town (too many hawkers on the beach), but on all the beaches I visted - two north of Patong and the five public beaches south of the town - I had absolutely no problems...except for one teenage girl whom I recently mentioned elsewhere.

If you are going to Patong, there is a hotel that opens its pool to the public and allows thongs and g-strings. I'd have to find the name again.  As for other hotels in Patong, I don't know. There are many with pools, but all were closed to non-guests.

Suffice it to say, although thongs are technically illegal in Thailand so says the tourist bureau when I wrote), nobody minds in the tourist places. If you go off the beaten path where only Thais go, stay dressed.

I myself had a great time on Phuket, and not just for the freedom to wear a thong. The food is as good as any and VERY cheap, the people are polite and wonderful (except when driving - they're maniacs!) and the weather and scenery are amazing.

And take a good camera! I took a borrowed cheap one and still regret it.
ahthong #3

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/28/2004 08:11:38Copy HTML

Reply to : chen_jz

Excellent! Quite hard to find fellow asians who wear thongs in public. Do you and your wife wear thongs in China beaches also? Or is it just an overseas thing? (Where nobody knows you)  Where is a good place to thong in China? Hainan island?

chen_jz #4

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/11/2004 04:01:46Copy HTML

Reply to : ahthong

Thanks, I and my wife wear thong in China mainland beaches also, such as Hainan island,

there are no explicit  regulation prohabit thongs, so if no one complain it , I always wear thong swimsuits.

BTW , l live in Beijing .

tri-guy #5

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/02/2004 09:06:21Copy HTML

Anywhere in southern thailand you shouldn't have a problem thonging or topless as long as the beach caters to foriegners.  Do note that the southern part of thailiand and is 90% muslim and Malaysia is about the same.  The locals will swim totally dressed.  So pick your local carefully.  The thai's are the kindest nicest people in the world respect them a little and they will show you more kindness than any one person deserves. 
josht #6

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/06/2005 02:13:15Copy HTML

Let's hope that these beaches all recover from the terrible events of 26 Dec. Fortunately, the stress of the earth has been relieved and everything should be OK. (I could use some stress relief myself, but that is another story).

It's also nice to hear about another Skinz g-string wearer, definitely the way to go for men, although I had my first look at the Wicked Weasel web site and oh my god....



LatinThong #7

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/01/2005 05:07:15Copy HTML

I have tickets to Tahiland for next october and november?  somebaody can tell me  where I can wear a thong near Bangkok?  Which beaches in Phuket no problem to go in thong?

Any problem with the new earthquake in sumatra?  How are the beaches, hotel and hostel in Thailand beaches areas?

TBeach #8

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/01/2005 01:19:32Copy HTML

Oct is the rain season in phuket, i have ever been there on Oct. all rainy in my 6 days trip...., it seems Dec to next Feb is the best season to visit phuket, if u want to get the better price for everything there, Dec 1 ~ 15 better, bcoz before th Xmas.

I don't think there is any beautiful beach near BKK for thonging, pattay too noisy, also crowded there.

It's ok to wear thong or g-string on beach in phuket, you can just sunbathing, swimming or take a beach walk, the north beaches more quiet, less ppl, I think it's better for walking on beach, they are naithon beach and bangtao beach.

I have ever been to phuket many times, ever wearing g-string on each beach there, and having a long beach walking at naithon, bangtao, kamala, karon beach, ppl r friendly there, probably i will be there again on Dec this year, maybe we can meet then :  


raymondl #9

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/08/2005 06:37:31Copy HTML

I just returned from phuket where i stayed in the sheraton.  My wife wore Wicked Weasle at all times and I wore a modest HOM T-Back most of the time.  No problems in pool or beach except for the occasional American teenage girl going "Eeew" but that's normal and their loss.  :-)

Only saw one other person wearing a thong, girl in a t-back who made a point of walking along the beach in her thong.  Appart from that it was all full bottoms, not even any topless.

Really would like to find some places were thongs are more common, at least for ladies, as my wife is more comfortable when she is not the only one in a thong.

Thong Kong #10

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 06:03:42Copy HTML

I too just returned from Phuket and stayed at the Dusit (right next to the Sheraton). There were too many children at the hotel pool to wear my thong, but my girlfriend wore her gorgeous little Armani number for a couple hours. I saw one other woman wearing a thong at the pool, and one on the beach, but no men. Last time I visited, I saw some ladies walking down the beach topless in what looked like WW thongs. Got lots of compliments about my low cut micro brief from the hotel staff, and I think the thong would have been okay, but this was my first time wearing them in public, so I was a bit more conservative.

But Sheraton generally has lots more kids than Dusit. Don't really like the hotel myself, as it's just a cookie-cutter hotel that could have been anywhere.

Banyan Tree is much more couples oriented, and should be fine to wear a thong. Unfortunately, they don't let guests from the other Laguna area hotels use their pools.

I did wear my thong to the beach and on a hotel snorkeling trip.
TBeach #11

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 07:17:41Copy HTML

yes, sheraton and dusit all located in the bangtao beach, laguna phuket. i have ever been walking on the beach from dusit resort to the north of bangtao beach with my skinz y back g-string, and it's ok there.

any one ever been tried thong or g-string on other beach in phuket?

raymondl #12

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 10:14:10Copy HTML

I agree the Sheraton is rather generic, but we select it because of the extremely large and segmented pool -- and for the kid friendliness too (we have a son with us).  Have been to this resort area several times and now choose the Sheraton as our preference.

In the dusit the pool is in the centre and all the sun loungers are around and it feels a bit like being in an amphitheatre -- you're on the stage and the audience is watching.  Neither me nor my wife were comfortable in a thong there.

The kids in the Sheraton are not a concern -- they are mostly European and have probably seen everything anyway!  Presuming one is not making a big show on purpose and are just sunning/swimming normally I don't think this kids or parents will make an issue.

The segmented nature of the pool also means you can be in a quiet corner, either in the water or on a lounger, a lot of the time and hence to me it feels less crowded.


TBeach #13

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/25/2005 07:00:36Copy HTML

any one ever been to koh samui before? my gf and i will visit there on may 2, we want to use our g-string bikini there (ww 449 and skinz Y back), any one can tell g-string available on beach and hotel pool there or not? thanks
kiwinick #14

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/27/2005 10:47:35Copy HTML

Hi Ed

Thanks for the advise. I will be in Pattaya mid Oct and am planning to wear a hom thong...what is the ratio of male thongers to male non thongers?

Cheers Nick

ed_jackson #15

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/28/2005 06:28:57Copy HTML

Hi Nick,

Not sure what a horn thong is, but you can most assuredly get by wearing most any minimal swimwear around Pattaya. I'd like to suggest that you take the ferry out to Ko Lahn Island though.

Main problem with Pattaya beach is unclear water, tons of motorboats & jet-skis making noise & the like. Also, there are tons of local vendors that will never leave you alone on Pattaya or Jomtien Beaches

Hat Samae (Samae Beach) on Ko Lahn is usually pretty cool, with thongs on males, thongs on females, topless, sheer, occassionaly fuly nude.

I'll be there in a Koala Baby Blue 8, 9 & 10 October.

Hope to see you around.

Ask any of the taxi drivers on Ko Lahn  for "Mr. Pam's Beach"

Mr. Pam is a great guy, as is his wife. They could care less what you wear on their piece of paradise.

GETTING TO KO LAHN: Take the ferry from Bali Hai Pier that leaves at 0700 hrs, 1000 hrs and 1300 hrs----cost 20 baht (50 cents).

Return to Bali Hai Pier (Pattaya) 0800 hrs, 1100 hrs, 1500 hrs----------something like that.........20 baht/50 cents fare for the return as well.

45 minute ride each way.

ed_jackson #16

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/28/2005 06:55:47Copy HTML

Oh yeah,

plan on 60 baht ($1.50) cold beers and around 120 baht ($3.00) for lunch.

I usually drop a whopping $25 USD (1,000 baht) at Mr. Pam's beach.

He inevitably has a few sweet young Thai girls that serve beer & food....No sex, just a few helpers sometimes.

It's quite nice to publicly walk up in a very wet Koala Baby Blue and get a beer from the bargirl. It's a low bar too, so her eyes always say hello.

Can't wait to get back...............

kiwinick #17

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/28/2005 10:11:48Copy HTML

hi Ed

Thanks for the info. Cant wait to head out there! Sounds great!

Ps Is there any good swimwear store in Pattaya?


matchingthongs #18

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/29/2005 03:40:51Copy HTML

My wife and I were very near 2 years ago. We were told on a number of occasions that topless and nude bathing was not acceptable - unfortunately - in Thailand and respected the cultural wishes of the Thais. However, although the people at our resort kept to that we used to get regular boat loads of tourists to our lovely beach and were surprised to see thongs and topless women. Having read many reports since it seems that a lot of people are stripping off on Thai beaches without problems, so perhaps it is your choice as to how you behave in someone else's territory!

Remember though that the Thais are lovely, hospitable people with the oriental tendency to avoid any scenes or confrontations. Many westerners misinterpret that and behave in ways that many Thais find offensive - even if they don't show it. On the other hand a westernised native of Bangkok we know says that some Thais dismiss it and just think "that's how westerners are....".

It's your choice and you must judge whether a thong is acceptable. To my mind it is less likely to cause offence than bare breasts!
LatinThong #19

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/29/2005 07:09:10Copy HTML

Thanks a millions to Ed and Nick

I and my friend will be travelling to Thailand in november,  your informations are very interesting, I write the pits in my notebook to remember the details when we are there.

We are preparing our thongs to wear Ko Lahn and Mr. Pam's Beach.  Are there other places to wear my thongs with freedom?

We will be flying to Malaysia in october 21 then we will travell to Tahiland.  We hope to see many  thongers there. 

A thonger in Southamerica.  LatinThong

ed_jackson #20

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/29/2005 10:35:56Copy HTML

Hi Nick,

There are lots of places in Pattaya where your wife can find thongs, but you'd do best to take your own.

Hello Latinthong,

Mr. Pam's place on Samae Beach is just one of the most convenient, nice beaches to Pattaya, and I've always had a great time there. The waters around Ko Lahn (also spelled "Koh Larn"), are much clearer and nicer than the mainland beaches.

Most any beach around the tourist areas of Thailand are completely thong friendly though.

Let's just hope we don't get socked in with rain! It is the wet season this time of year, though the Gulf of Thailand is much better than the Andaman Sea coast. I'd definitely give Phuket a miss this time of year.

Usually one can expect a good afternoon thunderstorm this time of year, but there should (hopefully) be plenty of sun in the mornings and early afternoons.


ed_jackson #21

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/30/2005 06:47:36Copy HTML

Yep, The "Official Line" from Thailand and their "Official Travel Agent's" will always and without fail state that Thailand is a wholesome Bhuddist country which prohibits nudity in any fashion.

Well, it iS a very Wholesome Bhuddist conservative country, but they don't really care what a foreigner (farang) wears or doesn't wear to the beach.

I love Thailand and her people. They are very accepting of us Westerners on the beach in our little-to-nothing swimwear.

I certainly love Thailand for many other reasons, but the cool beaches where I can wear almost nothing has a lot to do with that I'm sure.

LatinThong #22

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/01/2005 06:35:55Copy HTML

Hi Ed:

Thank your for the weather informations, but Where do you think is better to go this time and wear thongs in Thailand?

My friend and me will be there in november.

We live in a place where is raining all the time and it's cold, too.   Then I don't want to have rains during my holidays.

I have hopefully that weather will be wonderfull when we stay there.  I hope!!!!!!  Jajajajajajaj!!!!!     I need the sun, the beaches, my tanlines, and wear my thongs too.    Jajajajaja!!!!

Well, I will be wait for your suggest, newly.

A thonger friend   LatinThong

ed_jackson #23

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/04/2005 05:19:38Copy HTML


"Usually" it only rains in the afternoons around Pattaya, though it will occassionally rain for a day or two non-stop.

The Pattaya area gets less rain than Ko Samui or Phuket.

Get on the 0700 ferry to Ko Lahn and get your sun time in in the mornings & early afternoons.

ed_jackson #24

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/08/2005 05:17:54Copy HTML

Just a quck note to say that, while I was the only male thonger on Ko Laan, I wore the microminimulist suit of 1/8th in strings and a tiny pouch around hundereds of people at there.

Funny in that a couple katoey's (transvestites--Thailand's much accepted 3rd sex) were the only one's to make a scene as I walked the beach on Haat Samae.

It was all great fun actually. Katoey's don't bother me in the least, but they sure enjoyed seeing me 99% nude in public, and drew attention to me from the European crowd. Just a few cat-calls as well as one of them (in a 2 pc bikini, breasts implants and a voice like James Earl Jones) had to run down to the water's edge and drop his/her sunglasses and OGGLE the hell out of me.

Tons and tons of women in more moderate thongs and most topless there.

I guess that's what I like most about Ko Laan is that is can be a crowded beach with 100's of people around a small area, and I can be 99% nude, and not only does nody care what I'm NOT wearing, they enjoy it damned near as much as me.

I get a fantastic tan in the process

rastus #25

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/12/2005 03:14:39Copy HTML

Ed:  My wife and I will be in Bangkok in March.  We were thinking about going to Phuket.  Is thonging ok there?  Or can you recommend other beaches that are thong friendly?
ed_jackson #26

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/14/2005 02:36:50Copy HTML

Hi Rastus,

You'll have no problems in Phuket. One of the most thong friendly places in the world. Enjoy.

ed_jackson #27

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/27/2005 06:06:37Copy HTML

Mr. Paam, who has been mentioned quite a bit in this thread is pictured (center, no shirt) in this picture. Again, ask any taxi or mototaxi to take you to "Hat Samae, Mr. Paam" beach once you get to Ko Larn.

Tiny thongs are just fine there. Toplessness is not that uncommon for women, and I've seen it completely accepted every time I've been there. No one raises an eyebrow over dental floss g-strings on topless women or men--well I actually did raise a friendly eyebrow or two my last trip, but it was all great fun as it should be.


Most Thai's are assigned a nickname at birth and apparently Mr. Wuttipong Patkratok's  nickname is Paam. My stepdaughter's name is Amita but she goes by the name Ning.....I have a 2 month old niece on my wife's side. I asked my wife what her name was, and she said "Not sure, but her nickname is Prim", Which doesn't even come near the name on her birth certificate.

My wife just had our daughter on Oct 20th, and her given name is Areeya, but she's been named Nina (by my wife) since conception. I insisted on making Nina her middle name as most Thai's only use 2 names and leave the most commonly used name undocumented & out there in La-La land?????????


This article is a few weeks old, but I just missed the Mayor's visit to Ko Larn by maybe 2 days when I was in Thailand last month. Not that anything would have happened. I' m sure there were many many thonged and quite a few topless tourists there when Mr. Mayor popped in.

It's a huge beach and I doubt he toured much of it from the looks of his dress, but it looks like he would have damned near tripped over me considering I was in the most populous spot when I was there.

No worries about Mr. Paam though nor thong/toplessness on "his" piece of the beach. I can most assuredly say that this was a photo op for the mayor and nothing more, nothing less.

Mr. Paam will be there running "his" chunk of beach as he sees fit for many many years to come.


bagapon #28

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/06/2005 10:13:25Copy HTML

I like to rent a beach bungalow in thailand, and wearing my skinz Y back yellow or pink g-string all day...., walking to beach, sunbathing, swimming, and have a long beach walk on beach...., or swimming in resort pool, all with my Y back g-string.

Any one can tell any bungalow is g-string friendly there? I mean wearing g-string walking any where all day, and any thai local ppl in this forum can tell me if thai ppl accept or not?


LatinThong #29

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/11/2005 10:02:56Copy HTML

Hi Bagapon:

I want to tell you that I was in Thailand last november, it was wonderfull in all since.  I rent a litle cabine in some resort, for example in Andaman Inn near Krabi (Ao Nang Beach)  but the most friendly and nice place was  Haadlad Resort in Haad Salad Beache in Koh Panghan.  Many men were wearing g-strings, many women in topless, some naked in the beach and floating beds, and I can say that I wore my thongs all days there.  Nobody said any negative coments about my swiminwear.  The staff in Haadlad Resort are very friendly with all people and with thongers too.   The place is really wonderfull, I recommend you.  I hope this suggest are good for you.

A friend thonger  Latinthong

ed_jackson #30

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/20/2005 05:30:54Copy HTML

Hey LatinThong!

Told ya so!! LOL! 

I'm happy you had a cool relaxing time wearing as little as you saw fit to wear. Haat Salad....never been there on Phangan, as my wife & I only went to Haat Leela on Phangan last January (oh so long ago--but we made a baby!!!).

Just to clarify----you mentioned Krabi, which is on the west coast near Phuket. There's another island called Phang Na near there, whereas Phangan is in the Gulf of Thailand, on the east coast. Was it Phangan or Phang Na where you went?? To make it easy, Phang Na is near Phuket, and Phangan is near Samui.

I'm happy to say my wife is back in fine and fitting thong form for the beach now 2 months after the birth on Oct. 20th of our beautiful daughter. Also just as happy to say that the baby is just fine and doing what babies do best--eating, sleeping, & pooping, but most importantly healthy and growing like a weed.

Latin Thong, would really like to know which island you made it to where you had so much fun.

C'mon..........give us a detailed trip report!! (Please?)


ed_jackson #31

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/20/2005 06:38:13Copy HTML

Hello My Friends,

Happy to say that come next June, my 41 foot (12.5 meter) long X 23 foot (7 meter) wide sailing catamaran, the "Nina-Ning" (named after my daughters) will be ready to take up to 12 guests out for daysails and dinner cruises everyday.

Thongs & g-strings and toplessness will be ENCOURAGED. Full nudity away from the dock will be fine.

I have a website under construction for this. I'll post it later, because it's not up now., but I'm basing the design of my boat off that of the Leopard 40 catamaran, which can be seen at http://www.moorings.com/pys_leopard40.asp

I'm currently stuck here in Kuwait trying to make enough money to pay for this dream of mine (no worries it's paid for--just waiting on the builder to finish her & no way am I going to quit my job before I have positive income from this)

I intend to have a professional business administrator run the business and pay him about 80% of profits--(he's worth it to make sure it gets done right), and also have a professional Captain run the boat itself along with a competent  mate/chef, all while I continue on with what I'm doing for the first six months at least.

I, however, am the guy writing the business plan, so, that will be their constitution. I plan to be there for about 3 weeks in late June/early July of 2006 though for the sea trials and to get this FUN business off to a roaring start, and have some FUN!

I went on the "Nude Cruise" on a big 50 foot catamaran out of Hedonism II in Jamaica back in 1998, and aside from myself (I was single at the time and 31 years old) and an older couple in their early 50's, nobody took off their clothes!

Pretty wild being 1 of only 3 nude people out of the 25 people there on the boat! They advertised it as a nude cruise too! The only way it could have been better would have been if I were the only nude person. As it was, all the gasps subsided after about 2 minutes, and it was no biggie at all for the rest of the day.

If any of you guys & gals would like to try my piece of paradise which will sail out to an island owned by the Thai Navy = deserted white sand beaches, snorkelling in crystal clear waters, killer BBQ food & free booze all inclusive then I'm thinking of, oh, about $80 USD per person for the day cruise, which would also include a free minivan ride to & from your hotel.

Stay tuned to this thread for further developments.


LatinThong #32

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/06/2006 09:45:51Copy HTML

Hi friend Ed:

First I want to give my congratulations for your beautiful daugther, I'm happy for you and your wife.  Give my kisses to your daugther for me.

Well, I aswer your ask about the Island.  I can tell you that I was in Haadlad Resort in Salad Beach , Koh Phangan Island.  This is the address in the card  P.O. Box 59, Koh Phangan, Surathani 84280, Thailand.  Tel. 66-(0) 77-349-285  

You can see the nice pictures of the place in  www.haadladresort.com     This place is wondrfull to me, thong friendly, food delicius, and very cheap.  My friend and me wore our thongs all days, so much fun.   After my vacations, I think this place was the best to wear thong.

But I were in Andaman Inn near Krabi too, but this place is quiet, if you want to stay alone, but I was bored in three days there.   The other places where I wear my thongs in Pattaya, Phatong Beach in Phuket, and Kata Beach this was great too.

I was encorage to wear thongs after that I red your report in this site,  I thought " This is my oportunity!!!!!!"  Then when I arrived to Thailand, I wore my thongs in all places that I cought.  Only I wore a g-string when we took a tour to Phi-Phi islands in speed boat where other families with childrens traveled with us.  This time I wanted go bit cover. 

Thanks a millions for all your informations I had a wonderfull time in Thailand, I took 40 days of vacations, 10 days in Malaysia and 30 in Thailand.   I hope to came back there next time.

If you want to ask me something about my experience, I will be waiting your message.

Your thonger friend   Latinthong.

lauren1 #33

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/10/2006 05:30:17Copy HTML

We've just come back from the island of Koh Lanta south of Krabi and are happy to report that we were both able to sun, swim and walk the beach in minimal thongs and g-strings without hassle or feeling uncomfortable in any way.

We had been concerned as Southern Thailand is said to be more Islamic, but it seems that regardless of religion all Thai's are freindly welcoming people. We kept ourselves mainly on the quieter end of the beach and should some young local lads walk by on their way to to some fishing they would just smile and look the other way. Even on the busier beach we saw others (male and female) wearing thongs albeit of a more conversvative nature.     

lauren1 #34

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/10/2006 05:32:44Copy HTML

Nearly forgot to mention we thonged and swam by the pool of our Bangkok hotel too. One or two other guests may have raised an eyebrow but the local staff seemed quite happy 
ed_jackson #35

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/22/2006 08:07:37Copy HTML

Well I'm quite fortunate in that Thai my wife & 5 month old baby daughter are here with me Kuwait.

Just did a quicky 5 day trip to Thailand. I spent 2 days on Koh Laan, and saw many many thongs. Aside from myself  & 3 other male thongers, and about 40 female thongers, one of which was wearing not a thong but a string up her butt--looked great!!!!

Only saw one topless thonging lady, but it was cool all the way around.

I adorned the scene with a "HE Swimwear"  suit.  The bartender lady was also a hoot. Her first words to me were "What you need sexy man?"  Her parting words at the end of that sun-drenched day were "I like your bikini"

They now have restrooms & showers that they charge you for on K oLaan.  5 baht (2.5 USDcents) for toilet and 20 baht (50 USD cents) for shower.

ed_jackson #36

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/17/2006 05:53:47Copy HTML

Ko Samui .......Male and/or females wearing thongs hardly raise an eyebrow on any beach in Thailand.

Topless for women is also quite accepted in the touristic areas----ie: around the touristy beaches.

Around the national parks (inland waterfall swim areas et al...)---Well these are mostly frequented by locals. One could most likely get by in a thong, but expect some strange stares. In general--not recommended.

My (Thai) wife and I (I'm from Florida) wear thongs to any and every beach we go to in Thailand. I've seen topless women on most every one of those beaches too. My wife often goes topless on these beaches, and normally wears a thong. I can't recall the last time she ever wore a full back bikini.---Oh yeah--that would have been when we were last in Florida...

There are two nice waterfall w/ swim areas on Ko Chang (near Cambodia), and I'm sure thongs there would be OK. My wife once stripped down to her thong panties and bra there for a swim (much to the amazement of my 2 friends from Florida who were there on their honeymoon).

My wife hadn't realized we'd be going for a swim that day, and we'd had a long hot hike up to the waterfall, so she made herself comfortable for a swim in the ice-cold water.

Ko Chang beaches are also topless and thong friendly. I've seen tourists wearing thongs down the street on Ko Chang---no problem!!!

Thailand beaches are great!

bagapon #37

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/20/2006 09:36:46Copy HTML

Another nice beach for thong or g-string is Cha Am, 2 hrs driving from Bangkok, wide and quiet beach there, better water than Pattaya, but less ppl, bar than Pattaya, almost no night life there.

I enjoyed Cha Am beach for 4 days last month, stayed in "Eurasia Lagoon Cha-am Resort", the hotel not located in the central Cha Am, but it's in the north of Cha Am about 15~20 minutes by riding motobike. I walked on the beach many times with my skinz Y back g-string, just few local ppl and tourist on beach, it's relax and comfortable...., if not many guests, also I wearing my g-string in resort's swimming pool, one day, I swimming in the pool with my skinz Y back, a local lady just sit beside the pool and watching me swimming and walking in the swimming pool, very nice experience. During I stay there, I took many g-string photos on beach, in hotel lobby, sidewalk,  and swimming pool, some housekeepers look at me when I was on beach taking photos..... 

E_sv #38

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/12/2006 02:18:37Copy HTML

Going to Hua Hin in November with my wife. We have bouth new g-strings for the vacation. Her: a Ujena beaded g-string and me a HOM g-string (Trophee string). Has anyone experience with thonging in Hua Hin?

bagapon #39

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/27/2006 08:34:09Copy HTML

I have been to Koh Larn twice this month, yes, it's a great small island, I saw about 20 women in thong even g-string, and only few men in thong, I was in a skinz trangle back g-string there. The best beaches in thong or g-string there are "Samae beach" and "Naul beach", when I was on Naul beach, about 4 or 5 women wearing thong and g-string around me, even one of girls wearing a yellow g-string but a little see-through when wet..., Koh Larn is the best location to enjoy your thong or g-string in Thailand, bcoz I have ever been almost the most beaches and island in Thailand.

I never been walking on a crowded beach with my g-string before, since it's un-usual for an asian (I am an asian guy), but it's my first time to try it on Samae beach, a crowded beach there, I wore my skinz and walked alone the beach, some ppl look at me, but no any problem, I walked for a quite long distance, and then came back my towel, it's a very nice experience, when I walked on the crowded beach, I asked a girl to help taking some photos for me, and she's happy to do it.... : )

Now I was living in Bangkok, if friends you will or want to visit Thailand even Bangkok, I can take you (with my car) to Pattaya and take the boat to Koh Larn, it takes about 2 hrs to Pattaya and 30 minutes to Koh Larn by boat, better stay one night in Pattaya...., just leave me a message, I will arrange and help you.....

Have a great time here....

strepsils #40

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/03/2006 02:03:36Copy HTML

I visit Thailand very often! Perhaps, we get there together!
4Lw4ySth0nG #41

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/03/2006 10:49:13Copy HTML


Count me in. I will bring my girl along too.

strepsils #42

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/04/2006 07:25:21Copy HTML

Okay...let's deal. You bring your girl and I bring mine! Hah...

babyarmi #43

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/06/2006 07:49:13Copy HTML

I'm planning to be in Bangkok on January 11, 2006 for 3 days. From there, I want to go to any Phuket beach where I can wear a thong. Can anybody help me which beach is the most thong-friendly? Also, I need help with an affordable beachfront resort in Phuket... Thanks!

strepsils #44

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/06/2006 08:05:02Copy HTML

Bangkok go to Phuket damn far!

Wanted to get thong swimwear in Bangkok, I think is out of question. Thong undie for man, no problem as it sell everywhere. MBK Shopping Centre sell lots of thong undies for men.

If you talking about women's thong swimwear, then you have to go night market! Quite a number of night stalls selling ladies' thong swimwear.

Em...in Phuket, you can get skimpy bikini for ladies but not thong swimwear. Well, you have to ask Bagapon he might know where to men's swim thong.

4Lw4ySth0nG #45

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/25/2006 10:02:47Copy HTML

Besides thonging, what are the usual activities you can find off bangkok beaches etc Ko Lan, phuket. Usually, mostly the day will be at the beaches, apart from that we eat. Not much of a shopping interest and i usually find it bored at night. I can't go bars and dancing with ladies with my girl friend with me
joecooper #46

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/25/2006 03:09:20Copy HTML

Was in Ko Samui at the start of the year and found Thonging not as common as i'd like, but perfectly acceptable. There are discreet areas for those who are shy and Chaweng beach featured both male and females in anything from speedos and full back bikinis to micro-kinis and string pouches. Strange looks for people wearing things that didn't suit their body type, or those who were parading - A guy in a teardrop style got funny looks for almost modelling it, while barely anyone noticed someone in a conservative koalaswim string. There is even a gay-friendly area where strings are more common.

Wearing a string or thong around a hotel or bungalow is fine, as long as you're game! Again, there are some more liberated and some alternative lifestyle accommodations that would be more welcoming, but even the standard places seem tolerant as long as it's not too offensive.

ed_jackson #47

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/03/2007 01:52:56Copy HTML

Hi 4Lw4ySth0nG,

If you find yourself in Pattaya (where you have to go to catch the ferry to Ko Larn), then you might enjoy Walking Street in the evening. While it is mostly go-go bars and outdoor beer bars, a few of them have very nice live bands. The working girls will leave you alone if they see that your are with your wife.

My wife and I have always enjoyed The Blues Factory (no "working" girls there). The band starts nightly at 10:00 PM. Also don't miss dinner at Vientienne restaurant. It's on the ocean side of Walking Street, down towards the south end. Great Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese food for a very good price. Beware the market price on the live lobster though---it can get a wee bit expensive.


Glad you've been enjoying Ko Larn. That's a wonderful Island. Sadly, the last time I was able to visit was last August. I wore a Dore mesh-somewhat-see-thru thong when I was last there and was made most welcome/never had any indication that it was out of the ordinary.

I saw at least half a dozen women and 2 other men wearing thongs that day on Samae beach--there were probably 500 or so people on the beach that day of all ages and nationalities.

Not exactly sure when I'll get back over there, but it'll be within the next 3-4 months. I'll drop all who've recently expressed interest a PM prior to that, so maybe we can all hook up for a day on the island. April is the absolute best beach weather for Ko Larn, just have to dodge the Songkran crowds in Pattaya.

Also, if anybody is interested in chartering a 42 foot catamaran sailboat (Island Breeze) out of Pattaya, then feel free to PM me---brand new boat--just launched in Oct '06---bareboat or with skipper & 1 crew---thongs & topless welcome. I'm keeping it at the Ocean Marina about 12 km south of Pattaya, and she's fully outfitted with dinghy, life jackets, snorkelling equipment etc.

I have someone running the business for me, so she's ready to go anytime. We've been keeping her rather busy though, so reservations are suggested.

Happy New Year to all!


ricky_thong #48

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/21/2007 09:37:05Copy HTML

Anyone can tell me whether thonging is OK in the outdoor swimming pools of all hotel in Pattaya ?  Is there also many male thonging in the pool area ? I am going to wear thong to enjoy the suntan. My thong is very sexy, would I be complainted by other tourist in the pools ?

ed_jackson #49

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:29:08Copy HTML

Hi Ricky,

You'll have no problem wearing a swim thong at a Pattaya hotel pool. Been there done that many times...........

I've always saved my more daring transparent-when-wet and ultra small elastic string g-strings for Ko Larn though...I guess mainly because I prefer saltwater and sand to chlorine and concrete-------Pattaya is a beach town!

Being so, why not wear a thong at a hotel? I recall my wife and I catching a speedboat ride back from Ko Larn---must've been 20 people onboard. I wore my thong all the way from first thing in the morning on Ko Larn back to Pattaya beach, and across Beach Road, thru the lobby of the Natural Beach Hotel, all the way up to my room. The next day all I bothered to put on before breakfast was my thong and a T-shirt for our ride back out to the island.

Back then there were no hotels on Ko Larn. There are now. It's getting developed a bit.

The only time I ever stayed there was when I camped out nude on some local guy's beach. He & his wife said "No Problem!" when I asked if nudity was OK at their section of the beach. Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!......I just crashed out (rather inebriated and quite naked--I'd been partying in Mr. Paam's house with him and his wife--nude) on the sand around 0100 with a couple beach towels (one over, one under) listening to the waves (my wife was out of town visiting her family), and awoke outside early the next morning, on the beach naked as a Jaybird, and spent the rest of that day just like that.

I'll never forget waking up at 0630 and having to go to the restroom urgently, so I bailed up, brushed the sand off my face, and stomped off uphill toward the rudimentary toilet building, (with some extreme early morning wood going on mind you!!!)---I had to pee NOW!

As I was making my way up the beach here come the guy's wife stepping out of their house. She was on her way to their private outhouse as urgently as I was on my way to their public one, so we passed by within 5 feet of each other at 0630 in the morning, me with a full woody and naked-----------guess what she did?

She smiled as pleasantly as ever and said "Good Morning" with a kind wave of her hand before scurring along her way----------No big deal at all. Their outhouse had barrels of fresh water water to scoop into for a "shower". The public ones had salt water to rinse the sand off of customers & that was the only difference between the two. I spent enough money that day (maybe $25USD) that I got a freshwater shower complimentary, in the nude, and the guy (Mr. Paam) even used my camera and got some publicly nude pictures of me doing so.

I wouldn't try fully nude like that on Ko Larn these days, unless you find a rather secluded end of the beach, but then if you can't be an exhibitionist, what's the point?

So, I wear a Koala Baby Blue pouch or other near-nude, pushing-the-limit tiny, tiny thong or g-string style, and it is well accepted on the beaches and pools of Thailand.

If I take the ferry (public transportation--$.50 USD per ticket---big boat that boards at the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya) out to the island, then I at least wear a T-shirt that hangs down just enough to keep them guessing until I get to the beach.

But on a speed boat---I'm paying as much as $40-$150 per day to have the boat only for me and my wife and friends, so we usually strip down to G-strings/thongs when we start wading out to it from Pattaya beach. Why worry about keeping our clothes dry when we can just stick them in a plastic bag for the rest of the day?

NEVER ONCE had a problem!

I left a Seiko Kinetic watch in my shoes once on a speedboat. The boat left and came back at a presribed time later on in the day. The first thing he did was to hand me my watch, as he figured I was worried about it (and I was).

In the past I've worn a Kiniki g-string to the pool of my apartment building in Bangkok before I moved to Pattaya. I was down there one day swimming while the 4 (all female) office staff came out to have lunch. They were at a table next to/on my way to the restrooms, in the shade under the veranda so I was maybe 3 feet away before I noticed they were there.

They were all very polite and said "Hello" like it was no big deal. I also met a few Thai neighbors at the pool while in a g-string and all were as polite as could be. My wife was thonging in a slingshot suspender thong there as well and it was never a problem.

I miss home....home being Ko Larn on a beach chair, 99% nude on Samae or Nual or Tawaen beach, sipping a Singha, reading my favorite book, and getting a manicure, followe by a pedicure, followed by a 1 hour public-near-nude massage on a crowded beach, then going for a relaxing flounder in the crystal clear water, emerging from the water in a transparent Koala Baby Blue V-back g-string, walk thru crowds of people up to the bar or restroom, order another beer, or make sure my Baby Blue gets quite wet as I'm rinsing off upon exiting the restroom------and------where it's all cool to do things like this.

With the new setup on Ko Larn as of 6 months ago, one has to walk 75-100 yards across an open brickyard to get to the restrooms--used to be they were right on the beach. I like the new setup.

I get to parade a bit in the open---a few men and many women wearing almost nothing in a bit more of a cosmopoltan environment--They've got a nice stone-paved promenade there, with some bungalow rooms nearby.

I hope to see some of the posters here, there someday......Put it this way...the next time any of you see a Caucasian guy (5' 10" 170lbs-75kgs--Brown hair & short beard, 40 years old) wearing almost nothing on Ko Larn, don't be afraid to say "Hello, are you Ed Jackson?"

My wife and I would love to make friends with other Thailand thongers, and Ko Larn is an excellent place to do so.

While she and I are heterosexual, we are open to make friends with any and everybody that likes to wear thongs, no matter about other preferences.

Hope to see some of you on Ko Larn someday soon,
Ed Jackson

bagapon #50

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/23/2007 09:47:22Copy HTML

I live in Bangkok too, if any one want to visit Koh Larn, give me a message in advance...
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