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jacey66 #101

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/18/2010 01:07:47Copy HTML

The Le Meridien allows tanning in g-string at the pool and private beach
shoyupoke #102

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/19/2010 04:58:25Copy HTML

Thanks jacey66!

Any tips for the resort?  It'll be my first time in Thailand.
Golden Bay #103

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/19/2010 09:05:49Copy HTML

Khao Lak with long beach, you can rent a motobike and find some secluded part there, it's great to walk on the beach there in just a tiny g-string, I have tried it before, by the way, are you male or female? usually female in g-string will be normal there.
jacey66 #104

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:02/24/2010 05:06:26Copy HTML

The Le Meridien has lots of activities.  If you want to go island hoping, I suggest getting a tour operator outside the hotel, preferably at Patong area.  The operator in the hotel is expensive.  
jacey66 #105

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/04/2010 05:47:27Copy HTML

 Phuket : Patong
The LaFlora resort at Patong has no restrictions on g-string and topless sunbathing.
have fun :)
billyloom #106

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/20/2010 05:25:23Copy HTML

any problems to thong in koh phi phi?
jacey66 #107

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/21/2010 01:54:51Copy HTML

no problems thonging in koh phi phi
billyloom #108

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/30/2010 10:01:17Copy HTML

and also in phuket? is it common to find other thongers at the beach?
jacey66 #109

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/30/2010 04:00:27Copy HTML

more ladies than guys
billyloom #110

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:03/30/2010 04:20:42Copy HTML

Maxin #111

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/14/2010 10:13:34Copy HTML

I was in Kamala last week and wore one of my modest thongs from Alpha Moda. I was the only guy wearing one but several women did. I found a quite spot on the beach and rented a sun bed from one of the many bars there. No problems.
lickaboo #112

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/21/2010 07:31:41Copy HTML

Came back from Phuket last month, wife worn her WW456 and 449 Sheer in the resort, Karon beach and also at Phi Phi. I was the only guy wearing my JS thong at Karon beach. No problem with the locals as long as you cover up before leaving the tourist area.
worcesterthong #113

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/25/2010 06:40:34Copy HTML

I remember reading in one of the earlier comments that in Kohsamui or some other smaller tourist cities that people have gone on the roads (or sidewalks) wearing thongs. Could someone enlighten me on this.
I would like to walk on the streets near the beach in a tong, but if necessary I will wear a shirt or tshirt to make it look not so obvious.
Has the latest violence and breakdown in law and order had any impact in the tourist areas such as Phiphi, Kohsamui, Phuket or Pattaya.

Planning to be in Thailand in July.

AVBW21 #114

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/27/2010 04:46:30Copy HTML

The violent activities only affect Bangkok, and there is no problem in all other islands and tourist areas like Koh Phi-phi, Koh Samui, Phuket and Pattaya. Thonging as usual!

If you are going to Thailand in july, the most affected places in Bangkok are Siam and Silom, as you might have known, Central World and Big C are burnt and severly damaged. Other places like China town or Kaoshan are OK.
worcesterthong #115

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/01/2010 07:15:50Copy HTML

thanks for the timely information.wonder what happened to all the clubs and so on on suriwong silom and sartthorn roads.recently got a e-mail from a hotel in bangkok,on sathorn rooad which said aLL things r normal and it is land of the smiles all over agin.off course with huge discounts. could anybody tell me what is the situation now.it is sad that Central world has been burnt down so also big C.sad that one persons ambition can wreck a whole nation.
kiwinick #116

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/02/2010 12:49:18Copy HTML

Any one in Pattaya July?Hi all long time since I last visited here!I will be in Pattaya during July and August and was wondering which beach is best for thonging/tanning?Would also be keen to meet other thongers if any one around in Pattaya at the same timeCheers
snowrider #117

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/11/2010 10:46:45Copy HTML

 I was in phuket and phi-phi early april this year. no problem thonging. mostly european tourists which is great since they are not so uptight about skimpy swimwear. most men in bikinis , saw about 6 other men in thongs in my 9 days. the only locals you see on the beach are in the tourism business, so no issues there. do stay clothed when not on beach or pools. Wife and I wore thongs everyday, only saw a couple g-strings though.
topless is acceptable as well, european women were beautiful by the way. would love to go back to thailand for these reasons . perhaps ko-samui.
snowrider #118

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/11/2010 11:08:39Copy HTML

 By the way patong beach in phuket is the most thong friendly.  we even got an hour oil massage on the beach wearing our thongs.
Thong Kong #119

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:06/19/2010 10:46:34Copy HTML

Hi All. My wife and I will be staying at the Dusit Thani in early July. Hope the weather gives us a few sunny patches. Hope there aren't too many kids as it's school break. We want to thong in the pool and of course at the beach. My wife wears nothing but Wicked Weasels, so she won't have a choice (she doesn't want a choice). I will bring a few Hom Micros just in case there are lots of kids or if parents give us evil eyes. But of course we don't expect it will be crowded in the middle of monsoon season.

Hope to submit photos to Wicked Weasel again.
Thong Kong #120

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:07/12/2010 03:17:15Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at one of the five main resorts in the Laguna Phuket area from July 7th
to the 11th. She brought only Wicked Weasels and nothing else, and I brought a number of
strings and thongs, and a few Hom Micros just in case.

We expected heavy off and on rains due to sudden monsoons, which I figured would work
out in our favor, as the beaches would be nearly deserted. My concern was unnecessary,
as though we were miraculously spared the rains, we still found the beaches deserted.
North of the Banyan Tree Resort, there was literally hardly a soul on the beautiful long
stretch of beach, on the sunniest day of our trip.

In fact, the one person we passed on that long stretch of beach was himself bathing in the
sea nude, alone, though we only saw him out of the water from a distance. The only other
people we saw there were a couple in modest beach attire who passed us going north
then briefly returned, and gladly helped us take a photo together on their way back.

While we were alone for at least a few hours, we managed to take plenty of photos in
micros and nude, and had the occasion arisen, I'm sure we could have made love without

Even in the hotel pool, my wife's more modest Wicked Weasels were fine, and families
with kids were all European and didn't seem to mind at all that she wore modest thong
and g-string micros and I wore my favorite Hom thong. One Dutch family with two kids,
a girl of about four and a boy of about eleven, were particularly nice, and gladly carried
on conversations with us about the World Cup while we sat there in our thongs.

There was one man who seemed to disapprove, but it seems he was more concerned that
we were taking photos in the pool than anything else. He appeared to be Indian and had
a Caucasian girlfriend who wore a bikini herself, so I don't get what he was so upset
about unless he was worried photos of his dalliances would expose an affair or something.
Regardless, the pool staff told him there was nothing they could do, and they didn't even
inform us of the complaint.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and one we will definitely take again.


Best places to stay in order: Banyan Tree Resort, then Dusit Thani Laguna, Allamanda,
Laguna Beach Resort, and finally Sheraton Grande Laguna (more families and kids there).

Best place to wear micros: If you go a few hundred meters north of Banyan Tree (about a
half a kilometer north of the Lotus Restaurant), you will hardly encounter a soul, and the
beach is gorgeous.

Best resort to wear micros: Banyan Tree. The Banyan Tree exclusively offers private villas
with individual private pools, so nude sunbathing is of course not a problem. The main
pool is micro-friendly as well. Nudity is strictly prohibited, but a Wicked Weasel microminimus
should be fine. The Dusit, where we stayed, does have children in the pool at almost all times,
but no one should complain about a more modest Wicked Weasel or a modest men's thong,
and even if they do, the staff wisely takes no action.

Note: Although we didn't take any boat trips, nudity on a boat trip should not be a problem
if you arrange with the boat driver in advance. Micro swimwear should also be acceptable
during diving trips, and trips to outlying islands like Koh Phi Phi.

Caution: Nudity is illegal in all of Thailand. There are no laws against wearing micro swimwear,
however, and it seems to be a common and accepted occurrence in resort areas and hotels.

In my opinion, I prefer privacy to flaunting a micro on a busy beach, so I did not check the
situation on other beaches like Patong. If you are a hardcore exhibitionist, however, you
shouldn't have a problem in a Doré or a smaller than microminimus bikini on Patong Beach
if you've got the build for it.
mgb_gt #121

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:07/14/2010 10:15:37Copy HTML

My thonging experience in Thailand is in Hau Hin Hilton last year.

I was in my HOM thong in the outdoor pool. I did not encounter any problem from the locals.

The only sort of comment was from 3 western girls who were in their bikini. When I walk past them to the poolside bar, they just said "Oh my god!". Well, I did not take it as positive or negative.
worcesterthong #122

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:07/15/2010 01:22:03Copy HTML

I was again recently in Thailand and stayed at the Sukhotai bangkok with my companion and at Amanpuri in Phuket also.both hotels were quite laid back as far as thongs and g strings were concerned.none of the pool attendants or the restaurant staff batted an eyelid.we even went to the extent of just wearing a sock swimsuit and lay by the pool to get the much revered thong tan lines(i personally think it is very erotic.the only problem was nude swimming which was frowned upon.
at Phuket like the Banyan treethe Amanpuri is very very upmarket and also very tolerant.they have a main pool as well as a smaller one near the gym(also a kiddy pool).we were there in june with very few people so nudity was allowed in  the kiddypool in the evenings and mornings.the main pool had two men in thongs(surprise!surprise)and a lady in a very skimpy g string.we were there for four days so enjoyed wearing all our thongs from marcouest,n2n,skinz and terndence.the last day treid the koala feminine g string again no comments.all in all Thailand is the most beautiful and tolerant countries.pity the politicians like to spoil this beautiful country and people 
firefly2010 #123

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/04/2010 02:14:10Copy HTML

I will be in phuket from sept 1st to the 6th. Have not decided on the resort I will stay at. the place I stayed last time i was there was not thong friendly. I was hoping to find somewhere in Patong. Any thoughts?
mgb_gt #124

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/04/2010 02:35:48Copy HTML

 firefly2010, could you koindly let us know which resort u stayed last time so that we can avoid it.
firefly2010 #125

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/05/2010 06:18:02Copy HTML

We were at the BanThai. Nice resort but seemed to cater for an uptight crowd. I was at the pool bar when a woman in a gstring bikini came out of her room and got into there rooms plung pool. There was lots of loud talk from a group of women about what she was wearing. Some people are strange.
mgb_gt #126

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/05/2010 09:29:49Copy HTML

I encounter the same experience with firefly2010 when I stayed in Hilton Hua Hin.

The strange thing is NO thai person showed any problem. It is those Westerners who showed those astonishing reaction.

I really cannot understand why. I am a Chinese. But, should Westerners be more used to seeing ppl wearing g-string or thong?

worcesterthong #127

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/05/2010 09:38:10Copy HTML

planning to b in phuket and planned to stay either at the banyantree or aquarius guest house any advise from members recent visits
OS777 #128

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/06/2010 02:25:06Copy HTML

 Next time a Westerner overreacts to your personal preference in swimwear please remind them that the 'Dark Ages' is over and to wake up to the 21st century. The west is not the center of the world and its double standards should not be applied to more enlightened people who come from and live on other places on this planet.  They need to be knocked down a notch or two and reminded that they do not run this world according to their standards and belief systems.
Thong Kong #129

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/08/2010 06:57:47Copy HTML

worcesterthong - Definitely go for Banyan Tree. Not only do you get a private pool in your villa -- you can be totally nude if you want -- but if you want to be social, the resort pool is gorgeous, and thong friendly, and almost no children stay at BT.

You can go down to the beach and pretty much go nude during monsoon season, as you'll have the whole beach to yourself. Just be prepared to cover up if someone wanders by. BT guests generally don't go down to the beach, and the beach is far away from most of the other resorts in the area.

And Banyan Tree Phuket is one of the most beautiful resorts to begin with. It's just like a green country club with duplex villas scattered around the grounds. The spa is amazing, though quite expensive for Thailand. They have a couple spa package where you are given a couples massage, aromatherapy mud bath, then given about an hour alone in the spa room with your loved one to do whatever you wish, then given a manicure/pedicure, etc. Don't be fooled when they tell you that the spa has "sister spas" at the other resorts -- they don't even begin to compare.

One thing I noticed last month when we were there -- the main restaurant has one table that is in the middle of the lagoon! Servers have to take a boat to get there! Just one table. I'm not sure how one books that table or how much it costs, but it looks amazing.
JM_Runs #130

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/08/2010 11:29:00Copy HTML

My white American boyfriend and I, a Chinese man from Singaporean spent 4 glorious days at Banyan Tree in 2001.  The place was very upmarket and private.  We had the pool villa and were swimming naked every day.  We were practically clothes optional within our villa... too much booze and sex.

When we stepped out, there is always this buggie waiting to ferry us to the main dining area and recreation area.  There were hardly any kids and both of us wore our low-waist speedoes for the first morning.  After lunch, we came back in our thongs and there was no murmuring at all.  It was the darkest tan Joe has ever got.

Now, for all those who likes to tan in their thongs, Thailand is extremely thong-friendly.
bbyrne78 #131

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/09/2010 09:43:55Copy HTML

Thailand is very thong friendly, my husband and I went two years ago to Koh Lak, Chiang Mai and Krabi and didn't have a single problem with the locals or any of the resorts. I stayed away from Phuket because it is full of drunk tourists. The only thing that I heard which was negative was from an Australian woman who must have been feeling effects of her many alcoholic beverages and was generally being loud and obnoixious to everyone.

Just be considerate and discrete.
Thong Kong #132

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/09/2010 03:47:08Copy HTML

Just to clarify something on the above post. Phuket is not "full of drunk tourists". Patong is full of drunk tourists.
bbyrne78 #133

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/10/2010 07:03:17Copy HTML

Apologies Thong Kong is correct, I should have said stayed away from Patong. Phuket is fantastic but Patong is full of drunken tourists.
stringster #134

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/10/2010 12:47:01Copy HTML

i wouldnt stay away from patong, in fact, i'd be staying there if you want to thong without any issues at all, particularly for the voyeur aspect of it. in my short time there i saw a few other male thongers and countless female thongers so it's no problem AT ALL. the locals, are very much used to seeing it all on patong so walks up and down the beach (believe me, youll want to do this) are the best thing you can do. girls will take photos and depending on their country of origin, they might be fun about it.
but staying in patong is another story, at night it is tourist hell, and its not that there are drunks, but the worst classes of most countries that went there because their travel agent told them to!
firefly2010 #135

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/15/2010 02:51:23Copy HTML

I will be at the cabusari inpatong from the 1st sept to the 6th. If anyone else is there then feel free to contact me
podgy #136

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/16/2010 04:02:57Copy HTML

Hi all,

I was at Krabi Thailand last month with my partner.. somewhere west off Ao Nang beach.. think its the off season. Its really quiet and peaceful. I think we were the only guest in the resort.. My partner got the courage to even suntan topless...The only downside is that the beach near to the mainland is quite poluted.. unless u take the boat to nearby islands like Hong islang.. phi phi..

Overall..its was a relaxing vacation for both of us..

some photos update to my flickr account..

firefly2010 #137

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/19/2010 06:21:36Copy HTML

tick tock I am counting down the days now. I will give a report when I get back. I plan to hire a scooter and check out some beaches around the island while i am there. I hope i can give a good report:).
firefly2010 #138

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/12/2010 10:14:27Copy HTML

I have just returned from my trip to phuket. The weather was not great but i did get to the beach everyday and hung out by the pool at the resort. Patong beach had many women in thongs but only saw one other guy. Lots of guys in small speedos, best place down in front of the lomas resturant. Koron beach had women topless and in thongs at the 'patong' end on the beach. Kata beach had by far the most women and men in thongs. There was women walking the beach in thongs, saw more than I could count. Lots of women in half bikini bottoms but not really thongs. I felt fine in a thong there, went to the beach bars to get beer and walked down the beach to swim. I saw other guys in thongs on Kata everyday. The funny thing was the guys in thongs seemed to ignore each other. The women wearing thongs seemed to smile and want a chat with me.
The resort I stayed at was the Burasari. Not cheap but a good place to thong. I did not feel uncomfortable in my thongs but did not see any other males in thongs there. More than half of the men were in speedo swimwear.
I saw women in thongs everyday at the Burasari but I guess it would depend on the crowd.
wxyzz #139

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/13/2010 01:14:15Copy HTML

 ya,  i also came back from phuket 10 days ago....saw some women in thong at patong....but not much...karon and kata beach i think is more....guy not so common....saw one or two during my short time at the beach...as i was joining some island hoping tour, so spend less time by the beach during the day...
peterpan2888 #140

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/26/2010 01:05:25Copy HTML

I just came back from Phuket a few weeks ago. Went to Kata, Karon and Patong beach. Did not see any guys or girls with thongs. As for we I wore thongs and sunbathe at the beach. Just the front...did not turn around and lie down. But in the hotel, the pool was mostly empty. I wore thongs, pouch and even mesh thongs and swam. That was fun. Once there were 2 other girls there swimming as well....wore thongs and swam with them but there did not really seem to notice.
wxyzz #141

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/10/2010 03:03:14Copy HTML

 i'm going to bangkok in nov,might go koh samed there to thong...anyone have experience thonging there in g-string/thong? how popular in there compare to other places?
joshuaspain #142

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/10/2010 08:11:34Copy HTML

 Just back from Bangkok... was at a relatively new hotel RENAISSANCE (on Ploenchit Road)...  the pool is on the top floor of the hotel and extremely beautiful and very thong friendly...  Highly recommended (GREAT LOCATION and really well appointed rooms).
Golden Bay #143

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/11/2010 08:35:04Copy HTML

TO: wxyzz

i living in thailand, most of beaches here are ok for thonging, but my point of view, koh larn (an island near pattaya) and phuket are the best, for koh samet, sakaew beach (white sand beach) is the most popular beach in samet, also most tourist there, you will get some stare there.

i have been to south of samet, stay a bungalow named "jellyfish bungalow", i was lucky bcoz almost no other guest there, i wore my skinz sheer y back all day, and the bungalow staff are very friendly and happy to take pics with me, if you want the quiet place, just stay south of samet.

there are two naturist friendly resorts i visiting often, thaibamboo (http://www.thai-bamboo.de/eng/index.html) and LUMRA (http://www.reflections-thai.com/lumra.html), the 1st one no any problem you can get naked all the time in the resort, the 2nd one on beach and you can get naked on beach and around the resort if no other guests there (the resort always empty), so of course you can wear any kind of smallest swimwear there.
wxyzz #144

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/11/2010 03:14:14Copy HTML

 hi Golden Bay,

appreciate your info, i would probably will be staying at ao hin khok / ao phai area, and if too many people there, will walk to south for a peaceful thong session at the beach......do i have to book in advance or walk -in., will be there in weekday (monday to weds)...what is the rate for "jellyfish bungalow"?

do girls in thong/g-string there give a different look on guys who thong at the beach? or would they come for a friendly chat? share your experience.......

would like to visit those two naturist friendly resorts someday....
Golden Bay #145

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/11/2010 06:50:37Copy HTML


walk in ok if on weekday, i stayed jellyfish for 1000 baht/night, my experiences, just few women in thong/g-string in koh samet, and never seen men in thong/g-string there.
wxyzz #146

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/12/2010 02:49:28Copy HTML

when is your recent trip to k. samet?
malagaguy #147

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/21/2010 12:17:22Copy HTML

Can anybody confirm that there is a nude section on Karon Beach??

annabrunett #148

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/21/2010 12:40:39Copy HTML

There is no nude section on Karon beach...
Topless and thong are fine.
malagaguy #149

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/26/2010 01:57:01Copy HTML

Thank you Anna
kiwi_thonger27 #150

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:10/27/2010 06:49:19Copy HTML

My wife and I will be in Thailand in Jan 2011 if there are any other couples around. Love to catch up and all thong together. our favouriate hotel is seasandsunpty.com.  Always very thong friendly there and the beach is quite enough if you want to have a nude dip.
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