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wxyzz #151

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/10/2010 04:33:16Copy HTML

where can i look for shop that selling men's thong, g-string in bangkok?
wxyzz #152

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/21/2010 02:18:16Copy HTML

back from samed island, is a great place to thong.....
malagaguy #153

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:11/21/2010 10:09:54Copy HTML

Hi there guys and ladies.

We are booked for Thailand this week.

The simple answer to checking which resorts permit micros in is to send them an email enquiring about dress standards in the main pool area. I specifically asked were thongs and g-stings acceptable.

I did this for 5 resorts, and received positive replies from all.

Let you all know how it goes.
worcesterthong #154

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/02/2010 06:04:10Copy HTML

thanks thong kong for your advise.
My asian boyfriend and me anamerican man spent 3 beautiful days and nights in phuket at the banyan tree.As mentioned by abang and thong kong seeing is beleivingand banyantree cannot b compared to anyother place it is truly paradise.we also took a villa and were all the time naked enjoying the winter sun beeer and off course sex.The room staff came and went about their business of cleaning and stocking the bar regardless of the nudity or the fact that we could be making love to each other.We were a little conservative the first morning wearing square cut homs and speedos but saw that most of the other guests mainly europeans  were either in there skimpiest bikinis or topless.we went back and wore our dore and koala thongs and enjoyed swimming in the pool.there was no attempt by the hotel staff to make us change.the next day we wore our net and more transparent g strings again no comments.some of the guests did smile at us.i was really surprised and happy at the tolerance shown by the Thais
we also hit the beach and aftr walking a short distance went about the beach tootally naked.there was nobody on the beach except a german couple also nudeand making love to each other in the evening sunset.Pretty romantic so we also followed suit.
i am still coming to terms with the laid back and tolerance of the Thais..God bless them and may they remain so and be happy,and may their country always b happy
worcesterthong #155

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/07/2010 10:18:10Copy HTML

I dont believe legally u can go nude in thailand. Having said that my boyfriend and mean arabasian were always naked on the small beach at Amanpuri.In fact the waiters and service persons were all talking to us without batting an eyelid when we were naked. some called us the honeymoon couple.They also took pictures of us withno fuss. infact at the small pool next to the gym we were also naked all the time thailand is go
DoreFan #156

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/07/2010 06:20:08Copy HTML

Sorry, but what is (or who is) a "mean arabasian"?
strepsils #157

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/08/2010 05:42:43Copy HTML

@ DoreFan,

"Arabasian" - means his nationality/ancerstral blood is Arab + Asian. So, Arab + Asian = Arabasian

Same words goes to "Eurasian"! Eurasian = European + Asian. Understand now? And Eurasian race can be commonly found in Singapore.

Hope it helps you understand better! :-)
DoreFan #158

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/08/2010 06:29:45Copy HTML

Thanks Strepsils,
I've never heard of that word before.
worcesterthong #159

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/12/2010 12:48:10Copy HTML

Hi what i meant by arab asian is that along with my asian blood and roots also have some arabian ancestorsvthat is all. therefoe have curly hair etc.
kiwi_thonger27 #160

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/26/2010 10:26:10Copy HTML

O.k off to thailand today. If any other thongers from here are in thailand at the mo my wife and I would love to catch up with another thonging couple.

Anyway, we cant wait to tan our bums...
darklegend #161

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/28/2010 04:37:16Copy HTML

 Thailand is definitely thong friendly. Was at Kata Beach, Phuket recently. Saw lots of ladies and a few men in thongs.
worcesterthong #162

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/29/2010 09:06:20Copy HTML

Keep going to thailand now almostevry month sometimes even twice a month.december has been particularly good to me having mage two trips in a matter of ten days.this time had theoppurtunity to stay at dusithani and also banyan tree on the way back. ihave already written about dusitthani-only one caution to poor swimmers the hexagonal pool has on one side a depth of 1.2 meteres but on the opposite side 3metres!!!!!! did not realise and kepr going down and down -had to shout sor felp and was saved.
Banyan tree at Bangkok gas the pool on the 21st floor,a stunning view of the citycan b seen from the pool floor.i asked the porter about thongs and when showed him what it means was a little startled and said it was not appropraite wear.Still took my chance in the evening and stripped down to my Dorean thong and later a n2n nett sock.the pool floor itself is beautiful.with a lot of partioned areas for privacy as well as making the pool area interesting.the pool girl who brought my towel for a drink which she brought soon enough.In my g string asked her if it is okay and she was emphatic with a'no problem".i could also enjoy the water as well as walk around with no problems. there were three gay couples who just let me do what i want.later when swimming in the n2n which was seethru in the water really was a breath of fresh air.!!!!!
the pool girl just smiled and when i asked whether could b naked just smiled and said in the evening no problem.so went bak and swam and lay on the chair in my birhtday suit.what a lovely experience.i love thailand.
god bless it and a happy new year
thong4x #163

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:12/29/2010 09:16:19Copy HTML

 good luck. i wish i was there with you for fun thong! but i'm living in dc, usa right now and also am from bangkok, thailand.
thongbiker #164

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/03/2011 04:12:34Copy HTML

I'll be in Thailand january and february , bangkok samui ko phan gan , ko tao , ko lanta and ko phiphi , is it some more  thongers there at this time ?
barebutt #165

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/28/2011 10:45:06Copy HTML

Woo Hoo Thonging in Hotel pools would not be a problem. Wore my Joe Synder Thongs. The pool was on one side of the building and the sun deck on the otherside...no issues at all and no staff stopped me from sunning at the deck and walking across to the pool for a dip. It was good to be in a thong again
barebutt #166

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:01/28/2011 10:50:26Copy HTML

 Was in Phuket in Nov last year and stayed at the Patong strip ....it was awesome. I wore a Joe Synder G-string at the main Patong beach, got a beach massage with no problems, strolled on the beaches. I was hoping for more thongers there but did not see any.  Had a few stares but that is expected I guess.
Maxin #167

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/21/2012 07:26:46Copy HTML

 Can someone recommend a good beach(s) on Koh Larn for thonging?
wxyzz #168

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/22/2012 05:00:41Copy HTML

 Maxin, you can go to samae beach....
Maxin #169

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/23/2012 03:44:07Copy HTML

 Thanks may be go down there in early May and report back.Is there a nice guest house/hotel there or nearby?
RobinHood413 #170

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/04/2012 10:02:01Copy HTML

 Anyone have any experience on Kao Tao? Headed there to do my scuba IDC, and possibly work for 6 months or a year, if i dig it...
wxyzz #171

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/07/2012 02:42:05Copy HTML

in thailand, pattaya, there's a resort called "chan resort", http://www.chanresort.com/, it is a naturists friendly resort too, surely you can thong there...give us a report for whoever has been thonging there...
Suprasonixx #172

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/31/2012 08:56:43Copy HTML

 Whoo hoo!!!! I'm off to Krabi w my wifey and a couple of her Wicked Weasels.... 
4Lw4ySth0nG #173

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/05/2012 04:15:57Copy HTML

Have fun there. Let us know the scene there.
gman1970 #174

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/08/2012 05:16:23Copy HTML

Just in Pattaya last week, there were no problem thonging in Pattaya and Jomtiem beaches. Most of thongers were ladies (only a few men). I did beach massage and the lady made a joke why I didn't take off your skinny swimwear. In hotel swimming pool, my wife and I wore string only all of time. One of hotel staffs, he ususally bring us towel and ice-water with any negative comment. I met some guys, they mentioned Koh Larn besides Pattaya. (only 1 hr ferry). Does any thongers go there before? From map, there are couple of beaches in the island. Which beach is good for wearing thong or topless sunbathing. Thank you    
bagapon #175

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/08/2012 09:25:07Copy HTML

 Koh Larn is good for thongers, you can rent a motobike and visit every beach there, Samae beach is the best one.
Thongno #176

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/19/2012 08:48:38Copy HTML

Going to Bangkok mid October and back mid November.
Planning to go to Pattaya and Koh Larn.
Sounds like it's good places to thong.
Anyone in this area then?
Also planning to go to Koh Samed.
Anyone with expeience form there?
mgb_gt #177

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/20/2012 04:43:20Copy HTML

Going to stay in Hilton Hua Hin from 26-Sept to 30-Sept.
Last visit was 3 years ago. At that time, I wear my HOM thong swimwear. Staff are okie with it. Though some young girls, I mean late teen to early 20s, said "Oh, no..."
This time will wear my orange thong and my 2 g-strings.
Maxin #178

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/21/2012 05:35:10Copy HTML

 Good for you to thong here in Thailand. Most Thai's are OK about this. I bet the snigggering girls were not Thai. Keep us posted on your experiences there. Would be good to know also about thonging on the beaches there.
Max(in Thailand)
bbyrne78 #179

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/23/2012 02:22:24Copy HTML

The least judgemental place I have ever visited is Thailand.

I doubt any locals would bat an eyelid to anything short of full nudity. I only have positive experiences at Layan Beach and Bang Tao Beach in Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi Leh and Ao Nang.

I wish all places are like that.
Lvura #180

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/24/2012 06:58:18Copy HTML

I lived in Thailand for 2+ years.  You should be fine in Pattaya or Phuket.  I am not sure about Koh Samet, though.  
bbyrne78 #181

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/15/2013 06:12:04Copy HTML

There is a good chance that my huband and I will need to attend a wedding in Ao Nang, Thailand this year.
Has anyone been there recently? I have not been in about six years, has it changed? The first time I went it was a charming fishing area, but the second time it had been developed and although still beautiful, it was not the same.
Anyone been in the last 12 months?
Love Bren
7423080 #182

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/15/2013 01:37:30Copy HTML

Would exposure suits be OK in Thailand.  Either ballsout, side exposure or shaft exposed partly?  Thanx
Maxin #183

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/16/2013 02:05:45Copy HTML

 Definately a no,no. Thongs and g,s though are fine in some resorts/beaches though.
4Lw4ySth0nG #184

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/16/2013 05:08:32Copy HTML

exercise discreet. I wore my tangaland suit (exposed crotch) in my private villa at phuket.
peterpan2888 #185

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:04/22/2013 03:09:10Copy HTML

I've worn thongs, g strings and pouche (with the entire buttocks exposed) in thailand at the pool and at my hotel room balcony. No issue.
I did wear a t-shirt and pouch and walk around the resort, no issue as well. Nobody really bothers. Some japanese tourists there were impressed...that's about it. For the staff in the hotel it was no biggie.
Even mesh and see thru thongs are not at issue, i wore those while sun tanning.
barebutt #186

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/23/2013 10:21:23Copy HTML

Koh Poda Island, Krabi. Managed to  stay on the island and before 9am the place was deserted no day trippers. took a small hike along the coast for 10mins and found a place to tan in my slingshot, nude and snorke with just my C ring on. spent the whole day either swiming nude or in my slingshot. Aonang beach not a very nice beach but everyone was alright with me in a slingshot. Had a massage nearby the beach in my sling shot. overall a fantastic slingshot holiday.
OS777 #187

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:05/24/2013 03:17:21Copy HTML

And backside, and legs, that intense sunlight is magnified greatly in the crystal clear water and you will get the most intense sunburn of a lifetime if you are thinking of snorkling for a few hours will be fun. My backside skin has never recovered from the intense sunburn of snorkling nude at a National Park on the west side of Bali, Indonesia back in May 1999. After 4 hours in the water I climbed out on the tour boat that came to pluck me out of the water. My skin looked redder than a lobster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That burn turned into blisters. Of course there was no medication in the small Muslim village I was staying in. The only thing my hired driver's wife had to offer was talcum powder which did nothing. My skin looked greatly aged after that event. I highly suggest for skin and scuba divers near the equator to wear a white long sleeve shirt and white pants if you are going to be under the magnifying glass of water. Of course there are those who will ignore the advice and experience of seasoned veterans. My skin is trashed from many years at beaches without adequate SPF protection. For those who are fair skinned it is worth it to get skin cancer by not caring to use sunscreen or protective headgear and clothing in the intense sunlight???
JM_Runs #188

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:07/30/2013 05:25:02Copy HTML

 I've thonged in Phuket and Ko Samui without any problem at all, the Thai girls seemed to like it, with nice smiles and some giggles, a group of ladies giving massage were smiling and waving me over, so on my way back down the beach I went over and got a great massage. Some long looks and snikers from other western male tourists but nothing really negative, in the end they just seemed amused.  Great feeling walking the beach there in just a thong, I love being in Thailand, all around!  
bbyrne78 #189

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/18/2013 07:11:42Copy HTML

I just spent the last week in Ao Nang at the Ritz Charlton Phulay Bay resort. An incredible pool where there were some guys wearing speedo style briefs (most probably from Europe and China) and a few g-string and thong bikinis. The resort staff were awesome taking photos.

I did notice that some of female guests were wearing standard bikinis on my first day at the resort, but some had switched to much smaller bikinis on subsequent days once they saw me in my bikinis. Really cool was some went into Ao Nang Town and bought thong bikinis.

I also spent some time in Railay Beach and Koh Hong. Due to the large number of tourists and locals, I wasn't as comfortable wearing a thong at Railay Beach so my Wicked Weasel Surfshorts would have to do. But at Koh Hong, I wore a 451. I was one of maybe half a dozen women wearing a thong. Most appeared to be either Russian or European, but there were two english-speakers (Australian and one from the UK).

One was French woman in her 30s with a very young family (a young daughter, son and older husband). She had no qualms about wearing her bikini in front of other people and it was refreshing to see that her kids were cool with it.

Some great weather and very warm water made the day great. Although I didn't get to speak to the any of the other thong bikini wearers, I was asked about my bikini a few times by older women. Most were curious but everyone was supportive.

One very interesting thing was when my husband was getting a beach massage from one of the older ladies on Railay Beach, she made him take off his board shorts once she found out he was wearing a thong swimwear his shorts. There were no sniggers or embarrassment.

It was great to be back in Thailand.

Now I am in the Maldives and waiting for my kite boarding lesson.

Love Bren
AlanMartin #190

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/18/2013 10:50:14Copy HTML

Hi Bren,
sounds great. Were people cool about your husband weaning a thong at the hotel - I'd guess he was the only man?
bbyrne78 #191

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/19/2013 02:28:41Copy HTML

@ Alanmartin
My husband does not wear thong swimwear. He wears thong underwear. At the resort he wore a combination of board shorts and Aussiebum briefs. He has not worn a thong swimsuit yet, but I know he has one in his luggage. I know because I packed it!
Love Bren
BeachLover007 #192

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:08/20/2013 01:33:19Copy HTML

 @bbyrne78  Thanks for the report.  Makes me want to go visit Ao Nang.  I was in Phuket last month and didn't see too many other people in thongs.  Only a few here and there.
malagaguy #193

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/13/2013 06:58:41Copy HTML

Currently on Koh Pha ngan at the Bay Lounge Resort.
As I booked in I asked the check in chic if thongs/G's were O.K?
No problem she says!
Always just ask!
You actually could wear anything (or not) on this island!
malagaguy #194

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/14/2013 06:42:38Copy HTML

Haad Rin Beach - Just one lady in a Gee and me.  It is supposed to a raunchy beach but not today.
malagaguy #195

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/21/2013 06:01:26Copy HTML

Just been to Koh Tao and stayed at the Haad Tien Resort.Asked if Gees were O.K in the resort and got a grudging yes reply.I actually booked a private pool villa.  "Private pool and private pool deck" said the web page.  "ultimate privacy" included as well!  Sadly all the pool villas have no gates and pools can be seen from the footpath.
malagaguy #196

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/21/2013 06:01:52Copy HTML

Just been to Koh Tao and stayed at the Haad Tien Resort.Asked if Gees were O.K in the resort and got a grudging yes reply.I actually booked a private pool villa.  "Private pool and private pool deck" said the web page.  "ultimate privacy" included as well!  Sadly all the pool villas have no gates and pools can be seen from the footpath.
malagaguy #197

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/22/2013 02:19:33Copy HTML

Now on Koh Samui.  Walked the length of Chaweng Beach twice. Just 2 ladies in Gees and me.

Staying Chaweng Pool Villas and these have pools for villa but NOT private.  Gees are fine just don't flaunt it!
Maxin #198

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/22/2013 02:45:06Copy HTML

 Useful Malagaguy, any other beached there you could recomment for thonging. Thnxs. Max
malagaguy #199

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/23/2013 11:52:43Copy HTML

Hi Maxin
The Thai Gulf Islands are fabulous.  Lots of European and Russians. That's always good for a liberal attitude to thongs or nudity.

Koh Samui is a modern tourist Island around the major beaches.
Chaweng and Lamai beaches in the past were supposed to have been clothing optional historically but no sign of that today. Thongs and Gees seem O.K anywhere but always confirm in a hotel/resort.

Koh Phangan is much more laid back. There are the full moon parties where I gather anything is possible under the influence of certain substances or alcohol.  But just east of Bay View Resort/Booms Café-Bungalows is a really nice stretch of undeveloped beach with just palms and nudity is possible. Just a couple of shacks, but watch out for the dogs.  One nip on the leg was $1400, 5 needles, 1 IV drip and 3 bags of drugs (psst - wanna buy some!). Lots of lower cost accomadation beach front chalet Thongs and Gees would O.K anywhere but always confirm in a hotel/resort.

Koh Tao is just a full on PADI dive centre! Never ever seen so many scuba tanks. Beautiful place. Thongs and Gees are O.K anywhere but always confirm in a hotel/resort.
Maxin #200

Re:Thailand - Thong friendly?

Date Posted:09/27/2013 01:36:04Copy HTML

 Malagaguy, Thanks for update and useful info on Samui. Will check out next time. Sorry to hear about the dog bite. Hope you weren't wearing an animal print thong at the time!
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