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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:12/06/2018 12:46:26Copy HTML

If this movie does not encourage wearing thongs I guess not much will.


kiyoothong #1

Re:The Beach Bum movie

Date Posted:12/06/2018 04:41:43Copy HTML

Matthew McConaughey in a thong. Oh I hope this creates a thong craze.
MrFalcon #2

Re:The Beach Bum movie

Date Posted:12/06/2018 05:41:57Copy HTML

We'll see if this gets any press. For one, it's a Harmony Korine movie and he's not exactly a mainstream director. Second, if Spring Breakers is any example, the movie may not be what it seems. Still, interesting, and I'll for sure see it.
Mary0826 #3

Re:The Beach Bum movie

Date Posted:12/06/2018 10:28:34Copy HTML

I remember that a lot of people on this board thinking that "Magic Mike" might make thongs more acceptable too. It, however, was about male strippers -- a profession where nobody is surprised when a man wears a thong. From the preview, I am a little worried about this movie pushing thong swimwear as being funny. Remember what "Borak" did for men's suspender thongs? While I like the idea of a film with thonging men, if the movie makes a stand for comedy or obscenity or anything other than a thong is just another acceptable swimsuit, we all run the risk of having thong swimwear being seen as something less than an acceptable swimwear option -- a view that could hurt us all in the long run.
tobias5711 #4

Re:The Beach Bum movie

Date Posted:12/07/2018 12:19:02Copy HTML

I would love to see a few movies where the lead characters are normal and both guys and gals wear thongs as undies and to pool, lake or beach and not as a joke but in a positive way as normal activity.
32189 #5

Re:The Beach Bum movie

Date Posted:12/10/2018 12:30:13Copy HTML

Yeah Tobias, that would be terrific!  I do not foresee that happenign for a LONG time but you never know nowadays.  

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