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Date Posted:07/21/2018 09:43:51Copy HTML

A cocktail pool is a small pool for lounging or socializing that is too small for actual swimming. Apparently it's a new trend for yards and patios. I really like the idea, because it would be much cheaper to build and maintain. Look at some google images of them to get an idea.

Has anyone built or used one of these? I have a couple of questions about them.

1. How much did you spend?

2. How often do you use it? Do you find you use it less than you had hoped?

3. When you invite friends and guests over to share it, do you find people take you up on it?

Seems like it could offer lots of opportunities for thonging either alone or with friends.
JM_Runs #1

Re:The Cocktail Pool

Date Posted:07/22/2018 02:26:33Copy HTML

 A pool takes maintenance no matter what the size. The number of parts is about the same. Pump, filter, plumbing, etc.
Having a smaller pool does not cut down much on the work. 

If it is exposed to the air you get leaves you have to fish out.  The larger the pool the more leaves you might connect, but any hole in the ground will collect all the leaves blowing around in the yard. 

A smaller pool will heat up and cool down faster, good if you have heat in cool places, but in Florida small pool without shade will get a little two warm in the summer.  

When I bought my house it had a small pool.  I would like to have a larger proper sized pool. 
sailor250 #2

Re:The Cocktail Pool

Date Posted:07/22/2018 03:43:40Copy HTML

This can be a very expensive proposition! Question one is if it has negative resale value for the property- the answer is yes!  People talk about "getting their money back" from a renovation but that's entirely the wrong way to think because that's a major misconception most of the obvious winners including kitchens and baths bring 15-20% of their value. You need to think about what value it brings to your needs alone. The renovation probably won't bring any added value to the next owner- the issue is will it turn off future buyers who will have to "fix it" to their needs.  Pools have positive value to many people but negatives to many people - specifically those with young children or older buyer. The expenses for water replacement heating and filtering energy are less than a swimming pool but insurance costs can be more if not separately fenced and resale value can be hurt.I sort of like the concept myself- but it has less uses than even a spa or swim spa and those are big losers in the market.
JM_Runs #3

Re:The Cocktail Pool

Date Posted:07/22/2018 06:15:23Copy HTML

 Forget the value you add to the property, think of the value you add to your life. :)

Around here in ground pools ADD value. Especially if they have in water seating around the edge.  Sitting in the pool with a drink is popular for adults, and the seats make it easy for children to climb in and out.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #4

Re:The Cocktail Pool

Date Posted:07/23/2018 04:17:24Copy HTML

 I used to have a pool.  A big hole in the ground that you throw money into.    Yes, it was great during hot weather but the upkeep sucked.  Chlorine eats up the PVC plumbing and makes it brittle.  Had to have leaks fixed a few times and even had an underwater(scuba) repair guy come out a couple of times.  My dog got the most use out of it.  If I was going to do it again I'd get the saltwater kind that converts the salt to a sanitizer.   It's much more gentle on the skin, swimsuits, and the equipment.
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