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Date Posted:08/13/2018 04:47:13Copy HTML

I see all types of reviews for people and companies that make custom swimwear (for men).  I also see all types of positive reviews and memories from the past for the "Real" Speedo Thong, made by Speedo and now discontinued.  Why doesn't one of these outfits get at real Speedo Thong (preferably one in each size) and reverse engineer it?  There seems to be a lot of demand, and if someone in the custom swimwear making game could figure out the design details, type of materials, stitching, etc. and go into production with a product that fit the same and would look the same as the Speedo thong (with the exception of the logo) it would seem to be a money maker -- even if only half or a third of the price of what "Real" Speedo thongs are getting on eBay and similar places.  Maybe they could even create a sort-of-similar logo and put it right on the back on the waistband like Speedo did.  

The three men I live with, Scott, Brad, and Frank all have Speedo thongs, some more than one, and they swear by the comfort, acceptance, ability to cover what is needed and remain tasteful, quality materials and workmanship that does not fall apart.  They also like the resistance of the suits to fade or bleed even in harsh chlorine and other less than perfect swim environments.  All agree that the rear end is absolutely perfect and very comfortable and I find it seems to compliment most any man's buns and make them very sexy. 

If the custom swimsuit maker did like Speedo -- limit production to a few colors, only sell standard sizes, etc.  They would not have to stock too many suits (perhaps only 12 or 16 models) and be able to ship these immediately, or perhaps through Amazon or some other website.  They could still offer this style customized, but maybe limit the customization to lined or unlined, string (not in the Speedo suit) or no string, special color or pattern instead of a few solid colors, etc.

Make them good, make them as close to the now discontinued Speedo product as possible, make them comfotable, and make them available.

I don't want to have this post moved into pros and cons of autos, but I want to use them as an example.  Way back in the days of big fins and low ecconomy, the auto makers offered in some cases dozens of different options.  There was of course color, but also many others such as type radio, transmission, suspeension, with or without AC, rear end ratios, engine sizes, tire sizes, wheel design, 2-door or 4-door.  Bucket or bench seats, seat materials, seat colors, two-tone or single color, tinted or non tined windows, extra interior lights, power windows, power or non-power brakes and steering, different carberators, etc. etc.   We did a computer science thing in high school were we took all the options of a single 1970 auto model and put them in a program that listed all the possible combinations.  There were over 1-million!  The car I bought recently, a Toyota, had three options.  Manual or Auto transmission, Outside color, tire maker.  This resulted in about 30 combinations and the tire/wheel one was actually done by the dealer, so there were only 10 variations at the car plant.  Between these two extremes was a time when options were often sold in packages -- illumination package (lights inside), hauling package (stronger springs, heavy duty radiator, larger alternator and battery charger, etc.).  This reduced the number of different available cars from 1-million to someplace between 5,000 to 20,000 or so.  So there has been a reverse in some auto lines to make cars more standard -- like they were when Henry Ford built one version of the Model T when it was fisrt launched.  He said once that you could get it in any color you wanted as long as it was black.

How does this relate to copy-cat thongs?  Maybe if only a limtied number of styles of the Speedo like thong was made, each variation could be sold in greater numbers, eliminating waiting for custom suits to be made and permitting them to be sold by places like Amazon who prefer not having to deal with custom products.

JM_Runs #1

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/13/2018 12:30:43Copy HTML

Compared with modern thongs the Speedo thong was NOT a terribly good cut. Its popularity was based on the rather prominent SPEEDO lettering across the rear.

When pools said a "Speedo" was fine, it allowed someone to say, "But this is a Speedo".

From the front it looked like a rather flat cut narrow side Speedo, but had a thong rear.

Tanned Bum #2

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/14/2018 01:17:51Copy HTML

Owning a Speedo Thong, I will have to agree with JM. My wife purchased it for me years ago, and I think I wore it my 1st time thonging. So people might think I was wearing a Speedo. After that it is sat in the draw, but the logo on the rear is very cool.
nick12341234 #3

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/14/2018 06:56:43Copy HTML

I own a Speedo thong too. I don't wear it much. I mostly prefer gstring swimwears.
stringueur #4

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/14/2018 07:17:02Copy HTML

I have several speedo thongs, authentics. It had been very difficult to buy them because they were not sold in Europe. I partially agree with JM. The front did'nt have a good cut. However, the front is enough width for all the european bulges. And there is no drawstring whereas a drawstring is very useful for serious swimmers. But i agree with Mary. The speedo thongs have qualities very difficult to find on others thongs. 1 : quality materials. It is a true swimsuit, chlorine resistant. It was made with PBT, the only fabrics for real swimming briefs. Others fabrics (lycra, spandex, etc.) are NOT chlorine resistant. 2 : the rear band is absolutely perfect. The perfect size ! 3 : very comfortable and cover what is needed 4 : it was lined and stitching were resistant So, i agree with Mary. I think it is possible to earn money by making similar swimsuit. However, i think that the maker have to be a provider of training swimsuit because it need some skills to do this (PBT, stitchs, etc.). It was he case for Speedo. It was a provider of training swimsuit.
RapidBlue #5

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/14/2018 07:58:53Copy HTML

I have several Speedo things. I bought as many as I could backnwhen they closed their retail stores. At the time they were great. Now they sit in the bottom of my drawer. The current designs with a larger pouch fit me much better and more comfortably. I agree the material and workmanship was very good. They last forever it seems. I always liked the logo on the back. It legitimized the suit for many people.
imathonglover #6

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/24/2018 03:24:25Copy HTML

I wish I could find a size small Speedo thong. I had one many years ago and the nearest one similar to it is my Desmiit thong. Very close but not exactly the same.
njbob1949 #7

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/24/2018 01:10:02Copy HTML

I purchased two speedo thongs in the 1990's. I often wore them to the beach and local pools. I wish that speedo would again manufacture their thongs. They fit me perfectly.
Tanian #8

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:08/31/2018 07:25:35Copy HTML

I think the extreme high cut looks extremely dated. Never cared for this look. A low swim bikini is much better looking IMO, if you are going to wear this much fabric.
Lycrafool #9

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:09/01/2018 03:16:01Copy HTML

On the other hand, Tanian, high cut is coming back as we speak! :)
DMK99 #10

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:09/03/2018 09:27:06Copy HTML

Back in the early 2000's when there were more Speedo stores around at the malls, I picked up a whole bunch of them on closeout and had worn them quite a bit to the beach. Loved the cut and the sharp tanlines they gave me. They fit perfectly. I loved the fact that you could wear the Speedo Solar cut suits over them if you had to cover up a bit and nobody would really know unless they had thier eyes glued to your butt. Kinda forgot about them for a long time as i moved around a bit, got married....got older. For kicks I looked them up on ebay and couldn't believe how expensive they are now for used ones. I started selling them off one by one. Now I wish I still had a few. Would love to see them make a come back.
stypenz #11

Re:The Speedo Thong -- Why doesn't someone reverse engineer it

Date Posted:09/04/2018 10:07:07Copy HTML

I'm a frequent swimmer and spend at least 5 hours at the pool a week so for me definitely a low thong or g-string swimsuit that is chlorine resistant would be great for me! I found the Kiniki swim thong which is made from poly-lycra was chlorine resistant and lasted and is fairly cheap considering the quality material! The only downside is they only have one thong design and I wish the design was smaller and slimmer because it would be hotter that way! Definitely recommend it for a beginner's swim thong. The Pikante Seal and Marine Swim thongs made from nylon-lycra I recently bought couldn't cut it and was noticeably faded and expanded within 2 months of continuous use. I managed to get a partial refund by showing a photo the more used one with the seldom used one and the size difference! The same is true with the custom thong I bought from Buffedbod unfortunately. It's also nylon-lycra and is starting to show wear and fading.
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