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Date Posted:09/08/2008 08:56:26Copy HTML

I came across a 16 page article that every person should read and was written by David Sebringsil.  The article can be found at www.sebringsil.com and clicking The Speedo Wear Controversy.  The article explains how and why men do not wear speedos.  I think anyone male or female will get very useful information on Peer Pressure, Emotional Reactions to the First-Time Speedo Wear, Current Fashion, Obesity and Being Out of Shape, Feminists and the Is This Guy Gay? Thing, Summarizing Some Ideas, Dress Codes Banning Speedos (or anything But Speedo-style Swimwear for Men), Using Speedos as an Appearance Incentive to Achieve Fitness Goals and Wearing a Speedo: Advice for Shy Guys.  Tell us what you think of the article?
leo40 #1

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:09/09/2008 11:55:20Copy HTML

I have seen this essay in action.  I once began using a pool in a nearby community college, and on my first visit and while changing into my Speedo, I was asked by a very anxious, first-time pool user: "Gee, all these guys are wearing BIKINIS !  Is that the rule?  Do you hafta' wear 'em?  I got regular trunks?"    I replied that I had never heard of a pool actually requiring Speedos, although a swim team might.  The guy subsequently grabbed up his gym bag and ran out of the locker room, never to be seen there again.   I'm supposing he had paid the fee for a semester's worth of pool use just as I had just done.  And during my stay there were occasional trunks to be seen on some of the slower lap swimmers.
great_cornholio #2

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:09/10/2008 02:19:59Copy HTML

maybe he was a freshmen who feared it was some sort of initiation prank by upperclassmen.
zaam #3

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:09/10/2008 03:56:12Copy HTML

I have read that article and it spoke volumes.  I have also, seen it at action at a local Y.M.C.A. that I frequent.  What is so disturbing is the reality of its contents.
DavyJ #4

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:09/12/2008 01:45:14Copy HTML

Most of what he says is right on, especially in the US.  And I think everything he says would apply to thongs as well, only more so.  When that is added to the fact that many areas have chosen to make thong wearing illegal, it shows what we are up against. 

So how do you change all this?  Not clear.  His comments on becoming more fit are certainly true, but in the case of thongs it is clear that much much more needs to be done.  In the US, our culture has significant hangups about sex which probably prevent any realistic progress from being made.  Case in point:  why is a flasher considered a greater threat to society, particularly children, than a serial killer or terrorist?  Our paper had a recent story where a worker at the county morgue had sex with a dead woman's body.  Now, of course this guy probably needs mental help, but the prosecutor went on a rampage, even suggesting that he should be tortured for his crime.  The story stayed on the front page for at least three days.  Finally the paper had the decency to print a letter that reminded people that this crime was obviously way less severe than raping a woman who was alive.  Only in the US ...
bmicro #5

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:11/28/2008 03:30:36Copy HTML

 Thanks for the link. The article was excellent and made many of the points that I have been thinking about. I believe that he is right on in his analysis. What a wonderful solution to the overweight problem that threatens to overwhelm our health care system if everyone would begin trying to look good in a thong!
I was on a swim team in high school and college and am old enough to have seen my father wear a bikini type suit regularly. This made me comfortable enough to have worn bikinis all my adult life and to actively shun dork shorts. I switched to thongs and g-strings when my girl friend encouraged me to do so and have enjoyed wearing minimal swimwear ever since.
tigerthong #6

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:11/29/2008 03:41:36Copy HTML

Great article! I think back to when I was a teen.  All the insecurities that I felt during that time of my life.  I remember going to camp and the counselors, who were slightly older teens, wore speedoes.  I wished secretly to be as brave as they were.  The funny thing was that they didn't hesitate to walk around the cabin naked once we got back from the lake.  They just seemed comfortable in their skin.  That part of his article, where he talked about if you felt comfortable at the preteen, teen age then you would feel comfortable later on is the part that resonated the most with me.

swflaguy #7

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:12/30/2008 03:07:23Copy HTML

 Good article, glad it was pointed out. I think about this subject from time to time and the article makes some interesting points. I've been wearing Speedo style suits since the early 70s...probably first time I ever saw one I had to buy it. I've always been very comfortable in my skin and also not afraid of my own sexuality so it's been a natural progression for me to go to skimpy bikinis, thongs and gstrings. I even enjoy the nude beach and probably wouldn't wear anything if I didn't have too. So I'm taken aback sometimes when my liberal attidute clashes with others. There is an amazing amount of intolerance in our American society and most pronounced with young men. That I understand is simple fear of their own sexuality. It seems to me those who are most outspoken about gays are more likely to be gay and afraid of it. Over Christmas my wife's family was here and they were looking at a video of old family pictures. In one of them from 25 years ago - I'm wearing a red bikini. When that photo came up the room went quiet. The women said nothing while my brother in law - a lifer Navy guy - cackled and hooted and didn't stop for a long time. I'm still a little bothered by the event. The article gave me a little insight into the dynamic that occured.
Ex_Member #8

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:12/30/2008 04:53:54Copy HTML

Swflaguy, I'll check out current reactions to red bikinis this Thursday when I join a couple of hundred other runners for a 'run and plunge' polar bear event here in CT, my first ever polar bear plunge.  Brrrrr!  It's organized by Amby Burfoot, editor-at-large at Runners World, and pictures I've seen indicate some wear speedos.  I'll wear my red Speedo Solar under my tights, and strip for the final dash, which attracts hundreds of spectators, some my neighbors and friends from my home town not far away.  Should be interesting.  If I find a newspaper report afterwards, I'll post it here.  Please wish me well.  Not for the red bikini, but for braving the frigid waters for the required triple dip.  Else it doesn't count!      
swflaguy #9

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:12/30/2008 06:01:26Copy HTML

Well best of luck in the plunge - Living here in SW Florida I won't get into the pool if it's below 86 degrees so there is no way --- let me say that again NO WAY -- I would ever get into freezing cold water. I'm sure my 'boys' would never forgive me for such a thing. I'm sure that red bikini will give you luck, warmth and publicity. We'll look for you on page 1.
Ex_Member #10

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:04/02/2009 08:50:23Copy HTML

The problem with speedo is unbeleviable for french people.

In france, in all the public pool, the dress code is :
"swimming briefs required, no shorts allowed"

If you come with a short, the pool staff won't accept you.
But you can wear short at the beach or in private pool !

So, french men wear speedo since they are very young. So we haven't the problem, at the teen age, to wear speedo. It is the norm...

teeback269 #11

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:04/04/2009 08:31:22Copy HTML

At least the French can do one thing right !!!Vive la France!!Joke apart, I am a Frenchman who lives in Australia and I would never ever wear a board short --- it is just ingrained in me. 
gmans #12

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:05/14/2009 12:22:00Copy HTML

 I am headed to Slovenia, and I hear that the locals of all ages wear Speedos at the lakes and water parks. I cannot wait!
tiggerix #13

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:11/30/2018 09:53:59Copy HTML

Not sure where to put this - an article from UK Daily Mail newspaper - including a guy in white speedo. It was the comments section that amused me, howls of protests from people in USA mainly. Just sayin... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6443829/Kim-Zolciak-shows-killer-curves-bikini-jokes-Troy-Biermanns-skimpy-swim-trunks.html#comments
teeback269 #14

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:12/02/2018 09:13:57Copy HTML

I never wear speedos, they are horrible, so badly cut. I just wear bikinis made to measure.
DavyJ #15

Re:The Speedo Wear Controversy

Date Posted:05/21/2019 11:08:37Copy HTML

Much of the problem here is that men are and have always been reluctant to stand up for their rights. If we went back 50 or more years, most of what is in this thread would apply just as strongly to women wearing pants. How did that change? By a few brave women simply deciding to "do it", regardless of what society said. But also by many women banning together and supporting each other (not ridiculing them), and demanding that society change its outdated laws and customs. Men need to do likewise. Usually the law is on our side here, even if its enforcement is not. Last year I was thrown out of a local waterpark with the admonition that "Men are not permitted to wear Speedos". The next day I emailed corporate management to report the incident and demanded an explanation. They basically blew me off, so I filed a formal complaint of gender discrimination with our Civil Rights Commission. The company then changed their story completely, claiming that the problem was that my suit was sheer and transparent when it was not. They were very careful never to acknowledge they had a gender-based policy of discrimination. Even though I had the emails to show their sudden change, the Civil Rights commission would do nothing, claiming I lacked "sufficient evidence".
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