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nicethong82 #551

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/20/2018 10:44:46Copy HTML

might go tomorrow or saturday. need a break from studying and dorm life to kick back and relax a bit. any helpful things to know would be appreciated.
brocker36 #552

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/22/2018 02:35:38Copy HTML

nicethong82: the most helpful thing to know is that almost all of the comments in this thread are talking about Kathy Osterman (aka Hollywood) beach, unless otherwise mentioned. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. Friday was too windy for me, and today (Saturday) too cold. Looks like maybe Monday or Tuesday afternoons may turn out to be the last few good days for the beach this year.
nicethong82 #553

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/23/2018 03:44:35Copy HTML

yeah today was cold. i did thong for about 40 minutes. just too cold and I had other engagements to get to. was the only one out there thonging it but there was at last another one out there in swimwear even if it was the dreaded boardshorts.
nicethong82 #554

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/28/2018 02:24:12Copy HTML

Went to Osterman yesterday. Was a warm afternoon. I only had one class to go to so I got changed back at my dorm and wore a n2n bodywear thong in magenta. Probably should have gone with a different color but I thought whatever. Initially, I took my shoes off and walked toward the water. Looking around, I really wasn't expecting to see people nude. I ended up walking past some guy I thought may have been nude and put my stuff down about 50 or so feet away from him. On the other side was a woman who may have been in her mid forties. I dropped my pants and laid down on the towel buns up in my thong.

I felt really out of place even though there weren't that many people there. Noticed the woman next to me on her phone kept looking at me while talking to someone on her phone. Icould tell she was giiggling at me by the way she kept looking over. Some beachgoers passed by and looked and laughed. It's been a year or so since i have done public thonging and i know i'm in desperate need to get back in shape, so I was really kind of feeling terrible at this point. I looked over to the right of me and the guy I thought was nude and much to my suprise noticed he was actually wearing a red thong. It felt good to not be the only one sunning my buns in a thong. He did look to be in better shape than I am and he even walked down the beach in his thong for a bit. From one guy to another, i have to say he had a nice butt and looked good in his thong. I need to work on me a bit more but i'll get to that.

After a bit of nervously looking around for awhile, i finally found something to focus on, which was trying to fix my glasses. That helped ease my nervousness. eventually i did roll over for a bit and let the sun do its thing. I think next time I will be more used to things. I think the nude people kind of threw me off bc i've only been to beaches where people are clothed or women go topless. Next time I will be a bit more prepared. I hope too that the bugs out there won't sting my legs next time. Guess i'll bring something with deet.

brocker36 #555

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/04/2018 07:36:40Copy HTML

The weather in September was great, and my work has been flexible enough that I made several trips to Osterman for a few hours around lunch time. I tend to stick to the middle area of the beach with my typical time in a thong/g-string spent either tanning on my towel with a few trips to the water. However I've also changed into and out of my cycling gear at the bathrooms and decided to walk from there to find a spot on the beach wearing just my thong. Doing something like that used to make me nervous, but I guess I'm comfortable enough that it isn't a big deal anymore. I've tried out several styles of micro suits this summer, with my favorites being either a metallic or sparkly finish, or having a chain metal side. Despite the variety of micro suits, only once all summer do I recall anyone commenting on the suit. I was laying down wearing a Koala suit which is essentially a baggie turned into a g-string (the smallest suit I have) there was a small group of folks leaving the beach who made a comment along the lines of "what is that?!", I assume they had never seen such an extreme pouch-style suit before. Usually I keep to myself, but I will engage if I hear people talking about something of interest. I had a brief conversation with two gals who were in the water about how cold the water was, and I explained how the wind direction on the lake has a huge impact on water temperatures. One of those gals happened to be top-free with piercings. Later I asked her about them, if they got hot in sun, etc. She was super cool about answering my questions! Yesterday I spent more time wading in the shallow water because it was super windy with blowing sand, but the water was on the cool side so I didn't want to go in deep. I was wearing a metallic pouch-front string and a lady walking by asked if I knew why there were so many naked people on the beach. She was curious if there was some organized gathering. I hadn't walked down to the end of the beach so I clarified that she meant fully nude and that she wasn't talking about tiny suits like mine. She responded "yes, fully nude. Not a problem, I'm just curious." She made a comment about me being covered, but didn't otherwise comment about my suit. A few times when I arrived I noticed police in their SUVs along the path behind the beach (by the paddle board rental). It seemed at least a few times were called in because of disturbances caused by fully-clothed people and I never heard anyone talking about anything else. Some other times it wasn't clear why they were there. Regardless, those in thongs just stayed in thongs and there were no problems (although, technically thongs aren't legal covering), but I noticed some of the guys who were nude and pulled on shorts once they noticed the police, and removed the shorts after the police left.
J_R_365 #556

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/06/2018 01:37:46Copy HTML

Brocker - I was there Wednesday, and yeah, the wind was fierce. I was one of the nude guys; no organization, just a bunch of people enjoying the late-season warmth. I was pleasantly surprised to see maybe ten or twelve nude guys when I arrived about eleven AM, although there were fewer later in the day. One thing about the wind was that, when a cloud came along, it moved on quickly. I hate it when one small cloud lingers in front of the Sun for an eternity. Obviously, the weather will do whatever it wants, but it's not uncommon to have some fine weather in Mid-October, so I'm hoping for the best.
aussiesf86 #557

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/06/2018 06:35:10Copy HTML

Hi JR and Brocker. I think I’m going to have to go to my first IML weekend next Memorial Day and hope for some good early spring weather like you had this year so I can hit this beach. Sounds like I can wear my briefest jovana strings with no problems. And with some luck maybe even sun naked. When guys are sunning naked are they sunning just their buns or are they going for it and throwing caution to the wind and sunning the front also? Sounds like as long as nobody is acting in appropriately that no one really cares about the nudity. What part of the beach do people go naked? Are people naked on any day or only when it’s quiet. If the weather is nice I imagine it’s pretty busy on Memorial Day.... hopefully even on a crowded day discreet nude sunning is tolerated. So it’s a ways off but here’s hoping next Memorial Day weekend is great weather because I am almost certainly going to go there. Will be refreshing to go to a beach where I’m not the only male thonger.
J_R_365 #558

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/07/2018 12:34:04Copy HTML

Aussie - Regarding nude sunbathing, it's really an iffy thing. I'm almost always at the south end of the beach. Some years, I've felt comfortable going nude for hours in the middle of the season, and no one's batted an eye. This year, after a cool, cloudy spring, I found myself nearly alone on a nice sunny day, and stripped down (face up), only to have a lifeguard tell me to cover up shortly. That had only happened to me once a long time ago, but I think they were training some new life guards this year [he was a "Captain", according to his shirt]. A couple weeks later, he chewed me out for being uncovered. I showed him I was indeed wearing a suit (a tiny Jovana with detachable straps), but that didn't stop him. That kind of put a damper on me for much of the season, even after the "Lifeguard Training" stopped. I still wore minimal suits, but kept them on. It's really kind of a vibe kind of thing - each year is its own thing, and each day is its own thing. It also depends on if anyone else is going nude. Safety in numbers and all that. One guy, who went nude all the time in recent years, wasn't at the beach at all this year. Minimal swimwear, while still a definite minority, is fortunately well accepted, even up at the North "family" end of the beach. There are several guys who wear thongs and strings there, probably to avoid the crowded scene at the southern end. I hope the pre-Memorial Day weather cooperates next year - it sure didn't this past year!
J_R_365 #559

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/10/2018 04:15:21Copy HTML

Yesterday was a fine day with temps into the eighties, and plenty of Sun until the late mid-afternoon. I arrived about 10:30 AM, wearing an orange net Dubio Micro Pouch, which quickly came off. The beach was still somewhat sprsely populated, but filled in quickly. By 2:00, there was at least twenty nude guys, and a couple of topless women. The noisy party crowd has moved on for the year, so things were a lot more laid back - with two exceptions.

First, I was near a guy who I often socialize with, who was also nude, and some guy in shorts sits down right next to us and started stroking himself while checking us out. Ugh. We ignored him, and he left fairly soon. We don't need that.

Later, there was an incident involving a couple. He was weaing Board shorts, she, a high-coverage two piece. Things were fine at first, but as they drank, things started getting weird. I had put on my suit to go walking alontg the shore, and as I passed them, he said to me, "We're not in Cuba, yoo know! Were in Chicago!" I said I knew that, and he said' "And we're not in Florida! We're in Chicago!" Isaid, "Yes, I know", and moved on.

But then, after a while, things got unpleasant. I had again put my suit on to go walking, but, while still some distance away, I saw (and heard) them screaming at people as they were leaving the beach. I didn't see what triggered it, but she, in particular, seemed to be an angry drunk (the worst kind). They apparently had issuse with all the skin on display, and she was lobbing insults at paople as she stormed off, calling one guy in a thong, who had apparently said something, a "Bald-headed M***** F*****", and telling a topless woman who has had a mastectomy and has been a regular, that she "Should get implants". Things calmed down after they left, but they remained a topic of conversation all over the beach for a while.

Aside from all that, though, it was a great day. It was so cool to see that many nude people at the beach. I wish some women would have joined in, but oh well.The absence of the Party People made things much more quiet and relaxing, even with a fairly good sized crowd (for October!). Everyone (except as previously noted) was very friendly - I've noticed that about naked people before. One woman, who was weraing a very moderate bikini had brought her pet tortise, which everybody was fascinated with. Hint: if you want to make a lot of friends at the beach, bring a tortise.

Everyone was saying how this was probably the last nice beach day of the year. This weekend's forcast is mostly Sunny, but temps only in the fifties (around 13°C). There's often one or two days around 70° after th middle of the month, but you can't count on it, and it could be cloudy anyway, So, all in all, a nice way to close out the season.

Bulgewear #560

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/10/2018 05:04:11Copy HTML

Great read J_R!! Sadly I had to work and missed it all.
brocker36 #561

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:10/10/2018 09:59:02Copy HTML

J_R - I was there for a bit yesterday too. I also saw "mr. creepy", at least I'm assuming it was the same guy. I'm guessing I noticed him after he left you alone and I first noticed him searching for a place to go. He found it a ways down the beach very close to two ladies not too close to me, but close enough I could easily see him. He was just plain acting weird, he had taken his shorts off but looked like he may have been covering himself with them, but perhaps not. Mostly sitting up such that from the sides you couldn't see his penis. The two ladies just ignored him, as you did, but he stuck around there for *a while*. It was when he was in the water splashing water on his dick (wtf?) that the other drunk / loud couple shouted down the beach to put some clothes on, I think they were actually shouting at the creepy guy but I couldn't be sure. As you said, we don't need guys behaving like this creepy guy. I also saw noticed the scuffle when the couple left (would have had to try to miss it!), but was too far away to tell what was going on. I did however notice it seemed the girl was more pissed off and the guy was trying to smooth things over a bit before they left. Unfortunately I had to leave soon after that to get back to work. On my way out, the couple was still up by the beach house arguing with each other. I couldn't tell everything they were arguing about, but it was clear they weren't happy with each other at that point. Point being, they were going to cause a scene pretty much no matter the circumstances. Even still, was a very enjoyable few hours for me to soak up the last few rays before the cold weather settles in.
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