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JM_Runs #51

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:05/31/2006 02:59:21Copy HTML


Well, in the past few years I seem to notice a high percentage of "regular"
bikinis (Speedo type) on guys at Oak Street and North Avenue. Especially at
the North Avenue volleyball courts. You *never* used to see men playing volley-
ball there in bikinis, but now it not unusual to see a few. It just seems
exceedingly rare to see thongs and g-strings at Oak Street or North Avenue
anymore. Up through the mid 90s I really enjoyed going to Oak Street because
it was almost like the Riviera of the midwest. I had some pretty "interesting" experiences there (see post elsewhere). I've even gone to the
air and water show there several times. I get there early when the crowd is
sparse, and anyone who doens't like my attire can chose not to set up near

My inkling is that the cops were merely responding to a citizen complaint.
They weren't overly agressive, just firm (typical of cop "command attitude"
training) and didn't get ugly about it.

I was thinking the same thing with regard to the pratical aspects of doing a
take-down on a Sumo wrestler. It probably would take at least a half dozen
cops, and then how would you handcuff him? :-D

I'm going to try to post more Chicago beach reports here as the season

JM_Runs #52

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/04/2006 02:24:58Copy HTML

Osterman Beach report, Sunday June 5, 1990.

Observed a man in a g-string and another man in a thong. Several men wearing
bikinis. Saw one woman wearing a thong and another wearing a thong that was
topless. A very good day.
GymThongGuy #53

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/05/2006 12:55:31Copy HTML

I was on this beach last Tuesday. Were you the guy in the white thong near the water? It was a lovely day and so telling that the second you walk onto the gay beach you see speedos, squarecuts, and the occasional thong. Great spot and too bad I don't live in Chicago.
JM_Runs #54

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/05/2006 02:43:08Copy HTML

Nope. I was there this past Sunday, June 4. I'm just curious. Were you in the
city for business or recreation? How did you hear about Osterman/Hollywood
beach and how did you find your way there?

A note to self: I think I will attempt to spend more time up toward the north-
west end of the beach especially since I've seen other thongers/g-stringers
there. I'd much rather be watched by straight women than gay guys.

Maxtlatl #55

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/05/2006 09:08:29Copy HTML

Other posters have asked about the legality of thongs in Chicago, and one was even harassed by some Chicago policemen.

As far as I can tell, thongs are illegal in Chicago. There city ordinances are online
here. You'll have to work your way down to the Chicago ordinances. Anyways, here is the relevant section:

8-8-080 Indecent exposure or dress.

Any person who shall appear, bathe, sunbathe, walk or be in any public park, playground, beach or the waters adjacent thereto, or any school facility and the area adjacent thereto, or any municipal building and the areas adjacent thereto, or any public way within the City of Chicago in such a manner that the genitals, vulva, pubis, pubic hair, buttocks, perineum, anus, anal region, or pubic hair region of any person, or any portion of the breast at or below the upper edge of the areola thereof of any female person, is exposed to public view or is not covered by an opaque covering, shall be fined not less than $100.00 nor more than $500.00 for each offense.

I suspect that it is generally not enforced unless someone complains, but if they do, they can get you if they want.
JM_Runs #56

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/06/2006 02:21:02Copy HTML

This ordinance was discussed about half-way earlier in the thread. It was
speculated that the 12/4/02 amendment date was merely an update to the fine
amount, and that the law has been on the books for quite some time. Taken
literally, any bikini that shows a little cheek is in violation. Yes, it is
pretty obvious there is selective enforcement as there is with many laws.

towelkewl1 #57

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/16/2006 12:10:01Copy HTML

Greetings fellow thongers!

   Been away for a bit as I am now back to work, so much for the "retirement" of the last coupla yrs... Thongs are still officially verboten  in Chgo, it seems- that's a pity, but they are still alright at the state pk.. in Zion, was there a coupla wks. ago & it's marvy as ever so long as the wind is not at all from the west.. Had a gf last yr. dying to wear a thong to Lk. Michigan, but put out by the poss of a fine in Chgo, so it was off to Zion for ourselves; after reading one of the previous posts about having to put on something less revealing after a slight confrontation from Chgo's Finest that looks like a wise choice.

   Not much has chaged then seemingly, well alright... Thanx to all for the recent updates then as there is no way I would know what present situations are here save for this board, I kinda miss being the major beach bum I was for the past few yrs. but totally enjoy the positive cash flow fersure! Right then, a "rare" beach day for myself 2morrow; looks like Hollywood due to the SW wind & skating the lakefront bike path, excellent!

 Have I missed this a bit or what! Happy summer to all,


JM_Runs #58

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/17/2006 06:24:08Copy HTML


I think I understand what you're saying. i.e. in previous years you had alot of
time to go to the beach because you were undemployed.

With regard to my encounter with the Chicago Police Department, it was really
rather minor. I think I mentioned in a follow-up post that he seemed like he
would just as soon not have to talk to me, but was merely responding to a
citizen complaint. No threatening to ticket me, or anything like that.

I've sunbathed at Oak Street and have had cops ride right by my blanket on
their ATVs and they never stopped or even slowed down. They might have been
checking to see if I was wearing anything, because I was wearing a g-string and laying on my stomach.

Zion is quite a stretch for many of us, but does sound like a more accepting
environment from what I've read here.

Beach report for Saturday, June 17, 2006:
I talked to a reliable source that was at Oak Street on Saturday and she
said that there was one woman there wearing a black thong and there were
numerous relatively skimpy bikinis. She did not see any men in thongs (and
beleive me, she'd notice!)

Les_B_Sirius #59

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/18/2006 01:48:39Copy HTML

A question about the beach at Zion:

I've heard great things about the place but have never visited, and am carless and plan to stay that way. Is there a reasonable way to get there on public transportation?


mjbean420 #60

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/19/2006 01:35:44Copy HTML

how is parking up there?  I am going to be coming from NW Indiana and wanted to visit during the week possibly on a Friday.  Anybody want to meet  up and where is a good place to park in the area and what is the fee if applicable? 
towelkewl1 #61

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/19/2006 01:14:02Copy HTML

Hello Max, Les, MJ & all...

   You can be "careless" at Zion, actually carefree is better & thongs are totally legal here, but you do have to wear something... I hear the nudity fine is staggering btw. As far as I know, there is no practical public transport to there from Chgo; UP north line has a stop in Zion & you might be able to grab a cab to the resort & reverse the trip for the way back but cabs are chancy up there at best & wknd. train schedules are not so great either. There is no entry or parking fee there at all & lots of parking as well, so if you spend all the $ on gas (it is somewhat remote) you won't get hit for more here.

   There are actually 2 sections of the park separated by a decommissioned nuclear power plant & the section which is thong-friendly is the southern one that is near the Dead River. This is an exceptionally vast place to say the least & very undeveloped, so there is quite a bit of walking involved here; it's as wild as you'll get in IL, LOL! You can see cactus & snakes here which is fun for a former desert dweller like me as well as falcons & hawks for bird watchers, pine & oak groves for tree-huggers; something for everybody & oh yes, other thongers.

   However, wirh all the amazing wildlife (human & otherwise!) there are also insects... How bad are they?  Alright,  here's how I determine if I'm going there or not- ANY wind from the NW to SW & I'll stay in Chgo, the flies will make you that miserable there, honest! To find out  where is the wind from at that locaction, check Waukegan IL's conditions; this is the nearest reporting location & is quite accurate. It can be very different from what is going on in Chgo. or Milw. on any given day.

   So much for the caveats, the benefits FAR outweigh the detriments- This is very likely what Lk. Michigan looked like from that shore centuries ago & still does once you go south of the main beach. It stretches for miles, I have never seen the whole thing & likely never will as there is so much here. And I've been going there for ages. This is an exceptionally unique place where you want to be as natural as the location & it totally delivers!

   But the wind was from the SW last wknd, so I skated over to Hollywood on Sat, 95 deg. air temp & 62 deg wtr. temp, refreshing! The aforementioned winds made for a sandstorm on the beach, so I went to the breakwater at the south end where I got to meet other savvy "minimal"  beach bums & had another super day at the beach. Another affimation that Hollywood is by far the best for this sort of thing w/in city limits.

   An entire day spent w/a gorgeous lady my age both in string bikinis, so much for the "eew" factor  then, hmm? Don't pay attention to what you hear about women not wanting to see guys like this as it is rubbish...There ARE some advantages to this fersure

   Happy summer!

JM_Runs #62

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/22/2006 07:22:31Copy HTML

So are people still wearing thongs at Hollywood beach? Are they cracking down on thong swimwear?
towelkewl1 #63

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/23/2006 12:24:50Copy HTML

Hiya Fastflare,

   No crackdown at all that I noticed as there were still some thongers there... seems like biz as usual which is fine so this may be still be the top spot in Chgo. from what I saw. Might be the only spot, anybody else been to some of the others (North Av, Oak St.)? Enquiring minds wanna know!

JM_Runs #64

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/24/2006 08:41:33Copy HTML

Oak Street Beach report, Saturday June 24, 2006.

I was not there, but I have a good source that just told me that there was a
woman in a "regular" bikini sunbathing topless at Oak Street Beach. My source
said that she was very near the central lifeguard chair which is the spot
where the lifeguards get their assignments for this stretch of beach, so there
were plenty of lifeguards to spot her.

However, my source reports that they did not see any thongs or g-strings at
Oak Street Beach.

jjoohhnnyy #65

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/05/2006 07:22:43Copy HTML

Thay are not cracking down on thong swimwear at Hollywood beach. 

I was there yesterday, the weather was perfect, 85 and not a cloud in the sky.  The beach was pretty crowded, I got there around 1:00 and spotted at least 4 other guys in thongs and 2 girls in thongs.  I picked a spot fairly close to a couple other thongers, layed out my stuff and striped down to a little black thong. 

I was laying on my stomach when a guy and a girl carrying a small dog started setting up their blankets about 20 feet from me.  A security / lifeguard came over and stood between me and the couple.  He told them they couldn't have a dog on the beach.  The girl started arguing with the guard.  I heard her say "so that guy can wear a thong on the beach but I can't have my dog?"  and pointed over at me. 

The guard looked down at me then back at them and said "Thongs are legal on the beach, but dogs are not."   So they packed up their stuff and left.

Hollywood beach has always been a great place to thong.  I didn't have any problems.  Some people walk by and you catch them staring but no negative comments were made.  A few guys said hi while walking by.  Another guy stopped and asked me the time.  Other than that, I wasn't bothered a bit.  


JM_Runs #66

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/17/2006 04:11:11Copy HTML

Hollywood beach report for Sunday, July 9.

Sorry for the long delay in posting this, but work has kept me away from the

Noon through early afternoon--about four men wearing thong or g-strings (not
including me) on the southeast half of the beach.

After coming back from getting some water at the restroom I found that a couple
with two young raucious boys had set up near me and it appeared that they had
walked across my beach towel due to the sand being hot. Of course they slung
sand all over the towel. I moved further southeast toward the pier and found
that a young lady in a regular bikini bottom was sunbathing topless. I set up
nearby and she noticed my g-string and gave a me smile. She did not hide her
toplessness, and even went into the water. Unfortunately she left after I was
there only about 20 minutes.

Later in the day I observed a guy wearing a thong about 2/3 the way up the
beach in what is more the "family" area. I was leaving for the day though.
He did not seem to be making anyone uncomfortable. I also noticed a woman and
a guy get up from their towels in a group that consisted mainly of males and
start to take a walk up the beach. She was wearig a wrap, but it was short
enough in the back to clearly show enough cheek that confirmed she was wear-
ing a thong underneath. As I was leaving for the day I don't know if she
ever removed the wrap.

Throughout the day the was a pretty even scattering of women in regular
bikinis who would pull their bottoms up between their cheeks to varying
degress while sunbathing. Too bad we can't convert them (as well as more
men) to thonging.

msugrad #67

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/04/2006 01:54:40Copy HTML

I have been looking forward to going back to Hollywood beach since last year (2005).  I will be heading there in a short while (Friday, Aug 4) with intent to either wear one of my thongs or rio suit.  I only brought two thongs and both are prettly skimpy...a white N2N Euro thong or a lime green Koala thong (definitely more of a g-string then a thong though).  I will wear the more skimpy g-string Koala one if I choose a thong just because I don't want much of a tan line to develop.  I've been wearing a Skinz M28 Rio the past few weekends on my deck and have a pretty good tan line already so I'd rather have a minimal tan line develop versus a large line competing with the rio line.  The Skinz rio is like a royal color.  If anyone here sees me please post your visit of today.
jjoohhnnyy #68

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/08/2006 07:46:35Copy HTML

Great weather for thonging today in Chicago.  85 and not a cloud in the sky.  I when to Hollywood beach around 11, not many people there at that time, i counted about 20, no one in thongs, mostly square cut suits and some speedos.  It looked like i was going to be "that guy" in the thong.  Usually when i get there and I'm the only one i chicken out and change into my speedo but this time since summer's almost over i decided what the heck.  I picked a spot about 100 feet from any one, spread out my towel, stripped off my shorts and laid down in my little blue thong.  I was only there about 20 minutes when two guys set up about 20 feet from me, then while I was laying on my stomach a noticed a single girl coming my way.  She walked right up to me and set up not 10 feet away.  A while later a couple guys found a spot close to me, one of them had on a nice yellow thong.  I also noticed a girl topless in a g-string.  By noon I was completely surrounded by poeple.  I walked to the water a couple time in just my thong.  As usual, I did not hear one negative comment. 

Really great day for a thonger!



JM_Runs #69

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/11/2006 01:06:09Copy HTML

Just curious. Where on the beach did you set up? The southeast end, mid-beach,
or the northwest end?

jjoohhnnyy #70

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/11/2006 07:24:14Copy HTML

I usually set up on the southeast end near the pier.  The northwest end seems to be where I've noticed the most kids so i try to stear clear of them.

where do you set up??  what do you usually wear?

JM_Runs #71

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/12/2006 12:26:51Copy HTML

I have only been at Osterman only a couple of times this year. The last time I
was there in June I was at the southeast end near the pier. There was a woman
there with a "regular" bikini bottom sunbathing topless, and she even went in
the water topless. I was there only about 20 minutes before she left though.
In May I was in front of the restrooms. Later that same day I saw a woman in a
g-string and topless alongside her boyfriend way up near the northwest end.
There's been other times I've seen both men and women wearing thongs and g-
strings from mid-beach and to the northwest.

Last year I sunbathed next to a russian woman numerous times in front of the
restrooms or in front of the life guard station. She wore a thong and sometimes
would sunbathe topless. I did not see her this year.

As you probably well know the southeast quarter of the beach is predominantly
gay. In the future I think I may make every effort to lay out somewhere mid-
beach or in the northern half, but away from kids. I would rather be around
ladies who like straight guys, and there ain't many women to be found in the
southeast quarter. And, as many have said here, unless we try to expand our
"thong territory" a bit then people won't be as likely to accept them.

I usually wear a minimal g-string.


jjoohhnnyy #72

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/12/2006 06:24:59Copy HTML

next time i go i'll try the northwest end as well.
sailor250 #73

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:12/09/2006 10:25:21Copy HTML

picture of a guy in thong on hollywood beach


sailor250 #74

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:02/28/2007 05:01:20Copy HTML

here's a guy on Hollywood Beach in a thong



Another guy in a g string there


chithonger #75

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:04/21/2007 12:20:06Copy HTML

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful ... sunny and nearly 80. Anyone going to hit the beach? Or is it just too early in the season?
jjoohhnnyy #76

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:05/14/2007 07:03:54Copy HTML

anyone been thonging here yet?  I'm thinking of going this week and was curious if anyone else has been out there?
jjoohhnnyy #77

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:05/22/2007 05:29:29Copy HTML

Went to hollywood beach yesterday.  Got there around 11, took a quick look down the beach.  I counted about 6 guys and 3 girls in thongs.  I went to the rest room, changed into my little black Tanlines thong, picked a spot on the East end of the beach where I could still see a few other thongers, spread out my towel and stripped down.  I wasn't there 10 minute when a guy in big baggy shorts set up about 10 feet  from me.  I looked over there a few minutes later, he had lost the shorts and was now in a nice little brown thong! 

I got a few stares from people who walked by but as usual, not a negative comment was made.  Great thonging day in Chicago!

yogabutt #78

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/19/2007 10:37:14Copy HTML

I spent a couple of hours at Hollywood beach yesterday in my blue speedo thong.  I saw two other guys thonging and one women whose suit was somewhere between a thong and a rio.  Actually she just moved into an apartment near that beach and thinks she's going to like it there.

I did hear some teens chuckling at one of the other guys but they stopped right away.

Also a bunch of younger school kids in some kind of organized trip started playing about 10 feet from me - after awhile I moved (to the near-thonging woman). 

Very nice afternoon.  The lake water was cool but nice.

towelkewl1 #79

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/27/2007 11:48:28Copy HTML

Hi all,

   Hollywood is great altogether & has always been thong-friendly despite Chgo's. "official" ban on thongs as long as I can remember.  But today I saw the guards tell one of the "regulars" that he has to put on a bit more as they got a complaint from someone. He was wearing a "backless" suit, so he changed to a more std. thong & that was the end of it.

   So if you usually wear an "exotic" suit here, you might wanna bring a more conservative one also as a backup like this guy did just in case. Btw, he is well over 70 yrs.old & did not look out of sorts in either suit, fantastic...

jjoohhnnyy #80

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/07/2007 10:27:30Copy HTML

OMG was it hot in Chicago today!!  I went to the beach around 1 saw only 3 other thongers.  I set up away from the water kinda close to a guy in a blue thong.  As usual, not a bad thing was said to me.  got a few stares from some girls.  It's funny to watch people change their direction to walk past you as soon as they realize what your wearing.

stanpuppy #81

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2007 12:12:36Copy HTML

WIfe and i just got back from a 3 day trip to chicago.  On thursday we took a cab out to Osterman beach.  It was a fantastic beach and we had a great time.  It was super hot so the beach was not crowded at all.  Wife wore a aqua blue wicked weasel g-string suit.  The top was off about 5 minutes after we got there as it became obvious no one would give her a hassle about it.  I wore a blue joe snyder rio thong.  I thonged all day, as did she (topless) and we had absolutely no hassles what so ever.  There were no gawkers, nobody said a word to us.  The lifeguards walked right past and didnt even blink at our thongs or my wifes toplessness.  I saw one other guy in a very brief black g-string down near the pier in the gay section of the beach.  At the end of the day we walked up to a gay couple and asked if they would take our picture.  They were happy to oblige.

On friday, we had to catch our plane and we didnt have time to make it out to osterman, so we went to oak beach in town.  Totally different experience.   I didnt even think to wear a thong as i knew that would be a bad idea. I wore a blue/black striped YMLA squarecut and had no hassles at all.   My wife wore her most conservative suit,  a wicked weasel 449 snakeskin print with a 312 triangle top (size M...she normally wears an XS).  This is her only thong back weasel as all the rest are G's.   We got there real early and set up when there was not many people around.  She tanned in the thong, but there was no way she was going to take her top off.  THat would not have worked.  As it was, the vibe was very different than at osterman.   Her thong definately got some notice.  Nobody said anything to us, but i saw a group of very young (20 something) girls giggline and looking her way in that "oh my god...that girl has a thong on" kind of look.  At one point we got up and went in the water.   She did not cover up, and we were fine, but we were still a lot less confortable than the day before.   We saw no other thongs, and very few skimpy bikinis as well.  Most of the bikinis were larger ones, or tankinis.  All of the men wore long trunks except for me.  ALthough we were definately looked at, nobody made any comments to us, so all in all, it was an ok day.    

When we go back to chicago, we are definately going to osterman beach again.  We will pass on Oak beach

JM_Runs #82

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2007 07:55:22Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, thanks for the update. The last time I was at Osterman was on a
Sunday about 3 weekends ago. I was with my girlfriend who isn't comfortable
with me wearing a thong but is ok with me wearing a "regular" bikini with 1.5"
sides and a seam up the back that makes the suit follow my buns. Go figure. But
that's a story for another thread. Anyway, that weekend, just in our walk to
our setup spot and in the immediate area I saw at least 6 guys and one woman
in thongs, and we were about mid-beach, which is somewhat away from the gay
area of the beach. There may have been more, but I didn't get to take any walks along the beach to find out.

Although toplessness is not common at Osterman, it is not unusual either. There
have been some days when I've seen upwards of three women sunbathing topless at
Osterman. I've never seen the women hassled (well, only to the extent that a
guy may alter his path across the beach slightly when he realizes a woman
doesn't have a top on) and I've never seen a lifeguard tell a woman to cover
up. Did your wife get up and walk around topless? Last year there was a woman
wearing a "regular" bikini bottom sunbathing topless at the southeast end
near the pier who got up and went into the water without covering up. I've
also seen a young woman wearing a g-string and topless way up in the north-
est portion of the beach, typically a "family" area, without taking any
particular cautions in covering up. However, she didn't get up or go into
the water.

Ah yes, Oak Street. At one time it was considered to be the "Riviera on the
lake", but apparently no more. I started thonging there and at various spots
at North Avenue beach and had some very good and interesting positive exper-
iences at those two places through the mid nineties. There was at least two
times when I wore a g-string at the air and water show (when the beach is
jammed almost elbow-to-elbow) and people didn't have a problem with it. Dur-
ing the week I could even feel comfortable getting up and walking around in
just my g-string and made the acquaintance of a handful of regular beach
goers that enjoyed having me around. That whole atmosphere changed in the
later 90s. I don't know if it was backlash because of a president of ques-
tionable moral character who had an intern flash her thong panties at him
or what, but the attitudes and character definitely started to change. There
also seemed to be an increasing amount of loud-mouthed morons and teenagers,
so I started exploring other beaches further north and discovered Osterman.

Even with the relaxed atmosphere at Osterman, it's sad to see the very few
women wearing thongs on that beach. It just blows my mind that a city the
size of Chicago doesn't bring out more women, as well as men, that enjoy more
minimal swimwear. It's a city of about 8 million people, after all!

One of my objectives, if I can get to the beach early enough before the pier
gets a lot of foot traffic or fisherman, is to take a walk along most of the
length of the beach and out to the end of the pier wearing just my g-string.
It's my opinion that we should be able to wear minimal swimwear anywhere
"regular" swimwear is accepted, whether its taking a walk along the beach,
to the concession stand, restroom, etcetara. I figure that doing it when the
beach is less crowded will be interpreted as less "in your face", but will
give The Cause some fledgling visibility and get a few people at a time used
to the idea of seeing people wearing minimal swimwear up and about. I would
absolutely love to play volleyball wearing just my g-string, but I fear that
may be a bit too much too soon; however, at Osterman I did see a woman in a
thong playing volleyball with three other people. I was quite tempted to ask
if I could join them, as I was laying a short distance from the volleyball
court, but it would've made the sides uneven.

I wouldn't give up totally on Oak Street or North Avenue beaches if you're
pressed for time and can't make it to Osterman. I still see the occasional
thong there. Plus, it seems a popular thing for women to do is to wear a
skimpy bikini bottom that shows a lot of cheek and wedgie their suit up be-
tween their cheeks like a thong when laying down. What's up with that?! The
effect is the same.

Anyway, thanks for your report. I haven't gotten out to Osterman nearly as
much as I would like this summer (or last) and it's nice to know what's going

stanpuppy #83

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2007 11:16:07Copy HTML

My wife had no reservations about taking her top off.  We both walked around the "gay" area freely (me in my thong, her topless in her G) without incident.   Like i said, there were probably a grand total of 30 people on the whole beach, so it really was not a big deal
towelkewl1 #84

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/12/2007 12:29:01Copy HTML

Hi all,

   Was there today, great altogether as always & hopefully always will be! I also recall very good days in the past at Fullerton/North Av. & Oak St.. but when I returned from AZ in 2002, I noticed the lack of thongs at these spots. Later someone told me that in 2001 they were banned (ck. it out, true fact sorry to say)

   Hollywood (Osterman) usually does not enforce the code seemingly as this is considered THE gay beach in Chgo. & the younger Mr. Daley sees no reason to lose votes in this district. His dad always reckoned good politics is good gov't.  Ah, who can say?

   I do miss the stretch from North to Fullerton quite a bit as it is so big & I'm certain the visitors from overseas might be a bit put out over conditions at Oak St.- could be cleaner & THIS is the premier beach in the city? Not anymore...

   A g/f of mine was drop-dead intent on thonging at Lk. Michigan but a bit put out w/the legal thing in the city, so we went state pk. in Zion near the WI border. If you wanna see what the lake really looks like from the SW shore, check this out. (Chgo's beaches are almost all man made)  You will not believe your eyes it is so vast! & thongs here are legit, wotta concept-

   Why not? So if you want another venue & don't mind the miles, try this spot but only if you have a wind off the water...  a westerly wind gives insects here free reign & will make you miserable. See what you think

   Happy summer everyone!


JM_Runs #85

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/12/2007 05:32:17Copy HTML

Stanpuppy: excellent! I'm glad you gave thonging, *and* toplessness, some needed exposure-pardon the pun. Maybe next time you can set up more toward the northwest a bit nearer the "regular" area of the beach. Not to tell you what to do, but I think it's important for the general population to get used to minimal swimwear, otherwise we'll never gain any ground or converts.

Your getting up and about certainly gives me encouragement. The beachgoers during the week also seem to be more open inded people whether you're at Osterman or the others, plus it is generally less crowded. It was during the week that I've had some very positive experiences (once again, at all the beaches) such as the comfort level with getting up and walking around, and even women setting up near me and openly watching me and smiling or making positive comments.

Towelkewel1: Yes, everything in Chicago seems to boil down to politics and power plays, doesn't it? In the early 90s the appearance of thongs in Chicago and the suburbs caused quite a stir and I know there was alot of talk about banning them in Chicago and the suburbs, but the controversy seemed to die down rather quickly without much negative fallout. I remember
writing a letter to the local park district manager (I'm outside of Chicago) tactfully encouraging thong tolerance. All the press seemed to result in a increase of thong wearing until the 97-98 time frame when things started to change. And the "thong laws" seem to be one of those many "selectively enforced" or "at the officer's discretion" laws that can be used when con- venient. I had the cops called on me once at North Ave beach once in the early 2000s and they didn't cite me, just told me to slip some shorts on.
I also saw the cops called on a pair of German women that were discretely topless at North Ave. and they were not ticketed either, just told to cover up.

I have been to Illinois Beach State Park near Zion, but only a couple of times and the last time was several years ago. Unfortunately it is quite out of the way for me to visit. It is difficult enough to get to the Chicago lakefront.

Looks like Oseterman is the place to be though. It's unfortunate that it's so difficult to get to though, but I'll make the effort when I can. It's worth it to be able to openly and comfortably thong.


Le Flambeur #86

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/14/2007 01:28:46Copy HTML

I'd agree with maxexposure's and towelkewl1's history of thonging at Chicago beaches .  I think the last time I wore a thong at Oak St was in 2001, but things were clearly going downhill by then.  The area just north of the main beach at North Ave was pretty quiet for awhile, but the installation of volleyball nets and the increased "family" traffic pretty much made this area less hospitable.  I've only been to Osterman beach once to check it out.  It seemed quiet enough (during the week); there were no thongs in sight, but it's too inconvenient for me to visit with any regularity.
JM_Runs #87

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/19/2007 02:07:13Copy HTML

Just want to confirm what towelkewl1 said about Ill Beach State Park at Zion.  Thongs are absolutely no problem amd soouth of the Resort, you'll see occassional toplessness.  My wife and I have been going there since the mid 90's and never had a problem laying out or even walking the beach in g-strings.  No alcohol allowed, no dogs allowed, just a nice quiet place to enjoy a sunny day.

stanpuppy #88

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/19/2007 09:39:57Copy HTML

How far is that state park from downtown chicago (miracle mile area)?
JM_Runs #89

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/20/2007 08:51:48Copy HTML

Ill Beach State Park is in Zion, IL.  It's probably about 45 miles north of Chicago's loop.  Just take the Edens north- it'll turn into Rt 41.  Go north to Wadsworth road and then turn east.  Wadsworth Rd essentially ends at the entrance of the park.

JM_Runs #90

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/06/2007 07:30:00Copy HTML

Osterman beach report for Tues/Weds, Sept. 4 & 5:

Well, unfortunately I had to work all three days during the past
Labor Day weekend (the last 3-day weekend of the summer, for those
of you outside of the U.S.A.). It was frustratingly painful to
look out the window at work because there was not a cloud in the
sky, winds were light, and the temperature was in the upper 80s.
Was anyone there that can give a Osterman (or any other beach)
beach report? (be gentle, due to my angst :-) ).

However, I did have Monday and Tuesday off, Sept. 3 & 4 and went
there both days. Even though the beach was pretty sparsely populated,
There was about at least a half dozen thongers, only one of which
was female. I located about a third of the way north of the south-
east end of the beach not too far from the woman wearing the thong.

On Tuesday I did slip my shorts on and took a walk to the northwest
end. There were only two or three kids up that way. Surprisingly,
there was a young lady wearing a regular biking bottom and topless.
I say surprising because her and a male friend were right where the
narrows significantly which is right next to some apartment buildings
and smack in the middle of "family territory". She was sitting up,
facing the water, with her knees bent and her arms resting on her
knees while talking to her boyfriend, so if one weren't paying
attention you might overlook her, which is possibly why she sitting
like that. But from the no tan-line look of her breasts she had to
be spending a good amount of time tanning them.

When walking back southeast to return to my blanket, once I got away
from the kids I slipped my shorts off and walked the remainder of
the way in my Dore low-cut g-string. Very liberating! I haven't felt
that feeling in a while! Just a couple (positive) stares from a few
women along the way. I passed a woman playing in the water with her
two dogs wearing a skimpy string bikini that showed alot of cheek,
which makes me feel a little more comfortable the more suit-minimal
people (especially women--sorry if that sounds sexist) there are
around; and hopefully if the woman with the dogs saw me as I passed
this will encourage her to go more suit minimal.

When I got back to my blanket I was even comfortable enough to try
to even up my tan by placing my body in other positions other than
on my back or stomach. Some might consider them somewhat provocative
because of the unconventional body and limb positioning, but I'm
going to try to post about that in another category.

On Wednesday I set up a tad southeast of the middle point of the
beach. I wanted to set up about 2/3 of the way up from the southeast
end, but there were already people in that area with a few kids.
There seemed to be a few fewer people. Several guys in thongs
throughout the day, but unfortunately no women that I could see.
There was a middle-aged eastern european couple set up nearby to
the southeast of me that would occasionally watch me, but I didn't
feel at all uncomfortable. Part of it is because my past experience
with european people in that they are quite open-minded about beach
swimwear. There was an older asian lady (possibly a babysitter?)
with two girls that were maybe between 10-12 to the northwest of
me. I was far enough away to not be obvious, but they didn't have
one of those "ohmygawd, look at that guy" reactions either. They
even came toward my way when playing in the sand, burying each
other. I felt very comfortable getting up and walking into the
water and depositing trash in the trash can. (sorry to be so de-
tailed, but those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in
thong-friendly areas like South Beach know where I'm coming from)

I slipped my shorts on and took a walk to the southeast through
the gay area and out onto the pier to reconnoiter the area. I
really wanted to slip my shorts off at the pier and walk back in
just my g-string, but there was an older guy standing around on the
pier, eating his lunch and looking wierdly suspicious. So I started
to walk back and picked up a piece of recyclable trash along the
way which I took to a trash bin at which point I was far enough from
the pier to slip off my shorts and walk the rest of the way back in
my g-string. Kinda funny to turn the head of a few gay guys though.
I don't know if they think I'm "cruising" (except maybe for a ladies
attention :-) ) but I'm really just trying to get people used to the
idea that anyone should be able to wear a thong or g-string anywhere
any other type of bathing suit is worn.

I figured that the summer is ending, and it isn't going to
get any more thong-friendly that this, so I took a walk wearing only
my g-string southeast to the pier, however I didn't go out onto the
pier as there were people out there and I didn't know what the
reaction might be. Has anyone walked out there in just a thong or
g-string? If there were people there, any reactions. I know fishermen
are occasionally out on the pier.

Right near the pier where I turned around there was two
women in their mid to later teens wearing regular bikinis take note
of me and I think one of them said in a regular voice "hey look at
that guys suit" and I couldn't really hear anything else of what they
said, but there were no giggles or ohmygawds. There was a guy only
about 15 feet from them wearing one of those "backless g-strings"
with no string between the legs, so I'm sure they already knew what
type of territory they were in. Anyway, I felt wonderful walking
along enjoying the sun, sand, water, and breeze, out in the open
wearing my skimpy g-string covering only the absolute essentials.

JM_Runs #91

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/06/2007 03:51:23Copy HTML

A correction to my above post and a couple additional points:

In the third paragraph I said that there was a you woman wearing "regular
biking bottoms", that should be bikini bottoms.

While at the beach there were several times when a Chicago Police Department
squad came slowly cruising nearby the beach on the bicycle path. The first
time I saw the squad I was standing up and thought "oh sh1t!", but they just
paused and trundled on. This happened several times during the two days and
there were other people up and about also wearing a thong/g-string when
the cops drove by and the cops never got out of their car.

I sometimes wonder if the high rise apartments/condos adjacent to the beach
have any voyeurs scanning the beach with a telescope. Not that it would make
any difference in my behavior, but enquiring minds want to know! :-)

JM_Runs #92

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/06/2007 08:49:06Copy HTML

Maxexposure, enjoyed your report.  I've recently experienced some more urban beaches like yours where I'm unsure of myself, yet take the plunge anyway.  Makes me appreciate all the more what a gem we folks here in southern New England have in East Beach, RI, an undeveloped three mile wildlife refuge where one can be totally comfortable in however minimal one's swimwear is.  I'm interested that you chose to wear a g-string, which I usually do, in pursuit of an overall tan, though sometimes, in some places, I feel that's pushing things a bit and I wear a thong instead.  In your experience, do you find a difference in comfort level between a thong and a g-string?  The way I look at it, a thong is a cut down speedo and therefore somewhat risque and on the edge, but still a variety of a regular suit.  By contrast, with a g-string you're coming from the opposite pole, total nakedness, but for a tiny patch of fabric covering the bare minimum to be legal.  I feel a huge contrast between the two, and many places I'm quite comfortable in a thong, but wouldn't dare don a g-string.  Just wondering if others feel the same way.  Thanks, and congrats on your responsible promotion of minimal swimwear.  It helps us all.   
JM_Runs #93

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/08/2007 04:56:34Copy HTML

SlidingG, thanks for the nice compliment. However, if I *really* were promoting
thongs I would probably want to try to get people to thong on the other two
popular beaches in the Chicago area, North Avenue, and Oak Street beach.
Unfortunately, its a bit late in the season, plus I guess I feel that I've done
my bit in thong promotion because I've done years of thonging at those beaches
and it still doesn't seem to have done any goot.

Good points about thongs versus g-strings. Yes, I agree the less the coverage,
the more the risque factor. However, even the thongs that I wear have very
narrow fronts (enough so that I have to do bikini hair removal) so there is
not that much of a difference between my thongs and g-strings, but indeed there
is at least a visibility difference.

josht #94

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/17/2007 08:26:48Copy HTML

I am a big fan of g-strings. They are more confortable and the idea is just to cover the genitals. (I wear a Skinz g-string, although I am open to suggestions about other g-strings)

But this is for Chicago thonging and I want to point out that the season is not over yet - this week should be ideal. I am hoping to be there tomorrow (Tues).

stanpuppy #95

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/23/2007 10:00:08Copy HTML

My wife wore a G on Osterman beach and a thong at Oak beach.  The climate at Oak did not seem right for a G.   I wore a Joe Snyder Rio thong at Osterman and a YMLA squarecut at Oak for the very same reason.  Wasnt comfortable in a backless suit at Oak beach.  Wife didnt have anything with a back, so she opted for her most conservative suit which was a wicked weasel triangle back suit.  She only walked to the water and back one time, although she did lay out on her stomach (exposing the back of her suit) for quitte some time.   I saw a group of teenage girls pointing to her and I overheard one guy say to his wife "Looks like we got a thong here".  Cleary Oak beach was not as thong friendly as Osterman.
abadonmi #96

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:04/20/2008 10:22:58Copy HTML

I just wanted to share some photos taken by me on Hollywood Beach.
Here is the link:


I guess link Tags still don't work...


JM_Runs #97

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/16/2008 09:06:46Copy HTML

 Osterman Beach report - Saturday June 14, 2008.
A great day with not a cloud in the sky. Other than me, I only saw two other guys
thonging, and one woman. The one woman was way up northwest at the "family"
end of the beach. I was about mid-beach, between the restrooms and lifeguard shack.
I had a couple women near me pull their regular bikini bottoms way up between their
cheeks to sunbathe. Sure wish we could "convert" them totally to thongs. I got up and
dropped some trash in the trash container a couple of times without any issues. I got up
a couple of times and went in the water, once walking right past a lifeguard that was
walking the water line, and no comments. Spent a about half an hour slowly wading
in water about mid-calf deep looking for shells in the water (not that I collect shells--
it was just something to do while up and about) and had life guards pass several times,
several people, including people with kids, passing without any problems whatsoever.
All in all a very nice day at the beach and it was good to be back at such an open-
minded beach (this was my first time to the beach this year). I have Friday off and
will try to get to the beach again if weather permits.

ithongit #98

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/28/2008 06:53:58Copy HTML

Hollywood beach must have a reputation that goes several thousand feet up too.  I just returned from a business trip which took me through Chicago O'hare airport.  Don't get me started on flying -- it isn't too much fun now-a-days.  Once in a while you get a crew who clicks -- the flight deck officers know the attendants and a little good natured teasing goes on back and forth.  On this particular trip, it was announced that one of the attendants, Cindy, would be leaving United and getting married and that this was her last flight.  The other attendants led the passengers in applause.

The captain was a real teaser and was on the PA several times telling little embarasing jokes and stories about Cindy and her life as a stewardess and some of the embarasing thing she had done over the years.  He said it was his right to talk about these things since he wouldn't be going to the wedding dinner when friends usually get up and tell stories about the bride and groom.  The pilot had a knack for story telling and everyone took them well, including Cindy.

On the approach into O'hare, the Captain came on the PA and said we would be passing over Hollywood and several other Chicago beaches, and that if we were permitted to fly a little lower, we might see a few "beach goers in thongs" catching some rays.  He then paused a minute and said "Cindy, I'm not talking about the girls on the beach.  I'm sure there are a few cute men down there wearing thongs too.  After all, this is your last chance to sow some wild oats."

Cindy came on the PA and responded "Who's to say I don't already know a few of those men?"

The passengers were in stitches, and the Captain got a lot of compliments on his humor as we left the plane.  I just wonder how the Captain knew so much about Hollywood and it's reputation as as thonger's beach.
DavyJ #99

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:06/30/2008 01:29:25Copy HTML

Cool!  I think it has been 20 years (at least) since I was on a plane where the crew had a sense of humor.
JM_Runs #100

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/07/2008 05:41:32Copy HTML

 ithongit: Thanks for the interesting flying story. It certainly does make you wonder how
he knows so much about Hollywood, or now Osterman, beach.
Osterman beach report for Sunday, July 6, 2008.
Even though the weather here in the Chicago area was absolutely gorgeous for this past
three day weekend, this was the only day I could get to the beach, and unfortunately didn't
get there until 3pm. I set up about the same place as last time. No problems. Got some
nice glances from a couple ladies, but went in the water only a couple of times and to the
trash can a couple of times wearing only my g-string. Thong count (other than me) was
three men and four women. Still a good environment and the life guards saw me several
times and nothing said.

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