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JM_Runs #101

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/09/2008 03:12:22Copy HTML

I was out there in my speedo thong Saturday and Sunday.  I'm usually there in the morning and take off around noon. 
Anudebeachr #102

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/15/2008 04:42:08Copy HTML

 I am planning a trip to Hollywood Beach on Thurs.  I assume that thongs are still  O.K.  there.   I
will be coming up LSD from the south any tips on parking, and how about the best place to set up.  Thanks
JM_Runs #103

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/16/2008 06:01:14Copy HTML

 Beach report for Monday, July 14, 2008:
I got there around noon and stayed until about 6pm. We had total of about 6 men and 0 women (unfortunately) that I could see in my movements throughout the day. most of us were in very visible areas and life guards   could easily see us and there were no issues. I personally was in easy view of life guards that were walking the water line on patrol, and at least two separate life guards walked within a few feet of me when they were changing shifts while I was laying on my stomach and wearing a g-string.
It should be noted that since it was a week day I parked down at Foster Avenue Beach parking lot (which is free) and walked north through the Foster Avenue Beach  enroute to Osterman Beach. When I was walking across Foster Avenue Beach at noon I saw two women and one man wearing thongs. I do not know how long they were there or what their activities were (did they get up and go to the water, play frisbee, etc.) as I was merely transiting the beach and they were gone by the time I transited the area again when heading home.

In response to anudebeachr:
Since you are  going to visit during the weekday I would park at Foster Avenue Beach's parking lot and walk north to Osterman Beach. It's about a 10 minute brisk walk. I do not know of any other public parking lots within walking distance of Osterman Beach. If  you visit the beach on a Sunday, you can park on the city streets. I usually find a spot on Broadway Street which is about a 4-5 block walk from Osterman Beach. You can really set up about anywhere on the beach.

For a feel on the Osterman Beach culture, do your homework and read the previous posts. But generally, the Southeast end of the beach near the pier is where a lot of gay people hang out (mainly male, but some female also).  However I've notice that some straight women hang out there or immediately adjacent to apparently be away from "families" (i.e. people  with kids), and also presumably straight guys who might leer at women who wear skimpy suits. I've also seen the most women going topless in this area, although I've seen women topless way up the the "family" area in the Northwest end of the beach.

As you proceed Northwest away from the "gay" area, you'll get into an are where mainly solo people and couples hang out and then you'll quickly get into an area where families with screaming children become more dense. But there are no absolutes. I've seen families with children set up in the middle of the "gay" area and they apparently have absolutely no problem with it. I have seen thongs and topless up in the "family" area, but not too much and generally women (which, of course, have a higher degree of acceptance than a male thonger).

The middle of the beach tends to be a mix of solos, couples, and a few families. I hope this is helpful. I may be there on Friday or Thursday.

Anudebeachr #104

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/16/2008 06:31:48Copy HTML

Maxe, Thanks for the info.  Foster beach parking sounds like the way ot go.  Still plan on making the trip on Thurs, and will be looking for you.I'll be in orange, or yellow, if you feel like stop and say hi.
JM_Runs #105

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/18/2008 05:30:51Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Thursday July 17.2008, at Osterman beach.
It was a gloriously hot sunny day in the Chicago area with temperatures in the low 90s F. I was there about Noon to 4pm. There were about half a dozen men in thongs/g-strings and, unfortunately, only one woman in a thong that I saw. However, the one woman that I saw later in the day was way up in the "family" area and did not seem to take any pains to conceal she wore a thong, even cavalierly getting up and walking in the water.
I spent most of my day about 1/3 of the way from the southeast end of the beach (i.e. the "gay" area) and somewhat outside of the "gay" area. People around me didn't seem to be bothered at all with my g-string.
To stave off boredom I would slip on a "regular" bikini with about 1" sides to take a walk up into the "family" area (that's how I discovered the young lady with the thong). When walking back, once I got out of the area with kids, I would discreetly slip over to near a trash container and slip off my bikini and walk the rest of the way back in just my g-string. Quite liberating!

The last 45 minutes or so I had four guys set up nearby and started throwing a football around which rolled over to me after a missed catch. I used this as an excuse to move slightly into the "gay" area as there was some ladies in skimpy bikinis there and I was ready for a change of scene.
Both locations where I set up were close enough to the water line to be easily seen by life guards, both male and female, patrolling by on foot. Even got up and passed several feet in front of a female life guard walking the water line (this happened purely by accident).
Anudebeachr #106

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/18/2008 09:12:18Copy HTML

 Hey Max,  Sorry I missed you at the beach, I was there noon till three in a yellow thong.  Water was cold as ice, talked to one of the female life guard about it while standing in my thong and she said the temp had just dropped the last couple of days.  You were spot on about the parking, nice walk in the park.  As far as thongs on that beach go?,  thongs are totally acceptable,   I think I will try a tanning thong on my next trip 
JM_Runs #107

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/19/2008 11:47:02Copy HTML

Hmmm. I don't remember seeing anyone wearing a yellow thong. Actually, I thought that the water was a little warmer than the last time I was there. How long did you talk to the female life guard? I've found that the female life guards are usually more willing to be conversant than the male life guards. I don't think it's because of the suit, because I've also talked to both genders and the result seems to be the same when I wear a regular bikini. Did you get up and walk around much?
I have a couple of mesh g-strings with a pattern printed on them to make it a little more difficult to see that they are mesh.
JM_Runs #108

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/21/2008 08:00:53Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Sunday July 20, 2008 at Osterman Beach
I didn't get to the beach until 3pm, but there were still a good number of people at the beach. Unfortunately, I saw only two other men thongers/g-stringers, and NO women. What a disappointment. However, I saw maybe three women who pulled their bikini bottoms up between their cheeks like a thong. What's up with that!? I suppose it's better than keeping their buns covered, but why not just go the thong route? Oh, well...
Due to Saturday's rains there were large areas of the beach that had very wet sand, so people were somewhat crowded into a smaller area. I picked an area that had the highest density of women, and due to the crowding I had to set up a little closer than I normally would to my neighbors. Not much of a problem. I got a couple looks, but nothing objectionable. As a matter of fact, one woman watched me when I was spreading olive oil on my body, but had a neutral expression on her face. I don't know what it is about Chicago area women, but they seem exceedingly good at this neutral expression.
As an added bonus today I saw several World War 2 era aircraft do several flights along the lakefront: a P-51, a B-25, and a B17. The P-51 made a couple quite low passes out over the water. They are, no doubt, working their way to this part of the country to end up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the Experimental Aircraft Association convention at the end of this month.


JM_Runs #109

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/21/2008 12:46:11Copy HTML

Max, the close quarters of your set up remind me of my day at Calf Pasture Beach in East Norwalk, CT, a week ago -- 8-10 feet separating groups, by far the closest I've ever experienced, and a wonderful feeling to be so open about my thong preference, and feel the total acceptance.  As I spread sun tan goop several times, I paid no attention to who might be watching -- part of my studied non-challance! -- but I can't believe it went unnoticed.  While appearing to be napping, I noted surrepticious cell phone camera action a few times as I opened an eye without without moving.  What was especially gratifying was the large number of women, many with children, who were set up nearby.  Talk about confirmation of how normal thong wearing can be!  And as it should be.

Glad to hear about the aviation aspect of your day at the beach.  It's not all about thongs; it's about what has made our day at the beach interesting while wearing thongs.  At Calf Pasture, it's also about the beautiful scenery, the sailboats offshore, the beautiful bods all around, regardless of swimwear choice.  String bikinis and boardshorts look awfully good on people who wear them well and who have admirable bodies to start with.  Thanks for your report.  
JM_Runs #110

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/23/2008 03:53:56Copy HTML

Several of my neighbors at the beach were no more than 8 feet away. I felt slightly nervous about setting up that close to people who were already there, but most were women, and one younger woman who was wearing a more conservative swimsuit of low-cut booty shorts and a bikini top was right in front of me and kept positioning herself in quite provocative positions.

I know what you mean about cell phones. There were a couple of different women who seemed to be fiddling with their phones and not talking on them. A possible indication of picture taking, but I don't care. If they send the picture(s) to their friends maybe it will help promote the cause.

There was one woman who was wearing a medium coverage bikini who openly watched me intently (but still with a neutral  expression) all the while I was slowly going through my oiling routine. I can't explain exactly why, but I really enjoy being watched while oiling down.
Yes, it is nice to enjoy other stuff going on at the beach. But, enjoying it all while wearing minimal swimwear certainly adds a certain something.
JM_Runs #111

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/23/2008 12:55:04Copy HTML

Max, plunking yourself down just 8 feet away in just a g-string, that takes guts!  At Calf Pasture I was in a thong, and the others set up 8 feet away came along after I was already there.  I just went with the flow and enjoyed it.  

Later though, when I moved down the beach and switched to my g-string, others were only 15 to 20 feet away where I plunked myself down, something new for me.  Reading your post reminds me I chose a spot with mainly women around, though I'd never thought much about why.  Thinking about it now, it was probably twofold -- must have believed they'd be more accepting than guys; and the idea of showing off to women must have appealed to me, at least subconsciously.  It was gratifying to note some of their bikinis sliding into thongs after my arrival!

Given your example, I'm going to be more observant of others' reactions when oiling up henceforth, and when adding new layers of suntan oil thru the day.  My Banana Boat without SPF is very glossy and is supposed to promote a dark tan somehow (my wife seems to detect it, commenting how dark I've become).  If I find I enjoy their stares, as you do, I'll have to consider why.  Maybe I'm not that staid yankee I've always alleged!  

Thanks for your post, helps confirm I'm human and loving life.      
JM_Runs #112

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/03/2008 07:44:14Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Saturday August 2, 2008, at Osterman beach.
I did an initial walk the length of the beach (as I usually do) walking from southeast to northwest and saw a total of about six guys in thongs or g-strings. On the trip back to the southeast part of the beach I saw a woman that I've seen there before stripping down to her thong in an area that's mostly families, but she set up fairly far inland. Not far from her and a little further inland still was a guy wearing a g-string that I've seen there before. His location is notable in that it's within fairly easy view of a lifeguard trailer.

I walked back down to the southeast part of the beach and thought that I'd set up near the edge of the gay area of the beach, but I've been wanting to set up further away from that area for some time now, and I thought "what the heck", I can't live my life in fear. So I plucked up the courage and set up some distance from, but within easy view of, the previously mentioned thonger/g-stringer.

I set up closer to the water line and about half-way between a woman in a string bikini that had about a 10 and a 12 year old kids in the water and a group of four women in their 20s in bikinis that I could hear speaking some eastern European dialect. A plus, since Europeans are typically not shaken by minimal swimwear. I was probably 15-17 feet away from each.

No sooner than I started to set up a family with about a 4 year old girl and a 10 year old boy approached so I hastened my setup and quickly stripped down to my g-string so they would know that their neighbor was suit minimal. They planted about 10 feet away and set up. Dad was wearing board shorts and mom a conservative tankini and another woman with them wore a tankini also. They appeared Hispanic. The kids and dad went to play in the water, walking right past me. No problems.

After a few minutes dad came back because he saw they could move on the other side of me closer to the water, but still only about 10 feet away. They had to walk right past me moving cooler blankets and stuff. No problems. A great feeling!
Through the day I had life guards, both duo and solo, walk right past me en route to their duty station. No problems. At one point in the day the Chicago Police showed up on their ATVs at the life guard trailer. Still no problems. I had maybe 7-8 additional people set up between 10-25 feet of me.

One couple of note where the woman was wearing a black string-side bikini. When I was walking back from a trip to the restroom I noted that she had scrunched the rear of her suit *way* up to make it equivalent to a thong. I mean she really had to work at it to get it that small. I can't help but think my wearing a g-string gave her the motivation to do that, which was a nice little ego boost. During one of my two trips to a trash can on the beach I had to walk right past them. The first time she was laying on her stomach and I walked in front of her, deliberately looking at her as I passed and gave her a little smile and a nod. She smiled back. Sweet.
Unfortunately I didn't go in the water. I guess I figured I covered enough ground for the day. During the day a lot of people walked past me, which reassured me that I could be a little more visible, and probably could have gone in the water without much hassle.

I also would like to walk a good portion of the beach wearing just my g-string. I've walked it in a portion of the gay section of the beach, but I really want to do so in some of the "regular" section too. It seems the more I do, the more I want to do. Part of it is to help the acceptance of minimal swimwear. Part of it is that it just feels so wonderfully sensual to be up and about while suit minimal, and part of it is that exhibitionist streak in me. However, I was looking at myself in the mirror while wearing my g-string (a Dore low-cut g-string with sliding pouch) and it really is quite a small suit, so I have to temper my desire with discretion.
A wonderful day at the beach!

JM_Runs #113

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/03/2008 03:31:54Copy HTML

Max, I am glad you are venturing out from the gay section of the beach to mix with the regulars.

If the thongers all hang out in the gay section people will think wearing a thong and being gay is synonymous. Getting out with the regular folk will, in time:

  -  Make you less timid

  -  Show people that thongs are not limited to just the gays or the gay zone

  -  Help you feel accepted and not ostracized

I think there is something ultimately liberating about being fully integrated into normal beach society and not acting like you expect to be an outcast.  Good going!

Keep mixing with the other beach users. You should expect a bad reaction now and again but brush it off and don’t let it get to you. You can’t please all the people all the time. Keep on thonging.

JM_Runs #114

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/04/2008 06:46:12Copy HTML

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've been wearing thongs or g-strings since the middle 80s. Along the way I've definitely tried to be a good avocate of suit minimalism, especially for men. However, the "Help you feel accepted and not ostracized" is the one that's most difficult.
For a long time I went to the most popular beaches in Chicago, and the most accepting atmosphere existed through the mid 90s. Then I gradually saw a shift in the attitudes of people and the number of morons (so we can't blame it on the current president :-) ). About 3 or 4 summers ago I discovered Osterman beach which, as I've mentioned, has an informal gay section. More importantly, from the straight perspective, the beach has a quite high percentage of Europeans who, of course, are generally much more open-minded about minimal suits.

However, through the last two decades I've learned to be careful of breeders with kids who can cause no end of grief from letting their screaming kids run rampant to giving you grief or even calling the cops, even though when they set up next to me they can see my skimpy attire, not doubt in an effort to "protect the children".
Something that I forgot to mention previously: When I was packing up to leave for the day I noticed one of the European women near me had a small digital camera aimed toward me. I have no idea how many pictures she had taken of me, but when I realized what she was doing I took a pause from packing up my backback and stood tall, pretended to brush sand off of may body, adjusting my suit, etc., all with a pert grin on my face. She
was doing this while laying next to one of the other ladies, not being overt, but not making any attempt to hide the fact she was taking a picture. I know she took a picture because I saw the flash go off, and then she brought the camera down and shielded the display so she could review the shot on the camera's screen. It closed out the day nicely for me.
Before the season is out I truly do want to get up and take a walk of some distance in just my g-string. When I've walked the water line from one edge of the gay area to the other, and I could sense/see alot of eyes on me (in a good or admiring way). Even in the quite open-minded gay area, my g-string is skimpy enough to cause a bit of a stir, so I really should be somewhat tactful when I take a walk. Though I suspect that most of my
concern or fear is unfounded, all it takes is one complainer.

However, I've walked right past life guards when taking a dip in the water without any problem. But that's still a bit different (purpose driven) than taking a longer walk, which could be interpreted as purely attention seeking. I must confess that I do very much enjoy positive attention of women (my exhibitionistic side). While I know women complain about the negative attention or comments they get when dressing sexy, I also know that they enjoy the positive attention. Similarly, I also enjoy that positive attention when I walk past a woman (or even better, a number of women) and they clearly and openly watch me pass while they're smiling, or making a quite audible positive comments to each other.
I do hope that all of this gives you folks that live in more suit mininal accepting places of how lucky you are.
JM_Runs #115

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/12/2008 04:47:05Copy HTML

Chicago beach report, Sunday August 10.2008, at Osterman beach.
Not much to report. I wasn't able to get to the beach until almost 2:30. The wind was howling out of the Northeast. There were alot of waves breaking up on the beach causing a good portion of the beach sand to be wet or have standing water. The areas where the beach was dry the sand was blowing. I set up relatively close between two couples.
One couple had a women wearing a relatively conservative biking and the guy in board shorts, the other couple had a woman wearing a small bikini with her bottoms wedged up between her cheeks and the guy wore a relatively conservative Speedo-style (regular) bikini. I figured that since the guy is wearing a bikini it would be ok to set up near them even though the quarters were tight.
During the day I went up and down the beach several times (I put on a 1" side Speedo bikini because I would be going into "family" territory) and never saw any guys in a thong or g-string. Toward the end of the day I saw a somewhat heavy younger woman wearing a conservative thong way up at the Northwest end of the beach. She way with a guy. Ironically, I had considered setting up way up there because there is a large pile of rocks that acts as an erosion "anchor" and because the wind was out of the Northeast it blocked some of the wind. I didn't set up there because it's way in family area, and there were a few kids around, but there weren't many families because of the breaking waves and there rip current cautions out. Oh well.
The couple with the smaller swimwear gave me some stares for about 10 minutes when I first set up, then it was business as usual. Although it was a lousy day weather-wise due to the blowing sand, I still got some good sun and some exposure for the thonging cause.
jjoohhnnyy #116

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/20/2008 10:57:27Copy HTML

Was at Hollywood beach yesterday.  haven't been there in a few months, but thanks to this thread I knew what to expect. 

I got there around 1, and there very few people on the beach.  I walked down the beach, only saw one other person in a thong.  He was in a black thong laying out right under one of the life guard towers between the family section and the gay part of the beach. 

I set up on the gay side of the beach.  I'm straight, but just feel a little more comfortable away from any families with kids.  Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to make the move to the other end of the beach. 

There was a mix of speedos, square cuts, and shorts.  The closest person to me was about 50 feet away. 

During the afternoon a few guys stopped and said hi, one guy asked me if i wanted to move by him and his friends but i declined. 

By two the beach was filling up.  People were starting to setup close to me. Two guys and a girl laid down about 20 feet to my left, a couple of older guys about 10 feet to my right.  I was starting to get a little nervous.  I was on laying on my stomach and decided to flip over. I looked back to see two girls and a guy had set their stuff up not five feet from my towel.  Both girls in regular bikini's and the guy in a square cut speedo.  I think they saw I was surprised since I hadn't heard them move in. 
One of the girls said hi and said something like "Don't mind us", and the other said "Hey, don't flip over just because of us. We didn't know we'd see a full moon this afternoon."  I just laughed a layed back down. 

They wanted to keep talking and asked if I'd been in the water yet and if it was cold or not.  I said I hadn't. 

About 15 minutes went by I rolled back onto my stomach I heard the three behind me jokingly cheer, I just gave them a smile.  I think they were fine with my suit and just being nice. 

A little while later, all three of them were standing over me saying they were going in the water and if I wanted to come.  I wanted to say no but blurted out sure instead.  I got up and walked to the water with them. 

We small talked while in the water.  We weren't in long, then walked back to our spots.  I laid down on my back, one of the girls didn't go back to her spot but knelt down next to me.   She asked, "So why a thong?" 
I just said something like "I like to get an all over tan but keep getting arrested when i go naked."
She laughed and I said I was kidding.
She said "I had the body for it" and then went back to her friends. 

That was about the extent of my day.  As usually on this beach not a bad comment was made to me about my suit.

I love this beach!!

JM_Runs #117

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/21/2008 05:12:53Copy HTML

Chicago beach report, Saturday August 16.2008, at Osterman beach.
It was a gloriously beautiful day Saturday. Perfect beach weather. Low humidity, very light breezes, and a few clouds. This past weekend was also the Chicago Air & Water Show, but show center is a few miles further south on the lakefront.
Throughout the day I saw only about three men and one woman in thongs/g-strings. I saw several women wedging this suits up between their cheeks like a thong. I sure which they'd just take the plunge and get a thong.
I got to the beach around 10:30 and set up fairly deep into the "family" area. People slowly trickled on to the beach. One young woman walked past me when I was laying on my stomach; I had my legs spread fairly wide to try to tan my inner thighs (well, that's the reason I'm using). After she walked past, I heard the electronic "click" of a camera on her cell phone. By the time I was able to look over my shoulder she turned and walked a few steps away to set up her blanket. Kinda nice to know a neighbor had taken a picture of me.
I stayed in the area a while and several people had set up nearby, but not very close. I had been at the beach about an hour and a half. I got up a couple of times and took a walk along the beach. Since I would be walking along the "family" area, I slipped on a string bikini that has about 6" of about 1/4" elastic on the side and shows some cheek in the back. It drew some smiling looks from some of the ladies that I passed. During one of my walks I drew a couple wolf whistles from a hispanic guy and his three buddies that were leaving (all wearing dork shorts, of course). That's ok; I got more than enough positive feedback from the ladies to know who was better off.
During one of my walks I ran into a woman that I had not seen for a couple of summers. Years ago, when I went to Oak Street Beach we struck up a casual acquaintance when she kept setting up nearby and watching me. Long story short, if we were at the beach at the same time we would usually lay out next to each other. She wasn't particularly attractive, and had a personality that I would not date, but it was nice to have a
"beach buddy", she got a nice close "view", and, as was mentioned in another thread, being with a woman gives a guy in a minimal swimsuit more crowd acceptance. (It was remarkable how much more quickly people would set up next to me when she was there).

Anyway, we decided to lay out next to each other. We went to my spot on the beach and there wasn't much going on, (read not many new women) so we moved a little fur-ther down the beach and I made a somewhat bold move of picking a spot that was only about 6 feet away from our neighbors on each side and nearer the water line. Well, immediately, one woman of what turned out to be a lesbian couple (or perhaps she was bi) was intently watching us set up right next to them. When I stripped off my string bikini she got a big smile on her face and when I looked her way gave me raised eyebrows and a big nod of approval. When I smiled back and said "hi, how ya doing?", she gave me another big nod and a "hiiii". Ok, good start!
After we had been set up in the new location about a half an hour I got a phone call that was turning into an extended conversation while laying on my stomach. Well, apparently laying that close to the ground didn't give me much signal strength, and I eventually lost the call. My friend called back, and to get a stronger signal I had to stand up, so I stood up next to my blanket. The same woman immediately noticed when I stood up and turned my way and gave me a big smile.

While talking on the phone I was facing her for at least 10 minutes and the whole time she was smiling, so I figured, "what the heck", and shifted my weight from one foot to the other, drew circles in the sand with my toes, etcetara. She obviously liked what was going on, nobody else around seemed to care what I was doing, so I clicked it up a notch or two and played with my side strings a little.
I realized the top of my sliding g-string pouch was "wide", so I scrunched it together to maximize my tan while standing. More big smiles and nods. Ok, she's obviously still liking the view, so when shifting my weight from one foot to the other I slowly did a 180 degree turn giving her a rear view. I was now facing the water, which was only about 10 feet away, and anyone walking the water line couldn't help but notice me.  There was no hiding--and it felt great! I looked over my shoulder at my neighbor. She was still watching and gave me another big smile and nod. So I spent the rest of the phone call, about 45 minutes total, standing up, doing this whole routine, slowly turning around back and forth. After ending the phone call I went to lay back down on my blanket.

At this point I concluded that nothing would offend her, and she rather enjoyed my boldness, and I wanted to work on my tan on my sides anyway, so I layed on my side with my back to her, raised my upper leg about 90 degress to my body and tucked my upper hand behind my head. It may sound uncomfortable, but if I get the right positioning it's not. But it's a very provocative position and I could almost feel her eyes scanning up and down my body.
Later in the afternoon, I thought that it would be neat to get up and walk down to the southeast end of the beach just wearing my g-string to see if I could get a better view of what may be in the air at the airshow. Well, I asked my friend if she would mind taking a walk down to the pier with me just wearing my g-sting. She said "let's go!". I figured that walking with a woman would appear less ostentatious, especially since we would be walking through the "gay" area (we were set up at the northeast edge of the gay area).

We took a casual walk to the pier. It was interesting to see some of the guys heads turn. Even walked past a family with kids playing in the water. Not too many women down that way though. We didn't get up on the pier, but stood for a few minutes look-south toward the airshow center, and it felt great! Then we slowly walked back to our blankets. It felt so liberating!
When we got back to our blankets a couple women in relatively conservative one-piece had set up between us and the water line. They gave me some neutral looks, but nothing negative.
What a wonderful day. Unfortunately I won't be able to get back there for at least a couple of weekends.
JM_Runs #118

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/21/2008 08:39:07Copy HTML

Thanks for your beach report. Isn't it great to get such positive feedback?! The thing that still amazes me is that Chicago is such a major city with over 3 million people, yet minimal swimsuits are definitely in the minority. I've lived here since 1990 and it still blows my mind. This city seems to have a hard edge, and I think that's what keeps women (and men) from wearing thongs/g-strings. Too many moron guys at the beach that act out their moronocity when they see a woman in a skimpy suit. They don't even realize their hurting their future possibilities of seeing a woman in skimpy swimwear.
jjoohhnnyy #119

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/21/2008 10:41:17Copy HTML


Tuesday was really the first time I talked or had a conversation with someone in my thong besides a few "hi's" or "hello's".  I catch people staring a lot.  I love watching people walking down the beach, then they reallize what i'm wearing and change course to walk past me to get a better look.  I get nervous and excited at the same time.  It's a great feeling!  I've only worn a thong with a fairly small front, thinking of upgrading to a g-string.  Do you know anywhere in the city to buy one?  I hate shopping on line. 

Next time I'm at the beach, I think I'm going to try setting up right by the water, like you said, no hiding there!  I think I'll lay down right on the edge of the gay section then take that walk over to the pier.  Always wanted to walk to the end of that thing in just my thong.  Next time I'm there, I think I just might do it.  I guess I better hurry, summer's almost over.

See you out there!

JM_Runs #120

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/21/2008 11:51:32Copy HTML

Jjoohhnnyy, it's great to read about your growing comfort level and how your careful behavior is sending positive signals to the public at large about us thongers/stringers being good guys.  Meet the challenge and enjoy!  Having spent all day yesterday at the beach in RI in my string among regular folks, I can easily empathize with your state of mind, for I know the work it took me to reach this comfort level.  Congrats!
JM_Runs #121

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/25/2008 02:47:22Copy HTML

I was there in my blue Speedo thong today.  There were two other thongers laying near me.  One of them had what looked like an orange or pink skinny side thong.  He must have been a photographer as I saw him pull out what looked like a very expensive camera and took some photos of the coast line and buildings.  I wanted to ask him where he bought his suit, but never got the chance.  If I had to guess, it came from skinzwear.com or prevailsport.com....
chithonger #122

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:12/30/2008 05:19:40Copy HTML

Just curious ... Has anyone done the Chicago Polar Bear Plunge in their thong? I'm thinking of doing it this year. The Web site says "no nudity" is allowed, and obviously a thong swimsuit is not nudity, but I'm wondering if it might be too much.
Popeye1 #123

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:12/30/2008 03:39:12Copy HTML

A friend of ours (male) did the penguin  plunge in Burlington vt in a thong a few years ago. there was a photo of him in the local paper from the back with "Hi Ma"printed on his cheeks. he set a record for fundraising by making it clear he would wear a thong. He also received one of the loudest cheers that day. I'll see if I can find a photo. He keeps trying to get Olive and I to do it with him...... I have no problem with the thong part, it's the 32 degree water part that's a deal breaker for us. Peace Popeye
JM_Runs #124

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:12/30/2008 05:11:02Copy HTML

Fantastic, Popeye1, wish I had the guts to do that at the 'run and plunge' I'm joining this Thursday in CT.  I'll look out for thongs and report back, though I expect I'll be the most briefly dressed in my red Speedo Solar and Santa's hat.  This one is just for fun, so there's no incentive to 'dare to bare' for charity's sake.  The water is expected to be 40 degrees, a far cry from the 68 degrees I usually encounter in Bermuda on New Year's Day. 

Chithonger, I'd say go for it if you're comfortable with 'mild' exhibitionism.  I won't dare at my event, as my wife and friends will be there, cameras ready.  At 34, you're still in the range to pull it off.  At 65, I'm supposed to know better!     
stanpuppy #125

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:12/30/2008 08:30:57Copy HTML

Wife and I love Osterman beach.  I filed a previous report from our one and only excursion out there about a year ago.  We are from the northeast and dont get to chicago often. When we did, we made it a point to get out to Osterman.  We were there in the middle of the day on a thursday afternoon, and there were not alot of people there.   Wife went topless the entire day and wore the bottom of her wicked weasel 449 g-string.  I wore a matching blue joe snyder rio thong.  No hassles, no problems, not even a second glance. Absolultely awesome experience.  Actually, we were noticed less here then when we go to south beach.  Probably because of the gays on the beach. Unlike in miami, where the gay men wear speedos or squarecuts, the gay men on Osterman were pretty much all in thongs.  I think on that day there were about 6 male thongers, along with me.  Wife was the only woman in a G or thong (albiet she was one of the few women on the beach that day.  We had a gay couple take a pic of us as we were about to leave for the day.  The pic is actually posted on our flickr account.


Wish we had a philadelphia version of Osterman beach....we would be there all the time.  Max...you are lucky you have that beach near by.  We have to drive about 2 hours to Sandy Hooks Gunnison beach to have a similar experience
JM_Runs #126

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:01/05/2009 05:57:13Copy HTML

I disagree with your statement "the gay men on Osterman were pretty much all in thongs".
It's been my experience most of the men in the gay area on Osterman beach are in
regular bikinis or square cuts. That's not to say that there aren't any thongers in the gay
area. However, one must be careful about assessing whether a person is gay or not. I will
sometimes go down to that area, or adjacent to it, when I think that there are too many
kids in the middle or northwestern part of the beach. (and I'm straight)
This past summer I didn't get to the beach nearly as often as I would have liked, but made
some attempts to set up more often in the middle of the beach, or even in the northwest-
ern third. I saw a few female thongers in the "family" area of the beach this year. Plus,
there was one guy I saw that always wore a g-string that set up far from the water line
and within easy view from the park's grassy area and the lifeguard trailer. Suffice to say
that there area more thong and g-strings migrating to the northwest areas of the beach.
(see some of my previous beach reports)
It might also be noted that this past summer I saw some thongs at Foster Avenue Beach,
which is about a 10-15 minute walk south of Osterman. Not many, but occasionally 1 to
3 at the north end of the beach (families tend to gather near the south end because it's
near the concession area).

I'm not that close to Osterman. It takes me almost 2 hours to get there. Getting there is a
Can't say that I would do the "polar bear plunge". I guess I may be more temperature
sensitive, but it's enough of a shock for me when the springtime lake michigan water
temperature is around 50 degrees.


stanpuppy #127

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:01/05/2009 07:18:55Copy HTML

sorry max.  Didnt mean to generalize.  I often do the exact same thing...wear my thong in the gay section.  Just much more accepted and arouses less looks.  Sometimes i get hit on, but that is easy enough to dismiss.   I simply say, I'm not gay...and discussion is over
JM_Runs #128

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/01/2009 08:37:47Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Sunday, June 28, 2009, at Osterman Beach
It's hard to believe that this is the first time that I've been able to get to the beach.
Between commitments that I have and the unseasonably cool Spring we've had
it's been a real chore to get to the beach and I've really missed it.
Got to the beach a little after noon and took a walk the length of the beach to scope
it out. No thongs, but a couple of women mid-beach had their string bikini bottoms
wedged up between their cheeks like a thong. When I see that I feel like approach-
ing them and encouraging them to go to a thong but don't, of course, because there
is no way that would come off well.
I ended up locating at the edge of the "gay area" mainly because there was a beach
buddy already located there. She told me that she had been down to Oak Street Beach
a few times this year and there wasn't anything going on there in terms of suit minimal
Where we were set up was about 10 feet from the water line. The wind was horrible
and gusts would kick up sand and got sand in, over, and on everything. I might as
well have just laid out on the sand and not bothered with laying out a towel.
There was a man, who I think was gay, with a cute younger woman, probably in her
20s, less than 10 feet away. She seemed to enjoy watching me but was very casual
about it. She was wearing a cute string bikini. We had a number of people come and
go around us. Most possibly gay males, but when I came back from a walk there was
a couple that set up near us with two young girls, maybe 8 and 9 years old. I had
some concern, because they did not know what type of suit that I wore (a Dore low-
cut sliding g-string) and I wasn't there when they arrived, so they didn't know what
their neighbor's suit preference was. Both mom and dad eventually saw me and the
dad walked past me a couple of times. It was no big deal. I don't know if the girls
every saw me, but if they did there was no reaction.
I had several life guards, both male and female, stroll by on foot patrol and at least
three clearly saw me and there was absolutely no reaction. Nice to know g-strings
are still ok. Maybe there's hope for the Chicago area after all. If we can only get
the movement to gain momentum and spread.
I took a walk three times during the afternoon (wearing a string bikini with about
a 6" side elastic and moderate front & rear coverage) and saw only one young woman
in a thong, and she was actually up and playing paddle ball with another woman in
a regular bikini right in the middle of the family area. I only saw two other guys
wearing a thong. However, one of them was way up near the northwest end (which
is at the northern end of the family area) no doubt trying to take some shelter from
the wind near a pile of rocks. The other was late in the day and he was mid-beach
near a staffed lifeguard chair. Guess I'm going to have to make it a point to lay out
closer to mid-beach. I may even have to pluck up some courage and lay out
at the very northern end, since I've seen a couple thongs there, both male and
female, and some pretty skimpy bikinis on the ladies.
Nice to know there's at least one beach in this mega-city that is still thong/g-string
friendly. I mentioned before that I'm going to try to set up more of a distance from
the gay area of the beach, so this year is the year I'm going to do it.
143741 #129

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/01/2009 11:27:10Copy HTML

I could be coming down anytime between the 9-21, to interview in Palatine for a job, so if that occurs, will definetely come to osterman.
stanpuppy #130

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/01/2009 08:01:56Copy HTML

WHen we were in chicago, I found Oak st to be thong ambivalent.  I wore a square cut, cuz i was not comfortable in a thong.  My wife wore a thong (she was the only one the entire day).  She got a couple of (appreciative ..mostly) looks, but nobody said anything.  We absolutely loved Osterman beach.  I wore nothing but thongs and wife was topless/micro g-string the entire time.  A completely progressive beach with a great attitude.  If i lived in chicago, i would only go to Osterman beach, and wouldnt even bother with any others
JM_Runs #131

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/02/2009 08:24:55Copy HTML

I agree with you that Osterman is one of the best places to thong/g-string, and even
topfree in Chicago, and it is enjoyable to have that sense of freedom, but I am torn that by
not going suit minimal at the other beaches & that we are not promoting the cause and, in
essence, are giving up. However, I also have the feeling that I've "done my time" for
the cause because I wore g-string at Oak Street and North Avenue all through the 90s
and in to the early 2000s. So, while I'm trying not to sound like I'm bragging or a
prima donna, I think I've "earned" my time to enjoy a much more open-minded beach
like Osterman. Yet, I feel the need to push the cause forward.
Perhaps, for my part, a good compromise would be to go to Osterman and be "more
visible", such as doing more of what the usual beach goer would do, like take some
trash to a nearby trash container (which I have sometimes already done), stand (in-
sead of lay) while talking on my cell phone, take a walk along the water line (away
from parents with kids) but venture a little further into the more densely populated
area of the beach, all while wearing only my g-string.
By the way, last year when I went to the beach in the middle of the week I parked down
near Foster Avenue beach (a 10-15 minute walk south of Osterman) and when I was
transiting Foster Avenue beach I saw two women and one man in a thong in the
northern half of the beach. Of course during the week it tends to be less crowded.
Perhaps this is a trend that is now starting in the northern beaches and pushing south?
One can only hope. Also, last year I went to Foster Avenue beach once with my girl-
friend on a weekend and I wore a string bikini (not g-string) with about 6" of elastic
string on the side. (she doesn't like me wearing a thong or g-string around her, which
is a whole other discussion) However, I kept hiking up the rear of my suit between my
cheeks until, by the end of the afternoon, it was pretty much like a thong. It didn't
seem to cause much of a stir (we were at the very northern part of Foster Avenue
beach) and, as a matter of fact, I got some admiring looks from a couple ladies
around us. Of course I think it helps to have a woman at your side.
So maybe this is progress and maybe it isn't. It is so frustrating. If the ladies could
only come to better know how men are oppressed in certain areas such as this...
but of course that's not "politically correct" to point out these days. Argh!

JM_Runs #132

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/03/2009 02:18:54Copy HTML

 I'll probably be there this coming Sunday if the weather is good.  I'm usually on the south end of the beach.
JM_Runs #133

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/14/2009 07:50:53Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Sunday, July 12, 2009, at Foster Ave Beach. Monday, July 13 at Osterman Beach.
Went to Foster Avenue beach with my girlfriend on Sunday. Because I was with my
girlfriend the least I could wear was my red string bikini with 6" elastic sides. Didn't
see any thongs in the area, or when arriving or leaving. However, I didn't make any trips
to the restroom or concession stand or take a walk while we were there (about 5 hours).
However, did see alot of skimpy bikinis on women and even a handful of "regular"
bikinis (aka Speedos) on men. I had a several admiring looks from female neighbors
throughout the day. Of course, once again, it probably helps that I was with a woman
and not solo. It's amazing how readily women will ogle you or even smile at you when
you are wearing a skimpy swimsuit when I am with my girlfriend.
I had Monday off of work, so I went to the beach by myself and went to Osterman.
First of all, let me say that there is one guy who has almost always been there practically
every day that I have gone to Osterman Beach. He sets up right in the middle of the "gay"
area of the beach and has always worn a *very* small g-string. Even the strings are very
small. As you might guess the guy is *very* tan. Last year and this year he's been setting
up a wind fence around his area. Today he was joined by two other guys in g-strings.
I set up half way between the lifeguard trailer and the restrooms, about 15 feet from the
water line. It was nice to have some time to even up--or practically eliminate--my tan
line (I wear a Dore low-cut sliding g-string) and it felt great to be so bare again.
I was there from a little after noon to 6 o'clock. Even at 6:00 the sun was still intense
and warm (it was severe clear, with no haze) but the lake breeze was starting to get a
little chilly to me.
I had a number of neighbors that came and went. No problems at all. Once when I
was laying on my back with my suit scrunched narrow and my legs spread fairly
wide--wider than shoulder width (gotta tan those inner thighs, ya know)--and my
eyes closed, a couple guys walked right by and one said "can you believe that guys
suit!?"; "oh, man, where's his woman?". Certainly not the worst comment I've ever
About half a dozen times throughout the day I slipped on my string bikini (the one I
wore the day before) over my g-string to take a full walk of the beach. Through the
day I saw three other guys that wore thongs. I didn't see any women in thongs, but
there were a good number with skimpy cheeky rio style backs and maybe half a
dozen women pulled them up between their buns like a thong. I did get a few
smiles from women as I passed them, presumably in response to my suit. Too bad
they didn't know what lay underneath.
Once when I came back from a walk there was a new couple that had set up nearby
my blanket (from the conversations I overheard, they were just friends). This always
causes me some concern, because they don't know the swimsuit preference of their
neighbor. I approached my blanket and just slipped off my larger suit just like I would
if there weren't there. Once, when I was laying on my stomach and facing their direc-
tion, the woman gave me a smile, then turned around.
I went in the water about three times and took some trash to a receptacle on the beach
a couple of times only wearing my g-string. All in all a good day with perfect tanning
weather. The only thing I could've  wished for would to be surrounded by more
people--especially women people :-) --but it was pretty typical for a weekday.

SlidingG #134

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:07/14/2009 11:44:08Copy HTML

Max, when I'm with my wife at the beach, she prefers I wear a moderate thong rather than the tan-thru sliding g-string I prefer for getting an overall tan.  On those occasions, to avoid unwanted tanlines, I apply high SPF sunscreen, at least in the area around the suit.  Hate to do it, of course, since the darker tan the better, but I love having her company and it's the price I'm willing to pay on such occasions.  Something you might consider when your girlfriend accompanies you to the beach.

With a week at Whistler coming soon, and expecting nice outdoor pools at the Fairmont, I'm suspect the g-string will be too extreme.  I may throw in the towel and opt for a thong tanline for once.  But I'll take the g along just in case.  May get to Wreck Beach in Vancouver on the way home.  Good chance to erase any tanlines.    
JM_Runs #135

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/03/2009 01:25:11Copy HTML

 Chicago beach report, Sunday, August 2, 2009, at Osterman Beach.
A beautiful day for sunbathing. Temperatures were in the 70s, but a crystal clear blue sky gave plenty of warmth interspersed with scattered clouds.
Arrived at Osterman beach a little after noon and my first reconnoiter of the beach showed a couple guys in thongs. I decided to set up about mid beach in the area in front of the life guard trailer. Due to people already set up near the water line I had to set up a bit of a distance from the water line which put me in easy view of the lifeguard trailer. As I started to set up there was a young couple (maybe early 20s) set up a little further inland from me who both wore thongs and were definitely within sight of the lifeguard trailer. 
Later in the day when I slipped on a string bikini over my g-string to take a walk when I got way up at the North end of the beach I saw a buff guy wearing a thong. This is very much a family area, but there is a short, maybe 50 foot, stretch of beach North of a pile of rock where there are never any familys set up. However, often there are a lot of Europeans in this area. I may just have to try setting up in this area the next time I go to the beach. Throughout the day I say several women with skimpy bikinis scrunch their bottoms up between their cheeks like a thong.
Although I didn't get "up and about" much, it was still a nice day and didn't really hear any negative comments of people walking by even though I was well in "family area", but not near kids; however, I did have several familys walk right past me en route to setting up some-where else. All in all a very good day. Looks like Osterman remains
the place to go for thonging. Anyone been to any of the other beaches in the Chicago area?

greatone2x #136

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/04/2009 02:19:53Copy HTML

I checked out Hollywood beach for the first time this sunday.  Saw a few guys in thongs and a lady in a Microthong.  Her boyfriend was actually fully naked which was a bit odd to see.  I laid out in my Joe Synder thong for a while and got a nice tan.  It was nice to see a few people in skimpier swimsuits.  Didn't get bothered once and a bunch of people walked by.  I will check it out again if I get a chance.  

JM_Runs #137

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/04/2009 03:47:49Copy HTML

Was the lady in the microkini the one in front of the life guard trailer? If that's
the one I was set up between them and the water line. I think her boyfriend
actually had a skimpy thong on. Although it's difficult to tell when a suit
gets to a certain "stage of skimpyness".  :-)  That's why I always try to wear
a suit in bright colors.

greatone2x #138

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/04/2009 10:33:39Copy HTML

Yeah, he went from that to naked though.  When we walked up to the beach I noticed her in the thong then he like turned over and I saw a bit too much lol.  I was kinda sad though I didn't see to many other folks thonging.
JM_Runs #139

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/05/2009 05:34:25Copy HTML

 Wow. Unfortunately, like JM_Runs has said, that's the sort of thing that can cause crack-downs if the wrong person sees it. However, maybe this beach is even more open-minded than I thought.
Perhaps I should get up and about wearing just my g-string. When I walk the full length of the beach I slip on a string bikini over my g-string. While it may be a bit much to expect to walk the full length in my g-string, especially past the kiddies, I might start taking some shorter strolls along the water line in just my g-string. I've also been tempted to walk out to the end of the pier and back if there's not too many people on it.

troggshollow #140

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2009 07:24:10Copy HTML

 Ironically I was at Hollywood this past Sunday (with my husband and 3 kids), wearing a thong suit, and some young thing came up to me and asked me to cover up. She said I was distracting and I should "put some pants on". Mind you, she not only boldly approached me, but did so while I was carrying my youngest (just a baby) and looking for my other kids' ball that had blown away in the outrageous wind - I was hardly parading myself around just for show. I was SO ticked. Like I didn't have better things to worry about. Seriously though, I would like to come back - is it really as thong friendly as I hear? Because my experience proved otherwise and was pretty upsetting. It's taken me a while to get comfortable out in public and this kinda put a damper on that. Maybe I was at the wrong part of the beach?
stanpuppy #141

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2009 07:28:27Copy HTML

thongs run rampant at hollywood beach. My wife and i both wore them right in the central part of the beach in midday and nobody said a word.  In fact, she was topless pretty much the whole day.  I would have told the chick to kiss off!!!   Where was your husband during this?  If somebody would have said that to my wife, it would not have passed so easily.  Dont be discouraged....keep thonging....
troggshollow #142

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2009 08:06:28Copy HTML

Thanks stanpuppy! My husband was actually out in the lake washing sand out of the other 2 kids' eyes, so he didn't even know it was happening. I'll have to come out again and give it another shot. I did tell her if I was distracting she shouldn't look  - maybe I should have asked her to help me find the ball
greatone2x #143

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/11/2009 11:06:43Copy HTML

Wow... I plan to go back in my thong as soon that sad that someone would bug you... but I would have just ignored her.  No one bugged me when I was there.
JM_Runs #144

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/12/2009 05:22:03Copy HTML

That's pretty bizarre. If you read some one of my previous beach reports for 2009 you'll
see that during one of my visits to Osterman beach I saw a couple of women wearing
thongs up in the family area, which is about the northwestern third  to half of the beach.
I've worn a skimpy g-string mid-beach and just a couple of weekends ago was set up
in front of the life guard trailer. I've had life guards (both male and female) walk right
past me on multiple occasions without any problems whatsoever. Yes, Osterman is
really very thong (and g-string and topless) friendly. Being a guy I do have to be a bit
more discreet, but I have set up mid-beach and then walked from my blanket to the
southeast pier and back just wearing my g-string.
This is just a thought: if this "young thing" was a teenager, could some of her companions
have put her up to this? When some young people get together they have a pack men-
tality, and to gain perceived status they'll pick up on anything that stands out of the
ordinary and blow it out of proportion and egg each other on. Perhaps she did this on a
dare? Who knows?
I know what you mean about the wind. I was down at Foster Avenue beach on Sunday
and got a regular coating of sand on me driven by the wind. Didn't see any thongs, but
saw quite a few skimpy-backed cheeky bikinis on the women, and I did see a couple of
guys wearing bikinis. (I really really hope we're turning the corner on these board shorts)
Don't give up on Osterman.

Le Flambeur #145

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/13/2009 07:04:54Copy HTML

Went to Osterman today, Thurs Aug 13, late morning.  I was there about a year ago [On a Fri I think] and the beach was full of families so I felt uncomfortable about wearing a thong.   Today is a beautiful day and the beach was very sparsely occupied.  I don't know where the gay area ends, but I was midway between the central lifeguard station and the next one east, about as far back from the shore as where the trash cans are located.

I don't like to be out in the sun for too long at a time, so I was there for only about an hour.  Not too many people, but no extreme beachwear as far as I could tell.  A guy sat down about 20 ft from me, then approached and asked if could make a sketch of me.  I declined and he apologized for the intrusion and went away down the beach.  Otherwise, problem free.
JM_Runs #146

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:08/14/2009 04:02:06Copy HTML

 Osterman is usually pretty sparsely populated during the week. The maximum number of people during the week peaks in the early afternoon, around 1 to 2 pm. The gay area is roughly from in front of the restrooms and to the southeast to the pier.
It amazes me that a city the size of Chicago doesn't pack it beaches with people on a beautiful day like today, especially when the winters can be so long and brutal. I sure wish I could've played hookie from work today
and hit the beach!
The guy requesting to sketch you is a bit out of the ordinary. Can't say that I've ever experienced that or seen that at any Chicago area beach.
Where you were located and to the southeast is where you usually will see suit-minimal people located (and I don't consider thongs to be extreme), but I have also seen them, mainly on women, from where you were and to the northwest. I've even seen a topless young woman and her boyfriend up near the highrise buildings. Plus, a couple weekends ago I saw a guy wearing a thong way up at the northwest end to the left of the large pile of rocks.
Don't be too self-conscious if you're the only one wearing a thong in your area. As we've said, Osterman is very thong friendly. Next time take a walk along the beach and you might be pleasantly surprised by the presence of more fellow thongers.
Thanks for the report.
288988 #147

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

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though not on the osterman subject, I would love to be down there, when the AVP beach volleyball is at Oak Street area. Unfrortunatelt, that is when I start refereeing football. This is later for this event, has been in July. Could be warm or cold. Just want to see if more bikinis are at the beaches, and the ladies little suits, are as close to a thong as they will allow.
JM_Runs #148

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

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I'm kind of surprised that they are having it rather late in the summer, (8/27-30) but we still should have some warm weather. The previous times that I've noticed pro beach volleyball came to Chicago it was at North Avenue beach, so I wonder why the venue change.

Oak Street has always had plenty of bikinis on ladies, but if you'll check out my (and others) previous reviews has become very thong unfriendly. Very sad, especially when Oak Street was considered the Riviera of the midwest. I spent alot of time there in a g-string during the mid 90s.
Yes, the pro ladies volleyball suits seem to keep getting skimpier and skimpier (I've been watching it on TV). Unfortunately, that does not necessarily translate to the general womens population due to alot of reasons, mainly sociological and psychological.
Also, I obviously doesn't translate to the men's volleyball suit. Man, when I'm watching beach volleyball on TV and they go from a womens match to a mens match it's like stepping back to the dark ages. The irony is that, whether the guys wear a tank top or not, they wear the waistline of their board shorts so low on their hips that they're at the level a bikini waistline would be at. But, or course, they look like bloomers from there on down to their knees. I just don't see how they can feel comfortable playing in the heat in half-pants. I'm going to make a post in another category about me designing a bikini for playing volleyball.
Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the pro volleyball at Oak Street. If I do I'm very tempted to wear a bikini in the stands.
greatone2x #149

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/10/2009 02:24:33Copy HTML

Went to the beach this monday wonderful 70 degrees with fog.. ugh cleared up for a bit and worked on what little I could in my red Joe snyder thong to end the summer.  It was a bummer of a summer but at least I made it to the beach 2 times.  I was the only one at Osterman beach in a thong while I was there.
JM_Runs #150

Re:The beaches of Chicago - Bryn Mawr - Hollywood - Kathy Osterman - Montrose etc.

Date Posted:09/15/2009 09:04:55Copy HTML

 Yeah, always a bummer when summer comes to an end around here.  I'm going to try to go this weekend one last time.  I am happy with my tanlines this year.
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