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Date Posted:07/16/2018 03:55:07Copy HTML

Maybe this belongs elsewhere, but it seems that there are a lot less negative thong reports now than there were a few years ago.  Maybe this indicates that thongs are more acceptable than before.  It seems that there was a lot more "man gets arrested in thong" type stories, maybe one or more a week.  Now there are very few such reports.
JM_Runs #1

Re:There seem to be fewer thong news now than in the past

Date Posted:07/16/2018 12:54:02Copy HTML

 I think you are right. As moderator I read a lot of the posts on this board. I also have a google news search trigger that gives me a daily email when the word "Thong" appears on a news site. 

By far the most common trigger is by news sites that boost clicks by doing celebrity gossip and photos. Most of these are "Famous women xxxx was seen in xxxx rocking a thong." There is nothing like a women in a thong to spur click curiosity. 

There are also many mentions of "Thong" in the news are because "Thong" is also a person's name in some parts of the world.

I too have noticed less news reports of people being arrested for simply wearing a thong in public. I suspect there are several forces at play, starting with thongs becoming more accepted, followed by more sensible responses, like politely asking people to cover up rather than call the police. 

Sometimes the word thong is included in a news report, as incidental to the reason for arrest, not the cause. This is a good trend. 

I also notice that many men are posting about being worried about a negative response to wearing a thong, and their pleasant surprise when nobody cares, or they get perfectly normal interactions, or even complements. 


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