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Date Posted:01/21/2019 04:47:07Copy HTML

I see all sorts of specialty guide books on the market.  The most popular are probably pet friendly motel/hotels, but there are others such as hotels with 4 and 5 start restaurants, Great city center lodging, Places near fishing, family friendly motels, etc.

Maybe someone on this board, or a group of people could get together and create a thong-friendly motel guide.  Establishments could be contacted by e-mail and places where thongers are welcome could respond.  Open the list so even motels who do not permit thongs themselves can specify thong friendly public beachs and pools within the immediate area.

Collect the data together and publish it on line.  Have feedback available so if a place either lies about being thong friendly or changes their rules can be marked as such, and if too many such reports occur in a given time, kick them off the list.

A gay friend said 10-15 years ago, there was such a list published for places where gays and lesbians could find friendly accomodations.

Such a list would take time to organize at the start, manage on going, and evaluate reviews and contact owner/managers.  Still, the presence of such a list might help other places to realize that thongs are not a fashion that they should control.

Peraps someone at one of the Sun Splash events might be interested in thinking this out a little more.

JM_Runs #1

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/21/2019 07:54:06Copy HTML

Maybe we could update the idea for the internet age, and have people who know, or who have recently visited a location, post updated information.   I wonder how that would work.

ThingThong #2

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/22/2019 07:34:58Copy HTML

It would work like this:https://www.beach-thong.com/

csnipwb #3

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/22/2019 11:04:36Copy HTML


Kudus for throwing that together so quickly!

That might be just what we need.

Maybe a spot in the suit types  for no suit?


ithongit #4

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/23/2019 06:46:21Copy HTML

All I can say is WOW! This looks like a great start. I like the map feature. If I am in Kansas, for example, I might find a place over in Missouri. This eliminates the need to know if you are coastal or inland, etc. It still would be nice to have the places addressed by city/state - province/county. Also having a spot for website might be helpful to some I do wonder who would administer such a website, and how corrections (such as location pointers in wrong place) could be fixed. I also think maybe a section on specific rules would be good. Places with the "as long as nobody complains" or where enforcement of anti-thong rules is lacking should have some way to indicate what is acceptable and when it is acceptable. For example, a lake where thonging is permitted but not technically legal could be marked "Thonging Traditionally Acccepted but not technically legal". Other marks could be "Thong Friendly" (People don't care if you wear one), "Thong Tolerant" (Thonging accepted but some might have issues), etc. Someone needs to think this list through a bit. A list, to choose from would be better than letting people make up their own description, simply to keep things uniform. A special notes section might also be valuable. Information like "Rules do not permit men to wear thongs", "Thonging normal is at left side of beach" or "Thongs only permitted on during adult open swim hours" or would be helpful. The chart defining swimwear types is good. Why not permit people to include "Other swimwear observed". As a woman, I would not wear a sock, but may see some at a specific park where they are permitted. A man reading the information might appreciate the fact others have seen men wearing his choice in swimwear. Another example -- I might also wear a conservative thong for some reason, but see other women in cheeky thongs or thong-front G-strings. Multiple posts where people indicate what they have seen may help others to understand the general mood of the location. Please don't take my comments negatively. Getting opinions about improvements should be welcome, and the earlier any improvements can be made, the sooner other thongers can benefit from them. Again -- Great Job! Hope this can open a new way to share information about places where thongs can be worn! Traci
Martylouie #5

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/23/2019 02:11:59Copy HTML

Perhaps JM could create another category for work on a Thonger’s hGreenbook. The topics only would be pertinent to the thongers guide to the galaxy. Another board I used to visit did something like that to create a better subwoofer for touring.
Vega1210 #6

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/23/2019 11:46:28Copy HTML

love this idea but also have to be really careful. for example i'm in south carolina and when i saw a place that was close by i figured it had to be NC. nope it has folly beach marked as a location for thongs. You might be able to get away if law enforcement doesn't show up. But if they do its not legal as in the state of SC you can not wear a thong in a public area.
csnipwb #7

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/23/2019 11:59:19Copy HTML

I have layed out in g-strings for several years at the far end overlooking the lighthouse. Never had a problem. A Folly Beach officer roared by on a souped up 4 wheeler one day and just waved at me. They say if you are naked they will give you a chance to cover up. I have not tried that but have seen a few guys walk around full nude in front of everbody without a worry all day and not have a problem.

If we stick to know facts then this will be a good reference, if not then it is just a waste of time.


lindros #8

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/24/2019 03:46:10Copy HTML

Vega1210: There are no state codes that prohibit thongs in South Carolina. However there are some townships that have ordinances which prohibit them (e.g., Myrtle Beach, Surfside, etc..).
32189 #9

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/27/2019 04:25:57Copy HTML

I like the idea however it seems very difficult for one author to compile data on the vast number of hotels and motels in the US as well as the laws specific to each state or city. I think a book explaining good places to thong would be a good reference but by no means should be taken as law. Each person should be responsible for knowing their area or the area where they intend to thong. I like the idea of writing a book or having a resource. It sounds terrific! I actually have an outline that I have been preparing and updating for several years for a potential book that I could entitle The Thong Guide. It would cover some social and psychological aspects of thonging in public in relation to public view.
ithongit #10

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/27/2019 07:54:04Copy HTML

They have similar guides to hot springs and more guides to swimming holes. The swimming hole guide is online and lists things like location (without the neat map) GPS coordinates, a description of the spot (late, stream, old gravel pit or whatever), etc. A column lists possible clothing options such as "clothing optional" or "no thongs permitted." I think the intent of such a guide for thonging would be to let thongers share places they have either seen or worn thongs with little or no editorial comments. I agree that such a guide could not list every motel and hotel in the country (AAA lists thousands in their guide books but only skims the surface.) I also agree that even with the guide book, it would still be the responsibility of each thonger to check local rules & regulations and to make their own decisisions on where and when thongs might be appropriate -- just like they do now. We already have this for coastal, inland, european, etc., as well as some listing about motel and hotel chains and specific motels and hotels. We as the user must decide what sounds interesting, and where asking about thongs might be necessary. The listing on this board tend to often be story related (most of mine are) and also a lot of questions and sometimes answers. These features should not be used in a world-wide thong friendly place listing website. The only thing that might need supervision is people who give the wrong locations (and let others say when they are wrong). Also people who abuse the system might need to be kicked off, just like JM must do to some on this website. There are a lot of places where thonging can happen which nobody either knows about or which occurs off-hours or when supervisory or law enforcement personnel are too busy or simply don't care to take actions. A guide like this might help us identify places where these things happen on a regular basis. I think the on-line version Mary proposes and which ThingThong illustrates a start on makes sense (little management required) and if we are lucky, the list might guide people to more thong friendly places or at least areas where thong are more tollerated. Such a list might also help us to stay away from places where thongs are not as likely to be permitted. Again, we would have to evaluate the particulars of the posts and decide what is meaningful to our interests and what is not.
MBareAs #11

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/28/2019 09:05:16Copy HTML

A few Google Maps photos of myself wearing thongs, from 2014 and 2016... 49,728 views.




Shot in Ontario-Canada-Eh! where thongs are allegedley 'legal', though local 'rules'/policy may vary.

Yeah, these have been on the internet four-five years now, and no one to my knowledge has clicked on 'report a problem'...

Perhaps all of us -might- build a 'thong' guide - of sorts.

There is a possibility of submitting reviews, in google maps...

I don't know how/if one can 'display' pins to all locations associated with reviews containing a location described as 'thong friendly'...

Perhaps someone more savy with google map features might comment...?

Ideally, the first to submit a thong photo for the park/area in question would do so in front of a sign identifying it...

If enough pictures were posted by 'everyone' who frequented a venue, the 'rangers'/staff would be more em-bare-assed explaining why thongs were 'not allowed'...


MBareAs #12

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/30/2019 06:54:34Copy HTML

In google maps via the right click menu while my cursor was over a map location, I selected 'add a missing place' and titled it 'Thongable Location'... I subsequently received this email: "The information you provided about Thongable Location is being reviewed. Thanks for taking the time to add it to Google Maps. We'll let you know once the changes are published. You can see the status of your edit in Your Contributions." Then shortly afterwards received this email: "Based on your suggestion, the listing for Thongable Location has been added to the map. See your addition. Note that some changes might take up to 24 hours before appearing on Google. Thank you for improving Google Maps! Your insights make it a better, more useful map for everyone." I went back into google maps, and zoomed way out to show most of North America, and successfully searched for 'Thongable Location': "Thongable Location 2109 County Rd 12, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0 ontarioparks.com (613) 393-3319" I would appreciate if a few others would try a search as well, and perhaps try adding other valid Thongable Locations for me to test... Sandbanks provincial park, in Ontario, is 'awesome' for anyone who might want to thong, IMO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandbanks_Provincial_Park 'Thongable Location' could be replaced with some other unique text, as far as I am concerned. I appears that searching on just 'Thongable' will not find the new place I have defined. Too bad, as this might force all new places to have the same name??? Personally I like 'Thongabled', as it constrasts with 'Disabled'... which is how I might define those who don't thong. More experimentation to be done...
wr1944 #13

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/30/2019 07:03:36Copy HTML

My Google Maps could not understand the term Thongable Location. I tried to get Sandy Hook, NJ on the map but it failed.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Thong Friendly Guide Book(s)

Date Posted:01/30/2019 07:33:08Copy HTML

Maybe the terms "Thong Beach", "Thong Pool" and "Thong Park" might be simpler. Also more likely terms used by people on Google looking for a place to thong.
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