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Date Posted:01/04/2004 07:50:48Copy HTML

I would like to start a thread on hotels that we "know" are thong friendly. I travel alot and would appreciate knowing what hotels are ok to thong at and which ones are not. Any reports or info would be much appreciated by all those traveling around and would possibly help in the planning of a trip. In letting us know of a thong friendly hotel please list the approx. date of experience due to the fact that hotel management changes alot and a thong policy can change quickly.The Adam's Mark Hotel in Houston Texas. This is a great hotel! I questioned the staff before I went to the pool. I was told to wear what I wanted. So I made my way to the pool in a conservative thong. No comments, only a few giggles. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed my time in the pool and jacuzzi. If you are ever there I would say it is an excellent hotel to thong at. I was there in Aug of 2002.I am working on another one and will have a report at the end of the week.Thanks,Smedley
beachfolks #1

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/05/2004 01:01:22Copy HTML

Thong-friendly hotels

We have thonged at the Tierra Verde Resort, just S. of St Petersburg. Great pool in the summer, but not heated for winter. Their hot tub is great too. Nearest motel to Ft.DeSoto. Thonging is also OK on St Petersburg Beach and adjoining Pass-a-Grille. Does anyone have any thonging experience in the St. Petersburg beach hotels?

Also, wife and I have both thonged in the pool at Howard Johnson's in Hollywood Florida as well as the Atlantic beach alongside.

Most any Good hotel in Europe is also OK for thongs, the exception would be any hotel which does not allow thongs.
delaplage #2

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/06/2004 10:21:05Copy HTML

West Coast Hotel in Santa Cruz, CA is thong friendly, great pool with bar service too.  The Fairmont in San Jose, CA is fine too however a bit expensive.  Of course, South Seas Hotel in South Beach, FL.
StringBack #3

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/07/2004 07:21:25Copy HTML

Just about any Las Vegas resort. From my own personal experience; the Luxor, Flamingo Hilton, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. The MB has a topless beach section, but thongs are fine at any of their pools.
StringBack #4

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/07/2004 07:42:10Copy HTML

I'm a guy, and I've thonged at at all these places, and management was well aware of it. They're not the most exotic places, but who says they have to be?
Take care.

Beaverton Oregon (suburban Portland)
The Peppertree Inn, the Allen strret exit off of highway 217

In Central Califronia:
Holiday Inn Express, off I-5, Santa Nella California

Shilo Inn, County Line Road exit off State Hwy 99, Delano California

The Best Western Porterville Inn, State rt. 65, Porterville California

In Phoenix Arizona
Days Inn, Thomas RD exit off I-17. At this place I've even gone nude in broad daylight with the permission off the front desk. Make sure you ask though. The second time I went nude here, I was asked to cover up. But for thonging, it's always fine here; no need to ask.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/10/2004 12:35:30Copy HTML

Adults get own playgrounds at luxury digs

The morea Beach Club pool area at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas permits topless sunbathing but not any one under 21.  That's the policy at a growing number of luxury lodgings. Though family-friendly still is a travel-industry byword, hotels and resorts also are catering to adults who want their own space.

" The new Moorea Beach Club pool area at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas permits topless sunbathing and keeps the under-21 set at bay. You have to be 18 to splash in the Doral Golf Resort's spa pool in Miami.

A pool at kid-friendly Cheeca Lodge & Spa in the Florida Keys is slated to become a 21-and-up spot this winter. "If you don't have a family, it's oftentimes difficult to escape from them," says Cheeca general manager Peter Henry.

MORE >> http://www.usatoday.com/travel/hotels/2004-01-09-no-kids_x.htm

ctmonline #6

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/03/2004 11:49:45Copy HTML

I was in Williamsburg, Virginia sometime around October last year and we stayed at a budget-type Comfort Inn on Richmond Road across the steet from Red Lobster. There weren't many people at the motel and since I'm not allowed to wear thongs around my stepson per my wife I only had packed a pair of dork shorts and my (black) Dore Very Low Front/4" Rear Swimsuit in my bag. It was about 8pm and my wife said lets go to the pool for a swim. My stepson and wife were already in their swimsuits at this time and they left the room to walk to the indoor pool while I was in the shower getting ready. This was when I decided to push my luck...Williamsburg is an extremely conservative place in my opinion. I put on my Dore Very Low Front/4" Rear swimsuit which barely covering my equipment out front and the rear was slowly creeping into a thong as I walked around the room, but I didn't care, I'm used to wearing my mesh gstring to the beach. I stepped outside the room and walked down the hall to the pool with just my swimsuit on, no towel to carry, so I wouldn't have an opportunity to turn back on the way. As I made the turn towards the pool, much to my surprise, the pool was filled with families. At this point I refused to turn back and decided to go for it to see what the reaction would be. My wife had seen me as soon as I hit the door, she thought that I was going to wear my dork shorts, she was wrong. As soon as hit the door the twenty or so people in and around the pool went silent...you could hear a pin drop. I felt a little uncomfortable but I acted like everything was normal. I jumped into the pool and swam over to my wife and stepson. I asked my wife what she thought of my swimsuit and responded by saying that the people in the pool looked like they had just had a heart-attack when I walked in but as I looked around once I had been in the pool for a while everything was back to normal and no one said anything negative to me. Life went on.....it was a good evening afterall.
shs92645 #7

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/06/2004 01:09:20Copy HTML

Just prior to Christmas, I spent the night at a Holiday Inn in the Tewksbury area just off I-495 (Mass).  They had a very nice indoor pool and hot tub and the hotel was literally empty.  I went into the pool area and there was a real cute girl who was the lifeguard - I asked her if there was a dress code and her reply was "oh no...I could care less what people wear in here".....that was good enough for me to enjoy the facilities in the briefest of black g-strings!
clubthongs #8

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/07/2004 11:11:41Copy HTML

Some of the best pools in San Diego for thonging:

Marriot Resort and Marina

Lowe's Coronado Bay

Shelter Pointe Resort


thongbutt1 #9

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/08/2004 05:22:13Copy HTML

yeah, texas is great for thonging-the folks at hotels are generally very laid back- remember it's legal to wear a thong in texas. "thonging spree" last summer in houston.  here's some of the locations:

laquinta woodlands

laquinta conroe

laquinta willowbrook

drury inns throughout town

sheraton suites

san luis galveston

marriott townplace suites- willowbrook

i follow the usual rules- stay away from families, look for a crowd that's generally pro thonging, and generally stay low key! have fun and report back! i probably thonged 30-40 times last summer.

Ex_Member #10

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/13/2004 02:20:02Copy HTML

These are my two of my favorites. Both are close to LAX and Marina del Rey.

Marina International Hotel
4200 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, USA http://www.res99.com/hotel/10006417-10229054O.html

CULVER CITY, CA 90230 http://www.losangeleshotelsandguide.com/ramada-plaza-lax-north.html


StringBack #11

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/13/2004 09:41:33Copy HTML

Reply to : MuscleThongLA

Are these pools easy to sneak into without being an overnight guest?
Ex_Member #12

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/13/2004 02:51:18Copy HTML

Reply to : StringBack

Reply to : MuscleThongLAAre these pools easy to sneak into without being an overnight guest?
Well, now that I think about it, probably yes. Both are away from the front desk and neither have any kind of electronic cardkey to gain access. So, yes I suppose they are.
riothong #13

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/14/2004 09:35:41Copy HTML

Reply to : MuscleThongLA


I have been staying at the Residence Inn San Jose South, San Jose CA.  I have been to the pool every day in my thong, and visited the hot tub in the evening wearing a g-string.  No problems.  One day several ladies were also thonging.


chucklots #14

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/04/2004 04:07:39Copy HTML

Reply to : MuscleThongLA

Following Musclethongs recomendation, I stayed at the Ramada and wore a nice "conservative" black thong at the pool.  I can only say that I had a very positive experience as there were a number of guests and hotel employees and did not receive a negative comment. 

The only negative, or it might be a positive in some peoples eyes,  was that the hotel towers 15 stories above the pool.  I saw a number of people watching me from their windows.  Needless to say,  I travel to SoCal a number of times a month and have found my new hotel of choice.

Ex_Member #15

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/06/2004 01:29:52Copy HTML


What you do is just move a chair over to the windowed area, then there won't be any gawkers.  << "Oh my God, that guy's wearing a thong!"

big daddy thong #16

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/02/2005 12:29:08Copy HTML

I'm going to Denver Colorado for a week long business trip in 2 weeks. Are there any thong friendly hotels in the area?  Are there also any places close to Denver that I could rent a car and drive for thonging?
shs92645 #17

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/02/2005 09:55:00Copy HTML

Haven't been to Denver for several years, but check out Cheeseman Park, which is in the heart of old Denver. It has always been wonderful for thonging - does have a significant gay factor in one area, but you can thong pretty much wherever you wish.
dayne #18

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/15/2005 02:47:41Copy HTML

Is Cheeseman Park where there used to be acceptable nude sunbathing in downtown Denver?  If so, is it still allowed?
sailor250 #19

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/06/2006 07:44:51Copy HTML

Here's a thong friendly hotel.....good to see others are in the spirit.  But I notice it's 1:37 am!



bmicro #20

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/24/2007 10:33:56Copy HTML

I stayed at the Colonnade in Baltimore (across from Johns Hopkins) last summer and had no problems wearing a thong. I returned this week on a business trip and have been wearing an Alphamoda Skiathos (brief sliding G-string) with no problems at all. It is a great feeling to be sunning outside in the middle of high rises with a very brief string on.
riothong #21

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/05/2007 08:40:31Copy HTML

I have been recently staying at the Phoenix Marriott in Mesa AZ on business.  I try to get at least one day of thonging on each trip.  I have been sunning in a thong with not issues at all. 
chasnsx #22

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/11/2007 08:05:12Copy HTML

I spent Columbus Day weekend at the Barona Valley Ranch resort in San Diego County, CA.  I went there for the golf, and my wife and I decided to hit the hot tub in the evening after our round of golf.  I scoped the pool out twice on Saturday, once during the day and once in the early evening, and it is totally a families with children scene --not thong friendly territory at all.

I decided to be discreet and wore a four inch Brazilian speedo, as there were still two families with children in the pool and hot tub when we went down.

The problem with Barona, as with a lot of Indian casinos, is that there is nothing there but the hotel, the casino and the golf course -- so folks dump their kids at the swimming pool, as that is the only children's amusement other than the television in the room.

I'll go back there again for the golf, but I'll be bringing my Brazilian speedos and leaving the Dore suits at home.


G-StringScott #23

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/22/2007 01:55:37Copy HTML

Hi I am new to posting. I am looking to see if their are any hotels in

Wisconsin, Chicogo, or Toledo Ohio.  where you can thong. Thanks

sailor250 #24

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2007 12:54:57Copy HTML

I was recently in Scottsdale for a week and stayed at the Mondrian Hotel in old town .They have two pools, the largest was fairly busy in November.  That week it was unusually warm, in the 90's every day.At the pool each day I wore a g string or thong without any problems.  Everyone just acted cool.  There were'nt any other guys wearing them there, some speedos on some Europeans, but several girls pulled up their bikinis for improvised thongs.  None of them were topless, something I thought I might see with the mostly German crowd that week.  It's a pretty cool pool scene there.
tbck1000 #25

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/20/2008 03:58:20Copy HTML

Any thong-friendly hotels in Tampa, FL.   In town.  Not on the beach.
trapking #26

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/21/2008 03:57:43Copy HTML

I stayed ad the Hampton Inn in Green Bay WI last weekend while working.  I was feeling brave and the pool is supposed to be adults only from 10 till midnight.  I went in a little after 10 with a small purple string sided thong from undergear under my dork shorts.There was still a family there with kids so I hit the hot tub for a few mintues then went to the pool and did a few laps and soaked for awhile.  It was clear the parents were working on getting the kids out of the pool.  After they left there was a one couple and a single male in the hottub, and another couple in the pool.Getting up some courage I went to my table and took my shorts off.  Needless to say all eyes were on me as I went back into the pool.  It was much easier swimming laps without the restriction of the big trunks.The 3 in the hot tub left soon after that leving me with the couple in the pool.  I had small talk with them and then went back to the hot tub.  The couple followed me soon after and after a little more small talk, I called it a night.  No questions about my thong but they seemed confortable with it.It was a good experience for me in a small public place. I have to travel to Milwuakee in a couple weeks so I may try it again there.  My only hesitation is in Green Bay the people in my industry were scattered around varius hotels, and the pool is at the end of hall so you can see who is looking at you.  In Milwukee the hotel will have quite a few people I know casually in my field and the pool is visable from huge windows the level above.Strangers are one thing but I am not sure how accepting people I know will react.
DavyJ #27

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/10/2008 06:40:27Copy HTML

I have had the best results by simply asking whomever is at the front desk if thongs are allowed in the pool.  Usually the clerk is young, and often temporary help, so they probably don't really know for sure (and probably don't care, either), so they will usually say yes.  That is always helpful if anyone comments or complains later on, as then you can point out that you have "management's permission" to wear the thong.  And I will often ask at some really "off" time of the day, like 10:00 AM when the pool is empty.  Of course if they say yes, then I take that as blanket permission to wear the thong anytime I am at the pool.

Even when the pool is crowded, if you avoid families you probably won't have any problem.  Now, frequently, families will approach me, or initiate a conversation themselves, which is fine, but I generally let them make the first move.
intouchphoto #28

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/24/2008 05:44:57Copy HTML

Here is just a bit of info on a couple hotels in East Tennessee:  Days Inn, East side of Knoxville,  I wore thong at the pool and had no trouble.  A few snickers from the illegal immigrants on the second floor, but nothing more.  Pigeon Forge Inn and Suites allowed thongs as well.  Although this one is a bit strange in that the pool is next to the large picture window of the neigboring breakfast restaurant.  Give those people something to wake up to.  It seems that most places in Pigeon Forge allow thongs, as it was mentioned in an earlier post, the Wings surf shop sells them.  Comfort Inn in Pigeon Forge siad as long as "everything that needs to be covered is covered, you can wear whatever you want".
pikeman #29

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/17/2008 12:40:25Copy HTML

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara CA is both topless and thong-friendly.
I've thonged there and was joined by a woman who may have felt more comfortable next to someone else in slimpy attire. Noticed that some women had shed their tops after I rolled over and it was evident that it was a thong.
Very businesslike - no drama!
JM_Runs #30

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/17/2008 01:42:53Copy HTML

any thong friendly hotels in the detroit area? or north of that seening how it's cold cooler out.
tris.jc #31

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:09/17/2008 03:53:07Copy HTML

Here are some hotels that I have thonged at recently(within the past year) with no problem
- Marriott Waikiki
- Omni Tucson National
- Four Points Sheraton- Fort Walton Beach
- Marriott Desert Springs Resort- Palm Desert
No issues at all, no comments that I could hear either...
nautirogue #32

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/28/2009 01:56:27Copy HTML

I just made a reservation at the Intercontinental Chicago.  As I was making the reservation, I asked if they permit women to wear thongs to the pool, and she seemed not to be at all surprised with the question.  Yes, the Intercontinental Chicago permits women to wear thongs at the pool.  Unfortunately, they don't have a hot tub, though.
stanpuppy #33

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/28/2009 02:11:42Copy HTML

wow...I have stayed at that hotel (and was not aware of that policy).  The hotel is very nice.  Now that you mention it, i am not surprised at the policy as it is right in the middle of downtown chicago and very metropolitan.   It is not what i would consider a "family" hotel as it seems to cater mostly to business. Very cool....enjoy yourself
lindros #34

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/30/2009 07:12:08Copy HTML

I stayed at a Holiday Inn just north of Baltimore, as it's the 1/2 way point between where I live and where I was driving to & from for the Thanksgiving holiday. They have an indoor pool that's sort of separate from the rest of the hotel so there's more privacy. I wore a thong when I stayed there overnight on the trip up, and after the holiday on the trip back I also stopped for the night. At about 2am I went to the pool, they turned the lights off but didn't lock the door so I went for a nude swim. The next morning everyone checked out by 10am so I had the whole place to myself so I went totally nude again in the pool & hot tub. Quite the rush!

Regardless of the hotel, the best time to wear a thong without complaints is in the afternoon between the check-out time and the check-in time.
ithongit #35

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/30/2009 11:29:20Copy HTML

Late hour swims at motel/hotels can be fun -- regardless of how much or how little you wear, but be aware of chemical additions.  Places with more modern (and more expensive) systems use a continuous feed system that adds chemicals gradually all day and all night long.  Other places use a batch system where chemicals are added automatically by timer in very huge quantities then mixed in by the pool's ciculation system.  Guess when they usually set the timer for?  If you do not want to ask about late night swims, you should keep your eyes, ears, and nose alert.  If you see a different water flow -- such as water being ejected from a different tube than during the day be cautious.  If you hear a change in the water flow -- usually a sudden change to a higher flow, or if you suddenly smell a high level of clorine or bromine, you may be visiting when a chemical addition is happening.  Get the heck out until you know what is going on!

That said, there is something fun about sneeking into a pool during late night and having the place to yourself.  Randy and I have done this occationally, but as mentioned by LINDROS, the mid-day private swim can also be fun, and you can often get away with skinny dipping since at many motels and hotels this is the busiest time for staff (getting things ready for the next wave of guests) and the least busy at the pool. 

Randy stayed for a month at a motel in Louisville which had the pool at the end of the building, not really where anyone from the motel would see, but somewhat visible from the motel parking lot.  While he felt comfortable wearing thongs -- even some of his see thru when wet ones -- during regular hours even when other guests were there, he also told me about the hours spent swimming and even occationally sunbathing in the buff during these midday hours. 

When I visited for a week, I found his reports absolutely true.  He would slip out of his swimsuit at his lounge chair and slip into the water with no way to cover up without retracing his steps.  When he was in the water, I don't really think anyone could see what he was or wasn't wearing unless he was floating or stayed perfectly still in the water long enough for the waves to dissapate.  But it was when he was laying out catching rays in the buff that there is no way the motel employees couldn't have noticed his nudity, and by not doing anything show that they didn't mind. 

He talked me into joining him one mid-day and while he shed everthing before catching some sun, I would only shed my top.  Occationally a hotel employee would wander by to get something from a supply shed nearby, but they just said "Hi" as they wandered by, or maybe ask about the water temperature or comment on the hot weather and that it looked like we found a good way to keep cool.  These employees were male, female, of all ages and all races, and none took more than a passing glance as Randy even when they decided to make some small talk.  In fact nothing negative happened to me when I was topfree except for when a female employee warn me that I'd have to put my top back on if a guest came out and complained.  (Randy later admitted that the same employee had given him the same lecture when she caught him sunning without a stitch on.)

On my third day Randy talked me into a mid-day skinny dip, but I took my thong bottom and put it at the edge of the pool where I could grab it to put on if there was a reason to.  We were both in the pool totally bare assed and three young women came to the pool gate and were trying to come in.  We learned that they were from the local cat rescue place and were there to rescue a cat who had been hanging around the pool for the last day or too.  They had a key card, but it didn't work, and ask if we could let them in.  Randy told them that we were skinny dipping, and one said "that's okay" so he marched out of the pool in the buff to open the gate from the inside. 

At first they\tried to not look at Randy as he headed their way, but they were all taking peeks at him anyway as he got out of the water.  When he got to the gate he insisted on showing them how to reach around to open the gate even without a card, and they couldn't have missed a thing.  After he let them in, they proceeded to come in and out of the pool area as they chased the cat in and out of the wrought iron fence as they tried to catch it.  It was sort of like some Keystone Cops movie, except that they were female cat chasers.

About this time, Randy headed out of the pool to get some sun and layed on his back to watch the show.  It seemed to me that the cat rescue women were going out of their way to walk past Randy as they came and went, and after a while, even Randy noticed that he seemed to be drawing attention and ask each of the rescue people, as naturally as he could, if his nudity was bothering them.  Two of the three women tried to act casual as they exchanged glances at Randy's face, exposed private parts, the sky, each other, and the furry cat scampering around the pool area.  The third focused her attention on his package and said she was being bothered some.  Hearing this, Randy stood and pulled his thong on.  Randy's thong was a little see-thru when dry, and showed a lot more when wet, so it is not too surprising that he was putting on quite a show after he walked down the pool stairs into waist deep water to give me the top and bottom to my swimsuit, then went back to his chair.  Again, all three young females went out of their ways to pass him as he layed on his back, letting his swimsuit dry.

The girl who had been bothered was on and off her cell phone, and a few minutes later a police car came down the street with lights and siren going and we got a little nervous that Randy was going to get into some type of trouble for skinny dipping, but it stopped at a restaurant which shared the motel's parking lot and the officer went into the restaurant. 

Randy and I tried to keep our cool and after a little while, the cat was in a cage and the policeman left the restaurant.  The girl who Randy had changed for came back into the pool area and told Randy that she really didn't want to see him put any cloths on and that she was trying to be funny and that her comment was more like that she was bothered in a "good" way by his nudity.  She then discussed how brave we were to skinny dip the way we had, and how it was good that she had made the comment that made Randy cover up since we almost had a close call with the cops.  After asking if she could take our pictures (Randy after he got his swimsuit wet again) she left with the others.

Since then we have been a little more cautious about skinny dipping at motels -- especially during the day.  Randy no longer lays out in the buff and I no longer go topfree as we soak up sun, unless the pool is really isolated from the outside, and when we do skinny dip, we keep our swimsuits nearby so we can slip them back on if someone does come along who might be truely offended by our nudity.

JM_Runs #36

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/06/2009 11:33:10Copy HTML

I have noticed that must business hotels that have pools are very open about not bothering guests using their pools.  I have on occasion called ahead to make a reservation and asked if thongs were ok to wear at their pool, and have never had a problem.  If they do have a no thong policy I won't make a reservation.  I have even had hotels that will allow after hour pool usage if you ask. 
sailor250 #37

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/06/2009 06:58:26Copy HTML

The afterhours use of the pool rarely causes a problem unless you are really noisy or someone else sees you there and comes out and causes noise.

They often have pool hours posted and closing times of dusk or early in order to appease the insurance company or some local ordinances- some don't allow unguarded pools in the dark.

I purposely try to stay at places that don't lock up their pool or have the pool unfenced adjoining the rooms so I can take late night or early morning dips.  It's especially nice if the pool is well heated and it's cooler outside. Sure seems like a shame to waste all that heat to keep the pool warm if no one uses it.

Thongsc #38

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/07/2009 03:48:48Copy HTML

Yes sneaking in to a pool after hours and skinny dipping can be fun as long as the pool isn't out in the open of the hotel.  And wearing a thong poolside during the day is fine...
But skinny dipping and tanning naked at a hotel pool during the day, whether the pool is more private than not, thats just pervy and possibly asking to be arressted for indecent expsure. 
DavyJ #39

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/08/2009 05:32:12Copy HTML

Thong friendly Hotels: 

Masters Inn, Orlando (8222 Jamaican Ct.)  Great location.  I thonged there at all times of the day and evening and had no problem.  

Seashells condos on Middle Gulf Drive on Sanibel Island.  I have not been there; see "Sanibel" thread elsewhere on this board. 

Chesterfield Hotel in SOBE (8?? Collins, just south of 9'th St.)  No pool but I skinny dipped in the rooftop jacuzzi several times.  I was in plain sight of a security camera, but no one ever said anything.  Thongs would surely be ok.
luvnmythong #40

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2009 05:32:47Copy HTML

Anyone who visits Haulover Beach in North Miami (Sunny Isles area) must stay at the Ocean Palm Motel.  Yes, it's 60 years old this month.  Nothing nice about it except the people and the pool.  Everyday day at the pool I was one of 3 or 4 other men who  were nude.  People came and went around us going to and from the beach.  Thongs and G's are the rule, not the exception.  This motel is just 300 steps away from the nude section of Haulover.  The "no nudity" sign at the front desk is definately not enforced.  They know they have a lot of nudists staying there.  I love this place!  Everyone there is very friendly.  The maids will clean your room while you are naked.  They are used to it.  Even though its an old home-owned motel and not up to date, you will more than enjoy your stay.  This place is what makes my vacation a blast!
abadonmi #41

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/10/2009 12:16:29Copy HTML

 I've read somewhere that the Ocean Palm Motel is scheduled to be demolished to make room for a condo. Thanks to Mr Trump's gigantomaniac visions...
rickvt #42

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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At some point, the Ocean Palm will be history.  The last hurricane to hit
the North Miami area (name escapes me) three or four years ago did do
some mostly cosmetic damage to the Ocean Palm.  However, they only
repaired what was absolutely necessary for a long time after the storm,
which seemed to further indicate the Ocean Palm would soon be a memory.

However, the real estate crisis has resulted in many of the condos already
built next to the OP not being sold and construction has either slowed or
been halted on other condos there.  A friend of mine recently stayed there
and said most of the hurricane damage has been repaired.  So it would
seem that the OP is safe for this winter season, at least.  However, it should
be noted that the owner of the property is in his 80"s and at some point,
either he or his heirs might "take the money and run".

Enjoy the Ocean Palm while you can. 
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria, CA.  I was there recently for about two weeks and had no problem wearing a thong at the pool.  And after the first few days, I usually wore only a thong to and from the pool (I didn't have to walk through the lobby though).
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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I travel a lot around the midwest(Mi. In. Il. Oh. Wi. ) and find if a person asks most hotels will allow thongs.They may allow after hours use of the pool and hot tub if you also ask. They want you to be comfortable and happy while traveling since it is hard to live out of a suitcase or night bag. All I take with me in swim wear are my collection of thongs. Once in a while I get caught in storms or get tired and get a motel without planning for an overnight stay and use my thong underwear. Sometimes I will ask if I  can swim nude.
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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I have asked at hotels and they don't seem to care if I wear a thong, esp if I ask a guy!!  I've also asked if I could swim naked and have been allowed to do that after hours too - again, esp. if i ask a guy.  They will unlock the door for me and I sense them waiting around a bit - so I just get naked in front of them - one said he had to stay 9hotel rules, ha!!) but I think he just wanted to see me naked - which I gladly did for him
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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 The most irritating is the motels where they close the pool early. After driving all day, we want to go in the hot tub to relax before bed. We don't return to these motels. Hampton inns (expensive) seem most open to allowing swimming or hot tubbing after the posted hours. They mostly allow after the hours but caution to be quiet.
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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I am planning a road trip in February and will keep track of my hotel experiences.
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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 Raleigh, NC
The Days Inn at the junction of Tryon Rd., S. Wilmington St./70  and Fayetteville Rd./401 on the south side of Raleigh was extremely friendly when I've been there - especially the housekeeping staff.  When I got to the pool, I asked a couple of the maids walking by if I would offend anyone and their reply was, "Show it off, baby!"  The pool is right next to the reception area / office with huge windows - great rush & the staff didn't care at all.  
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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I just was notified that the new Aria Hotel in Las Vegas will have a European Pool... The place looks stunning!  I can't wait to stay there...
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Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

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 Soon as the weather warms a bit I shall be there as well. Perhaps we should organize a grand opening thong party for them...
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