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JM_Runs #51

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/21/2009 01:25:02Copy HTML

I was spending the night in Burlington, Colo. a few years ago. I found a nice motel, in town, away from the freeway.  The manager said they had an indoor pool.  I said I didn't bring a suit. He said don't worry, you don't need one after midnight.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/21/2009 04:42:19Copy HTML

 G String thong guy,That is funny because when my wife and I went on our honeymoon in Austria, we had no idea until we got to the hotel that they had an indoor pool.  So I asked the girl at the front desk if she knew where I could buy a swimsuit in town, and she asked Why?  I told her that I didn't bring one since we didn't know they had a pool, she told me that was Ok because nude was allowed (anytime) So I went to the pool that evening with  my wife and we were the only ones there and had a great time.  It wasn't until when we went down the next day around noon that we encountered others, and most were older people who were quite surprised to see us come into the pool area nude and shaved, and one of they ladie made a comment to the staff about us being nude and they said it was perfectly acceptable and they actually preferred nude guest because the pool didn't require as maany chemicals to clean because soap in clothes carries soap residue. So we spent the week nude in the pool area when we enjoyed the facilities
JM_Runs #53

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/22/2009 07:37:08Copy HTML

some great hotel pools in sc.

hyatt greenville
radisson columbia
ramada north charleston
holiday inn florence
the general manager at the holiday inn in florence joined me by the pool one afternoon this past summer.  she had recently ordered a g-string from flirt catalog and did not have the nerve to wear it in public.  i convinced her to break her shyness :)

lindros #54

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/22/2009 11:10:53Copy HTML

fattire13:  Thanks for the list. You can add the Best Western in Ridgeland, SC to the list. It's off exit 33 on I-95. The pool is totally separate from the hotel. The place is usually empty in the afternoon, gone skinny dipping there a couple of occasions. The pool liner is dark so once you're in the pool nobody can see what you are (or aren't) wearing!

barklee #55

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/23/2009 02:57:03Copy HTML

I will be at South Beach in April so a May party in Vegas would be a blast! This hotel would be perfect...
barklee #56

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/23/2009 03:05:59Copy HTML

I will be in Miami at South Beach for a week in April so a mid-May party at the Aria would be great! Let's call it "Buns and fun". Ha! Just a thought...
joshuaspain #57

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/24/2009 11:09:10Copy HTML

 Just back from Bangkok and swam in the J W Marriott pool in my thong...  there were others hanging out by the pool and it was absolutely fine...  Had a great time...  Been to many hotels in Bangkok - Sukhothai, Metropolitan, Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental and have worn thong and swam in the pool and absolutely ok with the guests and the hotel staff... Merry Christmas everyone!
johnbar5251 #58

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/24/2009 11:35:41Copy HTML

 "Thong friendly" or "Thong tollerant" ???

Being able to thong swim as a lone thonger I would describe as thong tollerant.

Thong friendly would mean finding others thonging

DavyJ #59

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/28/2009 08:04:09Copy HTML

Johnbar:          This will often be a pretty fine distinction, as I am sure the number of other thongers will depend on so many diverse factors; time of day or year, how crowded, who is there, etc.  I would be happy simply to know where no one will hassle me for wearing a thong.  I never mind being the first (or only) thonger as long as it doesn't cause a problem.   I also appreciate the many comments in this thread about where people have skinny dipped in pools.  Finding a thong-tolerant motel, as many have observed, is not really all that hard, but a nude-tolerant motel is definitely quite unusual and something to really take note of.  So thank-you all and keep the comments and suggestions coming!
JM_Runs #60

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/11/2010 02:27:06Copy HTML

 ANybody know what hotels are thong friendly in the minneapolis area? (near the airport or near Orono)
Aiden18 #61

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/15/2010 05:07:18Copy HTML

 Embassy Suites near Disney World is thong friendly.  :)   I even saw topless girls that spoke something other than english at the pool......so yeah, its a pretty tolerant hotel lol.
mcdonalds32789 #62

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/21/2010 03:04:52Copy HTML

In addition to the Embassy Suites near Walt World, are there other hotels and motels in the Orlando area that are thong or g-string friendly?
lindros #63

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/21/2010 03:15:07Copy HTML

Hilton Garden Inn, which is one block away from wet-n-wild water park, is a hotel that is thong friendly.
underwater #64

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/27/2010 02:17:28Copy HTML

We were on our way to Hawaii, flying out of Wash. DC, the beginning of the month when we got stuck at the hotel during a snowstorm.

I happily thonged for three days at the Dulles Marriott, with no hassles in the pool and hot tub- no problems.
big daddy thong #65

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/02/2010 07:20:57Copy HTML

  I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn outside of Columbus Ohio after a business trip.  It went to the pool and hot tub area around 9pm, about an hour before closing time.  I was the only one there except for a few random guests and hotel workers that came thru the pool area. I wore my blue speedo thong with no problems or negative comments.
ithongit #66

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/03/2010 07:49:05Copy HTML

I have checked online with probably a half dozen Marriott hotels in various cities and states before taking business trips.  They have all responded with a comment to the effect "we want you to wear the swimwear that will make you feel comfortable ..." Only one Marriott flat out said NO.

426576 #67

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/04/2010 11:36:19Copy HTML

That is a positive sign, however why do they not have a company policy, this grey area interpretation, should not be tolerated, I am all about rules, but make it consistent.
JM_Runs #68

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:05/26/2010 02:42:32Copy HTML

Hello All,

I recently stayed at the Hilton Suites in Phoenix near the convention Center. This hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub, and since I had not planned on much free time. I hadn't really given it much thought to swimming. I did not have any conservative swimwear packed, but I did have a few G-string that are swimwear with me.

So not to embarrass myself I called down to the front desk to ask their policy on thong style swimwear in their pool area. The girl at the front desk was very pleasant and told me the the hotel did not have any problem with guest wear thongs and G-string in their pool area as long as their were not children around, unless the children were with you.

I decided to wear my black G-string to the pool in the evening and while swimming the house keeping staff came into the pool area cleaned up the used towels and didn't even bat an eye. So I have to rate this hotel thong and G-string friendly!!

beachfolks #69

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/02/2010 09:22:38Copy HTML

 Monte-We stay at Hamptons when traveling because they are mostly courteous with their pool and hot tub use. When we check in at midnight we often want to soak in the hot tub to relax, not be told it's closed. Hamptons usually accomodate us and say OK if you are quiet. Other motels watch you constantly and try to kick you out even earlier than the posted hours.
big daddy thong #70

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/28/2010 06:59:32Copy HTML

  This past weekend we stayed at  Days Inn in Hershey PA.  I was there with my wife and youngest son for a lacrosse tournament.  After the games Saturday evening I attempted to check out the pool, but I was 10 pm and the pool was closed.  So, Sunday morning I got up early at 8am with my wife and checked out the pool.  Not to many people were out then, but soon it got busy with a lot of familys with young kids.  I was a little nervous at first, but soon I shed my basketball shorts down to my red speedo thong and began to enjoy the sun and pool.  I was surprised that no one made a big deal about my state fo dress or lack there of.  We spent the morning reading until checkout time to head out for the afternoon lacrosse games.
sunboy707 #71

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:08/16/2010 06:11:23Copy HTML

 Hi, everyone.  I'm a guy who has worn speedos since I was a little kid and thongs since about my 20s. I don't really get the "family" thing. My experience is that most kids under 6 don't even notice what you're wearing - you're just another adult in the background while they splash around or make their sandcastles or whatever. Kids 6-12 will notice and may comment to each other or their folks, but quickly forget about it as they go about having their fun. Teenagers over 13 will notice and, if you're a guy, might say "ooh, look at that" or occasionally "gross, that guy's wearing a thong" but they're usually wandering around all over the beach and they really don't care.

At most beaches, I very often wake up after sunning face down in my thong to find that lots of people including families with young children, single girls, girls in pairs or groups, couples, guys, etc. have set their towels up right next to me and are just having a good time at the beach.  Very rarely a person has got up and moved when they realize I'm wearing a thong.  So I think most people are fine with it.

As for hotels and motels, I think now that thongs are well established and millions of women in Europe, Australia, etc. go topless, they should have either more than one pool (one for thongs and topless and one not) or a pool with a separate (maybe raised or behind shrubs?) sundeck or area where you can suntan in a thong and/or topless.  If the hotel is smart and in an touristy area such as Florida or California, they could also have a clothing optional area.  Germans especially love to suntan nude, but lots of people all over the world too.  As for an adults only area, that would be fine too, but hotels should remember that lots of women with young kids still want to suntan topless and/or with a thong.

Enjoy the sun everyone!  But remember, the sun's rays can be strong - better to go later in the afternoon (after 2:30 or 3 pm in mid-summer). That way the sun will gradually get weaker, but the sunlight is still very beneficial in producing vitamin D and weak sunlight can actually help repair some DNA damage.

So go ahead, wear that thong, and don't bother asking the hotel desk - the worst that can happen is that some from the hotel asks if you wouldn't mind wearing a little larger bathing suit because someone has complained. Have fun!!
drid123 #72

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/22/2010 07:09:28Copy HTML

Does anyone know if Westin Hotels have a thong policy for their pools?  Specifically, I am traveling to the Mt. Laurel NJ Westin.  Has anyone "thonged" in the Mt. Laurel pool?  It is an indoor pool, that is all I know.  Would like to swim in my thong while staying there.  Thanks for your input.
shaved_thong_lover #73

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/22/2010 08:26:23Copy HTML

Heading to Long Island today, anyone ever thonged at the indoor pool at the Islandia Marriott off the Long Island Expressway.  Any problems there or in Long Island in general?
surfguy #74

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/22/2010 09:53:02Copy HTML

I am not sure about the hotels on Long Island,  but I have been to Robert Moses State Parkand Jones Beach State Park and have never had a problem wearing a thong.  There are lotsof women on the beach in thongs too. Enjoy
nudrus #75

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:10/27/2010 01:54:54Copy HTML

While on vacation from central, illinois. I wore a T-back thong at the Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort hotel with no problem

clubthongs #76

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/01/2010 02:26:53Copy HTML

I recently wore a Skinz Bravura thong at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio pool. There were only 8 other folks at the pool but no one even seemed to notice or care that I was wearing minimal swimwear. It was a nice afternoon.
HermesOrange #77

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/13/2011 04:44:03Copy HTML

Some hotels where I have enjoyed wearing thongs --and have seen others in thongs include:

-The Phoenecian and the Desert Palm in Scottsdale, AZ
-The Beverly Wilshire Hotel and the Peninsula Hotel in LA
-Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica
-Ceasar's Palace and The Bellagio in Vegas
-Marriott Coronado Island -- San Diego
-Peninsula Hotel Chicago
-Most any hotel in Miami--my favorite being the Delano and the Mondrian
-Halikulana Honolulu

Hope this helps.....great to hear from others their experiences

sandrhymes #78

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/02/2012 03:59:01Copy HTML

I was at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency CA for a meeting yesterday.  A previous poster had written that it was topless and thong friendly, so I brought a thong.  The pool is in an enclosed courtyard just off the lobby bar, with some palm trees, a spa, lounges and cabanas.  The day was warm and a little breezy.  Just a few girls there at first by the pool and the courtyard next to the pool had people sitting and walking through all the time.  Eventually there were about a dozen people sunning by the pool.  There were probably another dozen people in small groups using the cabanas directly behind the lounges who wanted to enjoy the pool area but did not have their suits with them.  Spent about 3 hours there in a thong.  No one else joined in or wore any minimal swimwear, but like a previous poster said,"it was very business like, no drama".  
3062486 #79

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/16/2012 12:17:06Copy HTML

Benson, NC

Days Inn I-95 exit 79 very thong friendly
JM_Runs #80

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/18/2012 04:30:44Copy HTML

Just posted some pictures of thonging at hotel pool in michigan.  I enjoyed using the shower pool side. :)
lou406 #81

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/28/2012 06:46:14Copy HTML

does anyone know if the courtyard by marriott near miami is thong/g string friendly for males?
sailor250 #82

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/28/2012 12:09:03Copy HTML

? there are three of them!

Miami Beach ?  Coral Gables? Downtown?
JM_Runs #83

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/28/2012 03:44:40Copy HTML

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are now part of a spralling muti-county - multi-city metropolis.  Within the county of 'Miami-Dade' there are a number of individual cities, and the same with Broward County which is often referred to as the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, of which Fort Lauderdale is only one of 28 individual cities. Hotel chains often have a number of hotels in the various different cities, and some even have multiple hotels in a city.  When one hotel chain takes over the next they often end up with multiple hotels on the same road or beach. For years Sheraton has had TWO  hotels on Fort Lauderdale beach, which leads to confusion. Other hotel chains often have one on the beach and another off the beach.  When staying at a chain hotel be care full which one you stay in. I once met a thonger who booked a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, which turned out to be more than 10 miles from the beach, not in Fort Lauderdale city at all, and only in the Grater Fort Lauderdale regional area. The chain hotels use of similar sounding names adds to that confusion. So be careful.
beachstrapguy #84

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:07/28/2012 04:16:18Copy HTML

One more clarification.

The term "on the Beach" does not necessarily mean Ocean Front. It only means it is east of the Intrarcoastal river.
Make sure the description says Ocean Front if that is what you want.
JM_Runs #85

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/17/2012 01:47:41Copy HTML

 I find almost all hotels to to thong friendly I just wear a normal thong unless its stated in the pool area It's no biggie
JM_Runs #86

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:11/18/2012 10:58:36Copy HTML

I have only been told once that I had to change out of a thong at a michigan hotel.  The staff usually doesn't care.  when I have call in the past to see if they were allowed probably about 75 percent said no.  I think its how you go about thonging and if you look good in them is what matters.  When I show up ( 30 year old in good shape, tan) they seem to not care and some even seem to visit the pool area more. 
ondaspot #87

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2013 07:36:40Copy HTML

are there any thong friendly hotels in stowe vermont that any one  knows of???
islandguy #88

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:06/12/2013 05:01:19Copy HTML

A thong-friendly hotel that I discovered on Cape Cod is the Four Points by Sheraton on Route 6 in Eastham, MA about a ½ mile from the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors Center.  It’s a two-story, 100-room hotel built in a rectangle around an atrium that encloses a pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, and men’s and women’s locker rooms housing showers and saunas.  It also has an outdoor pool and two tennis courts.

My wife and I spent a recent weekend in a room on the first floor facing the atrium.  When using the indoor facilities and the outdoor pool I wore nothing but a g-string swimsuit.  It was great to be able to step out of the hotel room directly into the atrium.  I saw no one else wearing a skimpy swimsuit, but none of the other guests seemed to care that I was wearing one.  

My only interaction with staff while in the pool areas consisted of an exchange of pleasantries with the pool guy when he came to check the water quality at the outdoor pool.  I noticed staff members walking through the indoor pool area from time to time, but none came close enough to engage in conversation.

The only relevant signage was near the jacuzzi.  It proclaimed “appropriate swimwear required; no jeans or cutoffs.”

On a subsequent day trip to Longnook Beach in Truro I encountered a couple in their mid-twenties who, it turns out, happened to be staying at the Four Points in Eastham.  I had just come from the nude section of the beach and was wearing a g-string swimsuit when they approached me at the entrance to the parking lot.  They were looking for the nude beach so she could go topless.  They said that they always wore thong swimsuits, and that, being from New York where toplessness is legal, she was accustomed to being topless at the beach and pool.

The woman said that, when planning their getaway, she had sent an email to the Four Points in Eastham inquiring about the policy on toplessness and thongs.  The manager (who, she learned, is a woman) told her that toplessness is not legal in Massachusetts, but that she had heard about some unofficial topless/nude beaches in Truro and Provincetown.  Among the manager’s comments, she noted that her criterion for acceptable swimsuits at the hotel pools is compliance with public decency laws.  Therefore, she said that toplessness is not allowed but that thongs are.  Apparently the manager wrote that as long as a thong “covers body parts adequately,” it should be fine.

It’s nice when hotel management explicitly acknowledges acceptance of thong swimwear instead of demurring by claiming to be “family-oriented” or saying it’s OK unless another guest complains.  My experience and the information from the folks I met at the beach confirm that people wearing thong swimsuits will find the Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham, MA very welcoming.
b21 #89

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2013 10:13:46Copy HTML

If like me, you like to be at thong tolerant hotels for your hard-earned holidays, I thought it would be nice to have a definitive list of hotels around the world that people have successfully thonged at. 

If you've ever thonged at a hotel, write it down in this thread so that future prospective thongers can check it out and hopefully have a good time thonging there too. I'll start the ball rolling:

Jandia Princess - Fuerteventura - Pool, Beach and Grounds

Majestic Colonial - Dominican Republic - Pool, Beach and Grounds

El Dorado Maroma - Mexico - Pool, Beach

Kuramathi Island Resort - Maldives - Beach

Please add to it guys, after all, we are here to help each other out :)

AlanMartin #90

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2013 10:36:11Copy HTML

Stella Canaris Resort (Hotel & Villas Stella Paradise and  Hotel& Villas Stella Jandia) - Fuerteventura - Pools, Beach and Grounds for girls; Pools and Beach for men

Kremlin Palace Hotel - Antalya, Turkey - Pool, Beach and Grounds
Topkapi Palace Hotel - Antalya, Turkey - Pool, Beach and Grounds
jaystring #91

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2013 01:48:07Copy HTML

2 hotels that have not been mentioned where I have worn g-strings and thongs. Pajara-Beach hotel Fuerteventura,and the Fuerteventura Princess
lindros #92

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/09/2013 10:10:15Copy HTML

Sheraton Four Points - Miami Beach
Miami Beach Resort - Miami Beach
Deauville Hotel - Miami Beach
Castle Beach Hotel - Miami Beach
South Seas Resort - South Miami Beach
Claremont Inn - Kissimmee, FL (nice heated pool in winter)
SeraLago Hotel - Kissimmee, FL
Hilton Garden Inn - Orlando, FL
Best Western - Ridgeland, SC (nice all-season indoor pool)
Holiday Inn Express - Edgewood, MD (nice indoor pool & hot tub)

bbyrne78 #93

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/14/2013 10:37:32Copy HTML

I will premise this on that in most places women in thongs are accepted and I have worn a thong bikini in each of these places. But I also know that this board is mainly populated by guys so I have provided places where Andrew has worn an AussieBum brief or I have seen men wearing speedos and/or thongs. Hope this helps.

Baros - Maldives

The One and Only Reethi Rah - Maldives

Banyan Tree - Bintan Island, Indonesia

The Sentosa - Sentosa Island, Singapore

The Pavilions - Cherngtalay, Phuket, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Anantara Uluwatu - Bali, Indonesia

Ayana Resort - Bali, Indonesia

Four Seasons at Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia

Kayumanis Jimbaran - Bali, Indonesia

Eco Beach Resort - Broome, Western Australia

The Peninsula Hotel - Hong Kong

The Ritz Carlton Phulay Bay - Ao Nang, Thailand

Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort and Spa - Da Nang, Vietnam

The Royal Savoy at Sharm El Shiekh - Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt.

Love Bren
jn9195 #94

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/28/2013 07:45:14Copy HTML

I believe I had read here that the SeraLago in Kissimmee was definitely not thong friendly.

lindros #95

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/28/2013 07:43:12Copy HTML

Yes and no to SeraLago in Kissimmee. I had no issues wearing a thong there in November to February when the hotel isn't as crowded nor has that many kids around. However from March to October forget about it the place is crawling with children and some rednecks.

Better in Kissimmee is at the Claremont just a few blocks down the road on the opposite side as SeraLago. Claremont heats their pool real well in winter (and has a hot tub as well). Also, this time of year the pool is often empty in the evenings and at those times had no problem skinny dipping. Also had no problems using their pool after midnight either, no security guards snooping around.
flthongbutt #96

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:12/29/2013 03:39:39Copy HTML

Best Western Woodlands Houston, TX
La Quinta Willowbrook, Houston TX
La Quinta Galleria Houston TX
Marriott Town Place, Willowbrook Houston TX
La Quinta Woodlands South, Houston TX
La Quinta Conroe, Conroe, TX
Comfort Suites Tampa FL
Hotel Indigo St. Pete
Staybridge Suites Naples
Congress Hotel Miami
James Royal Palm , Miami
Staybridge Maingate Orlando FL
Red Roof Kissimmee FL
Hampton Inn Antioch, Nashville TN
116213 #97

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:01/21/2014 02:55:53Copy HTML

The holiday inn in Superior Wi. Is thong friendly, was there 5 nights on business. Was at the pool morning and night wearing my thong. Other people at the pool every time, no one blinked an eye. Spent lots of time chatting with people in the hot tub. Funny the night manager would show up every time I swam. The last few nights she would hang around pretending to clean up watch me rinse off at the shower, with a little grin on her face. Over all a great time.
ENB11937 #98

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:02/07/2014 04:54:49Copy HTML

 Seashells at sanibel condos...pool is thong friendly and our family goes to north end of Bowmans to thong and sunbathe and swim in the nude...mom dad and 3 kids..1 girl 2 boys
gosteelers827 #99

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/26/2014 03:23:02Copy HTML

Last weekend, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Wilson, NC. Before making my reservation, I contacted Marriott via their website and asked if thong swimsuits were allowed in their pool area to which they responded yes.

Almost as soon as I checked in, I went up to my room and put on one of my thong swimsuits. I wore some shorts over them along with a t-shirt and flip flops. When I made it down to the pool, I stripped down to my thong.

What a great weekend!
Sharon73 #100

Re:Thong Friendly Hotels

Date Posted:03/26/2014 08:19:41Copy HTML

 I have found many of the smaller hotels like Fairfield to be very receptive to the wearing of thongs in the pool.  Never had a problem at them either
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